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  1. Love lure fishing for chub, I had my biggest on a Abu pike lure. Blanked until the final cast of the day.
  2. Nice work that, seen that shape before on different sling shot sites. Seems to be popular.
  3. Why can't you drive it to a scrap yard or ring one up and as said they collect it and fill the forms in?
  4. washerboy

    Fruit tree ID

    The leaves look like right, so yes I would say damson.
  5. BBC News - Bear falls asleep in wardrobe after entering home https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48731021
  6. I have limited time to fish these days, with work, gym and bowls so I stick to lure fishing for perch mainly. Just travelling light, rod, reel and a good selection of lures.
  7. Worth raking a swim and trying for a few tench as well?
  8. I remember him been on the Paul Daniels show, he had PD juggling butter and a raw chicken
  9. Until we find out Boris is a wife beater and then it's too late...
  10. Black McDonald's coffee then leg day at the gym. Been up since 4 after taking my Mrs to work
  11. No idea, big black and doing that hopping walk they always seem to make.
  12. I saw my first wild vulture while sat in traffic in Turkey
  13. 5.30 this morning driving out of my road end and opposite is a guy head to feet in camo gear, carrying reels of plastic coated cable and in his right hand some sort of automatic pistol, hopefully just a replica or simalar. All the while trying to peddle a bmx type bicycle. So description passed on to the local Bobby's that happens to be 16 miles away but they did send a car out as I was sat outside the unmanned police station
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