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  1. Great result for the supertash! I think you would look the part with a jet black facial adornment.
  2. My point was that nobody knows for sure whether a pigeon is about to cause damage. The only way to know would be to wait for it to land and start eating.
  3. Why have BASC come out and said roost shooting and stubble shooting are ok? Is this in anyway related to my recent post in Sporting Pictures?
  4. By that logic, we may as well all give up shooting!
  5. I totally agree. A magnet for me is a very useful tool, and one that I would rather not be without. However, I know shooters that shoot as many pigeons as the next man with just static dead birds. Also, I reckon I still would have shot over 100 on the clover the other day with no moving decoys. Good luck. You may be surprised by the positive response you get. I gained permission on 100 acres of peas just yesterday, when i thought the farmer would most likely refuse.
  6. I wouldn't go as far to say that one "needs" movement whilst decoying, though it can help.
  7. Don't worry, I'll take you out sometime over harvest!
  8. I would be very satisfied with a bag like that from a pretty late start. As usual, you got your rewards for all the miles and effort.
  9. Another good effort from Lincolnshire's poshest man. Surely it can't be long before one of these lines lasts all day. You are certainly putting in the effort!
  10. Yes. The farmer feeds his livestock with it. Anyway it wouldn't matter if there was no crop to protect.
  11. I agree. My brolly is now a permanent fixture in the truck!
  12. I did expect him to be on time, really. Maybe there will be another go on there before the birds move onto the barley etc.
  13. Jules happened to be in Tenerife on Saturday, so I asked his brother (Gerard) if he wanted to join me for some shooting if I found some birds. He agreed, stating that he would scout some fields, too. I decided to go looking after work on Friday, thinking an hour should be enough to find something worthwhile. After less than 5 miles and the first field looked at, my search was over. I thought I might have to go to one of the further farms, checking the barley, but it was to be the clover that would be my field of choice for the following day. There must have been in excess of 600 pigeons on the ground, with more joining as I watched. That was all I needed to see. I also saw plenty of corvids, but not as many as when the field was cut, just shy of a fortnight ago. Gerard was late as usual. The 9am meet up time was loosely adhered to. He arrived around 45 minutes later, to find me all set up around a pit hole, with a few birds down. I had hinted the day before that I was expecting at least 50, possibly 100 but my early shooting didn't help our cause of maximising the bag. I was using my Beretta Silver pigeon 4, which I had not used for some time. I took it out for some practice, as the Wash wildfowlers' inter-club clay shoot is in a fortnight. I wasn't shooting terribly, but I was getting singles where perhaps I should have got pairs. I did improve, however. To be honest, we both shot pretty well throughout the day, using all sorts of different cartridges. We used lead, steel and some tin that I wanted to use up. The tin wasn't as bad a performer as we had expected, providing the birds weren't too far out. The pigeons came from mainly one line, which is one of the most reliable I know. They came in singles and pairs mainly, with the odd larger bunch. I used the semi later on to try to get some triples. I failed twice in a row, getting just two each time. I had expected to see more corvids try to get back to the field, but we made pay the only ones to come close enough. By 3pm, we had certainly had the best of it, and decided to pack up at half past. It had been a great day, made even better By the fact that the weather had been kind. We finished with 154 pigeons, 1 crow, 1 rook and a jackdaw.
  14. Nice one, Aga. I like to hear/See what you are getting up to in the field. I reckon some big bags aren't far away for you.
  15. Dogs that constantly run in are a nuisance.
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