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  1. Given that we are currently in lockdown and heading for one hell of a recession ,huge redundancies, and a downturn of footfall at shooting grounds, do you not think that anything higher than £30 per hundred for practice is far too expensive?
  2. Paul James Gamebore Director stated on George Digweeds Facebook page May 15th , 18minutes into the chat that Yes Gamebore do already make a 2&1/2" plastic wadded steel load for the Danish market . I received an email on Monday from yet another Spanish company saying that they have a totally degradable shell case and wad available in one month in the UK from Shooting Star the RC cartridge importer .
  3. Gamebore interview with Paul James CEO he says 2 1/2" Gamebore Steel have plastic wads at the moment .
  4. Hamster , Thank you for your observations . It is my belief that 30" may be the ideal length for the masses . As you have said 32" is certainly the most popular , but having shot 28" & 30 " in the past I never felt as though I was disadvantaged with either . As they say , " It is the Indian , not the arrow ". We all have heard that the 32" barrels are steadier on the longer targets , but the majority of sporting targets are at sensible distances and probably would be shot better with a more responsive gun.
  5. What are your thoughts on the ideal barrel length? Churchill advocated short barrels and had great success at trap and live pigeon shooting with 25" barrels . John Bidwell won multiple World Championships with 28" barrels. Many , many won using 30" barrels and then came the trend to 32" and even some 34" . Surely physical height must have some influence on what are the most suitable barrels for the individual , but in saying that we have all seen children and petite ladies shooting 32" very well . Discuss please .
  6. Wymberley , good for you enjoy when you can . Reading my BASC magazine yesterday , letters page a member asks how to dispose of unused lead cartridges? He has a large stock which he can no longer use and the same can be said for cartridges he uses for shooting clays. Question :- How much more disinformation are BASC members and members of the other 8 Judas organisations going to be fed ? You can shoot lead to your hearts content , the recommendation is for a VOLUNTARY restraint from using lead shot for Game and clayshooting has not even been mentioned .
  7. Westley , HOW DARE YOU ! As a BASC member and shotgun coach HOW DARE YOU go against everything that BASC is pushing for ? Do you not realise that we BASC members must continue the push for the abolition of lead ammunition as soon as possible even though it may fly in face of what BASC has always said "No Evidence =No Change". The whole mess is a fiasco not helped by BASC continually banging the drum.
  8. So Smoker , The cartridge manufacturers as well as coping with Lead ban will have to cope with Kanban or Just in Time ?
  9. Stagboy , Thank you for that , I listened to it all and although everyone gave their honest opinion it was interesting to note that the BASC good Doctor would like us to roll over and not use lead in any shape or form really only Diggory talked any sense at all regarding embracing the future . It seems to me that many of these so called scientists and environmentalists would like us to behave totally like sheep , not protest and once we have rolled over onto our backs we are totally incapacitated . I find it interesting that not one person appears to have read about the toxicity of alternatives to lead shot and commented and no meaningful data has been published about mortality in humans from the consumption of lead pellet contaminated game?
  10. Panoma , That is only £1571-50p + powder+wads +primers + time per thousand homeloaded 1ounce cartridges . Why would anyone complain about banning Lead shot ?
  11. Thank You maybe I will have to stand corrected . What is the nearest equivalent to Lead shot please ? Heavishot , Niceshot or what have you and the cost please ? Then maybe if there is no equivalent or it is too expensive maybe we could remind BASC of their previous Press releases from their very expensive , under utilised Media Centre , paid for with Members subscriptions , gifts and fund raising about embracing change when an efficient , affordable alternative to Lead shot becomes available.
  12. I am led to believe that Hevi-shot is no longer available here in the UK because it became too expensive . Do any of you know if it is available and how expensive it may be , asking because I believe it is the nearest equivalent to lead shot .
  13. SO ! Fully dissolvable plastic type wads available in 2013 , but it takes two companies seven years to corner the market ? We have needed to find an economical and similar alternative to lead shot for more than twenty years , the cartridge manufacturers can be accused of being lax in their uptake and research and development, but as soon as BASC highlight this issue we all have to jump ! How much financially have BASC contributed to finding an alternative to lead shot and plastic wads ?
  14. Correct , PVA or a derivative could be the way forward . Anglers use PVA bait swim feeders so they must be economical to produce . I would have thought costs would not be too different from producing plaswads. But with regard to this thread ( banning lead shot ) I really would advise all of you and the shooting organisations to read about the toxicity of the alternative materials to Lead shot and to correctly quantify the REAL fatalities that have been caused by ingesting lead pellets .
  15. A friend has developed a water soluble wad and taken it to Eley , Hull ,Gamebore and BASC none have shown any real interest as the cartridge manufacturers all said they had alternatives in the pipeline . With regard to alternative shot types , what happened to Hevi-shot?
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