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  1. Please forgive me for asking, but what exactly are they / are they used for? They look superb - excellent craftmanship.
  2. iano

    Aperture sights

    Any Feinwerbau model 60X air rifle sights should fit that gun.
  3. Just opened one of the last bottles from this batch (2years old now). Very dry, but still lovely! Brewing some nettle beer this weekend (the snow meant that there were still plenty of fresh nettles) and will be doing 60 ltrs or so of Elderflower in a couple of weeks.
  4. Is it me or is there a really, really fat wood pigeon at the back of the photo. Cue obligatory fat sarah joke!
  5. Total ignoranamus here, but how do you go about getting the swirling / Damascus steel effect when working the steel?
  6. Tel Aviv is a great place to visit, Jerusalem is cool for the historical elements but as a place to stay, its not a patch on TA. I didn't go down as far as Eilat, but was in and out of many 'off the map' regions (poorer areas and Arab areas) and never had a problem.
  7. Unless you want some medical leave!
  8. In a way it makes some sense - every weapon is a loaded weapon and will always be. That has an impact in how they are viewed /handled
  9. Go to mail-tester.com and send a copy of the email to that. That will give you a spam score along with remedies which will help make sure that your rest of the mails work
  10. Back in the bad old days, when there was a border in NI, there were regular checks of cars going North / South. One of the colleges in Dublin, had a student rifle club and they were on a trip to a competition in Comber. Got through the border ok, made it to the match and had a good time. On the way home, they were stopped again at the border. Got through fine. The soldiers wanted to check serial numbers against permits so they went through the collection. When unloading the car back in college, they found an 'extra' gun in the boot. About 30 minutes later, an NI car with som
  11. POst up the failure report. That is the key to understanding why the emails aren't being sent. Strip out the to / from
  12. I don't understand how he didn't get manslaughter. He was reckless and knowingly so. He must have had a great Brief.
  13. BBC used to (might still?) have something for iPlayer where you could watch the programs when you weren't based in the UK, for a small fee.
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