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  1. This watch came with my wife's new Samsung phone, she really likes her Garmin watch so this one is unused, still sealed in its packaging. Surplus to our requirements, if anyone on here wants it for £100 including recorded delivery, it might be a nice Christmas gift for someone. If you are close to Huntly in Aberdeenshire you are welcome to collect.
  2. I'm really sorry to hear that, hopefully things will work out better than it might look right now.
  3. Hello, I'll take these please. PM inbound.
  4. Thats not a problem, if no one else takes it in the meantime I will have a look at shipping costs. Barrow is a bit far for me at the moment.
  5. Hopefully you have found something by now, I have found some of my sights but not been able to find this yet.
  6. Hi Smiler, do you already have an idea of postage cost? Where about are you? (I can't see a location so apologies if I'm just not seeing it!)
  7. I'll have a dig in the loft tonight, I have a couple of old sights and sight parts.
  8. Huntly

    Aberdeen theft

    Is there still a Cash Converters on George Street? I was in browsing one day, a few years ago now, and spotted the Dyson vacuum that has mysteriously disappeared from our shared rented (student) house, it had the glued repair I had made so was not just a similar machine! Another possible outlet to check as definitely used to sell rods and reels when I lived there. I hope you get them back wherever they may have ended up in the meantime 🤞
  9. A little update about the George Gibbs, Mark did indeed respond to my query promptly and has told me that I have a 1st pattern Gibbs & Pitt, the 154th made after the patent being granted in 1873. He believes that this gun dates from 1876-1877 and also pointed out that this gun has had its safety converted from the first type, mounted on the stock, to the 2nd type mounted on the action. He also thinks the damage to the action could be repaired, by someone with the correct skills, and submitted for reproof. I hope to pass his way sometime so that I can take the gun to him in person, and if t
  10. Also, the smooth flat plate in the centre of the action is the spring that operates against the underlever, at the front of the action you can see two stress fractures where the force of the spring acts against the action. I dont know if these areas could be repaired by a skilled metal worker using the likes of laser welding, mini TIG or even brazing. Sadly all skills (and tools!) I would love to possess but don't.
  11. Thank you, I will get in touch and ask him. Its a pity I live so far away or I would have taken it in for him to look at in person. I am going to need to get the gun checked over as I don't have the tools to measure the barrel dimensions or the knowledge to appraise a piece of damage to the underside of the action, where a small piece of metal appears to have broken away.
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