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  1. I haven't fish that pond in twenty years because of it being filled with carp. Not many silver fish ponds about that don't stock carp. I canal or river fish for tench
  2. A well known match venue in North Lincolnshire was renowned for its big tench. 6lb fish could be had on the float, fishing among reed and lilly pad lined pegs. Sadly it was bought and turned into a fancy match lake and the ponds are know known for large weights of carp.
  3. Not sure you will find a theoben lighter then your present gun. I've shot a hw90 that was heavy, a fenman is about the same weight as yours. Simalar to the old sorroco
  4. Generally mongrel is different unknown breeds. My bitch is a cross breed. Mother is a greyhound, sire is a blue merle coated border collie.
  5. Hc has a nonsense silencer fitted, the standard mk3 has a better one fitted I would choose that one.
  6. I've watched several articles on YouTube and a lot comes down to cost of manufacture, to built a new gun costs an absolute fortune. To then iron out all the troubles these guns have can cripple a company because they are not fully test before the production is released to the paying public
  7. Lawn bowls is my summer time hobby, may until September. Then I start lure fishing
  8. But why buy a gun that needs work doing to it, I had to with my hw95 as internally it was so rough and it twanged like a gun from the 1980's. Yet it was brand new and £360 people now have to expect that from some spring guns. The tx200 seems to have been assembled correctly and not slung together on a Friday afternoon like a British Leyland car
  9. I just read a review, they are only about £115 brand new so not worth trading in or selling so I would use it for ferrel pigeons or ratting. The triggers on gamo guns are great but it would do the job https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/airguns/gamo-mod.-610
  10. I'm the opposite, I hated my S200 because it was too light, I got rid of my hw95 and a bsa because of the same reason. I like a heavy gun. HW80 or Hw97 etc
  11. Tx 200, British built and better straight from the box. Last two hw variants I have owned where really rough internally and needed a tune and for the money they shouldn't. Saying that I have shot a friends Hw97 in the black plastic thumb hole stock and for £410 they are worth a look
  12. Have you tried Blackpool airguns, they often have quality used guns in on their website There is a venom tuned 97 and a hw80 on their Web page at the minute
  13. Good guns let down by the usual bsa crappie trigger.
  14. I've had three cars that all had stop start and once you get use to its I found it wasn't a problem, not sure it saved me any fuel. First car was a seat altea on a 60 plate and the stop start was noisy and fitted to a 1.6 tdi engine was less economical then my 2.0 tdi non stop start
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