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  1. I was on my way to a day festival a while back. Some people younger than me said they hoped they were still going to a festival at my age. I was 24........... they were probably just 18. 😂
  2. Is it easyJet you’re booked with?
  3. My highlight would be bagging my first pigeon thanks to JDog. It was a great day for me and brilliant to meet somebody so interesting. That day changed a lot for me and he is probably the reason why pigeon shooting and being out in the fields has become a very big hobby for me.
  4. JTaylor91

    face masks

    Great stuff, donation made.
  5. Some part of an oil lamp? Collar or regulator part?
  6. Nice picture, it was a beautiful day here. Me and Bramble had a lovely walk in the sunshine.
  7. I was going to go out tomorrow. However I’ve changed my mind, not because I’m worried of infecting someone or being infected but the chance of having an accident that would put more strain on the NHS.
  8. Interesting, never knew that. I bought a tv from there many years ago. I won’t be again.
  9. Pre cooked mash is sold to re heat? Pre cooked frozen jackets are also sold?
  10. Nice day out, thanks for the report.
  11. Download an app called Shazam, it will listen to any song and tell you what it is.
  12. JTaylor91


    Not all of them. Some have plenty of cash in the bank to tide them over.However TUI are looking like they could go bust.
  13. JTaylor91


    If you want a punt on something I would go for shares in an airline whos shares were £19 before this but are now about £3.
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