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  1. motty

    New motor

    I heard the volvos were not too great off road.
  2. Posts from a very small sample of people means very little. I have seen plenty in areas where I shoot. Even if I didn't see any, I would be sure that there would be many big congregations of pigeons in other parts of my county. There is absolutely no way that you know what the pigeon situation is in the whole of Leicestershire!
  3. You are wrong. Non lethal methods do not have to have been tried.
  4. Sorry, but I disagree with this. How would anyone ever know where a pigeon is going to feed?
  5. A great bag, utilising your vast experience.
  6. You can say "there are no pigeons in Leicestershire," but that is simply not the case. You obviously haven't checked all the fields etc in Leicestershire.
  7. Relying on anything other than another experienced pigeon shooter to do recon, in my opinion, is a bad idea. It might be ok in a certain way, but recon is not all about how many birds are seen on a field. You have to gauge how the pigeons are using the fields and several other things. Having any old person saying there is 500 plus pigeons on a field doesn't necessarily mean much.
  8. I am using a 20g o/u. This isn't 100% correct at all! For a start, no-one's teeth are going to "explode." I have bitten on lead and steel. There isn't much difference between biting into either!
  9. Agreed. I had a good look around today. I saw a few fields of beans and barley with a decent amount of pigeons on. I will wait, though. They are unlikely to be shot by other people, but may get cultivated. As we all know, this doesn't necessarily mean that the pigeons will be finished with them. I have started to see the pigeons get more concentrated, as more and more stubbles are disappearing.
  10. Some of the fields I shoot, i am sure i am the only one that goes, but not the case for all of them. I saw a barley stubble that I can shoot, that was absolutely covered in grain. If it is left, it is only a matter of time!
  11. I have never had a gun fitted to me. It would be a good idea, and my shooting may improve if I did. However, most of my guns fit well enough not to worry too much about it.
  12. I still have a hell of a lot of stubbles to shoot. One in particular I am expecting a big bag from, if it is left for a week or two more.
  13. When I spotted these I though TC would have already been over to collect them! 😁
  14. I will take the cartridges off your hands.
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