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    Countrysports.All types of Shooting.Gunsmithing.Firearms History.Ladies.Socialising.Teaching Shooting & Safety Training.The Great Outdoors.Dogs and Field trials

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  1. Salopian

    Stock oil

    Trade Secrets from Michael Smart . But whichever you decide to use all of them are not inclusive of elbow grease which is a necessity.
  2. Salopian

    Ear protection for fowling

    MSA Sordins are the ones to have , light , compact , efficient.
  3. Salopian

    Victory Cartridges

    Contact Richard Blacker the importer , telephone number is in post number 11 on page 1.
  4. Salopian

    Tip 'guidance'

    £10 per hundred birds + a sensible amount to show your appreciation of a job well done .£30 is plenty enough reward for a 150 bird day . Contrary to common belief Keepers do get paid + free vehicle , fuel, house and electricity .Grabbing ******** then go off for three weeks in Kenya or Caymon Isles.😃😃
  5. Vacancy for two Guns on Saturday 150 Bird day £300 each . At Bryn y Pys Bangor on Dee. contact me for details.
  6. Salopian

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    A major cause of ejection issues is cartridge plastic case quality . With the ever increasing speed of cartridges , we never get something for nothing , consequently the plastic cases distort and swell just forward of the metal head . Check for case distortion / case swelling.
  7. Salopian

    Closing a gun.

    Hamster replied:- " However you look at it that takes some doing. " Apparently not !
  8. Salopian

    Closing a gun.

    Three weeks ago :- Local Gameshoot , RH Gun closes his gun pointing at the ground , sadly due to probably having his finger on the trigger whilst closing it he blew his left foot off .
  9. Salopian

    Rowley Gun Club - Croxton, Staffs

    Matt, I will see if you can shoot using my membership as I rarely go .
  10. Salopian

    Eriswell Shooting Ground

    ELCSC 28G Clay Breaker Members 63 30 posts Report post Posted yesterday at 09:20 AM Been trying to get a response from their site admins as they have banned me for reasons they won't clarify, but they won't even respond now - pretty irritating as a ground and not being able to see the forums and respond to anything that concerns our facility. Would anyone have any other means of contacting them to at least try and get a response to this unjustified, unexplained, and rather petty situation please? Thanks in advance! Quote
  11. Salopian

    Eriswell Shooting Ground

    shootclay forum . The owner of Eriswell is asking for help to get onto Pigeonwatch . Apparenly he is banned
  12. I saw a post on another site . The new owners of Eriswell Shooting would like to make clayshooters aware of the ground updates and change of ownership (formerly Lakenheath) But apparently Admins will not allow ?????????????
  13. End of thread. When it starts to get abusive it's time to stop. Let us all agree that 60 yards ( real distance) is far enough and leave extreme to the extremists.
  14. It seems to me that no matter how much we prove that shooting at extreme range is senseless we will always get idiots like Perazzishot who frankly , will just not listen . His latest diatribe about the effectiveness of a 20 bore is typical. I started this thread because of comments from a High Bird Idiot.
  15. Salopian

    Performance of 'traditional' vs 'eco' clays?

    Westley & Scully , Yes it is a mad , mad World . As they say " the trouble with 'common sense' is it is not very common".