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  1. Throw them high and away from you. Don’t slam them down in front you.
  2. I was shooting my friends new side gate 357 Henry last Sunday. It was really weird. At 100 yard steel gongs there was a long delay between firing until the hit. I feel like you could dodge them.
  3. No, the bullet is the heaviest part. The bullet says still and the case explodes into small pieces. The pieces don’t break the skin but you can feel them
  4. I think the one pound jar is $9.99. It’s worth it though. Get you some dukes mayonnaise to make it with.
  5. I heard that was still on the books. I believe it was the only offense that allowed one to be hanged without a trial. If you caught someone in the act then they could be hanged immediately.
  6. Newman’s is ok. But I like the original style made with the powder. Is it available at every restaurant over here. Like mustard
  7. He would have been crucified over here. People take crimes against horses more seriously then crimes against people.
  8. I used to know a guy in the late 90s that would come to America once a year to visit family. He would load an entire suitcase up with ranch powder. to take back to the Scotland for his family and friends. Ranch is my choice 99% of the time. I find it odd you guys don’t love it as well.
  9. They took the paradox rifling out of it ?😦 Why would they do that? I looked for the article and couldn’t find it.
  10. It’s a good place to retire. Liberals spend their whole lives to save up enough money to flee the liberal areas and move to Republican paradises. Unfortunately they vote for the same hightaxes and overbearing government they fled from.
  11. People use stuff like this. It goes on clear and makes is where a camera can’t read the number. I don’t know if it works or not but I have never gotten a ticket in the mail.
  12. When are we getting the specs and pictures of it? My dream shotgun would be a 12g sxs, with the paradox rifling or one smooth bore and one filling rifled.
  13. September 4 for me😞
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