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  1. I keep an old small kitchen knife on the lawnmower, great for digging out dandelions as you are mowing the lawn. I also keep one or two carving knives in the workshop, which are handy for cutting thick mineral felt for the shed etc. When my mother died, I took her her matching cutlery to the local hospice shop. They wouldn’t take the dinner knives even though they are rounded because of company policy. They took the forks and spoons but wouldn’t get much for them because there were no matching knives. Perhaps they just scrap cutlery?
  2. As I was culling one in a trap today, another turned up and decided to stay permanently..... Total 547
  3. Well done that man! He did say he wanted between 5 & 10 so 7 is just the job!👍 I managed to shoot my first grey for 3 weeks but unfortunately also missed another - The .410 hushpower takes some getting used to after having shot a 12g sxs all my life. I did however spot a red so that was nice. 544
  4. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Not seen any in six outings with Pulsar and no sightings have been reported by the public for at least 2 weeks. The weather has been cold and wet but they have to come out and eat at some time. Walker I don’t think we should have promised to supply some grey tails quite so quickly!
  5. https://www.gwct.org.uk/game/research/predation-control/goodnature-a18-grey-squirrel-trap/?utm_source=All Contacts&utm_campaign=e61b8dc675-Non-Mem-NL-150119&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dd843c5cb6-e61b8dc675-23132947&goal=0_dd843c5cb6-e61b8dc675-23132947&mc_cid=e61b8dc675&mc_eid=c6ec54529 Hope this research link will help
  6. Good idea. It would be interesting to hear how you get on as well. It may well be a month or two before I hear how the trial has gone.
  7. Setting up a feeder is always a good idea, and very relaxing watching wildlife, whilst waiting for the greys to come to you. drey shooting/poking is best done with a pal. If you are having a wander about, try and borrow a thermal, however these work best in dull weather and when trees are not in leaf.
  8. Thanks Swindon, spares are no problem, I have ordered mine from John Knibbs. It’s practical advice I am hoping for.
  9. Hi Stuartyboy At the last management meeting, our Society decided to buy a couple of Goodnatured traps to trial in an area far away from the nearest red squirrel. The idea sounds interesting but as always there could be disadvantages like the public sticking their fingers in! And catching non intended species. These traps are the ultimate recycling machine that leaves no evidence, so it is intended that the traps are monitored by trail cameras to see if they are as good as advertised. I am not involved in this scheme but as soon as I hear something I will give you feedback.
  10. I have just been given my grandfathers old BSA Cadet Major (1949-1954) which I first used as a six year old, nearly sixty years ago. I have taken it apart and am going to replace the breech seal, main spring and main washer , both the seal and washer are leather. I understand the breech seal should be inserted dry, trimmed and then soaked in oil, but do not know whether the main washer should be oiled before or after fitting. If a few drops of oil have to be dripped in after assembly, what oil should I use and how do I stop it dieselling? Does the piston body need oiling or a touch of grease? Finally, what does the sear adjustment spring do? In my photo, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks Garnet
  11. Robbiep Some good and very interesting advice. Am I right in thinking that because the shares are held in Trust that they could not be wrapped in a stocks and shares wrapper? And if so, what were the advantages of a trust, bearing in mind the cost of setting up the trust and CGT liability? Thanks
  12. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Same here, I have been out to my usual woods a couple of times this week with the thermal. Not seen a thing - just got wet and cold. No call out to the traps either.
  13. Mattheius, that’s a hell of big bag of greys, well done. Was this around the Potteries?
  14. Sciurus

    Grey squirrel tails

    Gavin/Nev I didn’t mean to put you on the spot😅 It’s just you often get 3 or 4 and more at a time and I only get singles! I’ll keep the tails of any I get in the next fortnight and will post them off if you need any more. PW at its best.
  15. Sciurus

    Grey squirrel tails

    Hi Gavin From what I understand the jury is still out about the relationship between reds and martens, there are a few theories, all I know is greys hate them and clear off, whilst the reds thrive. This has been noted in Scotland as well. Now that Walker has kindly offered to supply some tails, It would be better if you take up his generous offer. It would only take him a couple of days to get that sort of number and more importantly he is a fisherman and knows what to look for! Cheers Garnet
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