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  1. Can anyone recommend a could gunsmith to donsome stock work within 45mins of Cambridge?
  2. My local gunsmith is happy he can still get spares and if need be I am happy to machine my own. I too would love an AYA over an Arrieta but the AYA XXV sidelock is significantly more than I have agreed to pay for the Arrieta.
  3. I would recommend minox bv 8x42. I use these for stalking amd never had any issues.
  4. I am looking at a Gunmark sabel 25. Sadly can't quite afford a Churchill XXV.
  5. Thanks for thr info. Out of interedt what sort of minimum thickness is a barrel that has not been lapped or is pretty new?
  6. This is a spanish gun. How should it be measured? Is there a rule of thumb of barrel wear in thou per 1000 or 10,000 cartridges?
  7. I am looking to buy a side by side that i plan to keep long term and so i am looking for longevity. One gun i looked at, the salesman meaured the barrels and said the minimum reading was 32thou. This figure means nothing to me. Is this a normal minimum barrel thickness for a used gun with plenty of service left?
  8. Yep, i will. As much as i dont want to be the over conplaining customer, this gunshop has lost my business. I should have learnt my lesson when i bought a rifle with a faulty safety catch from them and another rifle that was supposedly brand new but according to a gunsmith had a number of rounds through it. I dont want them to fix it now, i just want my money back so i can buy a reliable gun from some i trust.
  9. Took the gun to see a barrel maker with a view to getting the bores polished to remove some light pitting. He had a look at the action and cofirm it has had a quick repair with a file. He also pointed out that the barrels are no longer sitting square on the face of the action and there is a gap at thr bottom. He has said it needs a rejointing to fix the problem and get the barrels to seat correctly against the action.
  10. They implied he had to do very little and since any work would reduce their profit margins I believe them! There is no evidence of welding either. I hope the guy I visiting can shed some light on it.
  11. I have had a good look at it and there is no evidence of the bites having peened or material worked forward with a punch. Taking the forend off and reattaching the barrels with no forend and the gun is just as tight and the lever over to same new right of centre position. With no obvious evidence of material being mechanically forced forward or back (I remember watching a video of Jack Rose towing how to do it and was obvious where he had been hammering) I don't know how they got it this tight and why it is making the forend difficult to put on and take off......... I have also seen a midway video where he tightens a gun up be expoxying a thin piece of sheet shell (0.003" thin) into the hook it I can't see want evidence if this.
  12. I will take it to a barrel maker near work and get his opinion. If he says it is a botch job then I will take it back and ask for my money back. Not the first time I have had to return a firearm to this particular dealer. In fact it will be the third! Hopefully the barrel expert will give it the thumbs up.
  13. The gun is 30 years old and was full bedded in before it went in for repair
  14. A side by side i recently bought had some lateral play in the action and you could see the barrels moving away from the face of the action. I took it to two reputable gunsmiths and both said it needed rejointing with a a weld or spray-weld on the hook. So I returned it to dealer I bought from who said they would send it to their gunsmith for repair. I picked it up and they said it just needed a tightening and that nothing was wrong with it. Since they tightened it, it is very stiff to open, the open lever is well off centre to the right it is difficult to reattach the forend. However the play in the action has gone. Is this the usual way to repair play in an action or just cheaper temporary fix that ultimately has not rectified the underlying problem?
  15. I shoot mine out to 200yds at locations when I know the exact distance to the bunny using reference features and in nil or very light winds. I have pushed to 230yds on a few occasions and it has killed cleanly. Normal shooting and wind I probably limit my self to 150yds. .17hmr is a great round.
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