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  1. New wall Old wall Then in urban areas there is a tall solid concrete section poured to stop drugs from being passed through.
  2. Yeah, but those states don’t have voter ID laws. So you can walk into the Ballot Box and request a ballot. As long as you say Yes you live in that district they aren’t allowed to question it. You can literally drive from district to district and keep voting. The democrats say voter identification laws are racist because getting a ID for black Americans is to confusing because of the paperwork involved and the $10 charge. Obama won one district by 112% of the population. They are some spots that are metal I beams spaced 4 ft apart to stop cars so it’s hard to call that a fence. But I’m not sure what the exact definition of a wall is but a 30ft tall steel barrier is pretty good deterrent. The wall is designed to slow a smuggler down. They have sensors and cameras that runs the entire length on the new wall with Border control road that runs along it.
  3. Yep, you see large sections of the border is protected by a barb wire fence. So when they tear down 50 miles fence and build 60 miles of 30ft tall 1/2in steel wall in a week the left media reports Trump spends 60 million on 10 new miles of wall this week.
  4. Watching the wall construction is actually pretty interesting there are several companies building it but this company is getting 6 miles a week. They have six teams doing 1 mile each.
  5. It funny to watch left wing media. Headline: Trump not delivered on wall promises, next channel. Headline: Hundreds of miles of recently built border wall devastating local wild life.😂 Headline: New wall as little effect on illegal smuggling across border Headline: Border town economy is devastated as new wall cut off Illegal shoppers coming from Mexico. 😄 The far left controls the Democrat party. Most of the Party is moderate and will not vote for a far left presidential pick. Joe is going to pick a left leaning Vice President and then step down a month after the election.
  6. Oh no, Hillary is going to win by a record setting landslide.
  7. Everyone has heard of Bob Ross. Nobody has heard of Rolf Harris.
  8. I worked with a black guy and he said the funniest thing ever one time. If it wasn’t for slavery I’d been born in Africa. I couldn’t live in Africa, I don’t even own a spear. And what in the hell does a giraffe taste like.
  9. And that’s how you have to look at it. I got a pretty sweet mini cross bow when I ordered fishing weights.
  10. That’s one thing I never understood. Why is 2000 rounds more dangerous the 500? If the system that controls the guns work then why control ammo. CCI ran the mini mag 22lr a few months back for $.03 each. So I bought 10 cases. That same ammo is $.10 each currently. That’s 3 times the cost. You should be allowed to stock up when it’s on sale.
  11. Yeah it’s getting that way now. 223 steel was $180 USD shipped per 1000 pre covid. Now the same cheap plinking ammo is $250. I refuse to pay that so I keep 30-50,000 rounds bought up so I buy on sale and shoot through the ammo shortages.
  12. I get about 90% of the stuff I order from wish. I’m disappointed about 75% of the time. But it’s fun to play own. I get stuff all the time that I forgot I ordered.
  13. Oh they are always screaming to confiscate guns. But they also live in gated neighborhoods with armed security.
  14. Not sure where they bought them as the stores are empty. 😂. I have several friends wanting to buy their first gun but can’t find what they want in stock. The fun part about the 8 million figure is that’s how many background checks where called in. But 1 check doesn’t mean 1 gun. If a person buys 5 guns on the same day from the same dealer then the dealer only has to call it in once. Since there is no gun regisrations the ATF doesn’t know how many are sold. Plus if you have a concealed carry license then you are not called in at all as you are exempt.
  15. It doesn’t appear she knew how to work the Walter pistol. But he on the other hand had some training by his handling of the rifle. Being a old A2colt I’m going to assume he has owned it for a long time and as not very many of the old school guns are in stores anymore. They where all torn down for parts to build new style sleek carbines with optics and flashlight.
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