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  1. This is a copy of Eley cartridges from 1978 and at that time they only did Maximum in BB,4,5,6 as per photo
  2. Worked for many years in railway engineering, served my time as fitter and turner and we had couple of lathes that turned wheels and axles complete. You actually stood on the tool post to work the lathe. Also had a cross cut table saw to cut wood and the blade stood over 6ft out of the table, when running it was frightening to watch it cut huge logs like butter
  3. Sorry £15 each, oak and stainless sold
  4. Hardwood priests, all hardwood. One is stainless steel with oak, one is brass with boxwood and the other is boxwood with lead filling. These are really tactile and £15 posted
  5. Yes I run a 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 petrol. Great little car, but thirsty but loverly to drive
  6. I have run my duck feeders all season with a battery and solar panel. Been several years and still running well. Just make sure that they are for outdoor use because some are for use inside a car etc.
  7. Belgium , Holland, Denmark and Germany for most shotgun use, but USA and others including UK for wildfowl. Did many duck shooters pack up when the rules change
  8. Our duck shoot did not reduce when we switched to steel shot, and don’t think that any of our members will stop shooting because lead will not be available. I don’t think it is necessary but will not pack in because of it
  9. This will upset many on PW but I have been shooting steel at duck for over a decade and have shot several rounds of clays with a non steel proved Beretta. My average is on par with lead for both, so while it will be a problem with my old 16 bore greener I am not to worried about swooping to steel. Our clay club will have to insist on a paper or quickly degrading wads as we can not have plastic wads but sure that this problem will be overcome. Other countries have had to go down this route and have managed and so will we. I for one will not be packing up because of this. I lost my pistols because of a change in law and this is just a minor problem in comparison. The end is not nigh
  10. Stimo22


    I normally have a few for sale if you are ever near junction 14 of M1 Newport Pagnell. They are between £20-£30. Can not post as find it better for people to try various different types
  11. On eBay they sell a “flexible wire cable Rod tool” in various lengths
  12. There is some shotgun cartridges for sale on Facebook in Great Malvern if anyone in that area is interested. Thought they did not allow it but seems to be on the for sale.
  13. Yes they are bottom ejection and have a safety catch on tang like the mossberg . They are not very common in uk, been looking for one in 16 gauge for some time. I don’t think Browning sell them anymore but may be wrong
  14. Well as a clay club we used to sell Fiocchi but had several that misfired and left a wad stuck in members barrels, so people stopped buying them. We switched to Gamebore evo and have not had any problems
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