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  1. I still buy the odd shooting publication and enjoy reading them. I found it interesting that one of them pedalled out a Danish shooter to talk about lead vs steel who basically put us all down about wanting to stick with lead. He uses old hammer guns of 1800s vintage with no problem, he also has a "friend" who shoots thousands of steel cartridges a year through his Damascus barrelled gun with no problem. (I find it amusing how it's always a friend who does this). One of the publications i was reading had views printed for and against steel back to back so i thought that was pretty balanced. Also seen an article that talked about the process of making steel shot and an industry insider who described the process as "brutal" in comparison to lead on the environment. Also, one of the articles featured someone ..think it was a gamekeeper...talking about pheasants not being as susceptible to ingesting lead shot even if it's put in front of them as they are fussy about what they will eat. These magazines are making a lot of their money on advertising space in them as well as the public sales so it makes sense that certain products that will return revenue for the future will be pushed and this will be including steel shot. Magazines had started to get stale because there were no major industry changes since the hunting act and the steel shot for wildfowling, so now this new potential change has happened they will be jumping on it to get people to test new products and give reviews, I personally don't see it as an agenda. Let's put the pigeon shooter of old in our shoes then, do we think they would use modern steel shot if it was readily available? I think they would. From reading the late John Humphreys book on shooting pigeons which he took a lot of inspiration from Archie Coates he suggests decoyed pigeons are going to be shot at close range with small shot and open chokes. well within what would be described as standard proof steel shots killing ranges. As for giving Avery a 2 page spread for his letter, why not? What you end up with is a written statement that can then be refuted by next month's issue and if he back tracks and tries to say something different then you have written evidence to go back to.
  2. I really fail to understand what good looking down the barrel is going to do if the gun didn't fire. Anything that will come out that end is going to do more damage than botox can fix. Couple of inches the other way and that was a darwin award right there.
  3. There was some link proposed between aluminium and dementia but it must be relatively small. Used to see riveters in my place with a mouthful of alloy rivets to speed their job up if they were riveting up a full fuselage joint or buttstrap. Tend to hear guys crying more about carbon fibre in our work now.
  4. I want to know what the hell they tried to shave it with. A friggin spoon? When money was tight and I couldn't afford to groom my old cocker I trimmed her myself with some good sharp scissors and taking my time and she never looked bad afterwards. (Apart from that one accidental slice on her back leg when she moved but that's another story!) I don't understand how people can be so heartless with dogs. I really think that dog or any kind of pet theft deserves a much stiffer sentence if perpetrators are caught, something along the lines of put in the stocks for a daily boot up the hole along with life in prison.
  5. I just looked on their site and I felt sickened. Just looking at some of the pictures and descriptions on the adverts just screams that most of these dogs have been stolen or bought from someone who did steal them. Also seem like they are priced to sell to a certain clientele that have a lot of money and not enough brains or just don't care that they are stolen
  6. When I started shooting on my own licence back in 2003/4 My father in law had given me a few tips on shooting and his tip for magpies with a shotgun was if you were able to find the nests or juvenile birds around parents/older birds to shoot the young on the branches and the parents will literally almost fly straight down your barrel at you for doing it and you barely needed to do much more than fire the second barrel to get it as it came straight down the line of site. I took that story as a look back to his experiences and it happened to him at least once, not sure how much truth it would hold for shooting them regularly as they are a hard bird to get to shoot with a shotgun with how observant they are! Since my first shots with a shotgun as a teen with my neighbour that brings my magpie total to precisely 2! Haha
  7. That's the very one!! Such a lovely piece. Friend of mine was saying his neighbour lost a whole field of sown grass to crows and magpies becUse nobody was out over lockdown. They just lifted masses of shoots out by the roots, dug up seeds an all that. I went out today for a scout about in quite harsh winds and that was all I got.
  8. I remember watching one of the videos by TGS on YouTube and Jonny was reviewing/showing off a customer's EELL Beretta that had been given the custom works....can't remember who does it off hand but my word that gun was absolute filth! complete with straight hand stock and interestingly- double triggers, I really didn't expect that but it's lovely to see well respected maker still offering that option on an o/u custom job. Gorgeous stuff
  9. For going down the single trigger route I'll probably end up with a semi auto like a hatsan escort. All my guns are cheap but the only reason for that is it's what I can afford, I wouldn't be a reverse gun snob on people who love and buy expensive guns.... more power to them in fact! The old girl still worked today And this was on the bottom barrel haha
  10. All my guns are double trigger, can't afford to upgrade to single or ejectors never Mind multichoke at the minute!...o/u and sxs so it depends on range and if it's incoming or outgoing. But in the real world you will go with the less choked barrel first
  11. I've a remington 597 and have to say out of the box accuracy is way better than any 10/22 I've come across. Not so happy with subsonic bullets, sometimes will fail to reset the trigger. Trigger on mine was quite heavy but a quick polish out with a needle file and fine wet and dry and I find it perfect. I think its a good choice for those that don't want a semi auto to modify the life out of. With a cheap eBay scope mine was grouping really well. Have to try it out again as I dropped at and stripped out the weaver mount threads so im having to set up and use the dovetails.
  12. Finally got back to the river with quite a keen daughter. Not a single trout to our name by the time we went home but I have a 5 year old who is keen to go again. You always learn something when you go out and from todays outing I have learned that I need to scrap all my flys and tie new ones and also re-learned how much of an appetite the surrounding vegetation has for my flys and casts! Here's til next time!
  13. That's a lead technique I saw demonstrated in the book "The rough shooters dog" by Michael Brander. A great book that makes me want a pointer so bad but I would never have the proper use for one. He would use it from the very start to get the dog used to the idea of being led by him and to follow him not merely being told where to walk when it steps out of line.
  14. Rob85


    See and hear very few in northern ireland now. They blame the low numbers on the industrial scale silage operations with people taking 3 cuts a year of silage and thus destroying the nests.
  15. From the outside perspective....me being in northern ireland and having a different licencing system than the mainland... this sounds like laziness or someone that doesn't want to do the job they are paid for in granting or refusing a licence. I imagine all the info reached their desk and the under qualified numpty decided to send it somewhere else for somebody up the food chain to make a decision and carry the can incase their decision was wrong.
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