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  1. Omg.. Hated that film Decotta fanning stole that film, rest of it us truly awful.
  2. Boiling water in a bath, light a fire under an old steel bath. That's the way I've seen New Zealand type hogs done
  3. My plummer terrier had them the last month of his life, then one big stroke and I had to have him out put to sleep. He wasn't the only plummer terrier I had that had fits, not good. Main reason I wouldn't keep enough
  4. Had odd bits of trouble with my broadband but always fixed within an hour if not minutes. Phone coverage is always good. It was good when my brother worked for them and I got family discount
  5. Play country file on repeat that would scare anything away
  6. Port and lemon was my mums Christmas day drink, we were made to try one. My sister would have a snowball, lemonade and advaca?
  7. I have never seen any of the Lord of the rings films, started watching the hobbit and 20 minutes in I thought its like a made for TV kids film.
  8. Besides the original King kong and mighty Joe Young. This is one of my all time favourites.
  9. Sling them away and buy new, if they have that then avoid that brand would be my answer
  10. Funny thing is I haven't drunk milk in two years 😂
  11. Don't believe you unless you post pictures 😁.. I wanted one as a kid.
  12. Yes but better dunked in ice cold milk
  13. Another hard few hours, 6 small perch and lost a lovely bigger perch at my feet on a lure I had put on to try it as it was still in the box and I had bought it yrs ago and never got around to using it. I was gutted and went home then
  14. Yes, we aren't flat out busy but every job we get the orders for they want the next day as a breakdown job. Hard work when there are only 2 working instead of 6. See what the next few months bring. We Shan't get our Xmas bonus or January pay rise that's for sure
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