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  1. One more to a different loan trap with a fat ball for bait Total 129
  2. I had a walk round this morning but saw nothing. - serves me right for boasting last week! I did however get one in a loan trap. Total 126
  3. Awful day today, quite cool and miserable. Two of us set out hoping for double figures again. The first site usually yields at least 3 or 4 , we only saw one and a branch got in the way. Went home and put on a thicker jacket and went to my Favorite Hotel. Shot one in car park, but wedding photos in the gardens stopped us gaining access to the wood where we could see a grey. Just as we got in the wood, 12 lost Ramblers came out of these private woods and the grey was long gone. Entered the next wood and saw another pair of youngsters running about the canopy but they never stopped for a second and a safe shot was impossible. Finally went to a caravan site closed for refurbishment. (I had shot 4 there on Wednesday) saw 2 tame roe deers but the greys which should have been hungry and plentiful, were lying low and the four feeders were untouched. Went home. Total 1 grey between two of us in seven hours - Should have stayed in bed! Total 113
  4. Caught the male vowing the scent of yesterday’s female. Total 111
  5. Had another good day out today and shot 10 at 2 sites with .410 and using a thermal. All very plump and well fed. The Beech mast is still inches thick in places. Yesterday, I had another in a loan trap. That’s 25 shot and trapped in six days- not bad for January! This was over 5 woods, all with very large beeches. Total 106
  6. I had a good day, This morning two of us shot 4 with .410 and in the afternoon I had another 4 with the air rifle. All of them were very well fed. Last year they were pretty scrawny. Total 90
  7. Another trapped today. This was a large female, so I am hoping to get a few males in the next few days. Total 52
  8. Two trapped in loan traps in last 2 days. Total 51
  9. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Nev, 50lbs a week - I am impressed! What is the purpose of the cooking oil? I also love the smell of the aniseed attraction. Yum
  10. First time out this year. A miserable morning. There seemed fewer about, but shot 3 adults in the canopy- a lot easier than shooting the turbocharged youngsters! Total 14
  11. Catamong - well done beating the 2000 target. Fisher Uk, your last one takes us up 2015. Kev, I didn’t mention that one of them is a triathlete, in the summer he would also do 25 miles on the bike or swim a mile in the lake, again before breakfast! It’s exhausting having them to stay.
  12. Kev, if only life was so simple! Unfortunately I have bred a family of runners. Tomorrow they are having a lie in till 6.30, then leaving an overactive toddler with us to entertain and will speed back down m6 your way to run a 10k race at Ribble Valley. This will be a very quiet day for them. The rest of the holiday they will do exactly the same but run 10 miles before breakfast before we all go for an 8 mile walk. It is quite frustrating, I am so close to my personal target and there are still greys to be had but at least the greys will be waiting for me on Jan2!
  13. Welcome Walked Up, Each grey shot helps- lovely dog by the way! What part of the country are you? Four more shot this morning, they were all having a run about in the branches. Total 1967
  14. Don’t make me feel guilty! Mrs Squirrel is very easy going but if I left her to entertain our 5 guests for the next 4 mornings, She would happily add my nuts to the Christmas decorations! 🐿=😡
  15. I totted up my figures for the year - 182. Unfortunately, Eighteen short of my 200 target. June was the best at 51, but once the natural food came out, I could only manage a total of 3 in the whole of August and September. My feeders still haven’t been touched since August, there is still so much Beech about, so still using the thermal and .410. I hope to escape the family tomorrow morning and add a few more to the tally. Keep sacking and stacking. Cheers Sciurus
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