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  1. I don’t understand the boil your rabbit youthism but I’m sure she could talk me into it. Because I have done some really weird stuff with girls nowhere near as attractive.
  2. She is really funny also.
  3. It’s the cost for me. A .25 pellet is the same cost as a 22lr. My son and wife just wasted of a 500rd tin of 22 pellets since this morning and it only costed me $6 usd.
  4. Mailman came today, seems a little weaker then I had hoped but I’m happy with it. I watched enough hunting videos to where I feel I can make a ethnical kill. My cousin is going to get one and we are going Iguana hunting in the fall.
  5. Anna Kendrick is hot, this is all I have to add to this conversation.
  6. I like shooting in large groups, but 90% of the time we are in the front yard of someone’s house and it is very informal. The city park has a few stands and it’s really cheap but they have a one shooter per stand rule. But I honest prefer to have someone to shoot against and long as people are honest and call the shots correctly. You know if you hit the clay but some people will call it even though the clay broke a second before they even fired.
  7. Over here .177 and .22 is available at grocery stores. To get .25 you would have to order online or drive to a sporting good store.
  8. I know some travel planners have taken Brazil off of their booking spots. But honestly Brazil seemed safer then Haiti.
  9. Beautiful piece of land you have.
  10. Can you get SPYPOINT over there? I have five of them. And the best part in the USA each camera sends 100 free pictures a month. I don’t spend anything on data except the one that faces the driveway as I run out of free pictures halfway through the month but I have it on the 10$ unlimited plan. But I could actually get away with the 300 pictures for $3 plan.
  11. I had a raccoon terrorizing my coop a while back, I got him though
  12. That sucked, I have fired a handful of those slap rounds before and they scared me. I they are way louder and throw a much bigger flash then standard FMJ.
  13. 😂, to be honest when ever I mentioned an air gun to my friends over here they look at me weirdly and ask, You a felon now? Not many people into them over here. It might even be against the law to hunt with, I’m really not sure.
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