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  1. Sorry didn’t mean to imply guided Fowler’s were inherently lazy. I think most would opt to muck in given the opportunity.
  2. My point was more that wildfowling on the shore requires a bit more effort and drive if fowling alone as you age whereas fowling with a guide inland over decoys just requires you to turn up and be escorted to a ready made hide.
  3. I regularly turn down opportunities to flight ponds if there is more than a couple of guns shooting it can get a bit hectic. But I used to regularly bump into a fowler on the shore who was in his seventies who shot with an eight bore so age isn’t a barrier for a fortunate few if the drive is strong and they are comparatively fit ,he would always say he’d be packing it in next season though
  4. Orvis make an all leather holster but it is quite dear I bought one in Vermont on sale thinking it was for carrying a box of cartridges for Skeet shooting. It will come in handy now I’m getting on a bit.
  5. Had 4 pairs of barrels blued by Dan ,fantastic job every time as you can see he has earned himself a good reputation
  6. If part of the shooting experience didn’t involve taking wildfowl game rabbits etc home to cook and eat I wouldn’t be interested. Shooting takes me to the places I like to spend my time with a purpose and when I am successful is satisfying for many reasons. When fishing while I don’t kill all the trout I catch an obligatory total catch and release policy would see me packing in fishing. I think of myself more of a hunter than a shooter. I’m not interested in focusing on finding fault in others ,that’s not my hobby and I’m well aware that anti field sports means just that so I won’t get to slip under the radar there no matter how little I “harvest for the table” for sport.
  7. The 20 bore model 12 s were nicely balanced guns . I owned a plain barrelled model with 25 inch barrel full choke. I put a recoil pad on mine to lengthen the pull so still have the butt plate somewhere in the house. I owned a 16 bore BPS recently but sold it off as it was nowhere near as slick. There is a light 12 bore Ithaca , 6lb 6 oz with a ventilated rib on guntrader that I think would be a good buy and more reminiscent of the older lighter pump actions Butt pad on the 20 bore model 12 I think would be Bakelite as mine snapped when it came off
  8. Hi Scully the 3inch chambered guns were marked super speed super X 3 inch, that’s a cartridge that the Winchester Western company developed for longe range shooting. My first attempt was from memory the above googled. Dave Riffle s and the George Madis books are a great source of info on the model 12 ,mine are boxed in the house. Interestingly the two writers didn’t always agree and serial number dating is one area I think I remember where they disagreed. I share your memory problem in that my Winchester model 23 side by side was marked on the bottom of the receiver either wildfowl or waterfowl model but can’t remember which ,the American models were marked heavy duck models and came in 12 and 20 bore models. Ive always had a liking for Winchester products and have an as new Winchester Parker reproduction side by side (built in the same factory as the 101 s and 101 Classic Doubles )Tom Skeuse was the initiator of that short lived model . Unfortunately finding good model 12s here in the UK is a challenge . Just a thought you wouldn’t be thinking of the Marlin Goose Gun model from memory it came in a bolt action with a 36 inch barrel. I have a cousin who owned one and an even longer Mossberg pump action never shot them but they seemed to swing fine
  9. Hi Scully I don’t think any of the 3 inch chambered model 12s had their grade stamped on the barrel but the heavy duck guns were stamped super x and the 3 inch chamber length.Most of them were field grade and a few in pigeon grade.
  10. I think that was designated the Heavy Duck Gun model Scully. The Olins were avid duck hunters and when they bought the Winchester company in 1931 I think they were responsible for the introduction of this model in the mid 1930s
  11. The Winchester model 12 came in Field, Super Pigeon, Skeet , Trap and Tournament grades according to the level of finish,details can be found in George Madis book on the Model 12. I used to have a Winchester model 23 Waterfowl model. Multichoke 28 inch barrel and a blue receiver nice gun.
  12. The AYA super solway model fits that description. There was one up on Guntrader with 2 sets of barrels one the original 32 inch the other shorter, I think 30 inch with more open chokes. I was tempted but happy with my number 3, it has 28 inch barrels 3inch Chambers and balances as if a far lighter gun.
  13. 36 gram mammoth steel loads are in a 3 inch case I think 34 gram might be the maximum load in steel for a 2 3/4 cartridge
  14. Of the guns I own I’d say my AYA number 3 magnum with a splinter fore end that I’d have Teague chokes fitted to to increase its versatility
  15. I didn't say they didn't have a right to whinge what I said was that whinging didn't help to promote shooting
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