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  1. motty

    Barley Search to No Avail

    Someone told me about 12 years ago that pigeons had got used to magnets, therefore making them redundant. Obviously that was rubbish, as many shooters have shot many thousands of pigeons using them since then. I believe they will always have a place in the pigeon shooter's armoury, and they are proven to work. Yes, they don't always do the job, but the same can also be said of any set up. I have known pigeon to spook from dead birds-only patterns.
  2. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Watch my first video on page 1 of this thread.
  3. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Yep, I realise that. The chart above is meaningless, though.
  4. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I would disregard that chart altogether.
  5. motty

    what time of day

    You are the only one who will know when it is best for you to go out. At this time of year I have had days with steady shooting from 9 till 5 (100 plus bags). Afternoon starts can also be productive. It is up to you to determine the where and when on your own patch.
  6. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I have no idea which of my videos you watched. If you think the shooting was too close, that may reveal the reason why your shot/kill ratio was so poor with steel.
  7. motty

    Barley Search to No Avail

    A good result for another mid afternoon start.
  8. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Interesting video. The results indicate what I have also found whilst using steel shot. It works well.
  9. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I disagree, OF. They kill the same. The both penetrate the target and hit vital areas to kill. If vital areas are not hit with steel or lead, then they do not kill cleanly. If steel killed by bleeding out, I would never kill so many geese or ducks stone dead. Lead pellets do not act the same as lead bullets. There is little deformation. The argument about steel over-penetrating is nonsense. Lead pellets will also go straight through a bird. As long as the right areas have been hit on the way through, it doesn't matter.
  10. motty

    blacks with hushpower

    Excellent bit of quiet culling!
  11. motty

    Led up the garden path....

    Opinion polls suggest an independence referendum held now would be 'similar' in the outcome to the last one. Well you did not Ms Sturgen on the TV the other night them saying she was going to call for an another vote. So It is very true. Inflation is not particularly;y high and fuel price increases have reflected a rise on international oil prices, partly due to Trumps Iran fiasco. How can you say that, Go down to your local supermarket and try and buy the same food for a similar price today. You will be sadly disappointed. Never what gloss the government puts on inflation the real figure on living is soaring. My personal shopping bill is up about 20% , so to say prices are not rising steeply is pure rubbish. Ask your wife. Many have welcomed the idea of deals outside the EU but over 40% or our trade is with the EU and it will be very hard to replace that from elsewhere for a very long time. Yes tin pot countries without economies worth trading with or countries like India who will only trade with us if we have free movement of their people. The USA would be great to be a trading partner, but who can trust a word Trump can say and there has been no progress there and anyway even if we get a trading deal its still not trade. Just opening the door to allow us to start trade , but in a market already full it will be very hard to make any inroads. Because we are still inside the EU , though the underlying trend is for much harder trading conditions. Quote "Jobs come and go all of the time - employment is at a high level, and we have the lowest unemployment for years" But we hare now starting to get huge job losses and its not going to stay fine for much longer if we leave the EU. Quote"Russia is a problem; but nowhere near WW3". I never said it was, but world indicators are not promising. How long will N Koria tow the line . Many were serious worried a few months ago where the dispute with the US was going. Lets hope the peace deal being hammered out with the USA holds if it does not then China will side with the Koreans. Perhaps more serious is China building island bases in the South China Sea. Quote. "Strange that his successor, Hammond, says we are doing quite well and found no need for an extra budget." What Hammond says and what the remainder of the UK economic community says is very different. Quote "You - along with the rest of us will be just fine." If you believe that you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Already I have had to cut back on food buying and traveling by car because they are getting beyond my pocket. Quote You're going slightly mad.
  12. motty

    Signed off work with depression

    Why would you be deemed unsafe?
  13. motty

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I think someone may be telling porkies...
  14. Excellent bag. Mustard can be a good crop at this time,
  15. motty

    Signed off work with depression

    It would depress me being without my guns. I am not entirely sure that Basc gave the right advice. Why did your guns need to go?