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  1. Great stuff! I knew whatever the weather you would be out there this morning determined to get the Century before month end. Nothing breeds success like determination.🐿👍x100 !!! I bet you were slip sliding up and down that hill, covered in mud!😂
  2. @leakyseals Welcome to Pigeon watch and especially the airgun grey squirrel section! Great that you are taking out the grey invaders in the garden. I can understand that you don’t want to upset your new neighbours by openly shooting them. Hopefully in a few months and you get to know them better, you might find some them are more than happy for you to thin them out. Hope you get the air rifle sorted- plenty of advice here. Finally, don’t forget to enter your kills on the ‘how many grey squirrels killed in 2021’ found in the ‘Other pest control’ section.👍
  3. Mice, 99 so this year is a very impressive figure. You have certainly worked hard by going out in all sorts of weather, at the end of a long night shift (& then finding time to write about it) and as such thoroughly deserve the success. I am sure you will get your century before end of July. Cheers G. 🍻
  4. I bet the weasel was attracted by the smell of onions!😂😂😂 I went to a house last year to lend them a trap and as I arrived, the owner said the squirrel was already there swinging on the birdfeeder. I crept through his garage and it was there, barely 10ft away. I held over slightly and fired, it leapt 2ft in the air and dropped on the floor, having the usual kick about. My audience were very impressed - that is until a few seconds later it got up and ran off! I did trap it a few days later and there was a graze on its muzzle where the pellet just grazed it. I can understand why I missed, but don’t know why it played dead, then ran off, concussion perhaps? My last week has been a bit of a disappointment. My new larger feeder was being quickly emptied, I topped it up and shot it two days later- Didn’t see a thing (I don’t think it had been touched). I left two hours later, covered in midge bites. I had so many bites, I couldn’t wear my watch for two days. Yesterday, I went for an early morning walk about on the other side of the lake, The property opens to the public at 10am, unfortunately the joggers were already there at 7am! It was the first dull day for weeks - perfect for the thermal. Unfortunately as I spotted a grey, there would come the familiar loud crunch crunch, crack crack as a jogger made their way through the woods over the dried Beech leaves and twigs. I could literally hear them a hundred yards away. Joggers aren’t normally a problem at this spot but a campsite had reopened about a mile away. This has never been much of a problem before but the Lake District is just so overfull with visitors at the moment. I ended up the morning with a solitary grey. I can’t see things improving until September .
  5. They could be on the hazel now. How do I know? There was a b squirrel in my garden yesterday raiding a hazel I had coppiced.😡
  6. A youngster in loan trap. The house owner thought there was 2 but this is the seventh, still not got the Daddy. 1848
  7. Two in loan traps this morning. Total 1842
  8. 3 on Wednesday morning, one spotted by thermal, one spotted by the whippet and one just happened to be breakfasting on a newly located feeder. All by .410 mossy 1832
  9. Thanks, sounds good, I have heard of a lot longer turnaround.
  10. @jamesleee123 how long will they take to test and fill?
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