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  1. I have given them away before but never been asked for anymore .
  2. That reminds me, Round mother in laws for lunch tomorrow .
  3. Well done on the geese, Is that a standard choke or after market ?
  4. She's a Nasty piece of work, have had a few flights disrupted , torches, mirrors , megaphone are some of her trates, oh yeah and a big gob . There's just no reasoning with her. She would hang round all night if she had to.
  5. Update, Now all sorted, Fitted a 2nd hand injector pump , now starts first flick of the key, hot or cold and goes like a rocket, Thanks for all your comments
  6. Just done a compression test, All cylinders 300 psi / 20.6 bar , Do you think this is on the low side for a diesel and contributing to my starting problems?
  7. Right, Still no further , Have ordered a compression tester, Will check valve clearances, Do a compression test and see what it shows .
  8. Hi, Have ran with a separate tank, even tried a 12 volt pump in line, no change.
  9. Checked timing today, crank, cam and pump all on the pointers, Cracked off and pulled back injector pipe unions, wound it over to find very little fuel delivery / squirt. Not 100% sure what to see but seemed very little to me.
  10. Ok With a cold engine slacken an injector or two and crank it over, do you have lots of diesel spill immediately or not Will try this in the morning and update.
  11. Yes relay working, 12 volts at buzz bar ,
  12. Today I removed all glow plugs and checked on a battery, 1 knackered so replaced, Fitted clear fuel lines and ran up , no air visible on feed or return. Still a **** starter. Will check timing tomorrow, Failing that will have to buy a diesel engine compression tester as my petrol tester will not handle/read the higher pressure , Which I hope to see. Hope to sort this out sooner than later. Thanks for your replies
  13. Has had recent glow plugs, relay, all working ok. New tank sender and pipes Tryed it today and cranked over for ages and eventually started, would idle ok but no response from throttle. Will try clear fuel pipes tomorrow on feed and return and check for any air
  14. Quick update, Ran with a raised fuel tank, no better. Had fault codes read and came up turbo over boost , Possible sensor fault? Tried local fuel injection centre and suggested to run with a clear feed and return pipe on pump, Check to see if there is air on the return but not feed as may be a pump fault. Failing that maybe a compression test as has been suggested.
  15. Thanks for replies, No loss of coolant, no overheating, Have a day off tomorrow so will try a raised tank and go from there.
  16. Hi, Are there any Mitsubishi tecs on board ?, Have recently bought a cheap 2002 shogun sport 2.5 which is nightmare to start either hot or cold, Drove home 200 mikes ok. Just keeps cranking over and over but will eventually fire up, No excessive smoke, Then there is no response from throttle pedal for a minute or so. It has had tank sender and pipes, thinking it was pulling air in. I have heard of failing injector pump front seals , Not allowing fuel to be drawn up from lift pump part of pump. Was thinking of feeding pump straight from a raised can to eliminate tank to pump supply. Other than that booking it in for a diagnostic check, Any ideas or help taken on board.
  17. mickanles

    Ratchet Straps

    Wanted, Heavy duty Ratchet straps , To secure vintage tractor on Ifor Williams trailer,
  18. I have had mine for over 25 years, single trigger, 28 barrel and the most beautiful walnut stock I have ever seen, Fits well and never had any problems, I have had one or two guns over the years but never parted with this one.
  19. Great result, Lets hope you find some more.
  20. mickanles

    Wanted Bsa s10

    On the look out for a bsa s10 in 177 with a shrouded barrel Thanks for your time
  21. A pair of t4s 800 special 1.9 and a 1.9td easy to work on and just keep going
  22. Rapid mk1 scope and mod 350 suffolk
  23. Well done underdog, cracking pics as normal.
  24. mickanles


    Started a youth training scheme in 86, trainee motor mechanic. 27.00 pound a week!
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