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  1. We have been using the Gamebore silver Stella for some years as the landowner does not want plastic wads used. So it is these or bismuth cartridges. The silver steel are more expensive than plastic wadded ones but as we do not shoot big numbers it is ok.
  2. Stimo22

    Hagen. 16 gauge

    It appears to have disappeared from gunwatch
  3. Stimo22

    Best semi auto

    Swapped my 303 for a franchi affinity because I needed Steel proof to shoot ducks, also 3" chamber. I know beretta did a 3" but quite rare
  4. Stimo22

    New auto

    Franchi Affinity for me , 7 year warranty and made by Benelli . Good quality and half the price of the Beretta
  5. Stimo22

    cross slide vice

    Have a look back in the craft section 27th June was last post in "advice on milling" there are even some videos . I use my lathe to do any milling by taking off the tool post and fitting a 90 deg angle plate and a small vice then putting tool in chuck. It works ok on softer metals but even then struggles on steel.
  6. Stimo22

    cross slide vice

    I have tried this and it does not work, you will get to much vibration and problems with power. There was a post on this same subject not long back with several replys
  7. Stimo22

    franchi intensity

    I have had the Affinity for a couple of years and really pleased with it , put a lot of shells through it with no trouble at all. Couple of friends have now also brought them after trying mine. If the Intensity is anywhere as good you will be OK
  8. Stimo22

    Gamebore Silver Steel Fibre

    We use Gamebore silver steel all the time for our wild bird inland wildfowling. Had a couple of lovely high teal this evening with them. They are fibre wadded and I would recommend them to anyone.
  9. Couple of Sony/Scandisk memory stick duo adapted. Free to any member who has a use for them
  10. Stimo22


    Yes that's the ones, we have to use the fibre wadded ones because the land owner does not want plastic wads about
  11. Stimo22


    Use non toxic cartridges or you will be breaking the law. Gamebore silver steel are the load you have mentioned. They are 3" cartridges but we use them for inland duck and geese and the are good cartridges. With the benifit of being fibre wadded so no plastic waste
  12. Stimo22

    Mauser knife

    Snap , had mine year but can not remember where it came from
  13. Stimo22

    SYMONDS 16 gauge

    Hi Chris this gun is still being shown on Gunwatch, has it all gone through
  14. Stimo22

    Best Wood Preservative

    I all ready have the wood , got some 8"x2" roof joists cheap and just want them to level a bit of sloping land to plant some strawberrys
  15. Stimo22

    used cartridge cases

    We have a problem getting rid of them , anyone near Milton Keynes wants any they will be welcome