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  1. Konor

    8 bore auto

    Were the 8 bore semi autos built on a modified Ithaca action or machined from block ? The trigger guard , forend and forend cap look similar to the Ithaca mag ten but was the barrel built from scratch and fitted to a modified Ithaca mag ten action/receiver ?
  2. Konor

    8 bore auto

    Just figured out I was 10 years out on the date Kelso Game Fair was 1988 Geoffrey used the picture I gave him to illustrate an article in Shooting Times dated 11 th May 2000 hence the confusion
  3. Konor

    8 bore auto

    Dave I was at the Kelso CLA gamefair so I think you are correct with the venue
  4. Konor

    8 bore auto

    No problem I wish I had paid a bit more attention when he showed me it so I could have passed on more details to you
  5. Konor

    8 bore auto

    That’s the photograph I took below unfortunately apart from being an eight bore I can’t remember any more details
  6. Konor

    8 bore auto

    Geoffrey Boothroyd had an 8 bore semi auto on display at a game fair in Scotland around 1988 -1990 have a photograph somewhere.
  7. With so many people restricted to being indoors there are probably quite a few people internet shopping. I wouldn’t imagine that anyone would be offended by the fact that companies are sending out marketing emails, I’ve had a few from John Norris and have been quite happy to browse through them . I have never been an envious person so others buying English guns or new cars that I can’t afford ,fortunately, doesn’t really bother me.
  8. Perhaps the disposable gloves, face masks and ventilators offers will turn up in the next BASC email
  9. BASC is not a discount club for PPE and are you seriously saying you would be interested in buying a discounted ventilator? On the other hand BASC have successfully countered the threat to game bird releasing for the coming season. Something a bit more relevant to the majority of BASC members. if you are looking for bargains though John Norris is a good place to start.
  10. From me ,hardly abuse let’s not over dramatise for effect/agenda
  11. I can’t , as I said it illustrates mine .
  12. I think your last post illustrates my point perfectly,thanks
  13. A lot of moaning about BASC lacks detail or specific information that can be acted on or refuted. Constructive criticism is a good thing to initiate improvements but negative whining serves no purpose if there is no specific point raised.
  14. Colin Willock, Gough Thomas , Lea McNally and Geoffrey Boothroyd I don’t think there has been any replacements. I loved reading the ST ,from my Dads in the late 60s early 70s through the late 70s early 80 s with BAOR when my mum posted them over. Just buy them occasionally now. I prefer to read through my old 1970s copies ,I don’t find the early 60s late 50 s issues as good as the 1970,80s issues.
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