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  1. Where was the picture on the beach taken? Looks beautiful. I imagine he had a great time.
  2. I understood it as him asking if he needed a permission to get a shotgun certificate, as in a reason to have one.
  3. Not for a shotgun certificate. Firearms certificate is different.
  4. Fill in the form, pay your £79.50. Post it to your local police force. Fit a cabinet to a solid wall. Have a home visit from an FEO to check you aren’t a loon and you have security. Licence arrives on door mat.
  5. Bet it was a great sight JDog. Those moments are what life is about.
  6. He does sometimes take a while to reply. I’m booked in for this Saturday and the 28th of December. I know there’s a few pegs free this Saturday with him. Give him another message with your number and he will give you a ring.
  7. Lead breakfast on here organises 50 bird driven days for £120+ beaters tip. About 2 hours away from you in palterton
  8. I thought Hull only did super fast pigeon or special pigeon?
  9. Good opportunity, wish I would of got in to a trade.
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