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  1. Not sure of him doing this that's why I'm asking!
  2. Looks great! Does the smoker have to be built inside a building? Might consider building one myself
  3. We usually use round bales as we make alot of silage so have to be able to wrap them also big square bales are used by arable farmers mostly as they stack very neatly not too many people use small square bales any more as you have to take them in out of the field straight away nearly or the rain will soak into them! Hope this helps a bit!
  4. So I was out walk Leo my lab x when I see a magpie in between 2 fences so I let Leo in to see what would happen and he pinned the magpie to the ground for a minute or so and then let it go? Is he a good gundog or not??
  5. Looks great! Always like to see labradores! Shame I can't get to shoot Geese or ducks!
  6. Thanks guy's! I got a hide recently so just waiting to get to get cartridges and get out for a bit!
  7. Great video and some great shots really enjoyed! Would love to try duck shooting someday if I ever got a chance!
  8. Thanks guy's I really appreciate the tips and advice and hearing that I'm not the only one makes me feel better Thanks! 😁
  9. Thanks for the encouragement because alot of people told me I should go for course's and the like but why bother? I know a guy who's a cracking shot so when he comes out with me I'll have to up my game! 😂 I'll enjoy it! Going to buy a net off ebay and ssuggestions for what I should get? I already have the hide poles! Thanks again for the encouragement I think I'll keep going once I buy more cartridges!
  10. Ah well! Yeah the gun's fine! Ye see I never stick to one brand of cartridge so I use 30g 6s than 32g 6s you get the idea!
  11. Thanks it's just somedays I hit pretty much everything I fire at and other day's are like today!Glad to know that it's not only me that misses shots!
  12. I fired 24 shots to day and only collected 2 pigeons! I think I'll just give up.
  13. Sorry I wouldn't have much of an idea as I am only a newbie to the sport!
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