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  1. I know two young lads that are really mad keen on pike and perch fishing. Last season they had several pike over 25lb and some monster perch. They go everywhere on their bikes.
  2. Really enjoying it, thanks for the heads up. It's just saddened me to see john Wilson. He died about 18 months ago after moving abroad to live
  3. Aren't they cheap enough from Chambers?
  4. Do a tesco run on it 😂😂
  5. I only lure fish now, can't be ***** sat on a box all day.
  6. Loads of gudgeon and ruff in my local canal. Up until 15 yrs ago I had never seen or caught a ruff then a young lad asked me if the strange little fish he had caught was a tiny perch. Within a few minutes I also had caught a few on maggots
  7. Big chub love to eat these.
  8. To tell the difference between a truly wild polecat and a polecat coloured ferret you would have to kill it and look at a bone in its skull.
  9. Wouldn't class it as a Russell either. White lakie may be 🤔.. Nice dog either way, will it be worked.
  10. Must admit he has a point My mum had cancer and was desperately ill in hospital yet on her death certificate it said Msra.
  11. I inquired from several companies last year about buying a rifle and scope. They all said RFD only, two companies wouldn't post a used gun out directly to my home address either
  12. Not sure new guns can be delivered unless it's to a rfd.
  13. Yes what's the difference if you shoot them or the farmer? Go get em Floyd
  14. Yes small shoot will rely on your membership being paid. My gym is the same, £16 a month for 24/7 access but I'm not cancelling as the lads who work there need to get some pay
  15. https://www.butchersequipment.co.uk/f-****-6-skinning-knife-blue Brilliant, cheap and easy to keep clean
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