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  1. You would be surprised how little wear it takes. Remember the cars weight is on top of it and not just what you can feel with the mark 1 hand. I had to replace a CV joint on my nissan qashqai, the noise from it was horrendous and when I was checking it there was probably less that 10thou of lateral play that I could move with my hands but with the weight of the car on it I suspect it was much more play
  2. I would be checking the track rod ends for any play. That's a lot of wear for just the tracking being slightly out. With only replacing one control arm you can upset the balance of things. Its always recommended that you replace both. I'll guess the one with the most wear was the side that wasn't replaced. Another culprit could be wheel bearings
  3. When I was doing a building engineering course after I left school part of the course was on town planning and development. As well as going through a lot of the current regs as regards planning etc we were also told a lot of it meant very little as a lot of business developments still got approved via the old brown envelope under the table in a quiet pub. Here's hoping you win over all as I've seen some monstrosities being built in my local area and I've wondered how the hell the planning authorities passed them
  4. Funny you say that I was told one of my local RFDs apparently can hardly give away SxS's at the minute. But seeing as they are a clay ground they probably deal more with clay shooters who shoot game with an over under. The other local RFD I sometimes deal with would likely sell more as he's more a traditional country sports shop. I firmly believe everyone should have at least one SxS in their cabinet. Does that sound odd coming from a man just coming 35yrs old considering lots of shooters see them as old fashioned nowadays compared to the over under sporter?
  5. My mistake 54 years old haha I had just woke up when I sent that.... I'm working night shifts at the minute and my brain function isn't what it should be when I wake up! The place is a local clay ground/gun dealers and probably one of the best prices around for guns and getting work done in northern ireland that doesnt involve a bit of a drive away.
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. I would just feel more comfortable with the chokes eased out so I'm taking less of a risk with a 64yr old gun. I think the recommendation was no more than half choke, got in contact with the local place today as they are closed Monday's and they have quoted about £30 A barrel, that's honing them through from the chambers to the muzzle. They also have a wee hatsan magnum in stock for a good price so my wee over under might get a trade in. I love the videos TGS have done with Nick Horten, very honest and he does try out high pressure i think with a ugartechea and ends up with a slight bit of barrel damage Just to be clear I'm not even considering running high pressure steel through it.
  7. That's what I was thinking. Needs to be concentric in the bore an all that, being from an engineering background myself I definitely don't want to let some bubba at it who managed to buy some reamers. Problem with over here that I've had experience of is taking a gun in and the guys just saying no you would be better buying another gun... in other words they want to sell you something rather than sort out what you have
  8. So with the recent announcement regarding lead shot I now need to look at getting my aya yeoman chokes opened up to take steel as it's a gun I don't want to get rid of. Anybody know how much it would cost to have this done? They are sitting at standard half and full at the minute. I'm in northern ireland and we don't have as many gunsmiths about that can perform these mods.
  9. The main reason wildflowers aren't still crying is because they would be lucky if they shot 50-100 cartridges each a year whereas think of the pigeon decoyer/pest controller who could rattle out 300+ in a session never mind over the course of a year
  10. There's no point in saying this is not a ban it's just a request to transition. You can bet your backside the government have already seized upon it and are going to sign it into law asap as the major organisations support it they can expect little in the way of backlash and as it can be deemed as a green thing to move away from lead then it's easy as a point scoring exercise. A transition in 5 years? They have literally written a penalizing law and handed it to the government. Absolute bootlickers the lot of them
  11. But bismuth was proved to be the lead alternative that any shotgun could use was it not? But this is going to end up in a rather interesting court case i reckon because theres no point saying that any gun can use standard steel so long as its not choked more than half but remember one manufacturers half choke might be tighter than anothers. And an old gun that just scrapes through on wall thickness so legally in proof might still blow up because the proof refers to lead ammunition
  12. So that means no not really then and your gun is not covered for the damage caused. Because it could be argued that you were negligent in using steel in a gun not proofed for it
  13. It's kinda a kick in the teeth for people like me who can just about afford to shoot as it is. My guns are both half and full choke, a 1960s aya yeoman and a 1980s sarasketa over under. Both guns in no way made to shoot steel shot and have very little commercial value and the big point is they were all I could afford so now I will have to go and put almost the same amount of money again in to them to get the chokes opened up. This also runs the risk of going wrong and my guns patterning all over the place. Maybe BASC could subsidise me seeing as they are leading the charge?
  14. So if I had my guns chokes opened to half and quarter to shoot steel is there also not something about steel through half choke being the equivalent of full or super full choke? So with the advice of also reducing the range of your shots and taking a 15-20yd decoyed pigeon with something like that.. is there not a chance of ending up with shredded birds that are no good for eating? Thereby also rendering the "eat what we shoot" argument null and void
  15. A lot of tyre centres and mechanics have a special socket that has a left hand thread inside it, when used with an impact gun it will cut into the wheel nut/bolt and tighten on. Once it's on the impact gun just undoes the nut as it's running counter clockwise to the nut/bolt threads. Very effective. Personally I've removed quite a few with a standard hand drill and some sufficiently large anti social drill bits
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