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  1. Not sure why anyone should complain about the fuel tank size, drove down to south coast and back two weeks ago 320 mile on a tank
  2. I had a 1.4 petrol fiesta and was concerned that the 1.0 Eco would no be as good. When I drove it I was very pleased how it went, have had it now for 4 years and really please with it. Have had new Vw polo and several new fiestas and this is the best yet. Really can not fault it so if I was you I would go and ask Ford to let you test drive one, you will be supprised.
  3. Have never really understood why dealers charge so much extra to but say. 250 that buying 1000. I always buy 1000 at time but only go in shop every few months. If they charged the same for 500 I would go in twice as often and may buy something else when in the shop.
  4. Normally only make the odd stick or two, but mate asked if I could mount some antlers that came from Scotland. Cut and routered some mahogany to shape as below, really please with result
  5. More info, 30" barrels 2 3/4 chambers, just heard back from Greeners made in 1936 and shipped to Tokyo. This would explain a odd inscription after the Pall Mall address which Greener does not recognise. Grade Fh 50 but can not find another on Internet , just 12 bores. Shot first squirrel with it weekend and plan a round of clays next to see if all ok
  6. Thanks all for the replies, decided to take the plunge as below
  7. Hobbycraft sell the resin it is called "GEDEO" it is a two part resin and works well but you must mix exact quantities Amazon also have it on offer if you look in Internet , have made several sticks with fishing flys in cow horn handles.
  8. Stimo22

    Brass rod/bar

    I used to work in engineering and got a much as I wanted, still have lots of sizes and plenty of stainless steel but run out of the size for ferrules. Just started to make a priest with stainless end fitted to a bit of hardwood. Will post when completed if it works
  9. As OB says I often get twisted hazel and ash, even blackthorn. Lucky enough to have access to woods with no public access. So get the best bits. I have never needed to remove the bark only on Holly which shrinks so much the bark creases up and looks rough. This also sometimes happens on blackthorn but only on some and I find that running down well with sandpaper till it is smooth and the coating with Danish oil will make them come up a dark red colour which looks quite nice
  10. Stimo22

    Brass rod/bar

    There is a company who sell brass bar offcuts on eBay, I often use them they are called "engineering offcuts". I make brass ferrules for sticks from solid brass bar, I turn to the correct diameter and bore as required. May seem a waste of brass but they work out about £1 per one so cheaper than keep buying various sizes and they are all ways the right size
  11. I have a 1984 Beretta 696s which has had thousands of shots through it and still works fine. Only problem not steel proved
  12. We had the same thing happen to several shoot members on our clay club it seemed to be a bad batch of Fiocci clay cartridges. We now have a cleaning rod ready for clearing them. After seeing it happen I stopped using them and swooped to Gamebore had
  13. Gamebore silver steel are fibre wadded steel cartridges. I use them on ducks and are fine. You can also get fibre bismuth
  14. I am sure you have made a good decision there, one thing is that mine came with the chokes loose in the box. Not sure that is still the case but if so, I made a choke case as below. The tubes are urine test tubes from local surgery cut to length and joined with some light tube and a washer between. Perfect for you pocket
  15. Affinity for me, had a couple of years now and originally got it because my Beretta was not steel proof. Used for duck shooting to begin with, but now use as much as Beretta for clays. well worth the money
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