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  1. Stimo22

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    I think that I have heard every reason for not wearing glasses and dought that a sign on the notice board covers your legal requirments. However our safety officer has signed that he is responsible for safety and when he sees someone without glasses to use them as required or pack up and leave the site. Most people are happy to comply with the club rules and anyone who does not are asked not to return We are not a profit making ground, just a members club setting up and running it ourselves. But if shooters are not prepared to do as a ground requires then they should not expect to be very welcome
  2. Stimo22

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    We always ask shooters to wear glasses, our insurance would be invalid if someone had an eye injury and was not wearing them. If people are not wanting to put glasses on when asked then they would be told where to go
  3. Stimo22

    Barrel blowups

    We had a load of cartridges from a supplier and had a lot that misfired with just a small bang and the wad was left in the barrel. This has happened to at least half a dozen people and all have heard the result and manage to clear the blockage. Most were on O/U so easy to clear but one was on a auto and lucky it did not feed another round in to chamber as the same could of happened.
  4. Hi All I used to shoot clays with Eley first fibre was cartridges, but they changed and started to leave a lot of lead residue in the barrels of my Beretta. The last batch where so bad that the gun shop sent a lot back to the company. They now sell a cartridge called Eley Select and I wondered if any member has tried them and if they are just as dirty. I not been able to get any to trial but a new shop has opened nearby who sells them and I normally buy 1000 so need some opinions
  5. Stimo22


    Yes 1968 Triumph trw25 and 1986 Honda cb350sg
  6. Hi OB yes here gos Hawthorn,Chesnut/Cherry Top, Hazel/Antler, Blackthorn/Buffalo hprn, Hazel/antler, hazel/antler,blackthorn/antler, hazel/antler, blackthorn/banksia nut, hazel/antler. New photo is twisted hazel, twisted blackthorn and hazel. I have nearly finished making the blackthorn one which is a quite rare find The above should have read ash, blackthorn and haz
  7. I use Danish oil on all of the ones I make, you can use the clear type or use a darker finish if needed. Some books say yes linseed oil but I have found the it stays sticky for a long time
  8. Stimo22

    Auto feeders?

    We have eight auto feeders and they are "Kenco" ones. They spit out the barley in a straight line so we put them on scaffold poles to throw it up the edges. I do not know if anyone still sells them though. There is some videos about on making the spinning ones throw out in one direction but Do not know how effective . I have seen them put on a float and then put out in the middle of a splash so they can run 360 degrees we used to do a rota to feed every day but auto feeders are much better
  9. We have been using the Gamebore silver Stella for some years as the landowner does not want plastic wads used. So it is these or bismuth cartridges. The silver steel are more expensive than plastic wadded ones but as we do not shoot big numbers it is ok.
  10. Stimo22

    Hagen. 16 gauge

    It appears to have disappeared from gunwatch
  11. Stimo22

    Best semi auto

    Swapped my 303 for a franchi affinity because I needed Steel proof to shoot ducks, also 3" chamber. I know beretta did a 3" but quite rare
  12. Stimo22

    New auto

    Franchi Affinity for me , 7 year warranty and made by Benelli . Good quality and half the price of the Beretta
  13. Stimo22

    cross slide vice

    Have a look back in the craft section 27th June was last post in "advice on milling" there are even some videos . I use my lathe to do any milling by taking off the tool post and fitting a 90 deg angle plate and a small vice then putting tool in chuck. It works ok on softer metals but even then struggles on steel.
  14. Stimo22

    cross slide vice

    I have tried this and it does not work, you will get to much vibration and problems with power. There was a post on this same subject not long back with several replys
  15. Stimo22

    franchi intensity

    I have had the Affinity for a couple of years and really pleased with it , put a lot of shells through it with no trouble at all. Couple of friends have now also brought them after trying mine. If the Intensity is anywhere as good you will be OK