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  1. Mines woodcock one side ducks the other and pheasant underneath must be the same model
  2. I’ve the same gun has it got ducks engraved on the other side but I don’t know the age of mine either sorry
  3. Thanks for your reply’s guys I like the look of the benneli super sports my self
  4. Hi all I’ve been shooting a beretta A390 for the last few years it’s a nice reliable gun but I’ve been thinking of upgrading to something a bit more newer. Im mainly rough shooting and decoying what’s people’s opinions on a good choice of upgrade. ATB . H
  5. Hi mate I’ll have this pm me payment method
  6. Ifor Williams canopy for ford ranger crew cab 54 plate cheers H .
  7. Thanks for the replies guys I'll get it looked at might get a new water pump and thermostat it just seemed hot after a six mile journey earlier today cheers . H
  8. Hi all recently brought a ford ranger 54 plate seems a clean enough truck runs well but I've noticed even on fairly short journeys the engine is very hot to the touch but temp gauge is always in the middle like most motors any ideas wots occurring atb. H
  9. Rimfire boy where can I get some cheditte 410 subsonic from I've never knew they did them are they 3 inch and what size shot are they atb H
  10. I've a farm supply's place near me that only deal in lyvale carts I've asked them to get me a slab of magnasonic when they make there next order been wanting to try them for ages atb H
  11. Ok gustaff the litter we've picked one out of is mark whitehouse same guy we got the black lab off 9 years ago
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