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  1. Konor

    Rifle Sling

    I have two ,both the same as your second picture down and in as new condition. If interested pm me
  2. Thanks for the information Gunman. I haven’t noticed any assisted opening after firing a couple of shots ,I just manipulate the gun as I do my other side by sides, so that would tie in with what you say.
  3. Top pheasant in picture 1 would feed a family for a week😂
  4. Thanks much obliged, do the 3” magnums have the same reputation for weakness as the earlier avant tout models
  5. Gunman I have a 1957 built Konor sideplated Cogswell and Harrison 3 inch magnum would this gun have been built in London at their own factory or at Birmingham by Webley and does it have any inherent weaknesses when compared to similar guns by for example Bland Tolley or Greener
  6. Konor

    Eley heavy lead

    Hi Salmo I have a full box of Eley 3” magnum 1 5/8 oz load rolled turn over you can have
  7. Konor

    10 bore adaptor

    I used the link and contacted the firm, it seems they should be able to make a reducer to allow me to use smaller bore cartridges but they will need the barrel to measure up for fitting. When the restrictions lift I will travel down. Thanks for the information 👍
  8. Konor

    10 bore adaptor

    I think I will take up reloading for the 10 bore once I have spent a bit of time using it. I will source an adapter for 16 bore cartridges and possibly 20 bore too and have some fun with that.
  9. Konor

    10 bore adaptor

    Thanks rbrowning2 I will drop them an email and let you know how I get on I have dealt with Mandel previously, they supplied a replacement modified choke for the cutts body on my Winchester model 12
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have just bought a single barrel 10 and was hoping to use the 16 bore cartridges I have left from a now sold 16 to get used to the tens weight and handling and maybe also get a 20 bore adapter. I think once I get some cases together I would fancy reloading. I don’t expect to go through many cartridges but I think it would be worthwhile. Is it possible to buy a hand tool loading set for 10 bore that would allow me to reload on a small scale?
  11. Does anyone know of a source for 10 bore adaptors to allow cheap clay practice. I contacted Allan Myers years back and he advised going down 2 bores ie to 16 bore but I didn’t take him up on his offer to make them for me. I have now bought a 10 bore and would like to get used to handling it on a few clays. Does any one have any ideas or contacts ? Thanks in advance for any help
  12. Konor

    10 bore adaptor

    10 bore sub gauge adaptor required to allow cheap practice on clays. 12;16 or 20 bore would prefer 16 bore but will consider anything, thanks for looking
  13. Could I buy this please if still available?
  14. Congratulations I don’t think you will be disappointed. There was one for sale in Holts in Spring last year. I was shooting clays at Dunkeld House Hotel in March and called in to Dicksons and asked about the Alex Martin badged over and unders . They had two for sale cheapest was £6000 . I was told by one of the gunsmiths if I got the Holts one for sale last year for £3000 hammer price I would have got a bargain. I bought the Alex Dalgleish over and under in Holts March sale this year at low estimate ,very pleased with it hope you are just as pleased with yours.
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