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  1. That's a thing a lot of humans get wrong about hydrating themselves, it's not all about water! you need the salts as well! When I'm running 10k runs in the heat I always have dioralyte waiting for me at the finish line. I think you done the right thing getting the dog cooled off. That rapid panting would certainly have been drying the poor dog out.
  2. As much as I don't see any attraction to it I guess it's a thing for having fun on the range but I doubt it will be long before politicians pee their pants over it and clamour to ban it. Would be an easy one for the republicans to ban to show they are "doing something for gun control" I'll stick to my remington 597
  3. To me you could walk blindly into a gun fit problem with buying brand new from an online source without being able to at least shoulder the gun. There is almost certainly going to be a vast handling difference between your AYA choice and this online one. The AYA is likely to be a traditional straight hand stock whereas the online gun is a pistol gripped stock, as far as looks goes I find a pistol grip on a side by side looks a bit gash. The AYA will likely be the sounder investment. 2 and3/4 chambers, will take standard steel shot just fine and If you decided to sell it a year or 2 down the line you could very well get back what you payed for it if you look after it. Unless that online gun has quite a bit of weight to it I certainly wouldn't want to be shooting a 3inch cartridge out of it.
  4. You must have got the 30/500s. Be wary of them, not because of the addiction but because the high codeine content can dry out your bowel. Happened to me after throat surgery and I didn't kack for 8 days. Toilet looked like a murder scene or a Labour ward after I finally got it out! Was walking like a giraffe having a drink afterwards 🤣
  5. Looks like the trigger plate hasnt been seated correctly to me. I know my aya can need a good tap to seat it correctly before putting the screws in. I take it firing like that could lead to stock cracks?
  6. Looks to be crinkle flash to me
  7. Damn blast and set fire to it!! What did they load that round with? TNT?? Bet that rattled your back teeth. Lucky escape
  8. I've often wondered why the authorities still stick with SGC and FAC instead of going down the same lines as northern ireland and have everything just held on the one certificate. Everything here in northern ireland from 12bore shotgun to 9mm semi auto pistol to a 177 air gun is just put on an FAC. Would it not streamline things a bit for licencing departments?
  9. I think the next step for yous in the mainland will be licencing of all airguns including sub 12ft/lbs as it is over here in northern ireland. They would make a fortune on the licencing IF people complied
  10. I haven't read the article but eyewitness account is still fairly unreliable evidence if it was a case of "I saw them with guns and dead birds". Now if they are arrested in possession of them or recorded video evidence then that is a different matter as it cannot be easily disputed.
  11. That's truly awful mate, I've lost a few of my older rugby buddies in the last couple of years. fella I used to work with died in his sleep at 27. Sadly I've been to more funerals of younger people than those who have died from old age.
  12. I spent a part of my fitting apprenticeship in the toolroom so you have my utmost respect sir! So to line up in the bore they use a brass pilot/lead that fits tight at the muzzle and the reamer follows that, okay but as it follows along surely that reamer could start to wander off into the rhubarb as the bore is opening up the further the reamer goes up barrel? To me I would have expected that reamer to have some sort of threaded central lead that could be held central at the chamber end as well as possibly a turned bushing for somewhere along the barrel to go with that brass lead, even when marking out by hand I was taught that it takes 3 points to make an accurate straight line
  13. Kids got me up really early this morning and in my boredom I came across this YouTube video about choke installation in shotguns and it kinda had me shaking my head. I don't want to detract from any gunsmiths and their skills but this doesn't look like a good job to me. The man is using a hand/machine reamer in a woodworking bit brace with a socket attachment, the barrel is weeble wobbling about as he turns and also spins in his vise while he threads. Surely the big boys in the choke world don't do things like this do they?
  14. Reminds me of my apprenticeship. Bench/tool fitting and the sheetmetal working components of our training, we were forbidden from using machinery until we could do everything with hand tools first. "Chain drilling" hand filing and cold chisel were the order of the day! After a few weeks I could have sanded furniture with my bare hands they were that rough
  15. My father and aunt used to borrow my grandads old single shot 22lr and shoot 2p coins off the back of the garden when they were younger. They used a fencepost with a wee groove to hold the coins. 50ft at a 2p coin with iron sights is good going. My aunt used to cost them a bit because she hit more than she missed
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