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  1. I have cut a few of my cartridges that are a few months old apart and found them to be fine .
  2. Interesting , I believe this problem was brought to Eley's attention some months ago and they said it was unlikely to happen as the crimps were heat sealed . So could it be an issue with the PVA?
  3. Wisemans of Cannock
  4. Ozzy advice:- If you want to go into the outback , get a Defender, if you want to come out of the outback , get a Toyota.
  5. Is it me missing the point or have we gone mad and have more money than sense? Pheasant Shooting at £3500 per peg and now I have seen Pigeon Shooting at £250 a day per person plus £2-50 per shot fired maximum of 300 shots per day equals £1000 per day for Pigeon Shooting plus cartridges plus fuel to drive to the venue and back . Keep it up Boys , soon we will not need legislation to stop us shooting .
  6. Does anyone know if Beretta Italy or anyone else for that matter can supply a part for a Beretta UGBLA the semi auto that they designed specifically for Trap shooting ( lokks like an O/U. Reason for asking is a friend has broken a latch and requires parts to repair it .
  7. Taileron, I wish you had spent your money on getting your guns properly fitted also . In these Covid times , I need the work and do some work , instructing , gunsmithing , and fitting for Millride 😄.
  8. I thought that they were readily available for sale on the internet?
  9. Try Brian Webster , B K Webster Gunsmith , West Tansfield , Ripon , Yorkshire , tell him I recommended you to him , he will look after you and do a good job.
  10. It has been an issue with 725's for years . Earlier ones had a modified hammer spring , identified by a large coil midway in the length of the spring , all new guns have this as standard . Mechanism needs to be scrupulously clean with no grease or heavy oil on the working parts . American issues are often caused by lack of brain cells , but if trouble persists you can fit the trigger return spring off a .410 model which is lighter . I have repaired quite a few 725's with fail to fire issues .
  11. Conor , How many of the 40 years that BASC have been leading the fight was lead by John Swift , who actually was later found to have his own agenda? Can you in all faith say that BASC have robustly defended the continued use of Lead shot.
  12. Roj, There is a very good post on this website from 'Hamster' who explains very well that all though he is 'cross dominant ' he learned very quickly how to shoot with both eyes open . Anyone who has any issue with their shooting really should get it sorted by consulting a competent coach , it may not be as expensive as you have been led to believe.Most shooting grounds or more especially shooting clubs have probably got an association qualified coach who will gladly assist if asked.
  13. Buze , Yes you are a little out of touch , thankfully . I think the Welsh Open was their first big day after the shooting ground has been taken back into family management . Richard Jones and his good Lady Nia are trying very hard to do a good job . I believe Jonathan Williams of Mid Wales has been very helpful . The targets for the Welsh were set by Richard 'Brewster' Hughes so were very good , (he's not too bad for a novice!). I cannot recommend Dovey highly enough for a change of scenery and I am sure that targets can be set and supplied to suit every customer
  14. Gunman , I have to agree , possibly more likely a sideplated boxlock . daisyrob where are you? I've probably got a new firing pin in stock .
  15. Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Dovey Valley SG . Wow ! What a pleasurable experience . A VERY organised management team , beautifully manicured lawns and pathways , brilliant targets a truly eye opening experience . It was the WCTSA Welsh Open , run for the very first time here and run to perfection. I have not been to this ground for possibly twenty years and I do have to say it really was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces actually enjoying clayshooting, even those having an 'off day' got over it and ended up smiling . The ground has over 60 stands so
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