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    Shooting, fishing, home brewing, old vehicles, old guns... getting a Lab puppy in March!

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  1. Hello, I’ll take this please. PM on it’s way.
  2. Hello, I’ll be passing through Leeds in just over a weeks time so if it’s still available then and we can find a suitable time I will take it please. However I’m happy to let someone closer or more convenient have it though! 👍 will pm.
  3. Huntly

    Old Whisky

    I don’t know anything about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society but if it’s a 28 year old cask strength whisky it could be something very special, possibly expensive, depending which particular Malt Whisky it is.
  4. Apprentice Electrician. I’ll be 36 next month so I’m doing the adult traineeship rather than the normal apprenticeship. I work all hours I’m offered in order to pay the bills, spend time with my wife and girls on Sundays. Shooting has to be carefully squeezed in!
  5. Yes please, PM on its way.
  6. I’m currently working on a project at Scapa Distillery in Orkney, so Scapa Skiren if you Fancy something without peat or their Glansa if you like a little smokiness. My current favourite though is Aberlour 12 year old.
  7. Berghaus Mule 100 (from 2012) was very good, mine has survived a lot of travelling and still going strong. Unfortunately it looks to have been discontinued now, but if you manage to find a good used one at a fair price it might be worth a look. As has been mentioned above, there is a lot to choose from, so hopefully you’ll find something to suit. Have a look round the outdoor stores, they should have a good selection to look at.
  8. Hello Henry, I’ll take the seatrout box (last picture) please, if still available. Please pm payment details. Thank you!
  9. Sounds good to me! Thanks for everyone’s input. If it’s still available, I’d like it (posted) please. If you pm payment details I can do the necessary this afternoon. David
  10. Good morning, can you please tell me (even just your opinion if possible!) if this would be suitable, i.e. will it go low enough, for prone rifle shooting? I’ve not used one of these so don’t know what the supplied tripod is capable of. Thanks!
  11. That’s a very generous offer, I could make use of these please! PM on it’s way.
  12. Huntly

    Dog run panels

    Depending on what you want and local availability, an old colleague built his dog run using heras fencing panels. It wasn’t the prettiest and I can’t comment on how suitable this is long term but it worked and suited his budget. He asked around the local builders and I think he got some for free as it was getting in their way. It had been galvanised at one point in its life!
  13. Hello, I’m interested in this, my wife keeps saying I need a new jacket... if you can post it, I’ll take it please! Please let me know how you’d like payment.
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