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  1. Thought exactly the same, I suppose they need to pay extra staff for working the buttons, but it would be an expensive trip out
  2. I made one from a drawer tray and used some self adhesive magnetic strip mounted on the shelves. Worked quite well and no damage to cartridges.
  3. What grade F because they go from F25 up to F90 and are based on the cost when new
  4. The old “tune by plug colour” no longer applies with modern two stroke oils. The best option would be to join one of the many villiers owners clubs and get there advice or send a email to classic bike magazine for expert advice. I run several of four strokes and got their advice several times
  5. Stimo22


    I had a health check and was told that I need to lose about 1/2 stone to get to the correct BMI , but the nurse doing the test was 6" shorter and at least a stone heaver that me . Had to bite my tongue and say I would.
  6. Tilly hat was the best thing I have brought for shooting. Got it at charity shop cheap but would now buy a new one if I lost current one
  7. Try Axminster tools, I have used them many times along with Tracy’s tools both quality kit
  8. Just had a look on the AGL website under events and the side by side comp is running from Tuesday to Saturday but the cost is £34 for 80 clays. Must be gold plated I assume. And it says there is a prize for 1st place o/u ??
  9. Stimo22

    range bag

    I have a fishing bag from Aldi, been using it for years. They still sell them for about £13 , have a look at the website know several people who use them
  10. Most of the catchers on the net seem to just stop the cartridge ejecting, so you can only use it as a single shot. Any other catchers appear to be large boxes that fit on the side, but hope a user on here has a better solution as I could not find one when I looked
  11. Have a look at the Franchi Affinity, these are basically built the same as Benelli but lots cheaper. Been using one for several seasons with no problems. Comes with 7 years warranty so good deal
  12. We used to run a clay shoot and we had a problem with clays contamination of rape seed. About a dozen members where Cpsa members but when we tried to get help they would not answer emails. Phone call promised a reply but it never came and all contact ignored. Basc offered help and advice and give us quite a lot of support. CPSA even ignored my letter sending all my referee certificates and badges back , not the b**ls to speak to me
  13. Approx 150 vintage shooting times free to collector, these range from 1969-1988 so there is a good span of years. Some of the adverts are really interesting . Plenty of adverts for older guns, especially AYAs Collection only from Newport Pagnell, just off junction 14 M1
  14. Stimo22

    Forum change

    Yes the icons not visible on top, seems a problem
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