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  1. If you want to see some "quality" shooting over a pointer check this out..... go to about the 1 minute mark and just watch. Bloody horrifying 😱
  2. I would post a picture of my workshop but health and safety would probably have me publicly flogged
  3. Got a letter the other day from my optician, he's a local independent but I always get a fiver off my test as we used to play rugby against each other and he's a fellow shooting man, he will always book my appointment when he has a gap in the day as we end up yammering on for ages. My eyes are a bit of a mystery really, in so far as I'm not ready for specs yet, however I'm slightly long sighted in one eye and short in the other, weirdest thing is when I close or cover an eye it doesn't go back to looking straight out... it turns slightly outwards, both sides do this, plays havoc with eye
  4. I'm quite partial to the odd meat shavings meal/Indian etc but my goodness it's hard to beat proper beef shin and vegetable broth or a proper big bowl of hot stew with half a loaf of bread with it.... I'm glad it's coming to the colder months so I get more of it. My mum always done stew on Thursdays and same day we used to get a wee delivery of lemonade (the Maine man...anyone in northern ireland will know!). Stew sandwiches and lemonade, guts blew out like a pregnant dog afterwards😅 Any time I visit mum and I see the slow cooker I'm drawn straight over with a spoon to start picking.
  5. I actually watched my late cocker eating the faeces of my springerXcollie directly out of her backside as she was doing it. The one thing I don't miss about her!!!
  6. You literally described at least half of my childhood meals, was raised on mince n spuds and still love it. Actually had mince with some gravy and chips the other night...lovely. shin still isn't too bad a price but when I want some for soup I avoid Tesco and all them places as the ones near me take the best bit out...the friggin bone full of marrow! Always the local butchers for it. A lot of people who are tight for money need to start looking at their local butcher and fruit n veg shops again as i think even the 'cheap' supermarkets are a bloody rip off for the quality of their meat. Ca
  7. Schools aren't preparing people for hard times like this. There really needs to be something done in the national curriculum in schools to give people the skills to deal with the possibility of being skint and having to make do. A lot of people don't realise that when cooked properly the rubbish cuts of meat can be the tastiest! When times get hard people need to understand that the slow cooker is your friend. Our home economics teacher in school was brilliant....for me anyway as I actually listened and learned to cook good proper food. I applaud what Marcus Rashford is doing but we need
  8. Rob85

    oil tanker

    All sorted now, sbs boarded and detained them, no doubt the bleeding heart brigade will want them rehoused and given a lovely load of benefits to stay in the country
  9. About 15years ago a friend of mine that I served my apprenticeship with was telling me all about his staffie when he got it. I asked how well trained it was and he was saying it was brilliant, "he near pulls me down the street he can pull that hard" He wasn't too impressed when I gave him my honest opinion that he was successfully ruining his dog one step at a time. I actually had some other donut trying to tell me that his staffie could outrun a greyhound over 50 metres. It's such a pity that irresponsible people spoil dogs and breeds like this in particular for other owners by
  10. All depends on your budget really, if you don't have much cash at the minute then the Armsan will do the job perfectly well. If you have a few more quid to spend then you can look at the more expensive/refined guns. If you are getting an auto make sure it has shims so the stock can easily be adjusted to get a better fit.
  11. I've just heard one of our hospitals in northern ireland (my closest one) has run out of ICU capacity due to covid cases. Almost every case that has been close by to me has been spread via pubs reopening. One pub close to me had to close as they got a positive case...deep cleaned and reopened again, the day after it reopened they had to close again as a punter who was in on the day they reopened tested positive the next day. Taking this with how the testing system works that guy has went to get his covid test THEN went to the pub afterwards knowing full well he could have covid, people sa
  12. Apart from welding up the hook and filing to fit, and dovetailing in some metal, what other methods are there for rejoining? I suppose with the advent of the super strong epoxy glues (like some of the stuff ive used in work) that are available there is a possibility of bonding material to the hook before fitting to the pin....possibly a quick cheap fix for lower quality guns.
  13. From what I understand every form of shooting has been stopped in the Rep of ireland. They have went into full lockdown all over until at least December and the public are seriously peeved about it. We can still continue in northern ireland so far but certain political parties want us to toe the republic's line so it won't surprise me if they try to restrict our "rich Tories sport"
  14. I know some smallbore target shooters who will clean their barrels no more than once a year. Only other time they will clean is if they change ammunition or if they get a squib round.
  15. The only time I've left guns in for safe keeping it was with the police themselves til my licence was sorted and I got one very comprehensive receipt from them. Going by the thread title Is this in Northern Ireland? Any chance you could let me know what dealer this is? There is one I know of with an attatched clay range that has a habit of lending guns out for people to try on the range. Maybe someone has frigged off home with it.
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