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  1. Received quickly and very happy with them, I'd heard good things about these boots and I am not disappointed, thank you!
  2. Yes please, I'll take these posted. Will PM you for payment details.
  3. I did my DSC1 at the weekend so thought I'd chip in. I have no prior experience and a very limited theoretical knowledge of deer stalking but had enough interest to book myself on the course, I'm glad I did! I can understand why some say doing the DSC1 is not important, but in my case it was. I have a far better understanding of what deer management entails and what to expect during a woodland or hill stalk. The best bit for me was that the class was such a diverse mix of the inexperienced like myself right up to professional stalkers who have now been put on the course by their employers. Chatting with the experienced guys may well have opened up future opportunities to get out on stalks with them, they certainly seem keen to pass on their knowledge and appreciate that there are others willing to learn. The course instructors, in this case at least, were passionate about all aspects of deer management and are more than happy to recommend ways into stalking. The easiest option appears to be get yourself booked on a paid stalk to put the theory into practice! The course I attended was organised by the BDS.
  4. Huntly


    I was faced with the same choice a few years ago after redundancy, I decided that getting a trade would hopefully mean never being out of work again. I looked at all the trades but found it hard to get a start with any of them due to being older. I eventually found a position as an adult trainee electrician. Up here in Scotland this means completing the same academic training as the younger apprentices, but only attending college one day a fortnight, very little teaching so you are effectively left to self teach using the coursework and online materials. I did all my practical learning on the job. I personally found it extremely difficult to balance my work, family life and also complete the required college work. I imagine that the younger lads have it easier due to having block release to attend college but as an adult trainee my hourly rate is considerably more than a normal apprentice which is very important for paying the mortgage! I should have sat my final assessments by now but still waiting because of Covid. I still have a busy job so getting the qualification is not vital but will be nice to attain that title, along with a pay rise! Whatever you choose to do, as long as you are prepared to have a few years of extra work until qualified, you will be fine. Good luck!
  5. Yes please, let me know how you would like payment sent. PM inbound.
  6. Huntly


    If it is for close range in a confined area, would a pistol (PCP) be an option?
  7. I'll upload pictures here, so others can chip in with any information or advice. It's been a few years since I last researched these. First picture shows one of the BSA No.9 variants. Second No.9 BSA Tippins Westley Richards
  8. Hi Mike, it's not on your list but if any use to you I have another BSA No.9, two different variants its seems, a BSA Tippins and a Westley Richards, though I cannot find a specific model. The fixing plates are for a Lee Enfield I believe but I've yet to have the please of owning one to find out, but are you looking to use on a martini action? The BSA Tippins is a fixed aperture, also marked BSA Parker. The Westley Richards and No.9 sights have threaded, removable fixed aperture peep sights so could possibly be adapted similarly to Ditchmans? Let me know if anything is any use to you.
  9. Can I please have the middle 2 in the top row and last on the bottom row? Please let me know the total including postage. Thank you!
  10. Hello Tim, you don't happen to travel as far as Scotland do you? 🤞
  11. Payment received, thanks for your interest.
  12. Opticron Adventurer Compact Spotting Scope 15-45x60 Comes with soft carry case and table top tripod. Outer cardboard box is sun bleached and a bit battered from storage but the scope itself was kept in a locker at my local SBRC. Bought second hand by me from another PW member a few years ago but my club upgraded to Meyton electronic targets, making this redundant and I have been instructed to 'tidy up... £60 posted please, I'll use recorded delivery. Any questions please ask.
  13. No problem, I've done the same in the past!
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