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  1. Shot two yesterday, but they weren’t hammering the feeders any more, must on natural food. 1328
  2. A single caught this evening at a Sheltered Housing Development with loan trap. 1320
  3. Took the . 410 out this morning, the 3 feeders had hardly been touched and showed no signs of heat with the thermal. Shot one up in the crook of an oak. Sat by a feeder for an hour, just as a grey came down the tree, my b phone rang and frightened it off.grrr 1314
  4. I think you are right, there is a tremendous amount of Beech mast about everywhere. Probably more than usual.- Shotgun time!
  5. One trapped today, the first caught this month, so I think the main trapping season is pretty well over. Time to go shooting again. 1298
  6. Another single with the Daystate, unfortunately it’s mate turned up just as I was driving off - so “ I’ll be back!” 1260
  7. Just another single grey trapped. Things seemed to have quietened down quite a lot - Just as well, since I am going on a dry stone walling course next week. 1256
  8. Just a single grey today, shot with the Daystate., making the magic figure of 50 greys this month. 1254
  9. This is my best month ever. 48 so far in June, (aided by quite a few households with loan traps) , however I have had some bad months this year and am totalling 110 for the year. I am expecting July and August to be quiet, so it’s unlikely I will hit my target of 200 this year, but I will certainly try. Only 2 today 1203
  10. Another 3 today, one shot and 2 trapped. 1187
  11. 3 more caught today and also a frog! 1184
  12. Hi Ratchers

    I have been following your posts with interest and wondered whereabouts you are? I only ask, in case you were looking for more shooting opportunities since local red squirrel groups are always looking for experienced people such as yourself to shoot & (trap) grey squirrels in their area.

    I am in Westmorland Red Squirrels and have got plenty of shooting from them, mostly NT woods, even Wray Castle. The only slight disadvantage is it has to be early or late in the day, when there are few tourists about. It is satisfying, the reds are slowly increasing in our area, but it is a constant battle and more volunteers are needed throughout Cumbria.

    Keep whacking and stacking!



    1. One shot this morning, it was on a bird feeder, swinging like a pendulum... 1179
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