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  1. All good stuff. I am surprised these haven't gone!
  2. Maybe it was a little harsh. However, I can't think of another situation where the prices aren't firmly laid out and agreed.
  3. What do you expect? Claygame are absolutely hopeless!!
  4. I have no sympathy for anyone that doesn't sort prices out beforehand. Sorry, but that is common sense.
  5. Drop in temperature? It was over 15 degrees c today. The temperature will have no bearing on whether pigeons will feed on rape.
  6. It was good to meet you. Shame you didn't connect with a goose. Hopefully this is the start of a long wildfowling adventure for you.
  7. It isn't a fact that there are few pigeons about. I have had personal issues to deal with lately, so my mind has not been on pigeon shooting. I reckon I could have had some good bags in the last month or so, as I have seen plenty of birds around.
  8. I was using a Jebs .675 for a bit, but have gone for a full in the A350 for the time being. I still use a .705 Terror in the 10.
  9. I have killed a hell of a lot of foreshore geese with steel BBs. I use extra full chokes. I have absolutely no problem with geese at over 50 yards with BBs. Mammoths are probably B shot, anyway. .705 must be for the 10.
  10. I think it is always better to think in mm rather than shot size numbers. Many brands no.3 can be like another's no.4.
  11. With half chokes, you could use ANY size steel.
  12. I too would leave it as it is.
  13. G is a thoroughly nice chap. I tried my best to get him properly stuck in the mud on his first outing, which he seemed to enjoy. We had those three flights on fairly big tides. As I predicted, the bag was to remain empty, but we both enjoyed the experience. I plan to get him under a few birds next time. J, you are welcome to tag along. I would prefer it if you were there with gun in hand. It was reasonably quiet, as is the norm for the start of the season. We only had a couple of shots at mallard in the half light. I will sort out when I am taking you out very so
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