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  1. That transformed the father in laws Alsatian. The dog used to really struggle with his back end and struggled to get up. He runs around like a pup now, just a bit clumsily.
  2. Our vets is one of the good ones. Sprocker punctured her eye on a thorn which went all the way through. Went to the vets on a Sunday so out of hours. Examined her, gave her 3 different drops for 2 weeks and a course of antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Cost…..£110ish. First follow up visit to check it was something silly like £13 second follow up visit was free. She’s been a few times for a couple of other things less serious and has never been more than about £70 including medication.
  3. We used to have a Caframo Ecofan. Wasn’t cheap at about £100 but did the job and was silent. We have an inset stove in the new house so gave it away when we moved.
  4. Lincoln whisky shop look like they have it, he should pass right by Lincoln. https://lincolnwhiskyshop.co.uk/dimple.html
  5. I would slow cook it on the bone all together and remove the bones when it’s pretty much done. Get some of the marrow in there.
  6. Not used oxtail but have used short rib to make a ragu. I imagine it would be similar. Took a fair amount of time but was in a different league to just mince.
  7. It’s the same chap and gun from the start of March.
  8. Reminds me of a shotgun that was given to my grandad by a priest over in Ireland. The forend was wedged with bits of newspaper and torn up beer mats.
  9. I would just use slightly less as it’s stronger.
  10. Neutral oil (not olive oil), teaspoon of Dijon mustard, tablespoon white wine or cider vinegar, squeeze of lemon, touch of honey and a little water (helps it emulsify). Shake or stir together.
  11. Saw my first a couple of weeks ago
  12. I go for the clay oven naan too. I’ve also tried the frozen parathas, they’re okay but are made using veg oil instead of butter/ghee so aren’t as buttery as a takeaway.
  13. This is how I do my base: 1kg onions peeled and halved 1/2 red pepper 1/2 carrot sliced Tin of plum tomatoes Full big bulb of garlic or 2 bulbs if small Aldi garlic Equal amount of ginger to the garlic 1 tablespoon of Tom purée 2 teaspoons each of: Turmeric Coriander Cumin Paprika Tandoori masala powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 of a white cabbage 1 supermarket bag of coriander (usually 30g) 1 tablespoon of ghee About 50ml of veg oil Add water until the onions are just covered and cook for an hour. Akhni water: 700ml water 3 bay leaves 7 cardamom 4 cloves 2 teaspoons of: Black mustard seeds Fennel seeds Coriander seeds Cumin seeds 1/2 of a star anise Small piece of cassia bark Boil it all for 15 minutes then strain it and add the liquid to the base gravy. Cook for another hour Blend until smooth then add water until it has the consistency of milk
  14. We live in a small village and like yourself I got sick of the price and the delivery times being so sporadic. Get yourself to an Asian supermarket and stock up on spices. I make a pot of base sauce that is good for 10 two people sized portions and freeze it in bags. If I have the time I will pre cook some chicken tikka, start to finish if my chicken is pre cooked I can knock out a curry in about 10 minutes. Pictures of a few, Korma, Pathia, garlic chilli, madras.
  15. White hart of king Richard ll?
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