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  1. I feel like 20-30 guns is enough in a apocalypse 😂
  2. 😂 truth, luckily in our current gun shortage I been selling stuff left and right for 3 times what I paid for it.
  3. Love it Most of our nice sxs had the barrels sawed off at some point.
  4. Didn’t we dock a space craft to an asteroid a while back. Going to Mars really don’t seem hard. I think China confirmed the moon landing via satellite. Via Chinese satellite
  5. They are buy name. The latest ones and not made by Colt. They buy parts and assembled them. I collect Colt Ar15 going from 1978 to 2018. I have zero desire to get a new one. Some of my colts. They have been over 35k each for a while now.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what are the trump policies that you all don’t agree with?.
  7. All part of the natural cooling and heating of the earth.
  8. Colt unionized, and like all companies that unionize the quality suffers.
  9. Wasn’t there a theory that a military sub hit it by accident or something.
  10. I knew it was over when the Democrats got caught faking evidence. Even the Democrats where like why are we here.
  11. Looks good, it would had meant more had you went to the ex’s house and took hers from her.
  12. We got a few Aldis and they are cheaper then Walmart. But Walmart I can get underwear, a gun, beef, house paint, and new tires and a oil change all in one trip. You pay about little for the convenience of a all in one stop. They have restaurants, nail salons, and banks in them now also. They have a really good business model. Lol, I’d love to see a liberals face with hand shot on the package. 😂
  13. No, my friend posted it to facebook like it was in stock. I then later found out the store only had one can. They where giving tickets out for a drawing for the chance to buy. But my friend posted it like they had a bunch. I thought the ammo shortage was over because these bulk cans only start appearing in stores when the shortage is over. 😂 I bought a Federal bulk can about two years ago and still have a few thousand rounds left. The federal cans are better because they are in 20rd boxes in the can not loose packed. The federal cans are 12,000 rounds. Ehh it’s alright. Front
  14. In one year I will be unemployed and not able to buy food so don’t feel bad. I don’t buy into the free range thing. Their life in a cage isn’t nearly as bad as me cutting them to pieces and sautéing him.
  15. They are like 14k. I got excited because I thought the shortage had rounded the corner, but then I realize that each rural king only got one and the ammo shortage wasn’t really over.
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