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  1. On Tv yesterday that people importing from Cyprus and they also have plane loads sending to GB. There will be plenty of cheap dogs about when we get back to normal
  2. How does that help, sounds a real arrogant ****.
  3. I always thought that you used boiling water to clean out black powder
  4. Tier 4 does not say group of six, it says people within your household or one person from another household. BASC and Cpsa say you should not be shooting organised shoots in Tier 4
  5. BASC say you can shoot locally with members of your own household but not organised game or clay shoots. So grounds can open but not run shoots like the one advertise
  6. They work for me, had problem with a swollen knee for years, take one a day and it has stop swelling. I use a company called Healthspan, they are really good and reliable
  7. Fine if it works for you, but as a Microsoft certified engineer having run IT systems of over 1000 computers I would advise all computer users to get a good antivirus system. BT have a good version free for their subscribers and some free systems are good. But to trust the Microsoft updates is not advised
  8. Avg for me been using for over 10 years Why ? when you can be protected against virus’s for free
  9. Most of the better chargers have a switch that allows you have sealed or unsealed batteries. I charge all our clay club leisure batteries with mine no problem
  10. We have 10 auto traps with a mix of promatic and Laporte. All multi stack ones and find that 80Ah leisure battery’s work well, and only need charging a couple of times a year running 2 shoots per month. I charge them with a good battery charger that switches to sealed type battery’s . We do have some 110Ah battery’s but they weigh a ton and have to use barrow to move about.
  11. I purchased some small magnets from the internet that had a hole through the centre and turned up a ferrule to let them into the bottom. Then put a screw up through the magnets. I do not have photo as gave the stick away
  12. Just as Jerry78, we have two pond and over the years have tried putting a few down but they did not improve the numbers in any way. Would not do it again but have not tried tubes.
  13. I have one for emergencies and it started my Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 petrol on a cold morning no problem.
  14. If you pm me with the model and serial number I will look up the record book and tell you the year on manufacture. WW Greeners book contains the info
  15. What is wrong with the standard chokes. I have a affinity and use gamebore silver steel with reasonable results.
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