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  1. steel shot sizes

    I have shot a lot of birds with steel. My findings are that birds that are hit correctly die the same as they do when hit with lead. Organs pierced sufficiently with any shot type usually means a swift death.
  2. steel shot sizes

    I think that theory is a load of rubbish. Anyone who has shot a lot of birds with lead has had exactly the same thing happen.
  3. Non lead, non steel 10 bore cartridges

    I would never buy bismuth at that price, it is ridiculous! Buying from abroad would be the way to go. I would have thought that it could be safe, provided it was done correctly. Opening up loaded cartridges is never likely to get you a good looking crimp.
  4. steel shot sizes

    I'm not in total agreement with you here. I have used a lot of steel 32gm 4 and 5, and they are a very nasty load for pigeons.
  5. Beretta A400?

    I have used one. They seem a good gun to me.
  6. I would have thought he is hoping for some success before then!
  7. Crimp Starter

    My steel super crimp starter is a load of rubbish, as it cuts straight through the cases. My brass one is spot on, with crisp folds given to new cases. Siarm. Less than £15.
  8. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    Exactly, but that is not enough for the powers that be.
  9. In Norfolk, there are several gunshops where you can get cartridges for under £5 a box (1 oz clay cartridges). I also recently bought some 24 gram shells @ £4 per box.
  10. Crimp Starter

    No, I'm not talking about a brass spinner, though I am sure they would work ok.
  11. Crimp Starter

    I don't know what you are talking about. Cuts?
  12. I understand your point about steel wad cost, but 10 grams of steel will have more pellets than 14 grams of lead of the same size. I doubt the op wants the shells for competition. How come you can't find clay cartridges cheaper than £5 a box.
  13. Rape Started To Green Up .

    Don't blame you!
  14. Very strong wind

    I personally think that a strong wind is very over rated for pigeon shooting. I would much rather just a light breeze to shoot in.