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  1. Well a update on my dad. There is literally no one that can explain how my father voted in the 2016 election. This was his first election in his entire life he has ever voted in. He did get switched from registered Democrat to registered Republican though. But according a his voting record a ballot was cast in his name in the last election. My ballot has still not been counted but apparently they stop counting ballots if the ballots left can’t mathematically change the outcome. So I am not sure.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but to in the white just means no engraving or finish does it not? The whole point is so you can have it custom engraved.
  3. We were 15 years old and had just come in from hunting. We sat down on the couch at my friends house and decided unto watch some movies. I started walking down the road to my house to grab a DVD and put my rifle away. I heard a gun shot when I was about halfway to my house( about 300 yards away). I go in my house and grab a stack of dvds and as I walk back I can hear ambulances in the distance. I walk in to find my 15 year old school mate dead In the floor. When I left my friend leaned a SKS rifle against the ottoman. Another friend went to the kitchen to get a snack. When the sks fell my
  4. Well, right now I have the spring diverted into a 1.5 in pipe to trying to dry the creek bank out a little. I spent the day clearing brush pushing over trees and digging stumps. The creek bed it still a little muddy but at least the biers and trees and gone where the pond will be. I want to start stripping the top soil and laying the core trench for the damn next weekend.
  5. Yep golden rods! That work amazing well. The American made ones last forever.
  6. The craziest thing is republicans won big in the house and senate. But apparently people voted Republican in the house but voted for Biden on the same ballot. Nobody did that. I promise it didn’t happen. Remember that dominion voting machines that got caught switching Trump votes to Biden? Here is locations that also use Dominion
  7. Liberals on Monday, it’s only 2600 votes. Tuesday their like it’s only 1700 votes. On Wednesday they are like there is no fraud.
  8. Yes. I work in the plastic industry but I am a machinist in the tool and die department. Making hydraulic cylinders are a large part of my job.
  9. Biden as screamed higher corporate taxes and free trade since the beginning. I have heard higher ups in the company talk about how current regulations and and tax incentives saved the company. I least I was smart enough to pay every thing off and put some back. The last 3 years have been amazing. In my entire life I have never seen customers bidding for stuff we haven’t produced yet. It’s always been we will pay X. Take it or leave it. It got to where companies were out bidding each other to buy what we produce. Companies around here were desperate for employees and was paying twice th
  10. After having as much work as we wanted for the last 3 years several of our big companies at work cancelled next years orders. One company said it was so they could better evaluate their customers future buying habits. They other company said they are expecting a cooler sales for the next few seasons. Luckily after the last 3 years of stacking money like it was going out of style we will be alright for a year or two. The wife has her medical degree and can go back to the hospital to work if she has to. I have already heard rumors of layoffs coming.
  11. The left has already started claiming pedophila as a sexual orientation and says it should be protected. The video of him pinching the little girl breast is very unnerving. Some of the videos can be traced back to a different time when you could kiss another mans wife on the cheek, or play with a little girls hair. But the very intentional breast strokes are not.
  12. Hopefully we see more charges like this https://youtu.be/S8JK8ju7gUs
  13. No, but it’s just a small clerical error that would not effect the overall election. As all of the little inconsistent errors.
  14. They did move the votes to from Trump to Biden. This was even reported by CNN.
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