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  1. motty

    Shooting compilation

    Love the ejecting of the shells everywhere!
  2. motty

    the Hungerford Massacre

    I believe his stance is 100% pro gun. He is merely pointing out that we don't NEED to own guns. You're right in saying there are many things we don't need.Primarily, food and water is what we NEED. I don't need to shoot thousands of pigeons a year, but I want to continue doing so.
  3. motty

    Light & durable

    I would ditch the crow decoy, unless shooting crows.
  4. motty

    Promises made.

    I think he might be!
  5. motty

    Promises made.

    I have shot in a dyke before.
  6. motty

    Old (non high vis) blank pistols

    There is no need to bother with a blank firer, in my opinion. As I have mentioned elsewhere, other methods are easier and less hassle. I trained my most recent dog with a toy cap-gun in the house, and a .410 in the field.
  7. motty


    I would very much doubt that. I thought it was fairly common knowledge amongst pigeon shooters that they will eat snails.
  8. motty

    32" semi auto

    Because I have a few longer guns I bought an extra tall cabinet. It is probably 10" taller than my other one. Easy to slot tall guns into.
  9. motty

    Promises made.

    Yes, an average day turned into a pretty good one. You forgot to mention the other two who were shooting on the next field over. They didn't have much of an effect on our shooting, but they could have done.
  10. motty

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    I will never buy Insa Turbo rangers again. Rubbish!
  11. motty

    32" semi auto

    Not a problem with a decent sized cabinet.
  12. motty

    3.5" Bismuth in a SAM1

    They sound spot on!
  13. motty

    Crowning geese

    I don't do it much now, but I used to crown a fair few geese and ducks. I used to simply pluck all of the feathers from the breast, then cut all around the breasts with the poultry shears. The hardest part is breaking/cutting through the wing bones.
  14. motty

    3” chambers for fowling?

    Nowt wrong with 3" cartridges, although I do like having the option of the bigger cartridges. That's why I have a 3 1/2" o/u as well as the 3 1/2" semi.
  15. motty

    80 miles and lots of rain

    At least you got out and had a look!