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  1. We are drawing almost 2k a week on unemployment. The wife and I both get the max of $980 a week or $1960 for both of us. $350 state a each and $600 federal each. Plus $2900 ($1200 per adult and $500 for a kid) a month economic bonus for the next two months. Our health insurance will be %100 covered up to 3 months. So for the next two months we will draw $10,740 tax free. 😁 And America has land for days if you get away from the cities. It ranges from $100 per acre in Utah to $1500 per sqft. Our system is broken😕. Sometimes I wonder why we even go to work every day. Over here you can wake up one day and desire not to work anymore and the state will feed you, clothe you, put you in a house and give you a little spending cash.
  2. Small world Copy paste straight from the law, you can buy the day you get a free card: A green card holder can purchase firearms and ammunition. ... However, legal permanent residents aka green card holders are not considered nonimmigrants under the ATF regulations. Green card holders are permitted to buy and purchase firearms and ammunition.
  3. This is very true. Out of the city we don’t lock doors, we take our hats off for funeral lines, you never turn away a guest and always offer food. Elders are respected, youngsters will get whipped when out of line, and you don’t cuss in public. If you see your neighbor working on a project you always give a hand, and never charge interest on a loan.
  4. People run dogs but I’m don’t know of any competitions. But that’s not my think so I really wouldn’t know. Im actually on the border between NC and SC in Charlotte.
  5. Oh that’s a nice state. I’m in North Carolina I I have thought about moving south. The taxes are cheap and people are friendly. There are a few parts that have the urban problems but it’s a nice overall.
  6. What part of the US? If you spouse is approved for a work visa then you will be also.
  7. The cheapest I have seen is 99cent per gallon. But on the news Wisconsin is down to 87cent in some places and is average around 95.
  8. Love it. I am somewhat of a fire bug myself
  9. So if you are a duke or of importants can you own and carry a pistol?
  10. I always assumed the spearmen are decorations and there are snipers in the towers. Or have guns hidden. At 1:20sec check out the body guard with fake arms.
  11. I always assumed the spearmen are decorations and there are snipers in the towers. Or have guns hidden.
  12. 😂 give us time. My cousin challenged me so now I’m got my wheels turning on a pistol. I’m looking at the Ruger Hunters with a Trijijcon SRO.
  13. I’m work nights and I’m out of work also.
  14. We are teaching ourselves long range pistols. We started at 100 yards and this is bulk trash ammo but once we learn our holds we we move fro 12in gong to 6in. It’s as accurate as can be with a 4.5in barrel.
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