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    All forms of hunting
  1. cartridges

    Gamebore superfield , cheapest I could find . I have been given some black gold but can’t see the difference but can feel it 😂
  2. The Alienist

    I’m watching designated survivor, first few are ok then second season is just daft it’s all the same thing ..
  3. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    I could just be me because I know a lot love fight club. Another film everyone likes and I think is garbage is 7even, the Morgan freeman and brad Pitt film
  4. Curlews

    Still a pair visit my local cattle fields , seen and heard plenty in the Scottish Borders
  5. The Alienist

    Ended up watching 4 episodes tonight, yes enjoying it
  6. The Alienist

    Just watched the first episode on Netflix, good so far. Along the lines of a dark Sherlock Holmes . Worth a watch
  7. Laser printer

    Brothers get great reviews
  8. cubs

    Seen several dead on the roads over the last few weeks
  9. Side by Side Club

    Wabbit bosher special sxs so surely I’m in
  10. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    No pal your not out of order, my son now 19 didn’t have a phone until he was 12 and even then it was basic to make calls from in an emergency. Stick to your guns if you can at all
  11. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Dare I say it ... Fight club..total garbage
  12. Recommend me a fishing chair

    I hate being so low to the ground, after twenty minutes I’m ready for calling it a day.my son used a match type box but they are so heavy and built around pole fishing that I don’t ever do
  13. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Another terrible George cloony Film was The American... painfully slow
  14. Golf gti

    Or buy the seat Leon and get better mpg from the same engine
  15. Recommend me a fishing chair

    I use an adjustable legged fishing chair, trouble is it’s too low and after just a few hours I struggle to get up and my back and shoulders are wrecked for hours after.