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  1. I don't think the appearance of decoys matters too much. The most manky, rotten bird will still be more realistic than the best plastic decoy. I keep dead birds in the fridge. They last a few outings. Often I will use a fresh pair of decoys for a magnet. These will be used once and then frozen. The fresh birds I have from that shoot will be used next time, then frozen, and so on.
  2. I find calculations can potentially be way off. For example, with your earlier calculation of lead 9s, I have recently routinely crumpled pigeons at 35-40 yards with an ounce of number 9s (lead). Your calculations would suggest that this simply cannot be possible. These dense, small tss pellets seem to pack far more of a punch than would ever seem logical.
  3. I really don't see the point of mixing tss with anything else. I think you may have the wrong end of the stick. The shot in question is 18gm per cm/3. It is capable of killing long range geese with small shot. I have shot geese at well over 50 yards with a 30 gm 7.5 load.
  4. Read a reloading book before you embark on the reloading road.
  5. What area of the country were you in?
  6. Pinks can move a hell of a lot during a day. They will often feed on a few different fields in a day. They do not necessarily need to be forced to move, either.
  7. Sorry, but to me this has nothing to do with what antis may think. This is more to do with respect for quarry and also a debate on shotgun/cartridge capabilities and range estimation.
  8. H How is this most relevant? The summary seems to be to ignore the range, as long as there are some ending up on the table!
  9. I would probably use an ounce of 7, provided the partridges weren't all 50 yarders, but the aforementioned load isn't exactly huge.
  10. I buy from Bucks run. The shot is quite expensive, but better than from clay game.
  11. Fairly, but I wouldn't buy any. Cheaper to buy shot from America.
  12. I don't think that is too big a load for partridges, to be honest. I hardly think they would be smashed up, unless shot at close range.
  13. My sxs 10 must weigh at least a dozen pounds, with extremely thick barrels. I don't know how feasible it would be to bore it out. I have no desire to do so, just as I have no desire to ever own an 8. With the newer shot types, I can shoot geese as far as I want with a 10 or 12.
  14. I think it could work out pretty cost effective, considering a sxs 10 in good condition can be purchased for as little as £250.
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