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  1. i have a franchi affinity in camo not much use bought new from swillington as a back up gun wanting 400 ono cheers stuart
  2. 410 very disheartening for a young shooter with all the misses try a 28 bore
  3. Sportsmatch HTO73 2 Piece High 30mm Tube Tikka 15mm Dovetail Rifle Scope Mounts ebay item number 331698906658 a couple of pieces of film negative shimmed at the back been ok for 3 years hope this helps
  4. i have a 410 hushpower good little gun they get some getting used to had some good days with it
  5. i have a xt on a 223 never lost zero once shot plenty of foxes xt cheap as chips and still does the job why spend £££££££££££££££££££ when you get the same end result
  6. http://yukonopticsglobal.com/support/instructions/night-vision-riflescopes/
  7. always leave my quad bike on trickle charge keeps the battery good
  8. Browning ess sporter forend
  9. thats a cracking day well shot enjoyed the vid
  10. sorted now  cheers

  11. gun rest as new well pleased cheers john
  12. hi mate atp 66 not 90

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