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  1. "Running in" to me, means a dog has gone after a retrieve without being sent. This is, to me, completely undesirable under any circumstances. If a dog is required to retrieve at once, it can be sent immediately. I hate it when my dog runs in.
  2. I seem to have as much rape as ever to shoot over. Some farmers are growing more than ever.
  3. I still get a thrill when I happen upon a field full of pigeons where I wasn't expecting. Well done on your bag.
  4. The duck shooting was very enjoyable. Shame I had to be at work whilst you got another good bag of pigeons.
  5. One marsh I shoot on, there is now a rule that no pochard are to be shot. No big deal, really, but there has been a compromise reached to allow shooting there.
  6. What kind of training did you do in water? Did your dog bring dummies back from water or from across water? If you skipped this part, and just hoped he would retrieve dead game from water "on the job" then I would expect you to struggle.
  7. Good result. Your decoys seemed a long way off to me, but it obviously worked.
  8. Well, I use at least one magnet on 99% of my pigeon decoying outings. It is very rare that I feel the magnet has a detrimental effect on my shooting. I have no tape or any other adornment on my magnets.
  9. motty


    Excellent report of a great day. Keep practicing and you will become more proficient with the shotgun. Ps, always take more cartridges than you think you'll need!
  10. Good report, Jules. It turned out to be a great day. I went from absolutely woeful to pretty good over the course of the afternoon.
  11. Irresponsible shooting. If a bird is clearly hit, you should make an effort to finish it, if at all possible. Many of those pigeons were rear-ended.
  12. It is surprising how much is spilled. Seen some of these fields covered in pigeons.
  13. I don't believe it. Any cartridge should kill at those ranges!
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