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  1. Off topic but this little guy keeps finding his way into my back yard. I didn’t shoot any does last year so I don’t think he was orphaned. I think he got abandoned. He is larger now but he is in my back yard about every night when I get home. He jumped the fence when he was small and couldn’t jump out.
  2. The pro is a little smaller then the comp4s but they are still large. I would do the t2. But you could also look into the leupold delta point. I have a 20in shotgun with one and it’s nice.
  3. I love aimpoints. I have the pro, t2, comp4s. They are excellent for instinct shooting with both eyes open. The comp4s is a little bulky But the t2 it small sleek. The battery life is still 5 year always on. Not as good as the comp4s 8 years on but good enough.
  4. I watched the coal barges go up the river here and it gives me anxiety. I prefer open ocean.
  5. The 7/8 has been extremely accurate for me. The bpi ones are to expensive for me.
  6. The 7/8 are very accurate and fly true in smooth bore. I get about 2-3in group at 25 yards and can ring a 12in gong at 100. The 1oz tumbles without a rifled choke. I don’t do anything with the powder charge so it’s the standard bird shot load. If your only buying one mold get the 7/8oz. I am looking hard at a 357 mold. I’m thinking about picking up a 5in Ruger vaquero.
  7. I bought 4 pallets of colored hairspray at auction. I took a tube with a nail in the bottom. Rigged up a tazer to a circuit switch to ignite it. So you drop the hairspray can in the tube like a mortar. The nail punctures the bottom of the can as the tazer arcs to ignite its. It fires out the tube like a rocket. I also made my son a blackpowder cannon. It’s fun. Still need to make a little carriage.
  8. We made them out of pipe and stun gun for igniter.
  9. Well darn, I thought I was about to learn a new word that would revolutionize the way I cuss.
  10. I use over shot card on the one oz slugs and none on the 7/8oz m Making 00buck, I use an old star crimp on the buck to get 9 pellets. I am hauling trash off this weekend. I have this weird hobby where I blow holes in stuff before it goes to the dump.
  11. Spent some time making slug and buck from birdshot. My homemade cutter. I cast the slugs
  12. I am trying to figure out what cuss word is c**p.
  13. Honestly, they don’t land outside of cities to shoot them. They have learned that masses of buildings mean fries, and chips on the ground. Companies hire dog handlers to deal with them.
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