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  1. So the grandson asks if he can have a bug hotel so this mad him laugh
  2. We charge £8 for 50 pensioners, £10 for 50 members and £12 for non members and still make enough to run the club. 12 auto traps and free coffee
  3. Just had a message from W & H Peacock in Bedford, they have a auction on 1st Aug of gamekeeping equipment. There is lots of kit for sale if any members intrested
  4. Just wondered if anyone has a recommendation for a new digital feeder timer for a replacement on one of my feeders, couple on ebay, one called "easy feeder" and another from A1 Decoy Ltd. The feeder currently have a light sensor that has packed up so need to put a new one in and none on ebay seem to be reviewed, so any comments welcome
  5. I just needed 4 new tyres and my local dealer ( F1 Tyres) selling the Michelin Cross tyres the same price as Blackcircle. Then they did a deal to knock £56 off for having 4 tyres so much cheaper and I am supporting local firm. Getting them fitted Monday morning
  6. Problem with Suzuki Jimmy is the seats don’t fold flat so you have to remove them. I Have had a couple of Grand Vitara one for over ten years. Not to big and nice drive
  7. Plan to use my WWGreener 16 bore this season for walk up days. Nice and light and seems to balance over arm better than my o/u .
  8. If you are ever passing junction 14 on M1, I have some that might suit. Newport Pagnell . The twisted ones are £25 most others £20
  9. I have 10 battery’s for feeders and use a trickle charger for them. Just leave them for several days to recharge
  10. I will soon need to replace the tyres on My 2010 Suzuki grand vitara 2.4 and wonder if anyone has some sensible recommendations. currently running Bridgestone dueler HT 687, 225/65 R17 and they are good on road, I need some mainly road tyres that are not noisy on road but better off road. Anyone has a vitara and tried other tyres
  11. There is a article on the BASC website that explains the reasons and what you are covered for
  12. Stimo22

    Static caravan

    We looked at a site in Swanage, and there was plenty of vans for sale. When we discussed the site fees they worked out at over £5000 a year. This would have been ok if we planned to rent it out but not just family use, add the cost of van and we can have several weeks in good hotels for less money
  13. There is a good app called BritishTrees for phone from woodland trust which can identify trees by features
  14. The problem is not getting a new wheel, it is where to put it. I have a 2010 three door vitara and it had no spare wheel. Managed to get one but it would take up the whole boot and to hang on real door would require new door and rear valance as they are different. Now just taking up room in garage. Space saver wheel might fit but if yours is a three door you still need to find a space to fit it
  15. At last finished my box, so posting some updated photos of before and after.
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