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  1. Had a Nissan quashqui(spelling)... Only had it 6 months but did 7k in that time, 1.5 tdi and it would do 55mpg all day long. A run from Doncaster to Hawick it was averaging 68 mpg. Good cars let down by the radio and the phone signal
  2. Lad bought a 2002 plate for more then that, nice cheap motor 👍
  3. Boldest in the litter, if you fancy a challenge or more like heartbreak then get the timid one.
  4. Omg Always wanted one but they where crazy money new, Im sure it will sell quickly
  5. I googled it and it's made from milk!..
  6. Paid £1300 towards my holiday for next October and my 50th birthday. So can't do anything until 30th September when everyone has been flown home etc. Then it's time to book with someone different
  7. Shoot from within your house, that's what I've done the pellet then will only travel 10 yards or so out into your garden before it hits a good backstop.
  8. Seen it done, sand covered white terrier was shot as it ran along a ditch bottom after bolting a fox.
  9. I'm A not that brave and B it's for a wedding anniversary gift idea
  10. No.. I'm married, I haven't escaped that easily. I'm after finding out what time I was married, does anyone know of a website I can use to find out?.
  11. Sounds like pub talk, stalk closer and hit what your aiming at.
  12. BBC News - A random 'slice' of birthday kindness https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-49676213
  13. Wasn't he charged with assault? I wouldn't give any honour besides a brass handle, pompous self centred **** and I've met the guy twice and had to pay for the privilege sadly.
  14. We have one as a yard buggy, forward and reverse gear. Carry two big lads and plenty of tools.
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