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  1. Can I please have the middle 2 in the top row and last on the bottom row? Please let me know the total including postage. Thank you!
  2. Hello Tim, you don't happen to travel as far as Scotland do you? 🤞
  3. Payment received, thanks for your interest.
  4. Opticron Adventurer Compact Spotting Scope 15-45x60 Comes with soft carry case and table top tripod. Outer cardboard box is sun bleached and a bit battered from storage but the scope itself was kept in a locker at my local SBRC. Bought second hand by me from another PW member a few years ago but my club upgraded to Meyton electronic targets, making this redundant and I have been instructed to 'tidy up... £60 posted please, I'll use recorded delivery. Any questions please ask.
  5. No problem, I've done the same in the past!
  6. The bottom of the advert says the seller is not a pigeon watch member so they won't see your posts. If you click on 'View the full article' at the very bottom, it takes you to the Gunwatch advert. Unfortunately it says its sold.
  7. Apologies for hijacking your thread like this, but what is the first pistol on the list, the Been P17? Thank you
  8. Yes please, PM on its way regarding payment.
  9. Hello, Has anyone got a HW40 or even a HW75 pistol in good working order that they are thinking of selling? Plenty for sale online but if I have one sent to my nearest RFD here in Scotland the costs increase significantly. I'm looking to step up from casual garden plinking to something a bit more challenging. I'd consider other SSP pistols also, what have you got? Cheers
  10. Hi all, just a wee update in case anyone comes across this ad in future, I am now sorted with an FX2000, a big thank you to all who assisted. If anyone has any spares lying in a drawer I might be interested in stocking up for future, or another FX in need of TLC, try me! Cheers, David
  11. Yes please if still available, PM on its way.
  12. Hi Daz, I you check my wanted ad from last week (Webley FX2000) another member had an FAC FX2000 available, didn't specify calibre or if regulated though.
  13. I have a wanted ad for one of these but Sheffield is too far to collect at the moment, oh well 🤷
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