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  1. I shot on a Winter barley stubble on 12th July last year. It was the first stubble I had available. I reckon some might be cut this week on some of my farms if the weather is right. The first rape fields might be a week away. Looking forward to it!
  2. If I had a choice, I would get harder lead shot for live quarry. It is more effective. Soft lead shot is not good.
  3. Very good. I had a similar couple of hours this afternoon. I had initially tried to decoy on some sugar beet adjoining some standing wheat that was getting attention. My hide stood firm, but the pigeons were passing me and fighting towards a poplar belt. I decided to move. The belt is currently surrounded by wheat and barley, but I showed none of your restraint, shooting them however they presented themselves. I shot just 18, but they were satisfying.
  4. Excellent results. Glad to hear of your exploits once again!
  5. Though I believe a decent speed works well, I think what you have described would be classed as a coincidence.
  6. motty

    Browning Maxus

    For a good quality, value for money choke, you will do far worse than buying an extended Briley, in full choke flavour.
  7. Nice one, Smoker! We don't get enough reports from you.
  8. A lovely, detailed report of a more than worthwhile outing. Thanks for posting!
  9. I have already seen a fair few pea stubbles. They can and will feed on them when there are grain fields in close proximity, but they are likely to feed on both. As you know vining peas are a different prospect from harvest peas.
  10. It will last longer if you decrease the speed.
  11. It isn't Palm Paper, but it is very close to that!
  12. The Dog is one smooth character!
  13. Judging from what I see on other sites etc, Oxfordshire would seem to be at the top of the list for pigeon population, with some huge bags being taken there regularly. I see Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Essex mentioned regularly as a place where large bags are taken. Cambridgeshire and Norfolk are where I shoot, and there certainly isn't a shortage. I reckon the south west is one of the more sparse areas for pigeons.
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