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  1. Been thinking about getting a coyote wheel chair. They are 13k but are covered 90% by health insurance in the USA. Trying to figure out how to get a doctor to write me a prescription for one with two good legs. Best part is since they are wheel chairs you can run them in the parks, grocery stores and anywhere else standard ATVs are banned. 140mile per charge and top speed of 22mph. But I have heard you can get 45mph if you reprogram them. You can drive to town, ride around a store and hit trails on the way back.
  2. Fish hook in a wad of rags then put a shop vac on the other side. Suck it through like a bank teller
  3. Some states yeah, George Bush banned lead over water back in the 90s but left it to individual states to end it. Some states it’s minimum 60days in jail plus forfeit you guns and vehicles you drove to the game land. Some states is a $25 fine. Not sure in NC, we had game wardens walk up on us to look at our hunting license but never checked the shells. They will pull the shells out of auto guns to make sure we only have 3 in the tube. We also have a 3 shell in the gun limit to give birds a sporting chance. This law is strictly enforced by the hunting community. Other hunters will run you out the parks if you a suspected of have more then 3 shells in the gun. You can get special crop protection permits for full magazines but people look at you evil eyed. But the City of Gastonia NC put their skeet throwers right on the edge of a pond. Can’t hunt with lead over water but we can shoot clays with it.
  4. Over hear in North Carolina, they banned lead for water fowl when shot over bodies of water. Everyone still uses it though.
  5. Not sure if it’s saber rattling but lots of talk on the Radio that the US Air Force has a operational B21 Raider next gen bomber plus 6 more in the final stages of production. Last week they were talking about they had a 6 gen F/A XX fighter in testing stages. The F/A XX is going to replace the F22 Raptor. Supposedly the B21 Raider is leaps ahead of the B-2 stealth bomber also. It looks pretty cool. Normally we don’t hear about new technology until it’s on the news in the Middle East. So all the talk about a brand new Bomber and Fighter is more then likely Ukrainian inspired. Two generations ahead in stealth and the ability to strike anywhere in the world from New Mexico.
  6. Speaking of art work I thought the was funny. Incase you don’t get the reference this is a photo of Hunter and his crack pipe
  7. It’s literally what has happened, in fact I will take it a step farther. Say your are a Ukrainian energy expert and a new prosecutor from a anti corruption force starts investigating you and your company so your dad the Vice President of the United States threatens to with hold US aid millions until the prosecutor is fired and then slips up on camera bragging about it. So the next President asks for information on the context of what happened and then the Congress holds impeachment hearings on the new President. This is all a hypothetical conspiracy theory off course but anyway here is a video of Joe Biden bragging about with holding US aid from the Ukraine until the prosecutor got fired. https://youtu.be/UXA--dj2-CY
  8. Tanks are a small part of the machine. Think of a military as a car. The tanks are the wheels, the head lights are the Air Force, the infantry is the gas tank, and the engine is public support. With out tanks the car can’t move forward without headlights you can’t see. You need them all
  9. Here is a completely hypothetical situation. Pretend your a political figure, you arrange to have a billion in aid from your country sent to the Ukrainian to help them out. Then a year later a government funded gas company hires your son to advise them on how to run the company with a million dollar a year salary. Then a few more companies by some of your sons art work for a few million and the companies donate your sons art work to museums for tax right offs. This is all hypothetical. On a completely unrelated subject has anyone saw the latest Hunter Biden paintings, they are really bad, he better hang on to his day job as a Ukrainian energy expert.
  10. Little to none, Ukrainian is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Nobody cared when the Ukrainian government was indiscriminately shelling Donetsk and Luhansk.
  11. So on top of the first 7 billion congress gave to the Ukraine they just decided to rob another 13.7 billion from us American tax payers to give them. So I’m sure we will see more people getting caught at airports with suitcases of money in the near future. We could have secured our borders with 4 billion but we didn’t have the money. America could have bought 300 F35 fighter planes and moved them to Poland and it would have been more of a threat to Russia then this waist. I’m done.
  12. Your looking at Russian tanks. In Iraq the Abrams tank would take round after round of shoulder fired weapons and keep rolling. In Iraq 9 Abraham were destroyed, 7 by American AirPower friendly fire and 2 broke down and was demolished by their own tank crew. The point is the tank were not destroyed by enemy fire and the crews can home. America armor division with Abraham’s or a German Leopard division would roll straight across the Ukrainian.
  13. In America we are getting fed bull****
  14. 😂, I literally googled the conversation just for you guys
  15. The weird road side stuff you see in Alabama. This is by the high way at the gate to to the NASA Rocket testing center, they are open for tours but since we were in a van carrying 20 guns and about 15,000 rounds of ammo we decided to stay clear of the government compounds
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