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  1. Fauxdegla is a Trap ground, the sporting targets aren't great and in my experience you will get a few stand which will only throw one brid, or are straight into the sun. The compaq layout is good, and of course all the trap layouts are at there top of the game. NWSS Sealand now has a 25 bird sportap trap (soon to be 50 bird) which changes weekly on the Olympic trap layout on a Saturday, they are also hosting a 75 Bird FITASC on the 7th Dec. The weekly additional sportrap does have a promatic clay mate system, but currently they have a buttoner every Saturday. They will be rolling out claymate across the ground. There are also regular regged sortrap comps. 75-100 bird.. You could also have a look at Glossop/Boar grounds.
  2. Hi Muller 12G - Mobile chokes - Used. The u1”s show some wear around the top of the choke purely cosmetic, u2's almost like new. £40 posted. U3 is sold.
  3. I'm sure many of you will remember Graham Lott from MCSC (Worsley) Keeper of the scores smoker of the pipe !His friends are holding a memorial shoot on the 28th of April, all welcome to attend midday kick off.
  4. they have a good set of driven stands, and also a couple of sportrap lay out, worth a visit.
  5. The North Region will be holding a NoE Regional inter-counties sporting comp at Blackpool clay shooting club on the 23rd of Oct 2016 (10am till 2pm last entry) This is also the Lanc's County Championship. A team is to comprise of 5 pre-nominated shooters, but also ad-hoc teams could be formed on the day - the only stipulation being that the team members had to be CPSA Members from the same County and obviously nominated before shooting started. The best 4 scores from these 5 would make up the total team score, and a small ‘levy’ of £1 per team member going towards, a ‘pot’ for the winning team, along with a nicely engraved crystal plaque for each of the 5 team members. The team can be submitted to the staff at Blackpool on the day, before they shoot, you do not all have to shoot together. Hope to see you there.
  6. Full list of results from today Next Regged shoot the 3rd of June http://sites.cpsa.co.uk/north/news/2016/04/10/1st-esp-selection-shoot
  7. That was one of the best courses I've shot all year, some cracking targets and something for everyone.
  8. Who may find these web sites useful www.facebook.com/CpsaNorth https://sites.cpsa.co.uk/north
  9. Good shoot, I didn't do so well, but my mate and fellow Merseyside scally has got into the Super Sunday finals ! Well done Larrrrrrrrr
  10. Yeah... The amount of misinformation in the thread is quite remarkable
  11. Had just about enough markers \ ref's on the day all adults I may add, no 12 year old kids And it was a really good shoot with 115 entry's Ideally every ground should use full qualified ref's. One there just isn't enough of them around and two is the cost of payment, the extra cost just gets passed onto the shooter in the end. Even the CPSA struggle to get the ref's for their major events sometimes so what hope does a small ground have. imo the regional committees should put on free or heavily subsidised ref's courses in the major disciplines that way you could build up a good base of ref's CPSA HQ gives a kick back on courses held in a region which would subsides the cost, the North region committee has plenty of money in the bank, there are only so many badges and trophy's you can buy with all those levy's Maybe I will bring it up at the next meeting...
  12. Blackpool still require a small number of markers for the final North of England, English sporting selection shoot. If you can help please contact Lesley 07854 035828
  13. For the latest news results and reports follow us on facebook or the CPSA web page. http://sites.cpsa.co.uk/north https://www.facebook.com/CpsaNorth?fref=nf Upcoming events for the month. Firstly the selection shoots for the coming month: Skeet 21/6 Coniston (BD23 4EB) Sporting 20-21/6 - Over two days, shoot either day. Park Lodge (DN14 9ED) - This is also the England team selection shoot. Moving on to Regional championships UT 14/6 Beverley (HU17 7RB) * This is also all county championships And now County Championships 7/6 Cumbria DTL at Penrith (CA11 8RR) 28/6 Durham DTL at Spennymoor (DL17 9DY) 21/6 Merseyside and Lanc's Skeet county championship at Coniston (BD23 4EB) 14/6 Merseyside ESP county championship at Blackpool (PR4 3HS) As always it's advisable to check with the grounds in case of alterations of date or if you need to book on before travelling. Good Luck !
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