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  1. I thought BRNO. A bit of googling BRNO Elektro Poldi and I read that Elektro Poldi refers to the barrel makers who supplied mainly but not exclusively barrels to BRNO. If it is a sidelock Model I would think there is a good chance that it is a BRNO manufactured shotgun. A sidelock version of an AYA yeoman ie a comparatively cheap but dependable side by side when new. I thought BRNO. A bit of googling BRNO Elektro Poldi and I read that Elektro Poldi refers to the barrel makers who supplied mainly but not exclusively barrels to BRNO. If it is a sidelock Model I would think there is a good cha
  2. I’ve enjoyed a couple of days at Westlands ,it’s a good set up. I have been over to Bisley at Braidwood too and was impressed. Their last stand out is a grouse butt and they also have a variety of incoming birds on a few stands located beside a semi circular area of high ground. Plenty of crossers too, It’s worth a try if it’s within striking distance Scully.
  3. Good points . It seems big business and over administration are the real problem.
  4. It’s as much about the excesses of commercial game shooting and the unsustainably of its practice as it is about lead in the environment. The majority of shoots I would guess small 20 to 40 various birds a day bags whose members work to maintain the habitat for the benefit of wildlife as a whole should not be seen as an environmental negative. The six day a week shoots ,the large bag shoots that necessitate the release of thousands of birds and the accompanying negative press are the focus of attention. How far do we stand by commercial shoots and use them as a buffer to change when it
  5. If BASC aren’t fighting to retain the use of lead shot over non wetland areas from Parliament legislation,which they aren’t, then I find their insistence that they are fighting on our behalf to protect our right to use lead shot over non wetland areas from EU legislation to be highly hypocritical . The only difference is timescale and as pointed out earlier in the thread BASC supports the curtailment of the use of lead shot over any habitat not just wetland with no exceptions. Members money and membership numbers are being used by BASC to influence issues on behalf of and for the benef
  6. Knife arrived today. Superb balance and excellent condition thanks for the opportunity to buy. All the best,John
  7. I think it’s solely down to the inability to export lead shot game to the EU ,not a problem on any of the shoots I’ve been with for the last fifty years probably not a problem for the majority of shooters either.
  8. I think the majority of those brought up with shooting care very much about all the piddling little syndicates and ambling through the woods etc . I’d imagine that will be still there long after the commercial big bag shoots are gone. The scale of over production to satisfy a shooting market which then cannot market its game is not sustainable. When shoots are having to pay game dealers to take the bag away something is far wrong. Perhaps we should be moving away from big bag driven shoots. There are few commercial shoots where I shoot but many small syndicates and people ambling the countrysi
  9. I’m disappointed that you fail to answer a straight forward question. I expect the correct answer is No you will not be expected to use any form of lead shot anywhere if you are complying with the voluntary phase out of lead shot. This evasion of questioning on the part of BASC reeks of political manoeuvring and does little to instill confidence in the organisation. It will inevitably lead to lack of confidence in the organisation and reinforce the feeling that BASC is not representing the best interests of those who shoot as a hobby/passion as opposed to commercial shooting. I have been
  10. Just had a look at my last Fieldsports magazine ,an article “It’s all about the patina “ is nine pages long with seven and a half pages photographs and one and a half pages writing. There are thirty seven full page advertisements and 144 pages total inclusive of the back page. Cost £9.95 for a single issue .It may be just subjective but I think I enjoyed the magazine more about five years ago. Unfortunately I pass the magazines on so don’t have an older magazine to compare but from memory there seemed to be more written content when it was cheaper about mid 2018 back.
  11. I’ve subscribed to the Fieldsports magazine since it started. The quality of printing went up when they nearly doubled the price but I feel the quality of the written content has declined ,as buze says it is more a coffee table magazine. Plenty of full page pictures but low on written article content. I prefer the Field now but years ago thought that the Fieldsports magazine was head and shoulders above all the other shooting titles.
  12. I would like to buy if still available
  13. That’s a good start to the season
  14. It looks as if it’s been hardly used I worried unnecessarily that there was a reason for the low price but it’s been fine 28 inch barrels too and swings like a lighter game gun (thanks for a good buyTerence from Newcastle )
  15. Potential first prize for originality
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