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  1. washerboy

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    Don’t know of any hare coursing lads that would run a dog in this heat on land as hard as iron, maybe it was lads looking to steal farm machinery
  2. washerboy

    Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing

    Pointless dribble.. so easy to make a good fishing, nature program instead we get those two
  3. washerboy

    Kral Jump Puncher

    Airgun mags reviews ??...yet too read a bad one
  4. washerboy

    E.A rod licence

    My wife nearly fell for a simalar thing when buying my son a provisional license
  5. washerboy

    Lure Fishing kit (up to 150g)

    Good gear , all the best with the sale . Reel and line alone would be £65 to replace
  6. washerboy

    Strange food combinations

    Cottage cheese and peanut butter is my new strange food concoction.Whats yours? An all time favourite is cheese and jam sandwiches ( off bread so I’m not doing those )
  7. washerboy

    Emu oil

    I have used something similar but not sure it was neat emu oil , hopefully it works
  8. washerboy

    Emu oil

    Just ordered a bottle of emu oil for my wife to use to help reduce joint pain . Was wondering if anyone had tried it and if it was any good
  9. washerboy

    Wide fitting walking boots

    Indeed they are, I bought a size 9 and they are wide and seem more like a 10 .
  10. washerboy

    Renewal referee

    I had my MD sign mine and he has a fac and shotgun certificate but still had a letter from South Yorkshire police , wonder if this is because he lives in Lincolnshire so a different licensing department
  11. washerboy

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    I’m a fisherman and Lurcher owner etc but I don’t expect to go to a clay ground and have half the traps not work because it’s so wet or that areas are cordoned off
  12. washerboy

    Almost 4 years away and it might be back.

    I get my first bike stolen then found and returned it was hand painted red and the engine was missing a lots of parts .
  13. washerboy

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    It’s ok if it’s dry and not blowing a gale, some pegs are so wet it’s beyond belief .
  14. washerboy

    Cooked first pheasant - tough as an old boot!

    Old cock birds can put you off pheasant for life, yellow fat ??
  15. washerboy

    Any watch experts on here?

    The cheapest modern watch they make is £300 , I googled them ?