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  1. I think my pull cord is 25ft. So which one of you guys going to stand down range and pull it?
  2. I am honestly not sure I could hit a moving one at that distance.
  3. Oh they aren’t going to be flying. I’m plan on glueing about 50 to a piece of plywood. My two doubts is will the pattern even hit at 130 yards and if it does will it bust.
  4. Or people that wants the most ergonomic rifle on the market.
  5. Add glitter to the paint, that’s the only way to stop them from murdering someone.
  6. Ok, this weekend I’m shooting clays at 130 yards. I will get back to you guys. I have some 6 shot that says long range express on them. I’m going to break out the full chokes and see.
  7. I wouldn’t call breaking glass vandalism if I own the glass. I call it shooting trash. You are not limited to modern sporting rifles. It’s also fun with shotguns, bolt actions, and hand guns. My guns are defense tools. They are no more dangerous then a hammer. If you are worried that you might murder someone with a hammer then you shouldn’t own one.
  8. I have 4 of the K2Os on my Tacoma. They are ok but seem to be wearing quickly. They are pretty awesome looking though. Probably the best looking tire of that matters.
  9. I’m all for a protest but when you restrict the right of free travel then in needs to be crushed. I’d love to see a good ol fashion charge of heavy horse,
  10. Why? What’s different from shooting glass windows vs shooting a glass bottle? Clay shooting in essence is throwing clumps of pressed dirt into the air to shoot at. Should clay shooters be barred from gun ownership?
  11. I was hunting a dove field a few years back and there was hunters about 100-150 yards on the other side. We got peppered a few times. It stings a little but it bounces off skin.
  12. This. In America Daikin has a good reputation. They are known as the best of the ****ty mini splits. Lots of people use them at the coast because they down what to spend money on a Mitsubishi only to have it rust out.
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