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  1. Good luck, good to hear you got your cert after your previous concerns 👍🏻.
  2. I have the exact same slip. As you say good quality and well padded.
  3. Would bribery in the form of more pork pies change your mind?
  4. Yesterday afternoon I found myself trundling over to the Lincolnshire Wolds after a very generous invitation from JDog. The original plan was to set up in the middle of standing rape however with the wind blowing it wouldn’t be possible. The next best option the pigeon whisperer suggested was we set up a couple of hides in a hedgerow and put out a rotary each in bare patches of rape. For the first hour or so the birds were coming in fast and frequent some impressive shooting by JDog as usual. We opted to move one rotary out so that any birds coming from behind the hedgerow might put the brakes on and turn in which seemed to work on a few. Eventually a couple of showers passed through and the birds slowed down a bit. We packed up, had a couple of pork pies and then stood behind another hedgerow where we had seen a flight line passing over in the far corner of the field. The birds weren’t playing ball, every time one of us moved to where they were going over they passed over where we had been instead. Another good afternoon, testing birds, total 25.
  5. I’m originally from Leeds (Methley) It would be of interest. Drop me a pm with the details please.
  6. As above, adverts are targeted to recent searches 🤣
  7. You still pay tax while on furlough, I have had the usual tax and NI deductions. I’m back to work Tuesday after 14 weeks on furlough.
  8. Jesus, I wish you all the best in 2021.
  9. As the father of a recent addition the hospital now do weights in kgs I have to convert to lbs and oz after every weigh in.
  10. JTaylor91


    Could I get 14 please? Pm on the way
  11. Well thank you, it was the other half’s birthday so requested a bit of a selection. The cheeses were; Stilton, Wensleydale and cranberry, manchego, garlic and herb roule, a goats cheese and some odd french cheese that came in a little dish which was very soft and mild, not sure of the name. Meat wise, Serrano, bresaola, prosciutto and salami.
  12. Tonight’s tea. Various bits and bobs with cheese and meats.
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