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  1. washerboy

    First car for new driver

    Facebook is always good
  2. washerboy

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    I had two, one in. 25 that was awful but only because it was pellet fussy but my 22 was good.
  3. washerboy

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    I miss owning an old school British gun, I should keep my eyes peeled, I had a super sport up until 6 months ago. Sold my Webley excel in. 177
  4. washerboy

    The favourite

    Morpheus TV on a fire stick
  5. washerboy

    The favourite

    ?.. What's pb
  6. washerboy

    The favourite

    I'm glad I didn't pay £10 a ticket for it at the cinema
  7. washerboy

    What am I hearing?

    There not just lapwings?.. Habitat sounds ideal
  8. washerboy

    The favourite

    She is brilliant but this film just two hours that could have been made for TV in 25 minutes 🤔
  9. washerboy

    What am I hearing?

  10. washerboy

    What am I hearing?

    Little owls
  11. washerboy

    The favourite

    I must watch some **** but that's taking it to an extreme.. Why does that film win awards I will never know
  12. washerboy


    I use my TV for streaming movies, haven't watch live TV and the BBC in general for 5 years, we did get letters and then they checked that I didn't have an aerial. Every 18 months they write asking if I need a licence
  13. washerboy

    range rover 4.6 petrol

  14. washerboy

    Advice please

    I bought my first o/u after two or 3 yrs of shooting a sxs, I tried 6 different guns at the clay ground, from used at £350 to new at £2500 and the one I shot best with was a 1980,s Spanish game gun. So I bought that
  15. washerboy

    Sight rail size of a Remington pest controller

    I found a review of the gun on YouTube as well, looks OK for the money