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  1. Plough on at both, who knows it might just turn out to be the redest of red letter days and a day you will never forget!
  2. If the motor is in good order get it ripped out, good for powering a homemade wood lathe
  3. This is one of the newer exercises that physios are giving out to patients. When I was studying on my sports therapy course we used a lot of content from these guys. Hope the link works. Its quite an advanced looking technique but if you have stairs in the house you can improvise.
  4. Get good insoles for arch support, a good one to try is the boots pharmacy sports ones, you just need to remember to take out the insole in your shoes before putting them in. They were recommended to me over anything else by a GP/sports physician when I was suffering with this. If you have the time a decent physio will give you strengthening exercises to strengthen the plantar fascia as well as ideas on stretching and strengthening the soleus muscle at the bottom of your calf area. Avoid corticosteroid injections and only use as an absolute last resort. Success rate with them can be as low as 50-50 and repeated use can lead to deterioration of your heels fat pad.
  5. Rob85

    Amber Hill

    If they keep putting athletes out over all of this they may as well cancel the Olympics as someone who does compete and wins a medal even though they are rank outsiders will be thinking of how hollow their victory is. Such a shame for Amber.
  6. That is outstanding work, I was drawn to it before even reading your post and thought it was a photograph. Thats a real gift you have sir.
  7. The main reason I didn't go the full complaint route was because of the long term impact it would have had. With my father now being somewhat part of that family....his mental instability plus that families reputation for taking revenge would have quite possibly led down the road of intentionally putting my wife and children's safety at risk. If I could afford to move house I would. Perhaps with their landlord being called on by the police as well there is a chance they could be moving I suppose 🤔 Edit... just to say I did offer plod the evidence, I have them in a sealed bag if they ever decide they want to take more action
  8. As the person in question does to my knowledge have relatives with substantial criminal records and has 2 uncles who are/were connected to a proscribed organisation(this is Northern Ireland remember) i reckon the terrorism act may cover it. I can understand why they didn't go full bore on it as its very unlikely it was a deliberate act on their part to try and belt me with a crossbow bolt, but as I stated earlier, if this was a very tense area of Belfast at this very tense time of the year you can bet they would have had TSG or armed response put his front door up the hallway and took a more serious line.
  9. Yea I doubt they would like it much if I let a few 22lr rounds zip over their garden. Thing is I think its treated differently because I live in a quiet town a good 10 miles out of the city, if this happened in Belfast at this rather contentious time of the year you could bet reports of a crossbow being fired into someone's garden would have made the evening news just in time to stoke comunity tensions up a bit.
  10. There's a slight family connection (that being my dad is now shacked up with guys heinously ugly mother) so I explained i wanted an anonymous complaint and just send someone to have a word and find out what the frig is going on. My missus watched from our bedroom window as the police called, guys wife answered while he snuck away like the coward he is round the side of the house. When the police called me back she said the girl told them it might have been her kids with nerf guns but even by the tone of her voice I knew she didn't believe them, thing is unless I make a formal statement there's not much they can do apart from go have a word. My hope is that the very fact they were there might put the wind up them a bit... they also spoke to the woman next door who just happens to rent out the house to them so hopefully they might have a word as well. One thing that boils my blood is any idiot over 18 can go buy one of these things yet I have to have even the weakest sub 12lbft airgun on a firearms licence!
  11. Was out enjoying the sun in my back garden the other day, talking to my cousin and generally passing the time of day, started hearing some odd "snap...thunk" noises from the neighbours behind me. Myself and my cousin couldn't quite work out what it was until we caught a black blur about 8ft over our heads and heard something clatter through the tree beside us and hit the ground. Picked this up off the ground, if its hard to make out, its the shaft of a pistol crossbow bolt. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was their kids messing about and missfired it my direction but this was dispelled when another came over, missed my head by a couple of feet and whacked off the wall behind me, all I recovered was the tip. Police were promptly called. I really think there is a lack of brain cells about these days.... and I don't think it was the kids doing it.
  12. Glad you are getting an improvement. Any CZ rifle I've handled has been very accurate.
  13. If you know anyone who works in contact services or a school near you give them a shout and see if someone can drop you round a lateral flow test if you can't get out to do the PCR test. Fingers crossed its just a wee fever/bug thing, there's quite a lot of that at the minute with restrictions easing
  14. So sorry to hear of your loss. That is an amazing age for a spaniel and no doubt goes to show the level of care and attention you devoted to her.
  15. 100% agree with this. I just worked on my oldest sports therapy client to date a couple of nights ago, retired guy about to hit 70 years old. He's having a wee bit of back trouble now, nothing too severe so the biggest bit of advice I could give him was to keep himself moving and on the go. I wish you all the best in your retirement, now you can get out and buy some new toys, remember there's no towbar on a hearse!
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