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  1. Hi all. I have had some good runs of form whilst on the pigeons. I remember on an April day about 10 - 12 years ago, I was decoying on some patchy rape. I ended on over 100, shooting from 2-6pm. I remember at one point being on 50 pigeons for my first 54 shots. They decoyed nicely, and I was on form for once....
  2. I have a few lead 10 bore cartridges that I now wish to sell on. They have remained in my collection for a while. I have a full box of Winchester xx magnum 2 1/4oz BBs - £55 There are 18 Express 2 1/4oz 4s - £35 19 Winchester Supreme Turkey loads, 2 1/4oz 4s - £40. 15 Eley paper cased loads 4s and 5s £25. 10 Gamebore Rhino 2 1/4oz 1s - £17 I am open to sensible offers.
  3. After much I thought I have decided to sell this gun. It is in very good condition apart from a bit of wear to the butt pad. It is 3 1/2" chambered, has a 28" barrel and is steel proofed. It comes with 3 spare chokes, shims, stock extension, choke key, hard case, sling swivels etc. It has the kick-off recoil reducer in the stock. Overall it is a very good gun. I am looking for £800 for it. Location is Terrington, Norfolk.
  4. I have made the point many times over the years that a gun doesn't necessarily need a fleur de lis in order to be fine with "HP" steel.
  5. I have some for sale. Lead Winchester etc. Where is local?
  6. I have a load of different bits for sale. I am in Terrington, Norfolk.
  7. motty


    Missed this post. Will get some pictures over to you later.
  8. A bit far for you, maybe, but I am going to sell mine. Probably only had 500 shots fired through it. Mine is a synthetic mossberg pump.
  9. Yep. The ones that "consistently" kill 80 yard pheasants have a different definition of the word "consistently" to me! Ie, they are talking a load if old balls!
  10. motty


    It is multi choked. It is in very good condition. It has probably fired less than 300 shots since I bought it about 5 years ago. I think it has a small mark on the stock, but nothing major. I have the box for it. All the chokes should be present. I'd be looking for £375 for it. If you're still interested I will take some photos later.
  11. motty


    I will be selling my Yildiz o/u .410 3". I am in Terrington, Norfolk.
  12. I have never had a problem with standing up to look for birds above the net.
  13. They don't ignore them, as such. It is the same as any other crop that a pigeon will eat; they must find them, for starters, then maybe there is something in the area they prefer. That is like me when talking to him!!
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