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  1. Huntly

    Dog run panels

    Depending on what you want and local availability, an old colleague built his dog run using heras fencing panels. It wasn’t the prettiest and I can’t comment on how suitable this is long term but it worked and suited his budget. He asked around the local builders and I think he got some for free as it was getting in their way. It had been galvanised at one point in its life!
  2. Huntly

    Tweed hoody jacket sold

    Hello, I’m interested in this, my wife keeps saying I need a new jacket... if you can post it, I’ll take it please! Please let me know how you’d like payment.
  3. Huntly

    Countryside/gun smith books

    Thank you very much. I’ll try to make good use of them!
  4. Huntly

    Countryside/gun smith books

    Hi 10bore, I’ll take these please. How would you like payment? Thanks.
  5. Hello sweatysock, do you know what year this 1413 was made?
  6. Huntly

    new home for labrador

    I'm too far away or he could have joined my family! Good luck!
  7. Huntly

    BSA no.8 Peephole sight

    It's actually a BSA model 9 that I have and also a BSA Tippins. Might have more bits hiding somewhere, waiting for a rifle I'll probably never get...
  8. Huntly

    BSA no.8 Peephole sight

    I have a couple of old BSA/Parker rear sights, I'll dig them out tomorrow and see what's there... If I remember correctly one is from 1912!
  9. Huntly

    Ford Ranger load bed cover

    Mountain Top lockable tonneau cover with load bars. Was fitted to a 2015 double cab, removed to fit a canopy instead. This is now getting in the way so would prefer to sell (or swap a new model hatsan escort in 12 or 20g) before it gets damaged, has already suffered discolouration due to a leaking bottle of power washer detergent, as seen in last picture. All fittings to attach are included. Collection from near Ellon in Aberdeenshire, north east of Scotland. £400 ono
  10. Huntly

    Cannae Pro Gear Operator Ball Cap - Tan.

    Hello, is this still for sale?
  11. Huntly

    Barbour beaufort wax jacket

    Thank you! ?
  12. Huntly

    Barbour beaufort wax jacket

    Hello, would you accept £35? If that's ok please send me your PayPal details and I'll get payment sent to you.
  13. Huntly

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    We use Hilti at my work, it is used daily for exactly the tasks you described and more, and does a great job. The new cordless Hiltis are Li-ion and also, if I remember correctly, our boss got a deal from the Hilti rep and traded in some older tools against the new stuff. Probably depends on your relationship with your local Hilti shop and how much you spend of course! Further to my last post, I also highly rate makita 18v cordless tools and use these at home!
  14. Huntly

    Percussion Wet Weather jacket large (free)

    That's a very generous offer and if I wasn't so far away I would have snapped it up!