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  1. Sciurus

    New to welding, Advice please!

    Definitely get a self darkening mask, they have come down in price fantastically, I paid £90 10 yrs ago! Another tip is make sure the rods are dry - keep them in a very warm dry place - like CH boiler cupboard. Some people temporarily touch the rod to an earthed scrap of steel for a few seconds until the rod begins to steam in order to dry out any excess moisture - but beware of sparking! This will help your welding enormously. I would practice on bits of thicker steel like angle iron before trying to weld thinner steel - it is more forgiving. Good luck
  2. Sciurus

    My home town

    Team Tractor, thanks for the heads up about the barrack museum, I know where the barracks are, but didn’t know about the museum. I enjoy visiting the area, everyone is particularly friendly. His partner is a Tamworth girl!
  3. Sciurus

    My home town

    My son now lives at Alrewas and so I recently visited the Arboretum, unfortunately I was only there for 3 hours but could have spent all day - very moving. A lot of thought has been put into the design and meaning of the various memorials. I hope to visit the Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase next time I return to Litchfield.
  4. Trapped one today under trap loan scheme - apparently there is another one still to get. 1725
  5. A very impressive day! - and will you now be waiting for Mr Foxy?😁
  6. 3 more this morning, different wood but still hiding in the yews. Armour plated they were even though I was using the .410 1708
  7. Just one for me, another youngster on red bull and yew berries. It’s taken 4 trips to get this with the Daystate, I bet I watched it half an hour playing hide and seek before it stopped where I could take a safe shot. 1705
  8. Racing Snake, well done,. It seems to have been a good week for all of us. 2000 seems possible.
  9. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Being retired, it’s great to have the luxury to go out when you want and the weather suits. Yesterday, I went out twice. In the morning I was shooting fat wary greys with shotgun (& yes, it was an hour after Sunrise before I saw them !) and in the afternoon trying to shoot half a dozen young greys running everywhere in the tree tops with the air rifle (because of delicate location).. I just don’t know where they have come from but they just love the yew berries.
  10. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    There’s nowt so queer as squirrels. Two weeks ago, I shot 3 large greys in a sycamore with 410. They didn’t run off, it was bang, bang bang. Yet often if I see one in a wood a 100 yds away, they are off in a flash. I got up early again this morning to go shooting, it was raining so I made a cup of tea and went back to bed! It suits me fine to believe greys don’t like rain!😂
  11. Sciurus


    Heat exchangers are abit before my time! I think it would be helpful if you could tell us how old is your property, is the ground floor solid and most importantly, how soon after moving in, did you experience problems? If for example you lived problem free for 2 years, then experienced condensation problems, then that would suggest something has changed/happened which needs further investigation.
  12. Sciurus


    Something is seriously wrong (obviously). Mould is a sign of condensation, if there were serious problems of damp, the original survey should have picked it up and you would have damp patches and perished plasterwork. Sorry for stating the obvious, but I assume your tumble drier is vented and you don’t dry all the families weekly wash on the radiators? Are the floors solid or suspended? If suspended including concrete beam and block, try to have a look under the floor and see whether it is flooded or a plumbing leak from washer, soil pipe etc is gathering under the floor. Finally, if you do decide to sell and not solve the problem, how are you going to hide it from the surveyor with his damp meter? My recommendation if you can’t find the problem, is to instruct a Chartered Building Surveyor to carry out an investigation - don’t just get a local damp proofing contractor in. If it is flooded, then you should be covered by insurance. Hope you get sorted one way or the other.
  13. 2 adults this morning feeding on the ground-410 1 juvenile this evening .177, this was in the wood I cleared in August- juveniles are running about everwhere 1613 Sunrise this morning at new permission before the public arrive
  14. Another juvenile today, this time eating yew berries. I cleared this wood in the summer, but there are now a lot of young greys about (not to mention dog walkers, joggers and tourists), they do make the job a lot harder. 1598
  15. Sciurus

    Photo help please

    Thanks, Stu, I found Pigeon Watch, whilst looking for a Mossberg 410. I enjoy using it, but wish it had abit more range ( I am used to 12 bore. I was very lucky, I found a second hand Hushpower for sale with a dealer in Lancashire, I phoned up to reserve it and drove down to buy it. In the meantime an assistant sold it thinking it was me. Anyway the dealer was very apologetic and let me have a brand new one at cost. Well done Bamfords at Eccleston!