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  1. is this still for sale. whats the stock length,
  2. thanks john i saw that
  3. can Guncam be bought in uk, are they any good? Shotcam looks good but loads of money.
  4. hi, since posting on here back in March, i managed to tweek the carrier. i shot clays without a problem. now we are back on the pigeons with three cartridges i get this problem now and again so i shoot with just two cartridges. This works well, i put three in yesterday just to get a picture to see what you think. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks Maxwell, good idea. who sells Beretta spares?
  6. hi, my 391 has just started having this problem, not every time but i would like to fix it. is there a link available or a photo showing the correct view. mine does look slightly of center from underneath.
  7. due to time wasters my Armsan is still for sale. Revised price is now £200-00 plus RFT at cost if required
  8. Revised price £225-00 plus RFT at cost if required
  9. sounds good, will you be shooting the wood next month?
  10. thanks for replys. i emailed our fire arms dept earier. i will post there reply. maybe in a week or two
  11. We both have up to-date shotgun certificates. My son in-law is moving in with us for his house re-building project. His shotgun will be stored in my cabinet. What is the legal and best way to do this, should we sign his gun onto my cert?
  12. well done db135 i just watched Jack all the way though, i may have watched the films years ago. i did go out with the mink hunt a few years ago, great fun even thoth they did not get one that day.
  13. silly question how long after the harvest will the birds keep coming?
  14. Went out again yesterday, upped my PB to 64 with a lot less shots so another good day. i dont know if there will be another chance next week. who knows!
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