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  1. Really should only be paid to those who need it, many friends going on several cruises per year and running couple of cars. Rather mine be spend on better things but the whole Benefit system wants looking into
  2. I had a problem with my local health centre as it was at the height of the Covid outbreak. I went to Medicert which firearm department recommended and they got my records and completed the documents they charge £60 but at least you know it is being done
  3. Do the harkila over trousers come up big, as I am 34 trousers and not sure what size I need. Can buy online a lot cheaper but need sizes
  4. I hope the seal and trousers are better than my seal and tregings which are supposed to be waterproof but certainly not
  5. We will struggle because both us and four other local clubs that we have a league with all have to shoot fibre only. These eco wads look and feel like plastic and can take a couple of years to break down when buried so even longer on the open. Our land owner will not accept these so the only ones that look ok are gameboresilver steel and the jockey paper wad. I have asked BASC if they can publish more detailed data on the wads and they say they will try.
  6. I set the house alarm at night which does not include upstairs and have wondered down a few times and set if off. Got a sign say this door is alarmed and leave it on the carpet by the door. Works for me
  7. Recoil operated autos like Benelli and Franchi don’t need striping as no gas gets anywhere apart from barrels and ejector only strip if it gets wet
  8. We had a spare fuse with one that we put in couple months ago and it says F8AL 250v. I assume this is 8 amp
  9. Yes it really was that colour
  10. I have had a couple of Suzuki Grand Vitara, first one had 11 years with no problems, now have newer one. Find better than jimmy as the rear seats fold flat and bit more comfortable to drive
  11. southams auctions are on next week and have several for sale if you are anywhere near
  12. Been using Gamebore evo 21g and 24g for sometime on clays and my scores have remained the same as with 28g and they are a lot kinder on the shoulder
  13. They are openly published on a site called “huntingleaks” for anyone who wants to see them
  14. It now seems that a Anti hunting site has published all the data from the Guntrader hack. the site is https://huntingleaks.is/news/. you can download it like it says or it can be downloaded and opened in Excel and the sorted. My details have the town and postcode but not exact house number, but still worrying
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