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  1. Any information on this semi auto? Is it available? How much and where?
  2. my Beretta semi auto, second hand came with a mixtureof chokes, all fit with the key except the Teague Skeet
  3. thanks for your coments, very helpful. the choke that gets loose has no slots for the key. i just found a tube of copper multi purpose grease for disc brakes, i guess that a spot of that wont hurt. i will make a removing tool shortly. alan
  4. Is there a safe way to lock extened chokes on my semi auto, they tend to get loose after a few shots. I tend to use the flush chokes which have a key and stay safe. Thanks Alan
  5. is this still for sale. whats the stock length,
  6. can Guncam be bought in uk, are they any good? Shotcam looks good but loads of money.
  7. hi, since posting on here back in March, i managed to tweek the carrier. i shot clays without a problem. now we are back on the pigeons with three cartridges i get this problem now and again so i shoot with just two cartridges. This works well, i put three in yesterday just to get a picture to see what you think. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks Maxwell, good idea. who sells Beretta spares?
  9. hi, my 391 has just started having this problem, not every time but i would like to fix it. is there a link available or a photo showing the correct view. mine does look slightly of center from underneath.
  10. due to time wasters my Armsan is still for sale. Revised price is now £200-00 plus RFT at cost if required
  11. Revised price £225-00 plus RFT at cost if required
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