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  1. gun rest as new well pleased cheers john
  2. hi mate atp 66 not 90

    1. cheers denis gun exactly as described like new not a mark on it well pleased honest genuine bloke to deal with thanks
    2. on hot days get some hessian sacking and put it in a large plastic tub soak in water and leave in the tub in the Hyde .when you get a few birds place them on the sacking and cover with a layer of sacking it doesn't matter if they are 3 deep the sacking just drains the heat from them and stops them going green and the fly's do not like it but the game dealers do good quality birds make a lot of difference. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yuzet-Builders-prote…/…/B01NCAUI3Q…
    3. Ice Toolz Ocarina Torque Wrench cheaper on ebay or amazon its what i use on my T3light
    4. google some bloke he does good spoters
    5. i dont know anything about swapping the pil but the doubler fits on the end of the nightvision they stoped selling them but you get a few all ready fixed to the night vision setup look on different forums see plenty for sale at good prices hope this helps
    6. out to 300 yards you will see and identify your target i havent shot them at that distance but have shot them at 200 yards i would say most foxes are shot at 80 to 200 yards so this set up does the job well. both my ir where bought from here http://www.nightvisionstore.co.uk/PBSCCatalog.asp?CatID=2376960 both do the job well
    7. Yukon photon 6.5 x 50 with doubler you cant go wrong cheap set up look on Yukon Night Vision Owners club easy shoot foxes out to 200 yards my set up - external ir
    8. hi mate is this set up still for sale
    9. 16/4/2018 well most of the rape fields are well up now so decided to take a look at a little field which as struggled to get off. the rape is about 18" in places but sparce. i arrived about 9.30 the lane was blocked so i had to carry the shooting stuff about 200 yards 2 trips. the day was planed i would have a go on the pigeons then meet Ian Lowe at 6.00pm to shoot a few rabbits .the rape field had about 50 birds sat in the trees and when i appeared they took off at 12.30 i had 8 in the bag i only had 11 1/2 shell decoys and the magnet out i was thinking 15 is going to be a good day here.the afternoon was dead and i decided 3.30 pack up and go meet Ian then the birds decided to decoy from 3.20 and decoyed well they just kept coming at one stage 3 birds came i shot the first 2 and thought i had hit the 3rd the 3rd bird flew off as i walked out side the Hyde the 3rd bird dropped back in to the decoys stone dead packed in at 6.30 as i ran out of cartridges expecting a small bag 110 carts for 80 birds so not a bad session farmer well pleased
    10. cancel thought it was a swivel
    11. first time shooting geese which i enjoyed Ian normal goes with a few shooting pals but this was short notice so he had to make do with me a great morning and good laugh with a good pal
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