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  1. Two today, one in loan trap and one shot at feeder. 1355
  2. Hot weather? I only turned the heating off on Thursday! It’s been pretty miserable here. Constant rain Tuesday and Wednesday! Unexpected catch today at a local sheltered Housing complex, young female. 1351
  3. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    @Martlandhw100 hi, if you are working at Workington, whereabouts are you shooting?, if you are attracting them in August, you should do well in the winter and spring when there is less food about. Keep on thinning them out. 👍
  4. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Since Mrs Sciurus retired, She is not keen on me getting up early to go shooting, but this morning I made an effort and was at my nearest permission by 7am. This bit of woodland hasn’t been reopened to the public since lockdown so I knew I would have it to myself. The feeder was being emptied every 3 days, so I was hopeful. Walking to the wood, using the thermal, I spotted a grey in an apple tree in the walled garden, but it cleared off before I got within 50 yds. The Beck was in full spate after the recent rain but had been pretty dry all year, it was a good day to be out. After setting up the camo net, I settled into my camping chair, put radio 4 on the ear phones and waited. And waited And Waited. The wood was dead. No birds, no voles, nothing. Now and again, I noticed movement but it was flies walking along the top of the net, imitating greys in the canopy. With the sound of the running stream, I felt myself nodding off and shook myself awake. Some woman was on the radio wittering on about Scotland needing another referendum and I dropped off completely only to be awaken by the clattering of the feeder lid. A large grey was crouched on the feeder lid looking directly at me. I squeezed the trigger on the Daystate 177 on the top of its head into the neck and the grey just fell forward . It was dead before it hit the ground. No twitching, nothing. I settled down for the next one and was annoyed to see and hear a man jumping around the wood. Turns out he was a photographer taking photos of the Beck. It was now 9.15, he made such a racket that it was pointless staying, so I packed up and went home! V It was an adult female. This feeder is simply made from a plastic soil pipe with a lid made from laminate flooring. Hinges are made from builders plastic protected by steel strips so food stays dry and the greys can’t chew them, everything was recycled from a skip.
  5. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Mice, I was out for a walk today with Mrs Sciurus and noticed quite a bit of acorns and hazelnut about but obviously your greys have got used to fast food so are still happy to visit your feeder as a change from natural food. I bet they will do this more in poor weather. You have mentioned a few times that you see them hanging about but not going to the feeder, I wonder whether they are not that hungry but because you have put food out for the birds, they have been attracted by bird activity. I have noticed when shooting a feeder during the day, that the whole wood could be quiet for an hour or so, then suddenly a small flock of tits will arrive and be very active and then a minute or two a grey will arrive. I really do think their feeding cycles are regulated time, weather and bird activity. Have you noticed this? Keep feeding them the lead diet!
  6. 2 trapped in the last week in loan traps 1346
  7. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    I don’t know why you go to the expense of feeding nuts to attract greys , this photo proves all they want is a bit of old plywood!😂😂😂 Good luck thinning them out next week. He won’t be after you have emasculated him!😂 !
  8. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    David, it was Ruff woods that I thought I remembered there being reds there. Regarding reds at Knowsley Estate - you live and learn!
  9. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    David, thanks for posting this, very interesting. I had wondered why Formby has lost its funding, what a xxxx up! Do you know when reds were last seen at Knowsley? I have never heard of them there. I like to think I remember them in the woods behind Edgehill University in Ormskirk in the 50s, but I am not too sure whether I have imagined it. I lived in Rainford until 5 years ago and have never known reds or greys although there were plenty of greys in St Helens. The only other reds I remember were in south Warrington. Talking of Knowsley Hall, I used to pigeon shoot there every February until the Safari Park was opened and kicked us off! . I went to the Safari Park the day it was opened, we queued from the East Lancs road, through Knowsley Village, part of Hayton and then down the new Prescot bypass, a distance of about 5 miles. It was the most exciting thing that happened for years.
  10. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Mice, glad to see your grey visitors have lost their shyness, hopefully there will now be more food for the dormice. Better keep the camera handy!, I’d love to see one. I am surprised the woodpeckers are not yet regular visitors to the feeder with a choice of nuts and suet. I haven’t been round my nearest wood with hazels recently, It’s time I did as they are not visiting the loan traps in gardens. It’s very quiet here. I have noticed a few small acorns about now.
  11. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Bruno, they originally had a licence from Natural England to keep& release rescued grey squirrels. In 2019 Natural England stopped issuing licences to release invasive species, so they now only have a licence to keep rescued grey squirrels but they can’t release them. - a bit of a problem for a rescue charity!😁 If you have a spare 5 minutes, have a look at their website, it’s the grey squirrel equivalent of the Flat Earth Society!
  12. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Thanks Kev, It wasn’t me. Honestly! I hadn't heard of this till you pmd me . Very odd story, sounds like the trapper was collecting traps and carcasses after a session and had probably gone off to pick up the rest of the traps, when someone stumbled on the carcasses. Some contractors will work a wood for a set period and then move on, depending upon the length of the contract. If you look at June’s figures (near the bottom) circulated today, you will see the guy had 45 greys just from that wood! Urban Squirrels are based in London, but do appear at some of our local shows spouting their nonsense , followed up by unhelpful letters in the local press. You do wonder how she got to hear about it. I think it is just a one woman band. She was last sighted driving towards Barrow - so keep your head down!😂 Last year, one of our volunteers shot a grey in the garden of the gardener at a Religious Retreat. He was about to bin it but the gardener said leave it on the lawn for the buzzards. An hour later, a complaint was received that there was a dead grey outside the dining room window of the Retreat which was upsetting the guests. We never found out whether a buzzard dropped it or a fox shifted it, but it was the same grey. Another instance of zombie greys!
  13. Sciurus

    Marsh tit

    With hindsight, that’s perhaps why you only saw them on the ground rather than running up the trunk. I’ll say nothing about your user name! 🐀
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