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  1. June 2018- 144 June 2017 - 41 May 2018. - 54 May 2017 - 18 From the above, you can see that we have controlled 3x as many greys as the previous year in May and June and last month nearly 3x as many as the previous month. This is the same four people, doing the same amount of trapping in exactly the same spots. The only difference is this year I have used an air rifle as well, accounting for say 15 per month. The other interesting thing is upto and including May we were catching quite a few in gardens and little in woodland - we would see them but they were trapshy. However, In June, they lost their shyness and were easily caught but the catches in gardens dropped off considerably. I have no idea why this happened except they were very hungry. It has now gone very quiet and the few I see are very wary.
  2. I mentioned last month that we were suddenly suddenly seeing and catching a lot more greys in areas which are strictly controlled. Looking at our monthly figures, it is interesting to note that within a 2mile radius of Windermere village, 4 of us have removed 144 greys in June, compared to 54 in May and only 41 last June! We don’t know where they have all come from, the majority were trapped, most were adults, all we know is that for a change, they were no longer trap shy. It has all gone quiet again and the Windermere red has disappeared
  3. 2 more this morning, 1 shot,1 trapped 1160
  4. 2 for me this morning, both shot in a private garden, sitting on a camping chair with a cup of tea and radio 4 on iPhone. Luxury! 1158
  5. 2 more today both trapped. 1152
  6. Sciurus

    Range finder advice

    Thanks, I think I will try and improve my shooting technique first.
  7. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    It’s a problem I am afraid, so much woodland in the Lakes and not enough volunteers, that’s why some areas are only trapped periodically. We do tend to concentrate our time on trying to stop greys invading the areas occupied by reds. I don’t think F.C. is doing much if any trapping. Anyway, thanks for highlighting the problem, I’ll pass the message onto our sightings secretary, who will log it and pass it onto whoever covers that area. Keep up the good work.
  8. Sciurus

    Collectors Cartridges Primer tins, reloading tools, Cartridge Boxes

    Chris , photos of all 6
  9. Sciurus

    Collectors Cartridges Primer tins, reloading tools, Cartridge Boxes

    Chris , these are the W Richards 12 bore cartridges mentioned in my pm. They are made by Eley Kynoch
  10. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Hi, Grizedale Forest is within the Westmorland Reds Squirrels geographical area. It’s not my patch but am sure that trapping there is carried out by us on a rotational basis. FC used to trap, but due to cut backs, this not a priority. FisherUk is quite correct that F.C. will not allow shooting.
  11. 3 this morning, 2 shot and 1 trapped. After a good catch in June, they now seem reluctant to enter the traps. 1148
  12. Sciurus

    Range finder advice

    Thanks all, much food for thought and I think my problem might be a combination of some of the above factors, which I hadn’t thought of. In no particular order, my breathing isn’t great when taking a shot and needs practice. My air rifle is zeroed to 15 yds so shall increase it to perhaps 25 yd to give me abit of flexibility and use holdover for shots under 10yds. I have 6 feeders in 6 woods at various distances so shall take my tape measure and measure them all for future reference. I don’t think it’s buck fever, I was pretty excited when first using the gun but I’m pretty chilled now, sat comfortably listening to radio 4 and the last big miss I waited a couple of minutes for the grey to stop messing about and sit up properly. However, I do rest the barrel on the shooting sticks and definitely hold it firmly down when shooting a grey- Eureka! Thinking about it, when practicingI sit in a chair and gently rest the barrel on the sticks and often shoot one handed which is why I get good results at home. Mice, my gun has a band over the barrel and fore end, but obviously the barrel Is still flexing. Thanks very much everybody, you have saved me a fortune and hopefully my kill rate will improve.
  13. Sciurus

    Range finder advice

    Thanks for your many replies. I am shooting with a 177 Daystate Huntsman with Barracuda Huntsman Extreme pellets, which I thought had a fairly flat trajectory. I carry the air rifle when I am inspecting the traps just in case I see a grey loitering about, but most of the shooting takes place at feeders (at various distances in different woods). My chance encounters are generally very successful, it’s the planned shots I fail at! 3 times in the last few weeks I have missed some very easy shots. Each time, I have been sitting comfortably, using shooting sticks and have waited until the grey sits up to eat the peanut, aim for its forehead, fire and then completely miss as I hear the pellet hitting the backstop! The last time, the grey looked round and carried on eating, giving me a second shot, which I still missed but by then it beggered off.... Logically, the pellet must be hitting high or to either side, but when I take another shot aiming at a nearby thin branch or small leaf, I have no trouble hitting it. Back at home, I set up the target at (what I guess) is the same distance and then shoot very respectable groupings. Obviously, I am doing something wrong, as Walker suggested it is probably my holdover, hence my enquiry about a range finder, but it doesn’t explain why I can miss a grey but put a neat hole in the centre of a leaf at the same range. I am mystified and more than a little brassed off!
  14. Sciurus

    Range finder advice

    Hi I looking for recommendations for an easy to use (& hopefully inexpensive) range finder. I mainly shoot squirrels at distances upto 20m (I think) but I have missed one or two easy shots and suspect I might be missestimating the distance. Any advice gratefully received.
  15. 2 for me plus a nosey rat. 1132