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  1. You may need to try something other than steel. Thick plastic wads are not ideal through long suppressors.
  2. 36gm steel is available in 2 3/4".
  3. I have only ever bought nets. I probably have well over 20 now. Some I use more than others. Some I never use. I have rarely felt the need to disguise my nets with natural foliage, as I feel it makes more difference to how we perceive how good the hide is, than how the pigeon does! Hides do not need to look natural in order to work, the same as decoy patterns don't.
  4. Sorry to hear that you're having health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  5. I would use HP steel through ANY magnum proofed gun. If the shot sizes were under no.1 (4mm or thereabouts) I would use them through ANY choke.
  6. You got one, then?
  7. I much prefer to shoot duck at first light. I have had countless fantastic flights at morning flight. I don't know exactly where you are shooting, but coastal shooting is a lot different to inland pond shooting.
  8. Not quite what your original post suggested. I think in general, people are way too cautious with steel shot, believing it to be some kind of really dangerous shot medium.
  9. Minimum size for steel? If you were planning to use small steel shot, I would not worry what the chokes are. By small I mean size 3 or 4.
  10. One farmer I shoot for is growing more rape than ever, this winter. On the other hand, a couple have said they won't grow any more unless things change with the use of certain chemicals. Pigeons will nor go hungry over Winter. There is still enough rape around for them, plus many other alternatives.
  11. Your powershot will suffer much less from the effects of air resistance than the BBB, plus it will also penetrate better. This is why it works well.
  12. Yours is one of very few complaints I have heard about steel cartridges. Most wildfowlers are happy with the performance. I agree that we could do with more choice.
  13. Most of the wildfowlers I know, regularly use "expensive" tungsten-based shot in the pursuit of foreshore geese.
  14. Reloading needn't be expensive. I shot a couple of pinks on Saturday with some newly acquired hw13 4s. They were 37gm loads. They probably work out at about £2.20 each. They have, in fact, a lower shot count than lead or steel of the same size.
  15. I have used a few of their loads on pigeons, including the 32gm 5 and 28gm 7. They all worked very well. I consider them good value.
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