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  1. One caught this morning, the first one for months. The weather was awful, I think he didn’t want to get wet looking for food so went for a ready made breakfast. Total 1723
  2. Kev, she must be a Pigeon watch reader!!!😂😂😂 I didn’t know Woodland Trust was political - tell em you will vote for them if they allow squirrel shooting, at present it is trapping only.
  3. I am in a marginal constituency Lib/cons. Must have had 20 fliers, including personal letters (even one from Boris), 2 phone calls from Libs, 2 canvassers. The libdems hand deliver a weekly newsletter (had 3 or 4), 2 or 3 fliers from lab and greens. A personal letter from a ex local headmaster recommending we vote for Tim Farron and oddly my wife had an email from Conservative treasurer asking for donations to campaign fund. Cheeky beggars! I will be glad when it’s all over.
  4. I set out again yesterday, unfortunately without pal or whippet. It was dull and overcast and a perfect day for the thermal. Two juveniles were quickly spotted and shot but the third took some spotting and shooting. It ran up a tree covered in ivy. It was a case of now you see me, now you don’t. It took a few shots to persuade it to leave the shelter of the ivy and into the open where it could be shot. Total 1704
  5. I don’t know anything about whippets, but this one would also flush a grey up a tree and sit quietly beneath the tree just waiting patiently for the shot... Weather permitting, she is coming out with us on Wednesday and I’ll try and get a photo of her in action.
  6. Saturday was a lovely frosty morning with clear skies. Had a stroll round a wood I shoot regularly (& thought I was on top of) & was amazed to see at least 10 greys. They were very frisky, I saw two lots of 3 playing kiss chase and the rest were on the ground enjoying the sunshine. I had the Daystate and only managed two. I returned this morning with a pal and our .410s and although there was no sunshine, we shot 10 in 2 hours with our .410s. Any runners were quickly retrieved by his very willing whippet. Moving on to a second wood, we spent another 2hours, only shooting two more, much to the disgust of the whippet, but a record for me! Total 1691
  7. I use aniseed additive to feeders and traps, I like to think it makes a difference but the greys still prefer natural food. It’s been 4 months since They visited the feeders - even when mixed with peanuts and sunflower seeds. However One volunteer has some success trapping out of season using a walnut and some hazelnuts sited in a mesh container within the trap. I was out with the thermal again this morning. Again, it was spoilt by early morning dog walkers but I did manage 4 adults until I fired a dodgy Eley subsonic cartridge in the Hushpower and the fibre wad lodged in the end of the barrels, where it is ported. I gave up and went home and tapped the wad out. At £9 a box, I hope that is the only dud in that box. Total 1670
  8. Three this morning with .410 and thermal. Should have had more but too many dog walkers appeared. Total 1648
  9. I had a walk round a local wood with a friend and our .410s. It was pretty miserable weather and the greys stayed in bed until around 8am and then the thermals easily picked them out running in the branches. We had 8 in 1.5hrs and then had to clear off as the public were out and about in force. Still more to get, so going back Tuesday. Total1633
  10. First thing this morning I went to my favourite permission, it was a beautiful day but minus 1.5% and they weren’t out playing, shot one and missed another with .410. In the afternoon, I went to a Country Hotel, unfortunately builders had set up a compound in the car park and so I couldn’t shoot the surrounding beeches which usually hold a few greys. I had a walk round their woodland instead and was rewarded by 3 greys shot with .177 Daystate. Total 1619
  11. Thanks for the heads up Walker and Bruno, I will empty and refill my feeders and see if they become interested.
  12. There is still a lot of natural food about round here so the greys are just not interested in feeders and the bait just gets damp and mouldy. Shot 3 yesterday with the .410. They seemed to like being high up the larches or feeding on the ground. Unfortunately a large number of trees in this wood have ivy growing up them and if they run up them they know they are safe from the thermal.😡😡😡 Total 1597
  13. Mice, Last year, there was plenty of yew berries to attract them and later in the year, the greys were using the yews to Shelter. This year, there are very few yew berries about but plenty of Beech and hazel. Some days they are on the ground and some days in the branches- not worked out why but greys are a law unto themselves! I have lent my thermal out to another volunteer so I am out of action for a week.
  14. Just a single this morning with the Daystate. Total 1576
  15. Five today- with a bit of help from a friend, all juvenile again. Total 1563
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