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  1. I had a 2007 Jimny great little 4x4 reliable and rot free. I drove it for over 150k miles and never used a drop of oil or failed to start. The only parts it needed were a transfer box chain and a engine pulley, the damper fell off. However its one fault is a real pain, the bloody front axle a budget copy of Land Rovers' causing steering wobble (mainly with alloy wheels). I tried everything, pre-loading the swivel pins, fitting a steering damper etc. The final fix was to fit a complete set of good track rod ends. New ones are pretty stiff ie friction and will probably last 25 to 30k before
  2. Generally British guns and most side by sides have a parallel length at the end choke for choke regulating ie reaming. Most over and under guns do not they only have the cone. The cone of a full choke can be as long as 100mm and in this case half choke would then be 50mm etc. There is usually a plain section on a ventilated top rib at the of the barrel that should be a little longer than the choke length. It allows easy choke adjustment by the eclipse method; ie hacksaw. ( if the gun has over 100mm plain section you can bet the top barrel is full choke). The gaps between the barrels
  3. Have you still got them?
  4. The Jimny could have been the best ever 4x4 if it wasn't for that bloody awful front axle. I hope Suzuki have fixed it on the new one.
  5. I'm pretty sure the inertia design is by Breda. Benelli bought the rights to manufacture off Breda.
  6. If the neutral light is working ie switching off and on at the correct time, that means the selector drum is turning and the gears should be engaging. That so, more than likely the problem is then with output shaft, clutch or final drive. Just a daft one; have you checked the chain hasn't jumped off the small front drive sprocket? the one that's tucked away hidden behind an alloy extension of the primary side. And the clutch is gear driven. Dave
  7. Sorry to be a pain, but do you weigh each powder charge or go off the volume alone?
  8. Do you chaps drop the powder charge by volume or weight? Dave
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