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  1. Just been looking at a Shooting Times from 1975 and their is an advert for some Baikals - model G620 at £600, model G621 at £1200 and model 624 at £680. This was when a new Webley 700 was £398 and AYA no4 was£147.5. So has anyone ever seen one of these guns and what are they like
  2. Box update, outside cleaned and repaired quite nice, and found out some more on the history of the owner who put his name in lid. He was in RFO in Ww1 and was observer in the first action recorded. They forced a German plane to land with there revolvers and then landed and chased them into some woods. They then burned the plane and returned to there base. Now of to start on the inside of the box to fit a gun in
  3. Andy The book says 31730-35559 is 1957
  4. Thanks all, it does seem "sash horn" it the item. Would never of got that, so will measure the item and see if I can get some on web
  5. Thanks but it is a proper fitting with clips to fit inside the plastic section, so must have been available at some time
  6. Is there anyone on PW who could tell me what the s shaped part on the window section shown in photo. I can not find on web , I need to replace some so need to buy from somewhere. Also need a supplier if possible thanks all
  7. Finished another hazel twist today, last for a while as this years selection still drying out.
  8. Stimo22

    Mares Tail

    I had it bad on my allotment and an old boy said just keep digging it and put vinegar around where it grows. This worked for me, seems vinegar alters the ph of the soil and mares tail does not like it
  9. Alan I am in process of restoring a box, do you put the spacers and bit in and then add the baize or do you cover the bits and then glue in. Also what glue do you use on the baize to stop it soaking through
  10. Program on free view 88 at 8pm about shoot and gamekeeper, bit late just found it
  11. If anyone wants empty cartridge cases near junction 14 of M1. Milton Keynes just pm me as we have plenty to get rid of from our clay shoot
  12. Thank for the info, but in north bucks
  13. Is there any PW member who has or knows where I can get a bit of mahogany board 830 x 230 MM. thickness anywhere about 10 to 13 mm. Bit of old wardrobes etc, this is to restore old gun box .
  14. Brought a Franchi to shoot steel cartridges at duck and found it so good that it is now my go to gun. Really well made for the price
  15. I have an even older case and all the brass fitting were fitted with steel screws from original. So they are near on impossible to remove
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