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  1. Hi Stimo,

    After leaving my stick at a shoot today I'm now in need if a new one.

    I see you have a few for sale,can you post? If so can you send me some pics please and prices, 




    1. Stimo22

      Beating stick

      If you are coming near j14 on M1 I could find you bit of blackthorn, have several bit with vee tops that I was going to take for beaters when we start on the pheasants. They are not finished but free if wanted. I also make a few sticks for sale
    2. Hi All can anyone identify the tree from these leaves.
    3. My Dad made these out of stainless steel, he was a toolmaker and they alway make me smile when I use them
    4. You can get a special knife blade to fit a jigsaw I cut some egg tray type foam with one and it cut like butter . They are longer than normal and say cut 100mm thick Bosch part T313AW
    5. Hi Ben Back fro hols, pictures of feeders we use, Kenco Pc-44s, directional feeders. The motor used is a Mabuchi FC280 pt long shaft motor working on a 12volt battery. The impeller is a rubber straight impeller which we got from USA, but we are looking for an alternative. If you search the web you should be able to find some diagrams. If you try to make your own the timers on ours work on the light available so go of in the morning and evening, but other timers would work.
    6. I have a 2.4 short wheel base and it is a cracking little motor, but as said uses petrol, the seats fold up so square flat area in back
    7. We have a total of 8 auto feeders on our two lakes, they originally came from USA and are called Kenco feeders. Most auto feeders spin horizontal but these work vertically so can put a line along the shallows accurately. They only use a small 12v motor and have a timer. Can supply you the motor details and a photo when I get on computer if you need them.
    8. That is a spot on reply, if the letter was requested by the police , doctors would be more inclined to reply and if there was a £50 pound charge this could be offset by having an extended licence period. Everuone would be a winner so come on Basc and the other groups get down to some negotiation
    9. We used to run what we called Countrymans Competition at our clay shoot. This was 50 clays sporting layout with some within a hide sitting down , then there was the air rifle stand, then the catty stand and finally a quiz with countryside type questions. This always went down well and the glass engraved tankard prize was always strongly contested
    10. Find the milnro a bit short on hand so make longer but with top same pattern
    11. Franchi Affinity left hand model, just the same as Benelli but much cheaper. Made on same factory and some interchangeable parts
    12. Couple of years ago there was a TV program about tagging eagle. The tag looked like something a schoolkid had knocked up in a few minutes and looked as if they would not last a few hours on a eagle. The Basc and others should ask the tagging organisation if they can help and get involved so they have the same info and records . Members could help locate and if they stop working could try to find in a short space of time. Let's get involved and beat these people at their own game
    13. There is an article in this months sporting shooter by the CE of countryside alliance saying that the shooting organisations are working with the home office to try to solve the problem. Don't know the truth but his article is called " light at the end of the tunnel"
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