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  1. We used to run what we called Countrymans Competition at our clay shoot. This was 50 clays sporting layout with some within a hide sitting down , then there was the air rifle stand, then the catty stand and finally a quiz with countryside type questions. This always went down well and the glass engraved tankard prize was always strongly contested
  2. Find the milnro a bit short on hand so make longer but with top same pattern
  3. Franchi Affinity left hand model, just the same as Benelli but much cheaper. Made on same factory and some interchangeable parts
  4. Couple of years ago there was a TV program about tagging eagle. The tag looked like something a schoolkid had knocked up in a few minutes and looked as if they would not last a few hours on a eagle. The Basc and others should ask the tagging organisation if they can help and get involved so they have the same info and records . Members could help locate and if they stop working could try to find in a short space of time. Let's get involved and beat these people at their own game
  5. There is an article in this months sporting shooter by the CE of countryside alliance saying that the shooting organisations are working with the home office to try to solve the problem. Don't know the truth but his article is called " light at the end of the tunnel"
  6. I brought a Franchi Affinity to shoot wildfowl , due to my Betetta OU not being steel proofed. Really good lightweight auto that has had quite a few cartridges through it with no problem. Like it so much I often use iron clays and pigeon shooting, it is the black version so can wipe mud and rain off it no problem. The wood version looks nice if using for clays, would recommend one to anyone. Where are you based, as if near me you could try it out on some clays
  7. Over the years I have been asked on several ocations to look after a child in the beating line. Normally when the parent has had enough of them and they think the child would be better if they are given something to do. If a parent take there son or daughter to a shoot, they should ensure they have 100% focus on the child. I also do not believe shoot insurance would cover a child as young as some on the forum are suggesting taking them.
  8. Yes, I have a WW Greener that will be used for walk up and the odd clay day. Nice and light to carry and a pleasure to use
  9. These finance deals do not make much sense. Just brought a new Ford Fiesta and we had exactly the same, several garages said they could give us extra £1000 of if we had 0% finance of just £2500. We can pay off if we would like but may as well just pay over two years. Just does not make any sense how they make a profit on this as there are no charges for the loan
  10. Hi All Does anyone have a Harkila Orton jacket in either medium or large that they could measure armpit to armpit as some say they are large for there sizes
  11. If anyone is interested in setting a shoot up , a flurry or sim game in the Milton Keynes area, North Bucks/ South Northants area . There is a company called 1 to 1 Solutions who have the equipment below Ring 07565 526633 or email 1to1shootingsolutions@gmail.com
  12. Do you mean the type that clicks up and down, because they sometimes stick shut. If so you need to turn it to unscrew the top and then buy a new click clack button from the internet
  13. I have a Land Rover gillet as below, which I think came from the Gaydon motor museum many years ago but not sure
  14. The one I went on there was only three men all the others were mins taking their kids to school. Some of them really had attitude that they were hard done by. But most realised that the course was of interest when finished. I got done on a stretch that had had the limit reduced since I was living there so had an good reason but you have to man up and bite the bullet
  15. Stimo22

    Swiss army watches

    Seconda do a watch like the Swiss army one, at under you budget
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