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  1. £97 a year....... insanely cheap I pay £800.
  2. I’m 28 and fix as much as I can. However I do usually shy away from the circuitry type of thing. Latest fix was the hoover (just a snapped belt) but the mrs was about to spend £300 on some shark hoover thing. Other fixes the last few months were a rotivator (new gaskets and plug) also a water pump for the central heating system on the canal boat (new bushes). It’s more the satisfaction of fixing something for me than the coat side of things.
  3. Office based role in engineering for a reasonably large uk based airline. 12 hour shifts 4 on 4 off. The days are long with an hour commute either side but can’t argue with working less than half the year.
  4. Thanks for the input, she’s shot quite a bit using a 12 and then moved on to a 20. She got on well with the 20’s she’s used. She also got on well with a CG syren but it was more than I’m willing to pay atm.
  5. JTaylor91

    Baby emus

    I’ve tried convincing the mrs we could have a house emu. At the moment she isn’t going for it, I shall keep persisting.
  6. I’ve used paisley freight in the past to transport sets of alloys. Granted not the same but still heavy and awkward for usual couriers. Cost about £35 iirc. https://www.paisleyfreight.com/
  7. Evening all, My license should be arriving in the next couple of weeks and will be treating the mrs to a 20 bore. Anybody have something they would like to part with? Must be O/U, left handed, 28 or 30 inch barrels. Not looking to break the bank and would like to keep it sub 600. Shortened stock would be a plus. Thought I would see what could be available before getting her a kofs. May also consider a light 12, it’s not recoil she has an issue with, its holding the weight (absolute weakling).
  8. They seem to go up and down in price on amazon for some reason. I have prime and got a set for the mrs at £32 however I paid a little more than that a few months ago, they are showing as £44 now on my amazon, not sure why.
  9. Very true, I saw a couple of parents and 3 children at a clay ground the other week the children been from 8-12. All shooting incomers, none with glasses on. The parents, it’s their choice, the kids at least should of had glasses.
  10. Harkila alvis has a game pocket. I also have a percussion rubber jacket with a pocket on the back but not sure if they do a gilet with the same.
  11. My mrs has had a couple of lessons at park lodge with a chap called Jan Kroll. Really good instructor and would recommend him. Just a heads up the prices have gone up slightly than what’s advertised on the website.
  12. Where would be collection from?
  13. Not sure if north Lincolnshire would be too far away but I’ve always found these very friendly and helpful. Albeit I haven’t been going there very long. They would maybe help you out, for some sort of fee I’m sure. http://shootingsupplies.info/
  14. Afternoon everyone, Currently awaiting the licence to drop on the mat but I’ve been scouting around for my first purchase. Shooting as many as I can and settled on a 525, specifically the one linked. Perfect condition hardly ever seen work.......but isn’t a sporter. I preferred the feel of the game model but am I going to get beat up by it and sick of shooting 100 carts a day in 12 months time? The weights don’t seem massively different with this one being 3.35kgs and the sporters being about 3.5 but obviously everybody here has better knowledge. Looking for an all rounder really, I will be doing a few game shoots over the winter. https://www.gunstar.co.uk/browning-525-12-bore-gauge-over-and-under/Shotguns/1055240
  15. I imagine you will get a £5 voucher. I once had a rant to them in a joking manner about my chocolate eclairs being packaged upside down and all the chocolate sticking to the tray. Sure enough a couple of weeks later a £5 voucher in the post. 😁
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