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  1. @oldypigeonpopper As I understand it, night vision works by magnifying light. As mice mentioned thermal spotters work by detecting heat compared to surrounding areas. So in the right conditions a thermal will also detect something that can’t be seen, ie a squirrel in a drey or hole in a tree. I used my thermal to detect the layout of my central heating pipes under the floor and carpet. They are that good. @old man Thermals are improving all the time and price falling as more companies enter the market. The Hik vision 15 mm has more clarity than the Pulsar that mice and I have but is £500
  2. Nev, What a great result. I used to think greys didn’t bother to come out much in the rain but they often conspire to prove me wrong! I haven’t seen a yellow hammer for years- lucky you. Just more reasons to control the greys. @Mice! There was an article in this weeks BASC magazine about greys eating hazel nuts which is affecting the dormouse population- something perhaps to mention to the Ranger at HH -apparently they haven’t seen any this year.
  3. It is strange, isn’t it? When there was a lot of natural food about, it was hard to get within 50 yds (often more) before they ran off. Now they are staying put (watching) and paying the price. I think it is down to the weather. Yesterday, it was ice, hot and sunny, cold and wet, windy and snow- take your pick! Got to get them when you can.👍
  4. Another adult female for me trapped at local hotel. Total 1134
  5. My Mossberg is the Hushpower version because I shoot in sensitive areas (public land with lots of walkers and tourists etc) so I use 3” Eley magnasonic for quiet areas and 3” Eley magnums elsewhere. There are 5 or 6 of us up here using Mossberg .410s to control the greys. One chap swears by Hull High Pheasant. Cheddite make a 24 gr subsonic, which is very very quiet because there is not much powder but a lot of lead. They would suit your gun if you were shooting behind houses. It patterns well but isn’t suitable for longer range shots. I recommend making a couple of targets out
  6. Two trapped today by me and four trapped and dispatched in last two days by householder with a loan trap. The trapping season has finally started here (only 3 months late!) Total 1125
  7. One large female trapped this afternoon. Total 1117 @hatter how do you like the Mossberg? I find it’s a fun gun once I got used to treating it roughly- very agricultural but bomb proof. Enjoy using it. I find the greys don’t like the sound of the gun being racked - don’t know why!😇
  8. The day got even better. Yesterday, I started trapping at two hotels after a week of baiting and this afternoon I caught this adult female-a real monster. Where are the males hiding? @Mice! Sorry to hear you drew a blank, it’s no fun when you get cold. That’s why I prefer to walk until the weather warms up.
  9. Nine this morning, with the help of 2 thermals, 2 mossberg .410s , 2 whippets and a lot of luck! Total 1113
  10. Up at six for a 7am start and saw the snow in the Langdales from the window. After all the rain, I didn’t expect that. Chucked a bucket of water over the car to clear the ice and at 7.01am Met my pal and whippets -already holding a large female grey- he had started without me! Twenty yards from the parked cars, there was a rustle in a yew, my pal popped one and another ran into a silver birch, which I shot a minute later. 2 juveniles. We had a record 3greys in 1st 5 mins. 5 mins later Pal had another adult female but our hands were getting cold and the trees were beginning
  11. One trapped in my neighbours garden- adult female, took 3 weeks to catch. Total 1104
  12. Following Morkins advice, I see new mk4 traps are only about £8 on the net. So told my son to get one ordered. However thank you for another generous offer from @Walker570. Cheers, much appreciated. The mk6 trap was £20 at the dealers in Lichfield.
  13. Good point. When he had this trouble last year, there was a tree growing at the gable at gutter height, which he cut down thinking it would stop them, which it did for a few months. Obviously they must be following instinct if they were originally born there. A trap is going on the shed roof permanently. I also went buy a Fenn trap for the loft, but the spring was so strong, I struggled to open it a few millimetres, so didn’t buy it in the end Looking on the internet, I think Fenn have licensed a few manufacturers to to make them. One of them is a heavy duty spring manufactur
  14. 😂😂😂 Wait till your kids get older!
  15. 5 greys in 36 hrs trapped in my sons loft. Total 1103
  16. Last Wednesday night I went down to my sons house in Lichfield to deal with a squirrel in his loft. I put two traps in the loft and two outside in the garden and had a celebratory beer. 7.30 am next morning, I was awoken by clanking in the loft and find I had caught these two miscreants. The female had filled the trap with insulation and as I picked up the trap in the loft, there was a third squirrel underneath! Game on! 11.30 am we heard the trap go off and another youngster was caught. The greys had been getting in behind this gutter. After lunc
  17. Did anyone see Tony Blair’s hair last night?!! A grey mullet is just so wrong!
  18. It was a good morning for me. I have never been confident shooting with the .410 Hushpower with its full choke and the drainpipe on the end. Turned out I was shooting 6-9 inches low. I have now raised the stock by taping some rubber strips on top of the stock and what a difference it has made. The gun comes up nicely and I am now looking at the target rather than aiming. I pulled off some very nice shots even if I say so myself. The dogs didn’t spot any greys today, everything was spotted with the thermal, but they did get some picking up - whether it was needed or not!
  19. Eight this morning after an early morning walk round. 1076
  20. A good day for me (for a change)! It had drizzled overnight and was overcast for the first time in a few weeks. The fallen leaves were damp so no noisy crunching. Anyhow,The two of us, with thermals, 2 whippets and .410 Hushpowers had a walk round 3 smallish woods and ended up with a total of eight, half were juveniles. We should have had two more but they were just too fast zig zagging down the oaks. These greys were sitting tight and then after a warning shot to move them on, the shooting was very fast and exciting. I think only one grey was shot stationary. My next job is to
  21. I I don’t know ! He was very keen on shooting, then went to University and it was downhill from then on. You know the usual- beer and women. He does Tough Mudders and Ironman challenges but passes on a bit of unarmed squirrel wrestling in the dark. 😂
  22. I had a nice walk round this morning but drew a blank as the thermal was redding out. I did see one grey but couldn’t get anywhere near it. I mention this to illustrate the difference between wild and urban greys. My son phoned me today in a panic, he has got another grey in his attic. He had one last year and it cost him £500 to have the roofing felt and valley gutter repaired. They had also chewed through the pvc fascia which I blanked off. This morning he could hear scurrying in the boxed eaves so he popped up into the attic with a broom and instead of running off, a large grey fa
  23. I have had a poor few weeks, it was either too cold or too sunny for the thermal.. Either way, the greys were keeping a low profile, but the wheat was growing nicely in one of my feeders! Last week, I must have received a report each day of greys getting run over so they must be on the move but they are not yet going into gardens. Unfortunately we also had a report of a red being run over in Hawkshead. This morning was a lovely day and I made an early start at a local Stately Home before the visitors arrived. The first wood was empty but as I walked along the road there was a grey t
  24. I had three frustrating trips out to different woods last week and only saw 2 which were out of shot. Luckily on Friday we shot both of them, (with a little help from one of the whippets). Total 701
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