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  1. Chap this way charges £120 for Land Rover size inside and out but he has it a minimum of 5 hours. £80 for a car.
  2. The first time I met JDog I didn’t know what to expect so loaded a full slab and cartridge bag into the car. He must of thought I was crackers.
  3. I noticed a bit of a stronger wind than we have had for a little while yesterday and thought JDog would be out prowling The Wolds. Glad to hear the persistence paid off sounds like you had to work for those 15 birds.
  4. 750L of boot space in the disco sport with the third row folded flat. F pace 650L and XC60 about 500L. I thought the XC60 would of been the biggest.
  5. I’m not sure how it works but he was found guilty of 3 charges: Second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter.
  6. Lovely pup. We went with Bramble for our sprocker.
  7. JTaylor91

    Beretta EELL

    That’s my local shop. Could always transfer by RFD. If you wanted a few extra pictures of it or anything let me know and I can nip in.
  8. Sorry to hear JDog, he sounds like a very good friend.
  9. This what you need? https://www.airgunspares.com/b1334157browning12gbottomfiringpin.html
  10. It was a very good session. It’s the pies that I hope get me the invitations.
  11. On Monday afternoon I got a message from JDog telling me he had some pigeons and although I may not have pork pies due to late notice, would I like to join him tomorrow. Of course I did. Tuesday afternoon I stocked up on pastries and piccalilli from the local butcher and headed off to The Wolds. We met at 3pm and headed over to scout the field, there was a flight line across the field crossing by a line of telegraph poles. JDog put out a sign to keep walkers to the footpath instead of walking down the side of the field we would be shooting. I headed up to the top of the field to put
  12. First swallow spotted on this mornings dog walk
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