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  1. Conor , A couple of questions that I would like answers to please . 1. Why was this podcast started before the communications was correctly connected ? 2. What was the cost to BASC to have the Media Centre built ? 3. Why is the Media Centre not utilised for communication with the Press , Media & Membership ? Thank you .
  2. Conor , Do you think it is a good idea to offer a voucher or free box of cartridges to BASC members ?
  3. Have any of you found one of these birds that have died from Lead poisoning? You have had a 50,000 to 400,000 chance to say yes . Complete and utter rubbish I would have thought .
  4. Gentlemen , I am sorry to see this post has been started by Conor O'Gorman , quoting MP's using unsubstantiated and old figures . Then later in the post Conor highlights another piece of unsubstantiated 'proof' from another anti article . Is Conor in the right job? Are BASC really representing the shooting sports correctly or are they hell bent on persecuting us? Amazingly for more than twenty years now we have had to read reports on thousands of wildfowl deaths but never seeing the evidence . I am sure that probably all wildfowlers adhere to the law and use non-toxic shot , so where is the huge increase in wildfowl on our shores that we should have saved in the last twenty years ?
  5. Just a thought ! If Lead is such an environmentally and health hazard , what will we be doing with all the scrap batteries from electric cars ? Presently , many scrap batteries are recycled by a company in Derbshire and the Lead ingots sold to Gamebore to manufacture lead shot .
  6. Hamster said:- " still, he has since looked the fool when he’s had to take mid to low level driving seats which for a world champion must sting a bit. " I doubt Kimi is too bothered when the pay cheque clears at the Bank . Not many people really know Kimi , have a night out with him , then you may very well see him in a very different light . This BLM is total hogwash , in Libyia today you will find African Ladies chained together in pairs being sold as slaves by their Black 'owners'. Slavery still goes on today all over the World and sadly in the United Kingdom , we cannot change history ,it happened and it possibly wasn't all bad , I wasn't there so I cannot comment and neither can Lewis Hamilton. All this has sprung up because of an American criminal and misguided idiots like Lewis Hamilton, funny how he has never complained earlier in his career about being persecuted .
  7. Scully, All valuable points that you have made , I could not agree more . But that is not the issue , we do not have to kill obscene numbers of Game , we need to be sportsmen and shoot enough for our own consumption and that of friends . Which once again highlights the wrong direction that BASC sometimes take such as now pandering to the demands of the very large shoots and aligning with the Game Alliance which if it worked correctly would really be fantastic , but has the G.A. really had a good effect on the game marketing strategy? I remember it wasn't so long ago that BASC were raising the issue of Caged bird rearing by the large producers , now surprise ,surprise they seem to be in bed with them!
  8. I am totally opposed to the banning of Lead shot until a viable ,efficient , economic alternative is available . If you read through the above posts from us all we, in my opinion have not approached this in a very sensible manner . It is no use those that haven't tried it saying 'it's rubbish, it won't work and I will never use it' , it is no use Conor O'Gorman saying we know Lead is a problem so let us embrace change , because apart from ubsubstantiated claims of mortality to humans they really have no REAL evidence . A far greater environmental issue is plastic pollution , you only have to see the issues that discarded plastic cartons and packaging , nylon fishing line and nylon fishing nets causes to see Man's REAL issue . Recently it was highlighted that the UK exports 15 tonnes of baled plastic waste to Turkey every day , where the Turks either incinerate or more often than not tip it on Landfill sights???? Saving the planet ? Incidentally I have not heard of or seen ONE damaged barrel caused by the use of steel shot , but I have also not seen any BASC exhibits of ballistic jel shot with steel shot at sensible Game range and comparisons with Lead shot . At the minute Lead shot WILL NOT BE banned in five years it is only a recommendation from nine organisations who are supposed to be representing us for a VOLUNTARY ban. Give me facts and evidence and I will happily comply.
  9. Lancer , You keep promoting the use of Steel . Why ? When Lead is cheaper , more efficient , readily available . Steel cartridges £340 per thousand , Lead £189 per thousand . Steel as a commodity is cheaper than Lead , so why the rip off?
  10. Conor , You say BASC has been leading the fight for 40 years ! May I ask how many of those fourty were led by John Swift ?
  11. Welsh Warrior , Do you know , I never knew that a 1oz steel cartridge having more pellets per ounce than a lead cartridge would break clays that were out to 30 yards , absolutely amazing . I am fairly sure that they may also kill game at that range , providing I use a pellet size two sizes larger than my Lead cartridges .
  12. With all the commotion over Lead shot being banned can I just say :- "Lest We Forget" it is a VOLUNTARY ban so forget the vouluntary ban and shoot a cartridge that is fairly cheap and very efficient at what it is designed for . Shoot LEAD.
  13. Lancer , I am afraid that you are wrong in thinking that the demise of traditional English gameguns has not been accelerated by their inability to shoot steel loads . As you well know I think that steel / soft iron as a Lead alternative is an abomination and needs to be banned and scrapped in my honest opinion . Frustratingly BASC is actively promoting the banning of Lead shot , but I note in their Press release today they couldn't even give their cartridge sponsors full credit , choosing to use as their banner headline Lyalvale Express Cartidges . I am sure my good friend Marcus Iddon is delighted with the free advertising .
  14. Gentlemen, before we all get our panties in a twist . Shooting Star are importing Biowad from Spain BUT apparently it takes about two years for the case to decompose ???? Yesterday the NEWS on all the channels highlighted that the UK is exporting tonnes of plastic to Turkey , where they burn it on open rubbish tips . May I suggest that BASC and others come out from under their tortoise shells , leave shooting sports alone and fund research into the safe disposal of plastic waste ? A far greater threat to our environment than lead shot .
  15. Matgriff, If you need any cartridges try Duncan Lawton at Croxton Post Office , just outside Eccleshall . Failing that I have some if you require them . Newport, Shropshire 22 miles from N.u.L.
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