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  1. motty


    That is the reason I own a dog.
  2. It is correct that I don't believe the "lugs" retard the wad. That doesn't mean that they will not throw decent patterns. I had a wad wizard in both 10 and 12. I didn't do much pattern testing, but the results were ok in the field. I sold those chokes in favour of extra full ones for steel and have far better results now.
  3. If only pigeon shooting was that simple.
  4. I am not saying they won't pattern well.
  5. So you think it best that everyone should just shoot cylinder choke at everything?
  6. I believe wad wizard and pattern masters don't "work". I think wad stripping is just a marketing gimmick.
  7. Why would you buy a gun and then check if it was fixed choke?
  8. I have had a few of those kind of days in recent weeks. It is frustrating to put many hundreds of pigeons off a field and only have a few come back. Better luck next time!
  9. You are correct, but I would bet my bottom dollar that it would handle steel nicely.
  10. I was mulling over my options on Friday afternoon. I had phoned a farmer and asked if there were pigeons on his clover. He said there was a lot on there last week. I thought I would try the field on Sunday, as I doubted it would produce much. I was in no rush to get to the field, preferring to catch up on a bit of sleep. I eventually got ready, then arrived at the field at 11am. I was fully expecting to have a quick look at the field, then go and have a look at the rape further up the road. As I entered the field, though, over 100 got up from a little area in one corner. I stayed and watched. Birds started appearing and looking to drop in. They went to the far end. The rain then started to pour. This didn't bother me too much, as I had my large (new and unused) fishing brolly with me. Pigeons kept coming. Usually I don't set up until the rain ceases, but I decided to have a go. I erected the brolly first, then built the net underneath in the dry. I hastily put out 22 flocked shells close to the hide position (little pithole), then added the magnet in front and to the left. The wind was nicely on my back. I drove the truck back to the corner of the field, and then watched pigeons floating into the decoys as I returned quickly to my hide. Could I be in for a good day? I fired my first shot and killed my first pigeon as soon as I entered the hide and got loaded. Maybe 700 pigeons lifted from the far end of the field and surrounding trees. I didn't know they were there! They dispersed in all directions and I settled down to some proper decoying. They came from all points of the compass, swinging in towards my hide. I was taking pairs fairly regularly and my recent poor shooting form was all but forgotten. This wasn't to say that I didn't miss a few - I did! The pigeons were quite kind. Some nice little bunches came, so I could pick and choose my targets. I could ignore a low decoying ''doddler'' in favour of a nice driven type bird. This was sport to be savoured. The bag was mounting, and I had a couple of pick-ups to clear a fresh area for pigeons to head for. The pigeons were reading the script, thankfully. I knew I had smashed the ton by the amount of cartridges I had fired. I shot a cracking triple just before the close of play, which was a bonus. I carried on until I the tap was starting to be turned off. I might have shot a few more, but I had a good few to pick on my own. I finished with 160 pigeons and a token rook. I shall review the footage I got, with a view to posting a video later this week. Thanks for reading. My picture appears o be missing. I will sort it!
  11. I don't really agree with this. As Peter Theobald would say "pigeons do not have the power to reason that a bush has appeared overnight."
  12. I own about a dozen different net types. Some I use more than others. I try to blend into the surroundings a bit, but I don't see it as too important. I very rarely add foliage, as I think it unnecessary.
  13. They are both fairly similar.
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