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  1. My family was up tight around nakedness and anything at all sexual be it on TV or speaking about it. So I tried not to be, my lad would walk around with just his socks on as a kid, unless we had visitors he wasn't told to cover up as such. He new about sex from school at an early age and was able to ask me or his mum anything if he wanted. My mum was open minding but my dad's was a stern Catholic and not sure I ever heard him sware and he would turn the TV off if anything risky came on.
  2. My Mrs found me a book after ringing the British library, just told them the author and title and they said if it's in print and it's catalogue number etc. She bought me a kids book I had when I was 6 or 7 for my 40th birthday.
  3. Plummer.. I've read all his, dvds and tapes... Sad but then I did keep terriers he founded.
  4. I've read all rebus books and some of his fox character stories. I have a signed copy that the wife bought me, it's his first published work but I can't get into it. Very slow
  5. I'm an avid book reader and have been since a child, my wife thinks it's odd that I can enjoy reading a book several times in say a 2 year period. Just wondered do others reread books. My all time read or over read book is To kill a mockingbird, followed closely by Rebecca.
  6. Owned 6 ratting terriers worked them along side friends dogs, some brilliant sport and days out. Even managed a dvd that went on sale 😁
  7. The o/u I own, its my first and I shoot OK with it, I need more practice to get better but that's my fault not the guns. Air rifle then my Hw90k, sadly stolen and I never replaced it.
  8. I've shot in Hawick, not a lot of pigeon but a hell of a lot of crows. Tough birds, I have used clay loads when close to buildings and can stalk them
  9. Ee always helpful, sky were awful. Anything with an Indian call centre avoid
  10. Newcastle brown ale is £1.25 at aldi and lidi, personally I would rather have my leg off then drink it but my lad likes it
  11. The fiat 500 was the worse car for drinking fuel I've ever driven. I read somewhere that they had been fined for misleading the public. It struggled to do 30mpg, my old mitsabishi was better and that was 2 litre
  12. D is 87? My E was 88 on my v5
  13. Visited a local donkey sanctuary this morning, great work done there. Really enjoyed it. Always fancied resueing one if I ever had the land or finances 😀
  14. I know Blackpool airguns stopped stocking the super ten for a few years because of the reliability issues. They stock the new ones so prob8must have been solved. Good when manufacturers listen
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