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  1. I use a 16 bore for walked up and gave shoots, but not that many about. I would have thought that a 20 bore would be easier to find but will stick to 16
  2. Blimey that’s a lot of money , I hardwired a front camera in my Ford Fiesta and it took me under an hour and it would take me half an hour if I did it again. Just plugged the kit in the fuse box and removed the panel by door and side pillar. Just looked at Halfords, they have fixed price fitting at £35 front or £55 for front and rear, how can £350 be justified
  3. I have used Nextbase in both my car and seem very reliable
  4. We currently have 8 auto feeders for ducks that shot grain out in a straight line. One has broken down and will need a replacement. Has anyone used the spin type pheasant feeders and put a baffle to direct the flow so we can put grain in the water not on bank. If anyone has could they let me know how it went and any problems with Jamming up etc. Have heard they can be brought but can not find supplies.
  5. We get our cartridges recycled, there is a video on the web about it, but we have to pay for it. A builders bag hold 21000 and Laporte take them away when delivering clays
  6. They are a cardboard type cup that all the shot sit in. It just leaves a cardboard deposit. Our land owner does not want plastic wads and even the so called eco wads look like plastic until they break down
  7. I use Gamebore silver steel fibre wadded cartridges for ducks, they are 3” go steel
  8. I have been using Gamebore eco 21g no8 shot and they are the best cartridges I have used. They are about £185 a thousand
  9. I think you would find that there are very few guns not steel proofed. All the big mane guns certainly are
  10. Southams in Bedford have today put up their catalogs for some ammunition. There are lots of lead cartridges in 4 and 5 shot sizes. Would be a good pigeon cartridge if anyone wants any. Never seen quite so much ammo on their auction before and wonder if someone is offloading lead cartridge
  11. Have been on that very cable car and it did get very high in parts. There was a chap on all fours as he could not stand the height.
  12. I had it go to medicert as my health centre said they would not have time, within 4 weeks I had the document delivered. Really good service, thank goodness these are able to do it as our shooting organisations don’t seem to be able or willing to get it sorted
  13. I brought a nextbase camera and a hard wired kit. When it arrived there was no micro fuse box fitting. Emails nextbase and one was sent next post so service was good for me
  14. Please explain if Scotland is so rice with resources and assets why they want to go back into the EU . Is it because they believe they will get net gain from them or will they be a net contributor like the UK was
  15. I know several Scots who live in England who do not want the union to split, but they have had to move south for a better income. They don’t see that good a future to indept
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