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  1. what a weekend

    Nottingham I’ve rink is a good venue, I went to see imagine dragons there a few years ago. Some great pubs for a pint
  2. Honda Civic Tourer ?

    A good friend of mine that repairs cars for a living always gives the same advice if folks ask for a good family car ... Honda civic
  3. Army webbing shoulder bag

    Good battery bags while lamping old school
  4. Max Clifford

    I will keep stum as I got a warning the last time I spoke about the guy 😀
  5. South Yorkshire sgc renewal

    Mine went in at 10 weeks, so fingers crossed .
  6. Is it snowing yet

    I remember 6 or 7 years ago driving the 18 miles into work in a blizzard and being the only worker there besides my manager, rest of the staff had callled in or just not bothered. I had an Irish coffee with the M.D. and then drove back home, all on full pay for turning in 👌🏻
  7. South Yorkshire sgc renewal

    Maybe should have done but I didn’t know when they were sending the form out, I surely wasn’t to know it has to be 12 weeks to the very day ?
  8. South Yorkshire sgc renewal

    Well my reference person has received a letter and emailed them back so the balls rolling 👍🏻👌🏻
  9. South Yorkshire sgc renewal

    So because I was away when the form arrived and my renewal reference was abroad with work I am libel to not get a license on time ... i must remember next time to be a mind reader 👨‍🏫
  10. South Yorkshire sgc renewal

    Great😟... had a letter saying because my application was late, I was on holiday when it arrived and couldn’t travel home to post it or get my reference to sign it .That I may have to sign my guns over to somebody else until my new certificate arrives ? Can’t I get a temporary one so I can keep my guns at my address?
  11. Thermal base layers

    Go outdoors home brand about £8
  12. Hw95k buying advice

    My Hw95k was truly awful straight from the box because of how rough it’s internals were. after a venom tune it is unbelievably accurate and wonderful to shoot but spending a lot of extra money to rectify a brand new gun is woeful.im also not the only one to have to do this
  13. Hw95k buying advice

    Get the hw35 serviced and your sorted
  14. New boots

  15. VW Golf upgrade

    Don’t be a snob 😀 get the Leon fr 185 tdi good for 142mph