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    Chauvin verdict

    I read the defending lawyer tried to get the case thrown out as he couldn't receive a fair trial due to some idiot congresswoman from California prejudicing the jury saying that if he is not found guilty then they should be in the streets and become even more confrontational. From what I gather the judge dismissed this but did say something about it being the subject for an appeal court or something....anyone any info on that? Politicians especially should keep their grubby hands off and let the justice system do it's work regardless of the outcome.
  2. Wouldn't you just love to hear "sentenced to 10 years with a right good kicking to be delivered weekly"
  3. Look at the shine on them wee coats! Would love to see a pic of the dam/sire, I'm sure they are handsome dogs. Best of luck with them
  4. If she's anything like the liver cocker bitch that I had (named Abbey)then you will find yourself calling her all sorts of names that I cannot write here lest they be censored 🤣, they really do like to keep you on your toes. I do like the name Pixie, but if you want a few looks when you call her you could go with Agnes or Betty
  5. My father in law was telling me of times during the 1980s where they would have went without meat if it wasn't for having the gun at home and access to land with rabbits/pigeons. Think rabbit was one of the first meats my wife ate...not that she would really eat it now.
  6. Did you have the moderator off the barrel before shooting to see if it was melted before you put 20rounds through it? I really doubt 20 rounds over 45 minutes is going to melt plastic. Perhaps it's quite an old moderator and the plastic has just gotten fragile over time or cleaning fluids have deteriorated it iver time.
  7. I had heard the one thing driving the fish farms around Scotland and Norway was the Chinese demand for Scottish Atlantic salmon. Same with their upper classes demand for whisky. There's no way wee krankie will want to get rid of them with the amount of money she's bound to make from them. I think as they are out in the sea they can still market them as wild salmon to the Asian market
  8. Just wait til some big brute of a woman and her inmates remove his firing pin with a pair of pliers.....or maybe holds him down and gives him a taste of his own medicine with a fake phallic instrument. Women can be vicious
  9. Is it the 4 wheel drive you want or is it the extra ground clearance for puddles etc? Ive driven my 2 wheel drive nissan qashqai on some dirt tracks with little bother. The dacia share similar engines to the qashqai. Ground clearance and decent tyres can make more of a difference than 4wheel drive when it comes to farm tracks
  10. Depends really how and where you plan to install it, if you are piping it into an existing chimney it shouldn't be too difficult, there are minimum gaps you have to have around it for fire safety, but so long as it's sealed then that's what matters. Even easier if you install the flexible stainless steel flue liner as it clips straight onto the stove pipe and then leads to the top of your existing chimney. If you are installing one where you have no chimney, like in a kitchen or dining room then from what I've been told you can install it on a concrete plinth on your floor, then a straigh
  11. If it's found out who done it I'm sure the name for them will be "targets" because I'm sure someone will come after them
  12. A legend of a man.
  13. I'm not sure about the mainland but in NI, handing your certificate over(other than an RFD for buying carts or guns) to be retained by another person would be seen as a breach of your conditions by putting your security at risk. Reason being anyone working on the premises could see your name and address and whatever firearms you hold, they now know where you are and what you have. It's probably something peculiar to NI due to our history though
  14. Weapon handling....I don't know how else to describe a sporting shotgun but the term "weapon" doesn't sit easily with me. A weapon in my opinion is something you have with the intention of injuring or killing a person. As far as an "authorised person" goes, authorised for what? That could be taken to mean someone who is authorised to have a shotgun, for example a certificate holder. Or it could mean someone the boss of the range has authorised to supervise a shooter... that doesn't necessarily mean that they are a certificate holder themselves, merely that someone on the range is going to
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