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  1. Four for me on Tuesday. All bigguns. Total 3344
  2. Some very interesting and great reading here -well done! I am still having a few blank days, unfortunately (a lot to do with higher than average holidaymakers for the time of year- they should stay in bed!) but like everyone else, those that are shot or trapped are big beggars! There is very little sweet chestnut around me and a poor acorn and Beech harvest. There is a lot of yew however and I think they are busy on the berries. On Wednesday, I watched a grey digging up buried hazelnuts, so perhaps fresh food is running out? Another pal, shot a grey eating hawthorn berries in his hedge. Tuesday, I shot 3, one in a spindly oak, one in a leylandii and the third in a yew. The one in the yew probably took half an hour until I could see it, well enough to get a shot. I finished the day with one in a trap. 3 large males (no plums) and one large female. The highlight of the week was to see a grey swimming, I knew they could but had never seen it. I was out on Windermere in my rib when I saw what looked like a thin stick, 2 ft long move across the surface of the water, with absolutely no wake. Getting closer, I could see it was a grey, with half its head above water and it’s body and tail floating behind. Getting closer still, I could see it’s paws doggy paddling beneath. It landed on the nearest tip of Belle Isle and just ran off into the undergrowth, it was hardly wet at all. I think it had come from a campsite on the shore and swam about 150 yards or so to Belle Isle. Belle Isle is privately owned with a large house and a large mixed wood with some exotic trees. I wonder if it was attracted by the trees or perhaps a mating call?
  3. I’m not very good on Facebook, So haven’t seen any criticism only encouraging remarks, although one person complained we didn’t see her shooting! As we both know, she is a strong character and is prepared to stick her head over the parapet. The time and work she has done in encouraging and training others (not just red squirrel groups) to control grey squirrels is to be admired.
  4. I have always liked Simon Reeve, he comes over very well. The Lady culling greys is very well known in red squirrel circles. Her group remove seriously large numbers of greys every year. A few years ago, a local hotel put grey squirrel on their menu and it was very popular. Unfortunately, the antis started to threaten hotel staff on social media and the dish had to be removed from the menu. I thought the lad was very brave to continue to run the farm. He could have very easily just sold up.
  5. Out early this morning- still raining.... Only saw 2 which were duly shot with.410. The female was gigantic but not obviously pregnant. Don’t know why it was so big, the hazel is long gone and very little beechmast/acorns here this year nor sweet chestnut. 3242
  6. @Mice! Great start to the month- I am surprised they don’t have webbed feet after the atrocious weather we have had for the last month. What time of day did you get these?
  7. My foray yesterday was every bit as poor as expected. I met up with a pal at 7.30 am, it was still dark and murky with heavy drizzle. It was a new permission to me, part of a large wood that sloped onto the lake. This wood is the main passage way for greys to move move north on that side of the lake. The lake was 3 or 4 foot deeper than usual and we sat in the van drinking tea, watching waves slopping onto the car park. Neither of us really wanted to get out in it. About 8.15, we decided we could just about tell red from grey and that having made the effort we to get there, we should have a walk about. I kept my gun in the slip to keep it dry. We walked along the deserted tourist footpath along the shore and then climbed up the slope into the wood. I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting a block of fir, but it was quite a mix of oak, Douglas fir, ancient yew and old coppicing with attractive banks for foraging squirrels. Alas, it was not to be. After a 2 hour walk, we only saw one small flock of tits, 1 robin, 1 blackbird and 1 woodpigeon. No red deer or rabbits and certainly no squirrels. Everything was hunkered down for the day. We didn’t even detect a glow in tree holes from either owls or squirrels. I was wearing and old tweed shooting coat and flat cap and as I took them off, I definitely felt a few stone lighter! The gun was soaked. A bad day but the wood definitely showed promise for when it eventually stops raining. @Mice! I bumped into the chap who used shoot your big wood (aka the Hill). He is having his hip replaced this week- I wonder why?!!!😇
  8. @Mice!Yes! It’s the same as the last 4 weeks- b awful! I am just putting my wellies on for another wet outing on the greys on a very slippery sloping wood-oh joy!😟
  9. 😂😂😂- you are just so cynical! Very surprised , we have not a response to the use of rubber bullets by the usual bleeding hearts brigade. What is the betting that our £50 million donation will be used to pay compensation to the injured smugglers?
  10. I have had a frustrating couple of weeks. Torrential rain nearly all day and every day. The forecast for last Tuesday was dry, so I got out early for a walk round a local historic property. It was perishing cold. However by 7.45 the sun came out and it was lovely but every leaf and branch started glowing and the thermal became completely useless . I saw very few greys, I bowled one over with the.410 but it still ran up a Beech, never to be seen again. The public started to arrive at 9.30, so I left and as I was driving out of the entrance, a grey squirrel appeared and actually escorted me down the drive- cheeky beggar! Two more days of rain but Saturday morning, I managed to get out very early in my nearest wood. It is owned by the Local authority and is very popular with the tourists. I parked my car with my Red Squirrel Ranger pass in the window. I walked 50 yards and met my first dog walker, said hello and carried on. Another fruitless walk, saw one grey disappearing in the distance and didn’t even get the gun out of the slip. This morning I had a policeman knocking on my dining room window as I was eating breakfast. “Are you Mr Sciurus” - Yes- “ we had had a report that you were seen in Tourist Woods with a gun........” Actually, The Bobby was very nice. Apparently, the man with the dog was a London tourist, who wasn’t used to seeing guns and had reported my car registration. I produced my shooting permit from the Council and the policeman was more than satisfied. He didn’t want to see my licence as they had already checked I held a shotgun certificate. Turned out he was game shooter and following our chat, he promised to shoot any greys on his shoot. I even gave him our Red Squirrel Membership application leaflet! I felt the police handled this report very well in the circumstances. The leaves are starting to turn and fall. Hopefully , this will lead to more success with the thermal in a couple of weeks.
  11. The Daily Mail reported last week that two migrant smugglers were shot with rubber bullets by french police - it’s a small start..... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10050681/Horror-Dunkirk-beach-French-police-open-fire-migrants-dinghy-rubber-bullets.html
  12. @Diver One. -That’s the place. My earliest memory is also the blue dust!
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