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  1. motty

    I love October

    Yep, plenty of young birds about, but a good amount of adults, too. Unfortunately the flies are still around!
  2. motty

    I love October

    After a successful morning flight for ducks (three teal and a mallard shot), Jules and I headed for an old wheat stubble where Jules had spied several pigeons over the past few days. We started with no decoys, so had to shoot a few for the magnet etc. It wasn't long before we had a convincing spread of dead birds out. The gusty wind was making shooting tricky, but I think we did quite well. I thought that a nice 50+ bag was on the cards, but I didn't expect the pigeons to keep coming like they did. We were getting through cartridges at a fair rate, so I knew we were on for a good score. Gerard joined us in the afternoon to take advantage of the glut of birds. He was soon into the thick of the action. It really was an unexpectedly good day. When we thought the birds were drying up, another wave would start. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised, as I have had many of my biggest bags in the month of October. The pick up took a while, but the 5 dogs helped make the job a lot easier. The final bag was 288 pigeons, 3 crows and a jackdaw.
  3. motty

    What a Wind

    The difficult conditions must have taken their toll on you, as I have spotted a few pigeons not in line... Great result in the wind today.
  4. motty

    Gamebore Silver Steel Fibre

    High velocity does not necessarily a good cartridge make.
  5. motty

    Terror 675 vs Jebs 675

    Sounds like **** covering to me. I put 4mm steel through my Terror .655 with absolutely no issues, so I would definitely go bigger with less constriction.
  6. motty

    UK Rubbish for kit

    I tend to agree, but I make do. I have added coloured paper ribbon to my scrim net and bamboo canes. The pinks come off worse than I do.
  7. motty

    Cartridge choice

    I probably recommended Fiocchi Top one. Available in fibre and plastic.
  8. motty

    Too warm ... ?

    Thing is, though, if things had turned out right I would have had a load of greys and canadas to shoot on the stubbles in early September. I wouldn't want to give that up, nor an early foray or two after early season mallard.
  9. This is exactly the kind of thing that BASC should be fighting against. Well done!
  10. motty

    Shotgun Beads

    It depends on the individual. I like to see no rib whatsoever.
  11. motty

    Too warm ... ?

    Had a few outings on cool mornings, and big evening tides. The season isn't in full swing, really. When the pinks are around in force I shall consider the season has really begun. I may take advantage of the promised gusty winds on some inland duck tomorrow morning. I believe we are set for a cooler spell shortly.
  12. motty

    Cartridge choice

    Use either. Both will kill pigeons very well.
  13. motty

    NRW to ban shooting on public land

    What restrictions have they put in place?
  14. motty

    Hydro dipping - good or bad job??

    Hydro dipping may be good, but I don't understand the reasoning behind getting it done. My black synthetic Beretta has been used to kill thousands of pigeons, ducks, geese etc and I have never been bothered by the lack of camouflage.
  15. motty

    20g Reloading Non Toxic

    Fibre shot cups are available for some gauges, but not sure about the 20. For me, bismuth is a bit too expensive to use on a few flight pond ducks. 24gm steel is approximately equivalent to a 36gm lead load volumetrically, so isn't a small load.