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  1. Was that a racing doo the spug was on??
  2. bobo

    Tin sheets

    See you tomorrow chief.👍
  3. Sounds a cracking shoot. Exactly what it's all about. Offers still there if you fancy a fox drive sometime with wee hounds.
  4. bobo

    Peltor ear defenders

    Peltor comtac xp ear defenders. As new in box. £150. Scotland.
  5. bobo

    9 flocked crow decoys

    Pm sent
  6. bobo

    Brinsea Egg-lume Candler

    I'll take this if still available?
  7. bobo

    Ridge line waistpack

  8. bobo

    Silenced .410

  9. bobo

    Little vixen

    Aye and they say hunting with hounds is cruel!
  10. bobo

    working patterdale pups

    What age are the parents?
  11. bobo

    8months pregnant+.410=3rats+1fox!

    I think that's blatantly obvious ain't it!