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  1. Salopian

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    This is a very interesting debate and we can all voice our concerns and opinions , but the fact remains we are a captive market . We have some saying that fibres are more expensive to produce and slower to manufacture , but then we have Gamebore saying their machine loading fibres is the fastest available . None of this explains the extortionate prices charged for Game cartridges . " We only do small production runs ", "Obviously we use a greater amount of shot" etc., etc., Total marketing rubbish , we sadly are just being ripped off . The performance between Fibre and Plastic wadded cartridges is negligable , if we all shot fibres we would have a level playing field and be helping the environment in reducing plastic litter, paper cases are also viable and cheap enough to buy . But manufacturers want less hassle and easy money.
  2. Salopian

    Little Stan on beaters day

    B725, Super looking dog . What time will you have finished your Nut roast? Bloody Vegans , I think they all need a good dose of lead. I used to work with a vegan athlete , who openly admitted he had to supplement his food with various tablets. But back to the subject , congratulations on having such a dog that has engraved his memory on you for life . We never forget any of our dogs , good or bad , all have fond memories. But the superb ones live on for ever .
  3. Salopian

    Little Stan on beaters day

    B725, Sorry I can't collect Stan tomorrow , will Sunday be okay . Don't worry about paying me I'll do it for free , just this once.
  4. Salopian

    The Field Magazine

    " Lucky to get the Editor of Shooting Times, he is always off shooting somewhere or other ! " Or being replaced by the next aspiring non competent. Shooting Gazette has to be the worst magazine of them all . Thankfully after 50 years I have stopped buying any of them . All of them are reprints of previous editions but with a report of the last free shoot the editor or their minions got invited to .
  5. Salopian

    Dumped Pheasants...

    I have read the Times article and seen various links to this . It is a Leicestershire shoot , look closely at the video photographs , not all the birds have been breasted , some are complete (possibly not fit for human consumption). But the evilness in all this is that it was filmed by Hunt sabotuers , West Midlands League against Sports . So obviously the faceless ones were trespassing. Will anyone prosecute them or cause an outcry????? We need to realise that there are lots of unsavoury things happen in life . What should a small shoot do if it had a lot of diseased birds and no incinerator? I do not think that what as been filmed is correct practice , but I think it is causing far too much adverse publicity . I didn't receive much support when I was accosted and abused by Sabs at Boxing Day Hunt meet in Newport Shropshire , should I have lashed out and been prosecuted for Assault or causing an affray ? ( I was spectating with my working dogs , not part of the hunt ).
  6. Salopian

    1930s Purdy cartridges

    Are the Purdy cartridges for sale ? Also interested in Purdey cartridges if for sale please.
  7. Salopian

    28 in a 20 bore

    Westley , I believe that is correct . When I say a variation of two different gauges , I did not mean to include what may now be termed obsolete gauges . So don't include 14 bore , 24 bore etc in your calculations . IE 20 into 12 is dangerous , 12 into 8 is dangerous etc., But best safety of all is, DON'T MIX CARTRIDGES.
  8. Salopian

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Bazooka Joe said , Don't worry Scully, BASC will be all over like a rash, you never know professional legal advice might be taken.... I commented that Bazooka's medication is not working , if he believes that.
  9. Salopian

    Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

    I highly recommend Mike Norris Unit G2 Sandford Industrial Park , Whitchurch SY13 2AN 0845 5212995
  10. Salopian

    Shooting optician in Devon Cornwall

    Try to find an Optician who is interested or plays Cricket . Lots of the science involved in shooting optics crosses over to other sports .
  11. Salopian

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Bazooka Joe, I see your medication is not working !
  12. Salopian

    best place for new firing pins

    A photograph & possibly alongside an engineers rule would help ! I have various pins including Rizzini . could supply if we can identify what you have.
  13. Salopian

    28 in a 20 bore

    Snow White , We definately do not need to get into arguing over a safety issue . It really is amazing how many of us have had a different size cartridge snuggle down into a dark corner of a shooting jacket , especially those jackets with a pleated pocket that expands so you can get more into them. My very worst horror story is of a Gentleman I met in America who asked did I reload ? On me confirming I did , he said 'wait a while ' and he hurried off . He returned and showed me a piece of blown up barrel he kept in his glove box of his car . " I keep this to show what can happen if you double load a powder or block a barrel , this is what it can do ." He then rolled up his left sleeve to show me a scar 6" long from his wrist to his elbow plus he was minus a thumb and two fingers . " I was lucky, we had a surgeon at the club who stemmed the blood loss with a towel and later operated on me ". He said.
  14. Salopian

    28 in a 20 bore

    It really is amazing how dangerous some people are ! It is possible to accidentally load a cartridge designed for a bore two sizes smaller than the one you are using . I.E. 20 will fit into a 12 bore and allow a 12 bore cartridge to be loaded on top and the gun will close and fire, probably with catastophic results ! 28 bore will fit in 20 bore , 24 bore will fit in a 16 bore , 12 bore will fit in an 8 bore . BE CAREFUL CHECK FOR CLEAR BARRELS BEFORE LOADING AND NEVER MIX CARTRIDGES IN BAGS OR POCKETS.
  15. There is so much hype and false information printed about cartridges . Copper is only a cosmetic washing of standard lead, far better ,if you are looking for hard hitting, tight patterning cartridges, to look at the antimony percentage . Without doubt Cheddite , NSI, RC & Clever , (all Italian) produce quality cartridges at competitive prices . When you have factored in transport costs from Italy it makes me realise how British manufacturers are ripping us off.