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  1. Good stuff. At least you remembered the poles this time. We are in the middle of a house move and the mother in law has just had a hip replaced so I’m on a short leash for sneaking off shooting at the minute.
  2. The above I posted was the first Portuguese red I’ve ever had and was pleasantly surprised.
  3. So the reservation books are now open for the Grenadier. Anybody reserving one?
  4. If you go to settings>battery>battery health. It should show a maximum capacity
  5. I thought the same, I only pay £40 a month.
  6. I warned the mother in law about throwing sticks for her collie “always been thrown sticks he’s fine”. One went down his neck caused a bit of damage. £500 vet bill. She doesn’t throw him sticks anymore.
  7. We have our Range Rover insured with esure, no requirement for a tracker.
  8. I know a couple of people that have had similar both on Range Rovers. If you’re going to fit a tracker for the insurance make sure it’s up to the spec they require.
  9. When I thought I was going to need a letter from the docs for application. They point blank refused due to “not agreeing with gun ownership” and even put the statement in a letter. Turns out I was applying with the wrong force for the area anyway (recently moved) so luckily didn’t end up needing anything other than the usual.
  10. No worries, Auchterhouse is about 2 hours so too far really. We will get a couple of afternoons in at Rothiemurcus.
  11. Thanks for the reply, we will try go through the week. Is there anywhere else in the area worth visiting?
  12. I can feel a little better for forgetting a part of the rotary now.
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