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  1. washerboy

    Lure Fishing kit (up to 150g)

    Good gear , all the best with the sale . Reel and line alone would be £65 to replace
  2. washerboy

    Strange food combinations

    Cottage cheese and peanut butter is my new strange food concoction.Whats yours? An all time favourite is cheese and jam sandwiches ( off bread so I’m not doing those )
  3. washerboy

    Emu oil

    I have used something similar but not sure it was neat emu oil , hopefully it works
  4. washerboy

    Emu oil

    Just ordered a bottle of emu oil for my wife to use to help reduce joint pain . Was wondering if anyone had tried it and if it was any good
  5. washerboy

    Wide fitting walking boots

    Indeed they are, I bought a size 9 and they are wide and seem more like a 10 .
  6. washerboy

    Renewal referee

    I had my MD sign mine and he has a fac and shotgun certificate but still had a letter from South Yorkshire police , wonder if this is because he lives in Lincolnshire so a different licensing department
  7. washerboy

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    I’m a fisherman and Lurcher owner etc but I don’t expect to go to a clay ground and have half the traps not work because it’s so wet or that areas are cordoned off
  8. washerboy

    Almost 4 years away and it might be back.

    I get my first bike stolen then found and returned it was hand painted red and the engine was missing a lots of parts .
  9. washerboy

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    It’s ok if it’s dry and not blowing a gale, some pegs are so wet it’s beyond belief .
  10. washerboy

    Cooked first pheasant - tough as an old boot!

    Old cock birds can put you off pheasant for life, yellow fat 🤮🤢
  11. washerboy

    Any watch experts on here?

    The cheapest modern watch they make is £300 , I googled them 😀
  12. washerboy

    Card payment melt down!

    I was ok last night, said it was down in the pub but it wasn’t when I returned with cash to pay for our meal out
  13. washerboy

    My daughter wants a camera

  14. washerboy

    Wild flower zones

    I see rabbits on the ground every day, have seen the odd cock pheasant and once or twice the odd partridge. 8 or 9 years ago there was a large parrot living in the trees that had obviously escaped.
  15. washerboy

    Wild flower zones

    I like the idea it’s just unusual being on an industrial site that has no access to the public as it’s an electric substation