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    Shooting, fishing, home brewing, old vehicles, old guns... getting a Lab puppy in March!

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  1. I’m that case I’ll take it please. PM on it’s way. Thank you
  2. Hello, this would do me fine if still available but as some interest has already been shown, I’m happy to sit in reserve. Thanks
  3. Thank you London Best and Sereremo. I will suggest to him that getting a custom made thread protecter could be a good option in the meantime, and probably not very expensive considering how easy that should be for someone with the right tools and skills. Also good to know I shouldn’t bid for the Breda choke that I’m watching on a well known auction site!
  4. Hello, I’m looking for a bit of advice to help a friend, so wondering if anyone can answer this query. My friend has an old Benelli SL123 that came with only one choke fitted (full choke). This is an externally threaded, extended choke which he finds quite long. He ideally wants to find a shorter choke or even just a thread protecter (to make the gun shorter & easier to get in/out of his cabinet) but we are unsure of the thread used. So far by searching the PW forum I have found that Breda and Franchi have used similar external threaded chokes, but I cannot find a definitive answer as to what will fit the benelli. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and apologies if I’ve missed a glaringly obvious post with this information!
  5. Hello, if nobody local takes it and you don’t mind posting it I’d be happy to pay postage. I’ll PM my address.
  6. Yes please, if it’s still available! I’ll PM for payment details.
  7. Yes please, I’ll take these. PM on it’s way.
  8. Yes please. Will need to be posted so please PM your payment details.
  9. Very nice! I will be keeping an eye on the Holts catalogue in future.
  10. Hello, I’ll take this please. PM on it’s way.
  11. Hello, I’ll be passing through Leeds in just over a weeks time so if it’s still available then and we can find a suitable time I will take it please. However I’m happy to let someone closer or more convenient have it though! 👍 will pm.
  12. Huntly

    Old Whisky

    I don’t know anything about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society but if it’s a 28 year old cask strength whisky it could be something very special, possibly expensive, depending which particular Malt Whisky it is.
  13. Apprentice Electrician. I’ll be 36 next month so I’m doing the adult traineeship rather than the normal apprenticeship. I work all hours I’m offered in order to pay the bills, spend time with my wife and girls on Sundays. Shooting has to be carefully squeezed in!
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