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  1. Got sorted out lads thanks for commenting and pointing me towards the right people 👍
  2. If you are one could you drop me a pm am after a small bit of advice thank you.
  3. Thanks I think I have all I need now 👌
  4. I will ring the firearms department and find out more tomorrow. I'll make sure an let the Irish consulate know when I arrive at my destination that's not a bad idea .
  5. No I am not on the sex offenders register. I only ask as I was wondering how they would look at my leaving the country for a year or more an my firearms being left at my home for that long an me not here
  6. Do you have to or should you inform the police that you are leaving for a year or more?
  7. Thanks for pointing out the obvious 👍
  8. Both BBC an RTE aren't worth of watching I get them both an I live north of the border.
  9. Hit the nail on the head. 👍
  10. World war 2 in colour is well worth a watch just finished it and it was good..
  11. I personally wouldn't give them the smell of my wind 💨 let alone money.
  12. Does any one else make their own calls this has me interested now..
  13. I have a Iotec foxcaller but doesn't get as much use as I thought it would it's great for a static ambush! I use more hand calls than anything else atm.
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