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  1. The ones I shot at would be able to be put back in the box and re sold as new
  2. Or if you’re on iPhone you should be able to choose the picture size
  3. I’m going into the bunker, see you all in 10 years.....If there is anybody left.
  4. JTaylor91

    Gun watch

    I believe @Teal looks after gun watch. Maybe drop him a PM.
  5. Wishing him a speedy recovery. I have the usual male attitude of unless I genuinely believe I could be dying I won’t go to a doctor. With a baby on the way I may need to re think that attitude.
  6. JTaylor91

    Dog Crate

    Still taking up room in the shed so free to a good home.
  7. I was given a new A5 convertible for a month when the pano roof on my S3 was being replaced. Never had a convertible before, great I thought..........it was November.
  8. Better than being sat in the house.
  9. Will do. I have an OS map I can mark it out on
  10. Good to see you out JDog. Well done on the double Jacko.
  11. Well today I got the nod on my first permission. Chuffed to bits, going for the low down tomorrow on when, where and what I can shoot. I will hopefully have my first report in the coming weeks all being well.
  12. Ours is currently insured with pet protect. £8 a month I think. They have been helpful on the phone but I haven’t had to claim anything yet, hopefully I won’t have to.
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