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  1. Towing vehicle 3.5t

    All good feedback, much appreciated. I will try to impart this on my dad! As to wether he genuinely needs 3.5t, not likely but as his trailer can take it he feels he should have the option of required...
  2. Towing vehicle 3.5t

    Good morning. Wondering if anyone has a suitable vehicle they plan on selling soon, my dad is looking for a vehicle to tow his big trailer so he wants something that can tow 3.5 tonnes. 7 seats would be a bonus too and he prefers a manual gearbox but for a good vehicle compromises can be made. Budget is around £2000 as it'll probably be used infrequently so he doesn't want to spend too much on something that will sit unused a lot of the time. He likes the look of long wheel base shoguns and LR Discovery, but not found any suitable (decent condition!) ones for sale locally yet, and is coming around to the idea of a 110 landrover, though I know at that price it'll be a bit of a project I'm sure! Age and mileage are not a huge issue providing the vehicle is in sound condition and has been looked after. This is for road use so an MOT is essential. Just thought I'd try asking other forum members before he rushes out and parts with money for something regrettable. Something around the North or North East of Scotland would be ideal but I can travel further afield on his behalf if necessary, I like an adventure. Send me a message if you have something and I will discuss with him, he is hard of hearing so doesn't use phones anymore. Thank you.
  3. kids cammo

    If it helps, that's NATO sizing. You can get conversion charts online to give you an idea.
  4. Hello, this is my gun so if you want to know more, get more pictures or make an offer please send me a message. I could also be tempted with some 12b cartridges, fibre wad in 6 or 7... or I may just need a bigger cabinet!
  5. 20g and 16g cartridges for sale Aberdeenshire

    Hello, I've sent a PM but very new to the forum so don't know if I did it correctly! I'm off to read all the rules now but got excited about the cartridges!