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    Shooting, fishing, home brewing, old vehicles, old guns... getting a Lab puppy in March!

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  1. That looks fantastic, I hope to visit the US someday and do a road trip like that!
  2. Good morning, I unfortunately need to free up some space in my cabinet so offering my AyA No.3 for sale. It is probably best to come and see it face to face for a gun like this, it is well used and wears a lot of history on its wood and metalwork, please study the photographs. It works as it should that is the main thing! All dimensions, chokes, etc, are in the photographs but please ask questions if I have missed anything. I would like £150 for it. I'm located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. I can travel to meet a little way if that helps anyone.
  3. I'll have a 100 if any left! Thank you.
  4. Huntly

    .17HMR rifle

    Thank you to everyone who offered to sort me out with a rifle. In the end a local gentleman has offered me his rifle as he won't be renewing his certificate, just shows how helpful and generous the shooting community can be. All the best.
  5. Hello, I will take these please if still available. I will pm with details.
  6. Huntly

    .17HMR rifle

    Hi Jeff, Thank you very much, I think I am going to be sorted out locally now but will send you a message if all falls through. Cheers
  7. Huntly

    .17HMR rifle

    Hi foxeyes, Thanks, just had a look and it looks good, I have a few to see locally now so will see how they go, otherwise I will be in touch! Thank you
  8. Huntly

    .17HMR rifle

    Thank you very much! That is almost on my doorstep, cheers for the heads up!
  9. Huntly

    .17HMR rifle

    Good morning, I'm in the market for a .17HMR so as well as looking at RFD's I thought I'd see what might be available on here. Ideally if you are in the North East of Scotland that means I can collect face to face but I can get sent to an RFD if need be. I'm after everything except for a scope as I already have that covered. So what have you got? I have slots for rifle and moderator. This will be a tool not a showpiece, so as long as it shoots straight I will be happy. Budget depends on what you have! Thanks
  10. Yes please if still available, I'll pm for payment info, etc.
  11. Huntly

    Pard 007

    I would like this please.
  12. Can I have the .410 slip if still available please? PM on its way.
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