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  1. Interesting! The weather has been dreadful in that period. I normally think the greys don’t like wet weather, but since they have got to eat every day , I wonder if they prefer dry food from your feeder rather than soggy acorns? Good luck on Monday. My licence to control has expired, so I can’t get out to shoot until the powers that be return from furlough. Grrrrr
  2. It’s not a problem I have, but it’s a very interesting idea. There is only one way to find out . Even if it’s doesn’t work, You’ll have the fun of making and trying iout. It would be interesting to know if they just stop and look at your decoy or even attack it? We will definitely need photos!
  3. Crikey- how frustrating! ,Mice is right, it wouldn’t do any harm in seeing whether there is a sympathetic neighbour who might let you shoot in the garden. It’s surprising how a casual chat whilst walking the dog can open up opportunities .
  4. Hi Russ, thermals are expensive but are a game changer for grey control in red areas. I thought you might be interested to see this photo I took through a thermal. Hi I took this photo a few years ago and it shows how clearly greys show up with a thermal. Normally this grey would have been spotted by eye, but the thermal will pick up just part of the body hiding in branches, which would not be visible to the naked eye. Keep up the grey control with whatever gun suits you. Cheers Garnet
  5. There just doesn’t seem to be many about at all. I frequently take the thermal out for a walk checking local woods and rarely see any. Grey sightings by the public are down to just one or two a month. Weather permitting, I will be out tomorrow with the .410 and a pal and his switched on whippet.
  6. A very good question. Shooting grey squirrels with an air rifle and feeder (or trapping) can be very effective in season between January and July when natural food is scarce. However come July onwards, the greys prefer fresh acorns, Beech mast and hazel, which begins to appear and they are less likely to be attracted by a feeder and they also become trap shy. So instead of making the greys come to you, you then have to hunt the greys. Dependant upon which fruits are ripening the greys will move from feasting upon say acorns to feasting upon sweet chestnuts etc, so you need to
  7. Sounds like your day was similar to ours, not an air rifle day. Do you fancy adding a moderated shotgun to your armoury? They are very useful this time of year. The whippet is very switched on and will sit patiently under the tree, if we haven’t spotted the grey and gives us a withering look. It’s a luxury to have a dog to pick up in the bracken.
  8. Three this morning, with some help from the thermal, .410 and a whippet! 1457
  9. There’s hope for us then, if they are feeding at Penrith ....😂 I have no problem cheating with the .410!
  10. It looks a bit like the squirrel equivalent to Starship Enterprise!😇 Let’s hope moving it abit will do the trick. What does the netting on the platform do? I had a walk through four different woods this week with the thermal and only saw greys in one. They were high in the trees and not interested in acorns and other nuts on the ground. There were also very few woodpigeons about and they were not interested in feeding on the ground either.
  11. 👍 Congratulations- Keep it up!
  12. Congratulations, you must be very pleased, it does make it all worthwhile. It will be interesting to see if it stays or is passing through. Best keep the camera going and doubling your efforts to keep the greys down in that wood as soon as they appear. Ps Spotting your red might help you get more grey control in nearby woods ( this works well for us in Cumbria). Good luck
  13. 😂😂😂That’s squirrels for you- ungrateful critters. I guess you are going to have to add some sheet metal to the corners? You are not the only person to have squirrel damage last month. The manager at a local Outdoor Adventure camp has had an expensive electricians bill after a grey chewed electric cables in one of the cabins. The only consolation is the grey didn’t survive its high voltage meal!
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