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  1. That was yesterday , but it changed overnight , now I hear it will be 18th October????? 6 months to make a decision about blatant cheating ? The Ground disqualified him and he was removed from the results .
  2. Figgy , ask Brian Clegg , he knows I would never lie 🤣. Just had a look on the NSCA website and they have amended their statement , it looks like a decision has been made and it is final , with announcement very soon , once they have sorted out Brexit.🤣. Perhaps Esuuk , diplomatic correspondent for the defendant could enlighten us? I have stopped shooting competitions now , the cost of travel , entry fees , cartridges, was high , but now I need multicoloured pens , various pencils and erasers it has all got too much.
  3. Let us not waste any more time on this issue . The accused is a great bloke , he would never cheat , but if he did and was caught and subsequently disqualified by the shoot organiser , the National Association will not be able to make a decision even with evidence of blatant cheating laid before them . So let us all just get on with life .
  4. This thread reminds me so much of the Anglers who go to their Tackle shop every week for a pint of maggots and come away with a number of floats with orange dayglo tips .🤣🤣. I now know of three people who have bought these rails and it has completely ruined their ability to shoot + the aluminium one has ripped the lining in the chaps gunslip .
  5. Kinver is never a problem , just go to any stand and someone will button for you , in fact if they realise you are alone they will often invite you to tag along with them . Great place run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and the keenest cartridge prices in the Midlands .
  6. Salopian


    mel b3, I remember a friend Des.Harper MoT ing a Ford at Guest Motors West Brom. Being a nice chap rather than fail it because of a worn tyre , he fitted the spare . Chucked the worn wheel and tyre into the boot and it came right through the cardboard boot.
  7. No doubt about it Winchester Silvers were a brilliant cartridge . As were Gamebore Patriot , remember them? Does anyone have any Patriots left ? Would love to get some Patriots loaded if I can find the load data , I wonder what caused Gamebore to discontinue ?
  8. Yes , advertised in the latest edition of The Field magazine endorsed by George Digweed £1100 houseofbruar.com . B&Q £65 and you get a free strimmer.
  9. "What has the BBC done about it?" Precisely nothing .BBC = Biased Broadcasting Company . Unless we protest such as on Points of View etc. The BBC will continue to run roughshod over Us , its licence payers . Chris Packham and many others are unscrupulous, unprincipled parasites , who need to be dismissed.
  10. Winchester loaded in America, Italy & Australia . If we required these they can be supplied by BWM Didcot ( Browning UK ) who used to import them for Nick Hendrick. Costly though.
  11. What really amazes me is , why haven't the cardboard wads with a shot cup produced by Gamebore years ago , never caught on ? Cost cannot be all that prohibitive ? The Eley wads and others like them are possibly likely to become a very serious problem if the cartridges are stored in damp environments or used in widfowling conditions , potentially they will become a slug if the wad biodegrades ?
  12. Hamster , Correct , Ian Cunliffe a Cheshire Skeet shooter with a left eye dominance issue , uses the SP and feels it has transformed his shooting for the better. Gentlemen , I think we all need to be a little careful if we promote or rubbish a product . I have worked with eye issues for years and I think it is fair to say that there is not a product that suits all of us , so it is probably best to try them all if possible until you find one that suits your issue. To be fair Ben did go online and rubbish the SP device and promote his Eye D Rail which I don't think is a very professional thing to do , but each to their own . I find Dangerzones comments very strange and probably without foundation.
  13. Not wishing to detract from the General Licence debacle . Is it not time we , the country people held a peaceful march or rally to highlight the unnecessary persecution our sport has to endure from the like of Packham et al ? A silent march that disrupted filming of Spring Watch or Countryfile would cause a tremendous financial loss and disruption .
  14. Correct , shoot off your eye dominance side whenever practical and possible.
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