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  1. Sciurus

    Squirrel catching tips needed

    Walker , I understand now. I thought you might be reloading them because they’re not cheap to buy! I have seen the previous thread on your feeders - clever. However, I am spoilt. One of our volunteers, who is no longer fit enough to get out in the Woods makes them by the score. They are actually very neat, light and fairly long lasting. I use a sawn off .22 air rifle to cull because I can conceal it easier when operating in public parks and woods. Deadly accurate at 2 inches! 👍
  2. Sciurus

    Squirrel catching tips needed

    30-6 We make special feeders for the live traps, made out of stainless steel small mesh rolled up like a toilet roll with old jam jar lids wired onto the ends. The feeder is then fixed above the treadle. If you put some whole peanuts, hazelnuts or even walnuts into the bait mix then this can’t be eaten by birds and mice but will still attract squirrels. I don’t mind the tits having some of the bait because their activity will attract greys. Keep up the good work! Walker, why do you use a .410 in the trap rather than an air rifle?
  3. Sciurus

    Cheap flight to Berlin?

    Ah, but by 1949 they were masters of the quick turn round to Templehoff Airport that would shame modern airline operators!
  4. I have been after a pair of young greys that have invaded a small colony of reds for 6 weeks now. One was caught but the other stayed out of range of my pcp in the canopy . Today, I took my 1925 W Richards side lock, I have never shot a grey with a 12 bore before (Only used .410). It appeared 15 ft above my head and the force of the shot knocked it 6ft in the air before it dropped. Not a sporting shot but very necessary (& satisfying). 1283
  5. Sciurus

    Heads Up

    Stalking isn’t my sport, but I did enjoy the programme, congratulations to BBC, I agree there should have been an explanation why the father shot the stag.
  6. Sciurus


    Very poor acorn, hazel and beechmast harvest in Windermere, practically none existent. Got to look very hard to see anything on the trees and nothing on the ground- Plenty of rain though!
  7. Sciurus


    Many years ago as a trainee surveyor I would be asked to deal with travellers squatting on County Council industrial Estates. Although the vehicles were untaxed and uninsured the police would not take action because if they arrested the drivers, they did not want to take responsibility for the remaining wives and children. Unfortunately although the sites would be trashed and dumped upon, no action could be taken unless the the individual carrying out the act could be identified. In the end, I would get a possession order, the bin men would help drag them off site and the police would escort them out of their area onto the next police patch. And the electorate would pay for the site to be cleared. Nothing has changed. My last eviction defied belief. The travellers arrived, smashed the barriers, dumped loads of rubbish etc. The next week,the City Council Play Bus arrived to entertain and educate the traveller children, to save them having to travel for playtime! I then had to appear in court on behalf of the CountyCouncil to explain the damage caused by the the travellers and to request possesssion and on behalf of the travellers the City Council sent a social worker to plead that the travellers were so badly treated that they were forced to live on a rubbish dump! You couldn’t make it up ! Thankfully common sense prevailed and we got possession, but in reality very little can be be done because of the practical difficulties in dealing with travellers and their families. Hence the problems at Thwaites Brewery. The term travellers is sadly an euphemism for outlaw.
  8. Sciurus


    The one in the middle looks identical to two I have inherited. Does it have St Etienne 1871 stamped on the top of the blade next to the handle?
  9. Sciurus

    Crikey - hot crow bar!

    Not seen the sun for more than a few minutes for the last few days! It’s wet and drizzly here and a very comfortable 18 degrees. The hosepipe ban is still in place for August
  10. Clem, Nothing of note has changed, such as large scale felling, they were generally adult and well fed, however other areas 10miles away reported skinny greys. Our winter wasn’t great, a lot colder for longer, months of rain and a lot more snow. The one good thing is they have been caught. It would have been a nightmare if they had continued to breed, it would have set us back 5 years. Fisheruk, sorry to hear about your reds. I haven’t heard of any red losses recently. The reds around here are situated close to water/rivers ie Skelwith Bridge, Troutbeck, Kentmere and Grasmere and so it is situation as normal. However, elsewhere the becks and streams have dried up and I am guessing that the greys have gone somewhere else in search of food and water. I haven’t been in any fir woods recently, so don’t know the fir cone situation, but there is very little growth to acorns and beechmast etc due to the drought, so the greys will be hungry and on the look out for food. The reds have constant access to food and are staying put.
  11. June 2018- 144 June 2017 - 41 May 2018. - 54 May 2017 - 18 From the above, you can see that we have controlled 3x as many greys as the previous year in May and June and last month nearly 3x as many as the previous month. This is the same four people, doing the same amount of trapping in exactly the same spots. The only difference is this year I have used an air rifle as well, accounting for say 15 per month. The other interesting thing is upto and including May we were catching quite a few in gardens and little in woodland - we would see them but they were trapshy. However, In June, they lost their shyness and were easily caught but the catches in gardens dropped off considerably. I have no idea why this happened except they were very hungry. It has now gone very quiet and the few I see are very wary.
  12. I mentioned last month that we were suddenly suddenly seeing and catching a lot more greys in areas which are strictly controlled. Looking at our monthly figures, it is interesting to note that within a 2mile radius of Windermere village, 4 of us have removed 144 greys in June, compared to 54 in May and only 41 last June! We don’t know where they have all come from, the majority were trapped, most were adults, all we know is that for a change, they were no longer trap shy. It has all gone quiet again and the Windermere red has disappeared
  13. 2 more this morning, 1 shot,1 trapped 1160
  14. 2 for me this morning, both shot in a private garden, sitting on a camping chair with a cup of tea and radio 4 on iPhone. Luxury! 1158
  15. 2 more today both trapped. 1152