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  1. If my brother had his way he would wipe them out in their droves, every time he washes his car it gets divebombed by them. They certainly aren't in short supply round where I live
  2. Theres one very similar to that from Russian, think it's on ebay for a little bit cheaper, for doing small batches its probably good enough to get the job done
  3. Rob85

    Aya ejector

    What happened to the original one? Has it broken or disappeared completely?
  4. Very hard bird to pin down, trapping might work but an airgun ambush is probably your best bet to get a few and thin their number bit....and if you do get a few I would happily takes some feathers off your hands for my fishing flies!
  5. Rob85


    I reckon the 2nd half of this week is going to be interesting. I really feel for the normal everyday person in the USA who just wants to get on with life, the states really need some sort of healing to find some middle ground again.
  6. When they start talking about breeding pairs of carrion crows I really feel sad, it's like they are marking them out as endangered or something, and the talk of curlews, is he saying that they are the only animal they will predate on? Like every corvid species they are opportunists, no matter what time of the year it is. After the fiasco of the last assault on the general licences with farmers losing fields of crops you would think the rural community would stop these idiots putting pest species on a pedestal. I'm sure it won't be long before they come over to northern ireland to cause mayhem
  7. Must say that has some lovely wood on it
  8. If it's the nice solid sliding action locking thingy you like about them, just save your cash and buy a Valmet 😁
  9. In my veiw they are upset because they believed Trumps claims and cannot accept that he was wrong and was beaten decisively. They have been whipped up by the ranting from Mr Trump as in their eyes he just cannot be wrong, you take that, fuelled a bit more by the conspiracy theorists and disinformation campaigns run by other governments to try to destabilise American politics(which would have happened no matter who won) then you have a recipe for disaster. There is also a good chance that the majority of the protesters at the capitol demonstration were there with the purpose of being
  10. I've helped treat a few people with plantar fasciitis alongside their physiotherapist and actually getting someone with knowledge in a shoe shop to get you the best footwear is such a bonus! I was part of a running club for a while and watched people spending 200quid on trainers only to chuck them away a month later to buy something else as they were terrible for their running gait. My current trainers are a 30quid pair or karrimors from sport direct with an inbuilt arch support, not great to run in but for loafing about they are really comfy.
  11. Wrath of the American people??? Surely you mean the wrath of a virulent section of the losing side that cannot accept the result of the election?
  12. I saw this on another post and someone had linked another post to it to suggest that this was incorrect after a clarification. Surely mark zuckerberg cannot be against hunting as he is a bow hunter himself
  13. Rob85

    Fair Play

    I have a relation I'm researching that would have fought under his overall command at colenso in South Africa 1899, I think it's a damn shame that the 2nd boer war is continuously brushed under the carpet in favour of other more glorified conflicts, considering the boer war was the first that started to involve what would be considered as modern styles warfare. Was able to find a photograph of my relatives grave in Kroonstad and I was actually a little sickened that very little effort has been put into maintaining the graves of these men. The plonkers that are wanting to airbrush peo
  14. Could be good discounts on Christmas wrapping paper right now if you want to make some, mind you as its so thin and light it can be a pain in the backside on a breezy day as I found out last time
  15. Very nice! Can't beat a good landy, bet your wallet and bank manager have breathed a sigh of relief 😄
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