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  1. The main reason behind trump’stariffs is not to protect jobs as much as it is to keep steel production in the USA. You don’t won’t to have to buy you weapon materials from your potential enemy.
  2. Trump tariffed Chinese steel. We are seeing our industry grow like crazy.
  3. I went with more of a pile **** on top of quickly thrown together bench theme.
  4. I’m not sure if they can ship to the UK but I get lots of good deals from this place. That price is reusing brass.
  5. I read the title as peasant chicks. I wondered in here to hope to see cute girls in dirty clothes. I guess maybe we can still save this thread.
  6. So ordered some magnets that hold a few guns to the wall. I ordered ones that a 71lbs pull. I honestly can barley get them off. I ended up putting some rubber on them as they would grab my guns and slam them into the magnet. I’m going to reorder them in the 35lbs pull. These are so strong that my guns are magnetic after removing them.
  7. Lol, I’m the US the news want point out crimes with Black men. They call them youths.
  8. I have had a beard since 8 grade lol. Not much on top of my head though. I look like a 6ft tall dwarf from lord of the rings.
  9. Take a 1/4 thick kabar and razor it. More blood then I expected but damn it makes you fill like a man.
  10. I am on a over/under page on Instagram and this came across. The story was that a guy was walking with these in a book bag. Is there a no tool rule? This is fake right?
  11. Nice, the US has thousands of miles of hunting land but you have to hike 5 miles off the road to even see a deer on public land. By then you are tired and don’t want to drag the deer out. Can you eat a wallaby?
  12. It’s not hard to get a suppressor in North Carolina. But it’s taxed at $200 plus 7%. Took me 6 months from paying to pickup. Trick is to file the paperwork and forget about it. It’s dumb that a suppressor is taxed like a full auto machine gun or a hand grenade though. I would love to own a hand grenade but the $200 tax scares me off.
  13. Welcome, I am a bird hunter from North Carolina. I ended up on here after getting into bird hunting and zero American forums for the hobby.
  14. Get into old cars, you will never worry how spend your time again.
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