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  1. Marcart

    Beretta teague 0ptima and mobil extended choke's

    I'll take the Mobil chokes . Thanks.
  2. Marcart

    Beretta teague 0ptima and mobil extended choke's

    P.M. sent Thanks.
  3. Marcart

    seeland waistcoat

    PM sent. Thanks.
  4. Marcart

    seeland waistcoat

    Hi. I've sent you a message on airgunbbs.com Have you any pics, as sounds like the one I'm after. Thank you. Regards. Marcus.
  5. Marcart

    Beretta 687 stock

    Hi. Sent you a P.M. Thanks. Marcus
  6. Hi Dave. Got Teague extended invector plus. You want Imp cylinder that's a 1/4 I believe. I have spare improved modified or 3/4 I believe if of any good. £30 posted . Let me know. Thanks. Marcus.
  7. Marcart

    Beretta extended chokes

    Hi, I've got 4 x Teague extended choke's to fit beretta Mobil. Up for sale as no longer required. Not sure on sizes I'll check them if your interested Let me know if that's the type of thing your after. Thanks.
  8. Marcart

    Browning 525 12 gauge

    Hi, If you could tell me the age of the gun please. Or the last two letters of the serial number. Also if: invector chokes or invector plus. Thank you.. Marcus.
  9. Marcart

    16 Gauge Cartridges for sale

    Pm sent. Thanks. Marcus.
  10. Marcart

    Beretta 686e extended chokes require 1/2 and 1/4

    Hi, Is it the shorter mobil choke you require ? I have teague extended 12 bore chokes that fitted my older beretta 687 silver pigeon. 1/4 3/8 3/4 Full 2 of these look brand new still in original packaging. Let me know if interested. Regards. Marcus.
  11. Marcart

    1/4 beretta flush Mobil choke

    Hi howling hound. No answer from Johnny the boy as yet I'll give it a day or so. So just checking if it's 3 serration's or 4 serration's you require. Never really sure what's cylinder or 1/4 etc. Let me know and we can discuss payment/postage. Regards.
  12. Marcart

    1/4 beretta flush Mobil choke

    Hi, Yes got one available for you. Great condition etc. Other sizes available if required. £15 inclusive of the p+p Let me know. Regards.
  13. Marcart

    16 bore cartridges

    Hi. Interested in your 16b cartridges you have for sale. But i don't travel so far as you. I'm in West Yorkshire . Near leeds or York. If you ever venture this way please let me know. Thank you. Regards. Marcus.