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  1. Yes they were side plated I have a 3 inch chambered one,English 1 1/2 oz proof. It has a concave game rib and balances well ,I’ll have to weigh it but guess it’s around 7lb and a few ounces but might be a bit more and just balances well On a thread on the guns and accessories section Gunman reckoned they were made by Cogswell and Harrison ,I mistakenly thought they were made by Webley. I’m going to check the proof marks when I weigh it to see if they are London proof marks. I sent off to the firm and they told me it was made in 1956. I put up some pictures of it on the thread mentioned ,it was the one about the Chubb engraved Webley a few days back. I’m following your quest for a clay pigeon over and under with interest. I looked a while back and ended up with a Miroku MK60 grade V mainly as it was a bit lighter and I intended to shoot more game than clays but I was very impressed with a Perazzi MX4C. It felt like the difference between a vw golf and an Audi just solid and balanced perfectly. sorry for straying off topic
  2. Its a bit different, I like the look of it I wonder how it balances as that's a bit extra weight on the barrels with the ventilated rib. You'd wonder how much it would cost if new today.
  3. There was a short barrelled Cogswell and Harrison with a raised ventilated rib on Guntrader recently The C and H is still on guntrader £1295 but it’s 2 3/4 chambered.
  4. Thanks that's very reassuring. I can enjoy it now without dwelling on its possible shortcomings
  5. As my gun is 1956 vintage would it be fair to say it will be steel actioned and so not prone to the weak reputation that C&H guns have in general acquired ?
  6. That's maybe the root of the confusion. I enjoy owning my Konor and it will never see the 1000s of cartridges that might expose a weakness if there is one but the weakness reputation took the shine off it that only much use and pleasure will rectify, its getting there though
  7. Thanks for the information. I traded a 425 Browning grade 6 and an as new 1957 Browning auto 5 16 bore for it ,together costing me about £1800 ,for it, as I always wanted an English 3 inch magnum but reading negative reports on Cogswell and Harrison’s guns durability took some of the pleasure away from acquiring it. Do you think that the negative comments relate more to the earlier guns and not to the later models such as mine?
  8. Hope these can help I’d read that the avant tout was a weaker action and prone to failing at reproof but I was told a lot of Cogswell and Harrison boxlocks were made in Birmingham. I read somewhere that the most modern of the Konor model were made by Webley and that coupled with its 3 inch chambering made me hope that it would be a stronger action
  9. Hi Gunman I’ve been told my Cogswell and Harrison Konor 3 inch magnum built in the mid 1950s was made by Webley would that be correct? Thanks
  10. Konor


    I think the over and under and semi auto are more suitable to shooting maintained lead at longer range targets , think long range geese or duck on the foreshore due to its less cluttered sight picture ,and the side by side better for unpredictable targets at closer range using a swing through style, think woodcock or teal coming into a flight pond.I think the over and under lends itself better to a dealing with the repetitive predictable clay shots requiring a consistent pre determined sight picture. I have always preferred a side by side but probably shoot about 10% overall better with an over and under. I expect that it will not be unusual for shooters to have both over and under, side by side and semi auto and choose whichever suits the type of shooting on the day or whichever gives them most pleasure to shoot.
  11. Konor


    I agree with the comments so far about side by sides but many twenty bore over and unders combine a lighter weight and nicer balance than a lot of the twelve bore over and unders carried on game shoots ,especially 20 bore over and unders with straight hand stocks if you are more used to a side by side.
  12. PS I am not an AA class shooter but knew someone who did exceptionally well with a Vostok Skeet ,?? Tula choked ,gun with additional 30 inch barrels which he had teagued. I guess there’s just so many options that work the hard bit is finding one ,and there will be more than one, option that suits you and that you can afford without the expense detracting from the pleasure
  13. Hi OF I’ve always enjoyed shooting Mirokus and had a fixed choke trap gun that balanced well one of these teagued would be a lot of gun for the money so I would recommend an older sleeper if you can find one then having it teagued if you like it. A gun I’ve never owned but enjoyed shooting was a Perazzi mx4c Multichoke Skeet gun with I think 27 inch barrels. Quite different options but both capable of competing . I have a beretta Orvis uplander in 20 bore with a straight hand stock that balances and swings like a best side by side and didn’t cost the earth so not all over and unders are planks .Moment of inertia figures show some 20 bore over and unders have favourable handling characteristics as does the Winchester model 12 in 20 bore with a plain ribless barrel. Back in the 1970s it was common for people to take a Skeet gun for the close targets and a trap gun for the rangier side on targets on sporting layouts
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