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  1. It’s pure good luck. I decided yesterday, I ought to bite the bullet and buy a set of trigger sticks. I switch on the iPad and Spreadys selling his. Serendipity 👌
  2. Yes please, I’ll pm you.
  3. 😂 I have only got 2 feeders out and even then have just not fancied the long uphill trudge in mud to check them. Serves me right for boasting last week that there was no mud up here! I haven’t been entirely idle - I have spent a couple of days in the garage making rainproof feeders out of plastic soil pipes, ready for when the acorns run out. Hopefully, I can get out on Friday and take the gun for a walk.
  4. It’s rain stops play for me. It has rained solidly for 3 days and is only forecast to stop on Friday.😫
  5. Very impressive - great stuff. - I bet your backstop is like a sieve! 😂😂
  6. Yes, I am aware of all that. I had the misfortune of spending several years evicting travellers in Liverpool. The reality is these people live outside the law, but the police do not want to open the Pandora’s box of getting tough and start checking vehicle tax, ownership etc because of the problems it causes. All they used to do is make sure the eviction is carried out without trouble, once the travellers were on the road, they would not let them stop but merely escorted them to the next police patch so it became someone else’s problem. If you think about it, under the proposed schem
  7. @Lloyd90 Unfortunately, the ladies of the camp will have suddenly forgotten how to drive or mislaid their keys! Of course, there is no reason why the women can’t be arrested as well but imagine the furore as the children are taken into care. Remember the international flak Trump got breaking up illegal immigrant families? Whatever the changes in law, the practical problems of dealing with squatters or travellers is just a nightmare.
  8. It’s a step in the right direction but the devil will be in the detail. However, there is also the practical problems of what do you do at eviction time. If you arrest the chaps, what will you do with the women and children, not to mention the caravans and unlicensed vehicles? A Nightmare!
  9. Chaps, Thanks for the kind words. @Morkin, you asked where do they come from and the simple answer is South! Let me explain. Squirrels travel along corridors such as stone walls, trees and streams. They don’t tend to cross mountains. The geology of the Lake District is Valleys and Lakes particularly Windermere run from North to South. Pockets of Red Squirrels survive in the quieter valleys. Grasmere, which is just above Windermere, has a healthy red population. It is in a valley with only 3 routes in. The village is vigorously maintained as a grey free zone by the Grasmere gro
  10. Unfortunately, not my whippets. The light coloured one is the mother to the brindle. The brindle is still learning the ropes.They are both totally silent and switched on. The mother will range further and give a single yip, if she trees one and we are not in sight. Even though it was -3c, they never shiver- Cumbrian whippet- must be the adrenaline. They are walked through different woods twice a day, so we always know when/where the greys are about.
  11. No mud up here! The ground is frozen solid. It’s lethal trying to climb slopes with frozen leaves acting as ice skates! Perfect thermal weather- mind you we have had a few miserable days as well. 11 shot with .410 Hushpowers and some canine help. Total 44
  12. It was -3c this morning and I had to pour two buckets of cold water over the drivers door before I could wrench it open. The roads were like glass and I passed an SUV and trailer lying on its side after skidding into a stone wall. Thankfully, I arrived safely at our destination which is a Hall and Estate, currently closed to the public so we could spend more time on site. My pal was waiting for me in the car park, he had already clocked a grey with the thermal high up in an oak. Taking up our usual positions , either side of the tree, the first shot shifted it and second shot f
  13. The last couple of times I have been out, I thought the greys were less nervous. Probably because The numbers of walkers in the woods has been reduced dramatically. Best of all, no joggers or mountain bikers scaring everything and everybody!
  14. Four for us yesterday - .410 mossbergs and more than a little bit of help from two whippets! Total 31
  15. It was a lovely day yesterday, 0 degrees but clear blue skies and sun. I arranged to meet a pal to walk through a couple of local woods, however as I was travelling there, he phoned me to say as he was walking up to meet me, his whippet had spotted a grey up a tree in a field and could I back him up. As I parked up in the green lane, I saw another grey run along a stone wall, jump into the branches and cross the lane into an oak literally above his head. I shouted a warning to him and incredibly the grey came back across the branches but didn’t make the other side alive. One grey
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