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  1. Salopian


    mel b3, I remember a friend Des.Harper MoT ing a Ford at Guest Motors West Brom. Being a nice chap rather than fail it because of a worn tyre , he fitted the spare . Chucked the worn wheel and tyre into the boot and it came right through the cardboard boot.
  2. No doubt about it Winchester Silvers were a brilliant cartridge . As were Gamebore Patriot , remember them? Does anyone have any Patriots left ? Would love to get some Patriots loaded if I can find the load data , I wonder what caused Gamebore to discontinue ?
  3. Yes , advertised in the latest edition of The Field magazine endorsed by George Digweed £1100 houseofbruar.com . B&Q £65 and you get a free strimmer.
  4. "What has the BBC done about it?" Precisely nothing .BBC = Biased Broadcasting Company . Unless we protest such as on Points of View etc. The BBC will continue to run roughshod over Us , its licence payers . Chris Packham and many others are unscrupulous, unprincipled parasites , who need to be dismissed.
  5. Winchester loaded in America, Italy & Australia . If we required these they can be supplied by BWM Didcot ( Browning UK ) who used to import them for Nick Hendrick. Costly though.
  6. What really amazes me is , why haven't the cardboard wads with a shot cup produced by Gamebore years ago , never caught on ? Cost cannot be all that prohibitive ? The Eley wads and others like them are possibly likely to become a very serious problem if the cartridges are stored in damp environments or used in widfowling conditions , potentially they will become a slug if the wad biodegrades ?
  7. Hamster , Correct , Ian Cunliffe a Cheshire Skeet shooter with a left eye dominance issue , uses the SP and feels it has transformed his shooting for the better. Gentlemen , I think we all need to be a little careful if we promote or rubbish a product . I have worked with eye issues for years and I think it is fair to say that there is not a product that suits all of us , so it is probably best to try them all if possible until you find one that suits your issue. To be fair Ben did go online and rubbish the SP device and promote his Eye D Rail which I don't think is a very professional thing to do , but each to their own . I find Dangerzones comments very strange and probably without foundation.
  8. Not wishing to detract from the General Licence debacle . Is it not time we , the country people held a peaceful march or rally to highlight the unnecessary persecution our sport has to endure from the like of Packham et al ? A silent march that disrupted filming of Spring Watch or Countryfile would cause a tremendous financial loss and disruption .
  9. Correct , shoot off your eye dominance side whenever practical and possible.
  10. Adrian , I think you got a little confused in your write up . Shoot of your dominant side if it is possible , using both eyes open and your periipheral vision. If you cannot shoot off your dominant eye side ( for various reasons ) then the SP device , if fitted correctly will be of enormous benefit , far greater than 'blinder' devices . Dangerzone , To answer your comment. There are many aids available to correct eye issues and dominance issues , so find one that suits the individual , but don't dismiss any unless you have given them a fair trial
  11. I posted on Facebook today . Have Packham & Avery sat by a hedgerow and watched Magpies systematically work down the hedgerow robbing nests and killing tits, sparrows and finches ? I have . Have Packham & Avery sat and watched a flock of Pigeon simply devastate a crop in a very short time ? I have. Have they seen Jays nest robbing ? Rooks & Raven eye pecking and killing new born Rabbits and Lambs ? The two of them are blithering idiots , unfortunately pandering to the Urban majority.
  12. They also have a big store on the A41 at Hinstock Shropshire.
  13. I agree , we have to deal with facts at the time and if we are there . Each to his own , but I use firm commands , common sense and repeat untril the dog gets the message , patience is a virtue. And pays dividends in the end . Yes scolding and scruffing is okay in my book.
  14. Thank you for all your replies . I agree 100% with every thing that has been posted. Sadly I am afraid it goes on far more than we think , three people who know me have been in touch by phone and said "Yes I know who you are on about, did you know so & so and and thingy are exactly the same ." Another as just got off the phone after 45 minutes of moaning and said 'yes I'll tell you who is like that but he doesn't half bring dogs on , if he kicked my dog I'd kick him , but I suppose what I don't see doesn't hurt me ." So dog breakers are alive and well in the gundog world.
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