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  1. A very moving tribute. My sincerest condolences. Garnet
  2. A cracking day, I have seen this sort of behaviour but in the canopy of yews and in the autumn. Who knows what goes on in a squirrels brain? It all adds to a more varied shooting experience! They were probably celebrating that the rain had stopped for a few hours!
  3. Voluntary redundancy at 60 and 6 months!
  4. @fiesta14, Matt, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Its a really good idea to practice in local park where there are plenty of greys, this will help you judge the shape and distance of the grey. Ie they will be red closer to you and white if they are further away. Also practice on woodpigeons and recognise their shape. Squirrels show a solid colour, red or white. If only their head is showing, it looks like a golf ball. Pigeons just show up as grey, possibly with a small reddish head. The more you practise, the more you will see. Being retired, I look at t
  5. These things happen! Lucky she was happy for you to continue. I have at least 4 houses where the owners have looked after the trap for years and I cull any greys caught. However if their adult children are visiting, they have to hide the trap, because they don’t want to upset a 30year old! @ratchersI think there is more activity your way than round here. I have only had 1 grey sighting reported and no sightings in gardens. My feeders are hardly being touched. Our greys are still fat and living on acorns and staying in bed when it’s cold or wet. @Mice!great report as always, I have n
  6. We had 4 last week (with whippet assistance) from another Adventure Park. Only one was shot in the small wood. The rest were round the main house. Total 367
  7. Hi fiesta, glad you are making some headway with the HikVision. As you have found out, thermals don’t work well in freezing weather or sun. I was surprised the other week to get readings from a stream which was warmer than the frozen ground next to it. It’s all to do with the contrast with the ambient temperature. They work best on dull cloudy days. If there is some sun, it’s best to scan towards the sun, this way you are scanning the rear of the trees which have not been heated up. Keep whacking those greys👍
  8. It sure is, and Barrow is ( or very close ) to the Gulf Stream! David, what made you visit Barrow on a day like this? I remember the sea being frozen over in Blackpool in 1962/3 and that was a cold winter.
  9. I think the answer is historical. The Lake District traditionally had a very industrial background, lots of quarrying and copper mining etc. To feed the great demand for gunpowder and charcoal, large areas were planted with oak, Beech, hazel, sweet chestnut etc and then coppiced and these woods still exist today. Later, very wealthy Victorian businessmen built very large holiday homes and planted up 10 or 15 acres of woodland with oak and Beech etc plus more formal gardens with exotic pines. These are now owned by NT or run as Country House Hotels. This is probably the reason why there i
  10. Hi Morkin, the north half of Windermere is my patch, I am glad they didn’t show any greys, there are some but they are constantly being controlled by the various red squirrel groups, so they are very wary. The dry stone Waller/abseiler in the film carries out a lot of grey control in our area. A great character. @Mice!- I did say to you yesterday, I wondered where the females were!😇Good man for getting out in this freezing weather. @GoldfishGlad you found this page, it is interesting to see how the professionals do it! The greys here are so well fed because there is still a lot of
  11. I had another pleasant morning out last Friday. Met my pal and his whippets at 8am at the Country House, which is closed to the public during lockdown. Conditions for the thermal were good, however the trees were the same temperature as air temperature, so whilst greys were easily spotted 70yds away, we were not certain for definite which tree there were in and how far away. By the time we walked closer, the squirrel would have disappeared and we did spend a lot of time searching for the right tree and squirrel. thankfully the dogs did help identify the correct tree when they could.
  12. I was paying £25 pm to Sky for phone and broadband, after 5yrs they tried to increase to £32pm, so I complained and got upgraded to include Sky tv as well fo £37pm.
  13. I know Brock, but who is Fred? - I have led a sheltered life! I don’t think any Council would have to be brave to do this. They have pest control departments and we are all used to seeing rodent bait boxes around car parks and industrial estates etc. I think it will be more of a problem getting them to spend the money to do this. The squirrel bait boxes would have to be vandal proof to stop people messing about with the calibration and will probably fixed well out of reach up trees etc. I understand your frustration- I have been there many times!
  14. @GoldfishI think it’s great that you are controlling greys so effectively on top of your other work. 👍 Locally, Our Society, encourage landowners and keepers to control their greys. Like Scully, We are in a red area and only use live traps or shooting. We don’t shoot dreys unless we see a grey run in. I have never caught a pheasant but hedgehogs can be a problem as can badgers playing football with the traps. Grrrr Please continue to contribute to this thread and photos are always appreciated. Cheers
  15. Wow! Seriously impressive. Is this fantastic figure done by yourself or as an organisation/syndicate? How are you are you shooting them?
  16. @FisherukThanks, that’s very helpful.👍
  17. A couple of years ago our Society bought 2 of the Gas operated Goodnature traps and monitored their success with trail cameras. The results were disappointing, I think they were only getting 3 shots out of a gas cylinder (seal problems) and unfortunately non target species were able to enter the trap! The traps were returned for a refund. I was out for 3 hours today (without gun), topping up feeders and thermal spotting. Two feeders were cleared out and one wasn’t touched. I also recced a wood that hadn’t been shot for years - didn’t see a thing red or grey, even though I know there are
  18. Google Rohan neck tube or buff
  19. Hi, I should add that the battery life is very good. they are about the size of a flir but far superior, quick recalibration and doesn’t switch off every minute! The local full time red squirrel rangers have replaced their flirs with Hikvision and speak highly of them.
  20. Just 2 for me from two outings, but they are hitting the feeders, I just need some warmer weather to sit out and wait. Today was a 2 hat day because of the East wind! Total 71
  21. It was nice and dull yesterday and a sweltering 6degrees, perfect thermal weather, so I took the .410 out for a walk around a couple of woods. What a disappointment. All I saw was a very red red, both feeders had been hammered but didn’t see any greys. I returned to the 1st feeder to refill it and a grey jumped off and stopped halfway up a tree. Big mistake and even I couldn’t miss! Out again first thing this morning to our local park with .177 and my new Primos trigger sticks bought from @spready.- great bit of kit. The thermal picked a single grey in a large oak. A quick squeeze of the
  22. Sciurus

    Corded phone

    As Mellon’s advised, either buy a telephone extension to move the phone the nearest power socket or buy an electrical extension cable to reach from mains socket to telephone point. Job done.👍
  23. Hi, I have tried one out on loan for a few weeks, it was a 15mm. It was easy to use straight out the box, I was used to a wider field of vision, so 15mm took a little bit of getting used to but the HikVision could spot hidden squirrels quicker than my older Pulsar. The HikVision had one very annoying habit, in that green crosses would pop up all over the screen when it detected other minor sources of heat (leaves) etc as well as the main red, white or black heat source. Very distracting! Apparently there is a YouTube video showing how to switch off this annoying facility. The H
  24. Well done for going out this morning and getting a respectable bag as well. The fishing umbrella looks a very good idea and must be easier to put up and take down than a pop up tent. The bigger feeders seem to be the way forward, when shooting is so weather dependant. Looking forward to next weeks installment.👍
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