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  1. motty

    Ben Shapiro - Interesting Guy…..

    The bloke always talks a lot of sense.
  2. Thought they were exactly the same cartridge, just rebranded.
  3. motty

    Which weather is best?

    Depending on what crop or time of year, I may check certain fields at different times of the day. I will see what spots they are favouring and from where they are coming from. I may check (crop dependent) what food is left on a particular field - no food left will probably mean no pigeons, even when the field was blue a couple of days before. This only scratches the surface, but you get the idea. The more you are around where the pigeons are, the more you will learn their habits.
  4. motty

    Ear protection for fowling

    You still get to hear all that with electronic ear defenders. In fact, most of them amplify the sound, so you can hear wing beats etc much better.
  5. motty

    A first for me

    Well done on your first 3 for 2. If you shoot regularly it will happen many more times.
  6. motty

    Ear protection for fowling

    Shooting in close proximity to dogs will obviously do them no favours, but I don't know how much damage is done. I have a couple of 13 year old labs, one which has been to exposed to many thousands of loud bangs, and one which has barely been out shooting at all. They both seem as deaf as each other!
  7. motty

    Earith Wash

    One farmer who I believe still grazes his cattle on Fenland salt marsh, would say his beef has a fantastic flavour.
  8. motty

    Ear protection for fowling

    I quite often have 20 shots or more in a flight. I personally wouldn't want to be without ear defenders.
  9. motty

    Cartridge choice

    I wouldn't say shot size is irrelevant, and choke does matter. I don't think you would go far wrong with the selection you mentioned, but some folk prefer a bit more choke for those birds that skirt the decoys.
  10. motty

    Five weeks and Counting

    I love fields that keep on giving!
  11. motty

    Wet morning on the pinks and teal.

    I can only echo Mike's words. Variety is the spice of life.
  12. motty

    Wet morning on the pinks and teal.

    Andy Richardson?
  13. I reckon lead has the edge at the upper end of range. I would love to know what miracle cartridges were being used for the 100 yard ducks and geese. Where can I get some?
  14. I 100% do not subscribe to the theory that lead pellets are lethal due to any deformation on impact.