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  1. It’s medium length really. It’s a 39in barrel. American long rifles ran from 32-48in. They look longer then they really are because compared to the Brown Bess they a very slender making them look longer. The English bess was something like .75in cal and 11lbs. These are 32-50cal and 6-7.5 lbs. lighter and superior range to the Brown Bess but the the the tight fitting ball was very slow to reload. The Bess could fire 2.5 rounds to the long rifle.
  2. I casted some balls today. I ordered 50lbs of explosive grade potassium nitrate, 10lbs of sulfur. Going to the farm this weekend to cut some cedar trees to make up some blackpowder.
  3. 911 ruined air travel for me. I cringe every time I get on a plane. America’s TSA is the worst and most inefficient security have ever in countered.
  4. Our hunting season over hear starts two weeks early for non gun weapons. So if you hunt with bow/spear/muzzle loader you can hunt two weeks early on public park land. I have never hunted primitive before. I will try to take a white tail deer this year as soon as I’m confident I can make a clean shot with it. Absolutely I’m going to try it on a white tail this week.
  5. Found a little something on my porch that wouldn’t fit in the mail box. Really excited for this one. I cleaned up a old flintlock a while back and I caught the bug. The accuracy on my old rifle was poor. It’s barrel was pitted up pitted real good. So I picked up a pedersoi long rifle.
  6. Wonder if there will legislation regulating the quiver capacity in Norway now.
  7. Yeah the Anderson videos look nice but I’m sure the terrorist didn’t have Anderson ability and was using a bow with more then 20lbs draw weight. I don’t want to use the words impressive but more unbelievable that he shot 7 before getting taken down. I feel like a person with a bow running around would be easy to spot. It’s not a small revolver.
  8. I guessing it’s world news by now but didn’t see a thread on it. Hard to fathom a guy with a bow could pull that off. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/norway-bow-and-arrow-suspect-had-been-reported-for-radicalization-11634206917
  9. Can you carry tasers or pepper spray? If not wasps spray is actually more effective the pepper spray and more effective so I hear.
  10. I carry my Remington Spartan 12g/223 when I walk the farm. I found a company in Alaska that makes adaptors. It sounded like a scam because you mail the money order and they mail you adapters. No CC or online ordering. But being only $24 I gave it a chance. I got the 223 to 22lr. So now I can shoot 22lr/223/12g in the same gun. At 25 yards CCI standard hits in the same hole as 223. I will stretch it out farther this weekend when I go to the farm. But it’s well worth it if you carry a 223 bolt or single shot. I’m going to order the 22mag to 22lr, the 22-250 to 22lr, the 308 to 7.62x39. I will let you guys know how that goes. The company, http://mcaceak.com/adapters.html Hear me out. Get the 22/250 to 223, then 223 to 22mag, then 22mag to 22lr. So you could fire many rounds out of you 22/250 😂
  11. The back stop is barrels filled of sand with about a foot of wood chips. The steel top is from when my son was younger he would sometimes shoot high. But it is at a 45 degree angle. The bullet hit the hanging rubber target because I saw to swing. I was shooting at 25yards. It hit with enough force to sting about like a airsoft rifle.
  12. Hitting some of the self healing targets in the back yard. 22lr came back and hit my leg. They where hanging so not sure why it came back. It didn’t hurt all that bad, but it’s weird it happened.
  13. It all about location. If I moved two hours west I could live like a king on 120k a year. But two hours west I’d be working at a gas station making $15 an hour. It’s called the big city retirement plan. Work in the city. Make more money and buy a more expensive house. Sell house for 500k and buy (5)100k houses in country. You then have 4 rental houses.
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