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  1. Few years ago I was out with a guy with his lurchers and although not the same outcome, his older dog got wrong footed and thumped its chest straight into a big lump of earth beside a burrow. The dog survived but I had never seen a dog being winded before, poor thing could barely stand up.
  2. Could it possibly be a midland or Lincoln gun? I thought they operated the same kinda way as Birmingham trade makers where they basically supplied guns "in the white" to other firms to finish as well as selling their own.
  3. My wife had a springer years ago called bracken, I wasn't throwing a stick for him rather was javelin style chucking a long branch away and he chased it, it stuck into the ground and he dived for the end of it. Into the mouth and jammed into his throat, the amount of blood was horrible. I nearly suffocated him jamming a towel down there to stop the blood and luckily he recovered. Lesson learned, when the dogs about don't throw anything that you don't want brought back!
  4. Would be better on the fast lane in rush hour
  5. Whats the tracker for specifically? I've never heard of that from an insurance company in my life. Is this rule just for range rover drivers?
  6. Talking through her ringpiece in my opinion, either go through the insurance or involve the police i say to get statements
  7. If you can get it then the raw food is probably the way forward, at least to try anyway. I used to get bags of meat trimmings from a local butcher that would have otherwise been binned at 20p a bag and the odd big marrow bone for free, that was about 12 years ago and he has since retired and I've now no supply but my word it was great stuff.
  8. Yep absolutely amazing, freezing cold day in the snow! I could have sent her straight for it but didn't want to risk it with the big ugly bit of barbed wire in the way so we walked around then I put her on where we last seen it crossing the hedge. I've no gundog at present (and with current prices maybe not for a couple of years yet!) so I can't wait for the future where I can get that feeling again!
  9. I used to see a lot of spaniel guys giving a cube of Mars bar at lunchtime. A few of them were field trial guys and their dogs would work harder than you ever seen a dog work.....for a short period of time then had to go back on the lead while their 2nd dog took over until it knackered itself and the pattern went on through the drives. I think it just depends on how you condition the dogs to work. For what it's worth I was under the impression that dogs got their energy directly from fat and not glucose like humans so the Mars bar may have been more of a mind game for the handler rather than the dog.
  10. Well done that lady! After the too-ing and fro-ing between keepers she still got it. And well done you for taking her on again Nothing like seeing that first retrieve on game. My old girl looked proud as punch bringing in her first woodcock, had to walk 200yards around a hedge to put her onto the scent and she was on it like a demon. Wish I had taken more photos of her.
  11. You can actually email the company, I did regarding my first gun and was given quite a nice reply, even their english translation wasn't that bad!
  12. One of the biggest impediments to mothers, especially single mothers going out to work is the cost of childcare. When my wife had our first born she stopped work altogether as all her wage would have went on childcare. Only now that our kids are 9 and nearly 7 is she able to venture out to work again, reason being she got a job in a school which means she gets their holidays too. I know people having to spend a grand a month on childcare yet their was some government to give people on the dole free access to childcare...why? They are at home anyway. People that think £20 a week isn't much money need to give their head a shake. Many a time me and my missus have been down to our last £20 the week before payday and that has managed to cover a good bit of basics to get thru the week. I don't agree with free money handouts to people that don't want to work, but I think the government needs to find better ways of getting parents access to more work by aiding the childcare situation.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me, get rid of the E5 petrol to make way for the E10 rubbish that does a heck of a lot less per gallon and is likely cheaper to produce
  14. There never was a fuel shortage til all the bobble heads went nuts and filled any spare container they had.
  15. The change in direction is good advice and thats how I done it. If anyone had seen my pacing double time around a field randomly turning 180 degrees or nearly walking over the top of my dog they would have been bringing the straight jacket boys out. I think remedial training is best done away from prying eyes and other animals. I was refused membership of a dog training club because they were of the opinion that gundog training was too rough and barbaric. They favoured clicker training 🙄
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