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  1. Emma Chambers

    Bad that, no age and a local lass 😟
  2. Red hot curry advice

    I love a phall or a vindaloo but would like to make my own, anyone have any recipes to try
  3. Gamebore super game high bird 12g. 5 32grm

    Great cartridges
  4. Lamb Chops

    I stayed over st a friends last weekend in the Scottish Borders and he cooked mutton chops, they were beautiful and such a nice change from eating lamb.They were reared less then 8 miles from his house
  5. Lure fishing

    Went out for two hours today on the Aire and Calder canal , not a thing not even a follow.Only good thing was the dog found a pricked hen pheasant so didn’t come home empty handed 😂.It was beyond cold out there
  6. Lure fishing

    I’m out tomorrow on a water unknown to me regarding pike and perch .Deep working canal
  7. Where to tune

    JB all the way
  8. Killed a hedgehog.

    I made a bird box type system, the rat had to scale the box to get to the trap and this stopped non target animals getting in, I also used it along side a friends stream to catch mink.

    Glad everything went well yes they are under paid over worked heroes most of them
  10. Pike Fishing and fish care?

    Still seen pike dead on the banks , some folk are still living in the dark ages when it comes to respecting pike
  11. Old or new pick up

    it’s light blue and big that’s as much as I know about it 😂😂
  12. Old or new pick up

    It looks immaculate, it’s never towed anything at all.
  13. Charity shop coincidence.

    Sorry I’m sure 😀😀
  14. Glasses and the rain!

    I’m in the same situation but you will find after a while you shouldn’t notice your baseball cap .
  15. Old or new pick up

    Asking advice on behalf of a friend, He has been offered a Y reg Isuzu pick up truck that has only done 40k and less then 30 miles since it’s last mot. Asking price is around £1500 .question is does he consider this or spends more on something newer with more mileage?