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  1. any old car battery will do fine for some shooting practice. whats the trap you have bought? i have a 240v motor and control box for a promatic that i could do to get rid of.....
  2. this had nothing to do with scores, this was the fact the ref lost a bunch of cards and those who's cards it were, wernt too happy when it took them over 1.5 hours to shoot a stand! id be a bit savage too, especially after when they questioned it he found the cards and put them to the back of the queue!
  3. this is all old hat now but to be fair 1 ref in particular at coniston that day did deserve the abuse he got! the only gripe i have about the world sporting was on the sportrap, we had an absolutely useless ref on 2 layouts and sadly you see him at just about every big shoot.
  4. go on then dennis give us a break down on these 50% poor and mediocre targets....
  5. the appeal of the worlds this year to me was the fact it was on virgin ground, and the likelyhood it wasnt going to be 200 skeet. there were no targets that were stupid or unhittable, ok a couple of overlapping targets but nothing to really worry about.
  6. that should happen for all the majors, use any ground you like and then stipulate the targets are then set by someone else. this is the trouble with places like southdown you only have to go once a year and 10 stands are the same as what you shot the previous year, no wonder the locals shoot big scores there.
  7. 3M foam plugs, cheap as chips and offer better protection than most headphones
  8. im on the reserves, as its apparently fully booked
  9. wheres these big c class prizes for dtl then?... might have to give this a go
  10. just the thought of having to drive into wales is enough to put me off this one
  11. Ed, i think you should wear a ghillie suit next year. need to dress for the occasion
  12. good shoot, definately a better ground than west london. the driven pooped up my score (6 away wasnt a good plan)
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