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  1. Just a single male today. I can’t check my traps for a few days, so I have filled up the feeder and will reset the traps again next week. From memory last June was a good month, catching them everywhere not just a single wood. Total 792.
  2. A bad day - only two trapped- adult and juvenile male. Must try harder! Total 779
  3. And another 3 today! The first 8 were pregnant or adult females and a few youngsters, The last 4 were all adult males, presumably following the scent. Happy days. Total 777
  4. Another 3 trapped today, that’s 9 greys in 4 days with 3 traps. It’s only a small wood which I shot regularly until a month ago. The feeder must be pulling them in from elsewhere. Otherwise, we are well down on numbers for the last couple of months. Total 774
  5. I have seen quite a few very young bunnies recently. Had a good day, 3 more trapped same wood. I have been feeding it for weeks. Total 767
  6. I think it’s the Best Man rehearsing his speech!
  7. I have now heard on the grapevine that our trial was not very successful,. It was felt that the design needs changing because the tunnel was too long and deterring greys entering the trap and that there were issues of cylinder leaks. Has anyone else tried the GN18 trap?
  8. Urban squirrels in London are also licensed by NE to release injured greys - hopefully not for long! One more trapped today, same wood. Total 751
  9. 14 in a day! Sounds fantastic to me. Great stuff. I am embarrassed to say just one more trapped today, it’s been an awful month for shooting/trapping here. Total 686
  10. Another trapped, same site. Can’t get them at 5 other sites though. Is everyone else giving the greys an Easter break? 😆 Total 660
  11. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Very impressive, a sign of a very good keeper.👍
  12. One more trapped but saw more topping up their tans in the treetops. Total 659
  13. I didn’t catch him yesterday but his luck ran out today. I also had another male under the trap loan scheme. It looks like the trapping season has finally started. Total 646
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