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  1. I’ve only ever used hibiscrub on any particularly bad cuts or scrapes on our spaniel. Wouldn’t help grow fur but I’m not sure what would? If you find something that does I could maybe flog it to my balding mate that’s clinging on to every follicle.
  2. If anybody lives in Leeds get to Maureens in Harehills for some very good goat curry.
  3. If you don’t sell as a bundle I would be interested in the slab of high pheasants. Are you anywhere near Methley by any chance?
  4. That will be smashing, we were looking at the RAV4 before we got a deal on the Range Rover. If you’re ever at a loose end a want a chauffeur to take you shooting before it arrives I would be happy to don the driving gloves.
  5. Used to have one of those as company pool car and it was mega comfy. What do you have on the way?
  6. I have a 525 grade 1 sporter bought new a few years ago. Wood wise I’ve seen floorboards that are more interesting but it’s never missed a beat.
  7. Is this the one? https://therockandblues.com
  8. The chaps got a YouTube channel, he’s promoting his videos here.
  9. I’m with you on that. I want to close a joint account from about 10 years ago. When I rang the other day the estimated hold time was 2 hours.
  10. I don’t think he has anything to do with Virgin media as a company, they’re owned by Liberty Global and Telefónica. I believe most “virgin” companies just license the brand so they can use the name.
  11. I’ve never tried it. Looking online it seems “Newman’s own” is the brand the supermarkets have.
  12. A good balsamic makes the world of difference, that stuff for 1 or 2 quid is terrible.
  13. Welcome, where in Lincolnshire are you?
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