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  1. For under 60k USD the new corvette looks amazing. But then I remember that’s 1/3 of the value of my house.
  2. They are waiting every morning for the corn to be thrown out. Don’t want to blast them as the smell of blood and and death might keep the deer away.
  3. I am shocked The NY Times published that.
  4. Yeah, it became a euphemism to anything wanting to do you harm. It was a good thing. It got people to stock up on medical supplies, ammo, generators, and other disaster supplies.
  5. The second amendment has nothing to do with protecting your home from evasion. It is to secure the right of the free state. But our Supreme Court has ruled To the right of self defense.
  6. America can defeat and army in the world as long as they wear a uniform. But the second the uniform comes off America will defeat itself with rules of war and civilian rights.
  7. No one believes in zombies. On a huge American gun forum it was banned from talking about fighting Government forces. So the code zombies started being used. That spun off into to whole zombie apocalypse phase that swept the county a few years back.
  8. Yes, the harrier was perfect for that conflict. It offered air cover off of short affordable carriers.
  9. To me the harrier is like the f4 phantom. Great preforming plane but lacking in the looking cool factor. When it comes to fighter planes, looking cool is more important then function😎
  10. The most amazing thing ever is seeing a F22 or F35 take off and go straight vertical. I was blown away at the last air show I went to.
  11. The shelves are empty over here in North Carolina.
  12. I would like to have a replica 1787 garandoni. Luis and Clark took one west when he mapped the USA. It would put a one inch hole in a pine board at 100 yards
  13. Plus another thing is Americans use guns as social thing. When neighbors come over you break out guns. Say you have a child’s birthday. At some point the guys sneak off to pop some rounds off. Every heard of BBQ guns? It’s what you where to neighborhood get togethers. It’s like a Rolex. You open carry it so everyone can see and comment on it. Google BBQ guns to see some beautiful guns.
  14. Honestly it’s conservative culture. It’s perfectly normal to have a year or two of food put back. But in a tense senerio food can’t be cut off as easily as ammo
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