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  1. Aj would I honestly think get stopped by both wilder and fury. Both to slick and have the power to take him out really early doors. Last night AJ stuck to the game plan but I'm sure he wouldn't have an answer to furys speed that I'm sure he would use from the opening bell. Wilder is just a big powerful guy that seems to get a lucky big shot in, I'm not impressed with his boxing ability. Fury beat him on that hands down
  2. Hope to god its not legal https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/dec/07/i-lost-my-193000-inheritance-with-one-wrong-digit-on-my-sort-code
  3. Not sure if it's true but North Yorkshire always issued an open ticket, it's only 6 miles from me in South Yorkshire
  4. 28.7lbs... What weight division is that 😂😂😂😂
  5. When lennox lost it was to a one shot knock down, AJ was just out boxed and floored too often. I can see it happening again if he gets hit with a good punch, hopefully he uses a jab and doesn't get drawn into a brawl. He seems to lack stamina as someone already said. Not sure it will go beyond 8 rounds
  6. I'm a massive believer in an eye for an eye.. But things do go wrong. Not sure one innocent person dieing justifies the death penalty.
  7. So it needs an Australian name 😂
  8. Touch wood, fingers crossed etc I've only needed the Rac twice in 10 years, both to replace a wheel and get me to a garage when the tyres have had wall damage and the foam with my car can't fix it
  9. My bank TSB did cover but only a basic with my account.
  10. I've seen a few topics on here but havnt really seen any saying one company is cheaper or better for a new policy holder. I'm at the moment with the Rac until February when my car finance is paid up and then I'm free to choose whoever I want. Any thoughts on the best
  11. One addressed to me through the post from a local Labour candidate 🤣🤣
  12. My Mrs believes them all, especially if their on Facebook. Stolen baby in a changing room is my favourite urban myth
  13. Omg this urban myth again.. Its at least 5 years old
  14. I watched him at a testamonial on the moorends cricket ground about 1982
  15. I said they where making him into big Frank 2 years ago, got laugh at
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