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  1. I have had a poor few weeks, it was either too cold or too sunny for the thermal.. Either way, the greys were keeping a low profile, but the wheat was growing nicely in one of my feeders! Last week, I must have received a report each day of greys getting run over so they must be on the move but they are not yet going into gardens. Unfortunately we also had a report of a red being run over in Hawkshead. This morning was a lovely day and I made an early start at a local Stately Home before the visitors arrived. The first wood was empty but as I walked along the road there was a grey t
  2. I had three frustrating trips out to different woods last week and only saw 2 which were out of shot. Luckily on Friday we shot both of them, (with a little help from one of the whippets). Total 701
  3. Up here we only use live traps in case we catch a red squirrel. The Society mostly use mink traps covered with black plastic. We pay around £18. The plastic provides shelter to any trapped grey and also makes the trap more interesting for a grey to explore. Surprisingly, once laid the trap becomes fairly invisible, especially when the plastic is crumpled and weathered. People just think it’s a piece of rubbish. On the ground I might put and old branch over it or in a well walked area, I tie it in a holly bush etc. I have more trouble with badgers playing football with the traps
  4. That’s very impressive. Puts my modest efforts to shame. @Walker, looks like you have more competition!
  5. Morkin, I sympathise- I often have this problem and don’t have an answer. Some woods attract greys straight away, some just don’t, even though there are greys about. The worst are the feeders that do well and then just stop, even if they haven’t been shot. I use quality bait with maize, sunflower seeds and peanuts - (they always leave the wheat). Unfortunately, after a few weeks, if the feeder isn’t touched, the food goes mouldy because it’s so damp up here. It’s very frustrating. Luckily, in the winter, I can shoot them using the thermal.
  6. 2 from loaned traps, female then male. The first of the year. Total 627
  7. My feeders in the woods haven’t been touched for 3 weeks but the greys are still out there. Had 3 separate reports of greys now visiting gardens this week and one loaned trap has caught a female yesterday and the male today. The loan trapping season is possibly about to start for me but I won’t trap for myself until the leaves are out and thermal shooting has finished. It might be some time, there is snow in the hills again!
  8. It’s a new one for me too, sounds fun!
  9. A good day for me yesterday-4, three were out of the same drey. It was so murky, the greys glowed in the thermals!
  10. Thanks everybody. Safe in the knowledge that there was no reset button , I applied a lot of pressure with both thumbs and managed to move the switch back to On. The fusebox is in a damp dusty outbuilding and I suspect the switch must be getting corroded/stiff.
  11. Sounds like a great day and so varied! Excellent
  12. This morning I had another early morning quick raid on our local park, it was nice and murky for the thermal but already there were joggers and dog walkers. Into the copse and it was a repeat of last week, I spotted a grey in the distance and as I approached it moved into another tree, again we played a game of hide and seek until I spotted it lying flat on a branch directly above me. I dropped the legs of the trigger sticks but couldn’t get the grey in my sights. I moved further up the bank and thankfully it was still there. The sticks were already extended, down on one knee, cross hairs
  13. I have a Volex fusebox in my out building serving one socket and 2 switches for 2 lights. I wanted to disconnect one light and switch so switched off the main switch and both individual mcb switches- see photo. I disconnected the unwanted spur but now I find I cannot physically switch the main (blue) switch back on. The switch is stuck. There is no reset button, what am I doing wrong or is the main switch broken? I don’t think it has been switched off for 16 years before. I haven’t tampered with the fusebox.
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