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  1. I would probably go for a second hand extrema 2, but that is just me.
  2. If I had a surplus, there would be nothing stopping anyone picking them up from me. No different to them driving to the butcher.
  3. So, rape, peas and cabbages don't need protection?
  4. The way several posts on here are reading, we might just as well sell our guns and gear. It is making a mockery of the GL, because apparently pigeons don't cause an issue at this time of year! So who's wanting a close season on pigeons?
  5. I disagree that we are coming up to the quietest time of year. I have shot many a good bag in April and May on plenty of different crops. There is a hell of a lot of drilling still to be done around my way, and rape that is still being hammered. Peas plants will also be sprouting. Plenty of vegetables will also be getting hit. Honestly, if we can't justify shooting at this time of year, then we can't during any period!
  6. This is nothing to do with being selfish. I could potentially be at risk while at work, which I have had to continue to do. My argument is based on the logic that I am less likely to catch or spread the virus whilst out in the field. If crop protection is necessary, then it is necessary, regardless of circumstances. If we don't need to do it now, there is little argument for us to do it at any time. Edit - check out Nigel Farage's take on the whole lockdown situation (on youtube). Its quite interesting.
  7. Where I am, there are lots of pigeons currently on the rape and drillings. I reckon I could shoot plenty in the next few weeks.
  8. I am not normally a "BASC basher," but I am quickly getting tired of their ineffectiveness. Every time they're asked something, a wishy washy response seems to follow. I am totally unsurprised by this latest statement, which was a complete waste of time.
  9. Not quite, but it has been business as usual for me. Work has not ceased for me. Exactly! Who decides what is absolutely essential? How can any prove shooting is essential in every instance! It is simply ridiculous!
  10. Doesn't sound any different to the previous advice.
  11. If there are alternatives now, then there are alternatives always. Your argument is anti shooting. What happens if the current situation lasts for 6 months? Will you have the same attitude? Avery and Packham will already have their next argument made for them!!
  12. You make a great argument for the cessation of pigeon shooting for crop protection. In my view that is good enough! Imagine having to justify every pigeon we shoot, and having to prove the pigeons are actually doing damage.
  13. What you have just outlined can easily be the case from merely going shopping. This can also be easily combatted by wearing gloves and regularly washing hands. I am with you 100%. The people walking on the footpath were also more likely to have spread any virus, too.
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