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  1. I discovered a solution to this yesterday. Go out when it’s absolutely torrential rain, I was the only idiot out.
  2. I meant to post this in the help and advice section, a mod able to move it please?
  3. Evening all, I don’t want this to come across as some sort of begging post so if it does read that way, apologies. I’ve been in and out of shooting in some way pretty much most of my life however I’ve now thrown myself into it as an actual past time from around December and thoroughly enjoying it (although my bank is not). Although I’m enjoying the clays it doesn’t compare to being out in a field and I’ve been wanting to start on the pigeons. Long story short I’m looking at learning in the field, if somebody could do with a hand one day in the north Lincolnshire/South Yorkshire area (obviously willing to travel) then it would be greatly appreciated. I’m not looking to shoot, just help set up/ pick up/ butty run and learn. Thought it best to try learn a thing or two before hounding farmers across fields.
  4. https://gopro.com/en/gb/shop/mounts/head-strap-plus-quickclip/ACHOM-001.html https://gopro.com/en/gb/shop/cameras/hero7-black/CHDHX-701-master.html
  5. Like has been previously said it varies wildly depending on how much work you can do yourself. My mrs has been riding 20 odd years now once you have all the tack and everything she’s saying £450-£500 a month roughly. That’s for livery 5 days a week, factors in farriers, insurance etc.
  6. Musto currently have a sale on quite a few coats. Ordered myself the one below. https://www.musto.com/en_GB/brampton-br2-melton-jacket/80180.html?dwvar_80180_color=RFLG&cgid=sale-mens#sz=12&start=25
  7. If nobody has contact details I would give BASC SW a call. They look to have events with them.
  8. https://www.countydeerstalking.co.uk/deer-stalking-uk-legislation.html
  9. JTaylor91

    Sinn Fein

    Out of curiosity did any of them give the reason for refusing? I know that when I got my first passport (Irish) they rang my school to check everything out. Every renewal has been a breeze since.
  10. Anybody here in to twitching? There is a Little Bustard in the village where my mother lives that is causing chaos with people coming to see it. Cars parked everywhere blocking the road to larger vehicles. Apparently pretty rare and although not the slightest bit into bird watching I may have a stroll up Thursday to see what all the fuss is about. http://www.birdwatchingtrips.co.uk/bird-blog/a-lucky-lucky-bustard-a-new-uk-bird-for-alan-in-yorkshire
  11. I know putting 21 gram in my 525 is like firing a spud gun. It’s the weight of a 12 that I could see potentially being more an issue. My mrs is pretty small and she uses a kofs 12 with 21g cartridges.
  12. The new addition to the family, Bramble.
  13. JTaylor91

    pizza oven

    A friend has one. Takes ages to get hot. Once hot enough though it takes about a minute to cook a pizza.
  14. JTaylor91

    Dog Training

    Afternoon all, Due to pick up a new pup on Wednesday so looking for anything to do with training. Books, training dummies etc.
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