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  1. 3 more today including the 4th this week from the Larsen trap above. The squirrel trap is just out of shot to the left. They are just following the scent of the others and ignoring the nuts in the traps. 661
  2. I shut my traps down to have a weekend off, but still managed to catch 3 more adults in traps sited in other peoples gardens. Some houses won’t let me cull in their gardens, so I exchange the traps and do the deed at home. Unfortunately, my bin is beginning to smell badly and there are 6 more days until it will be emptied. Mrs Sciurus is wondering what the smell could possibly be! 622
  3. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Most of the greys I have trapped this week have been adults, however on Tuesday I was putting up a feeder in copse of a few mature beeches and lots of self seeded Beech saplings and was amazed to see 3 or 4 youngsters zooming up and down the saplings, twisting and turning and hanging like snakes. They were not at all bothered by me. Unfortunately I didn’t have a gun with me and suffering from a badly twisted knee, I couldn’t face going home to fetch the air rifle and trudging back up the hill again. I guess they must have been stripping the bark off the young shoots. Anyway, I’ll check the feeder tomorrow and hopefully shoot it a few days later. Hopefully they won’t have moved on. Mice, save the walnuts for lean periods or for for trapping - you don’t want to spoil them! I find the greys here, hang around near the yews all year round, either eating or sheltering in them, so it’s not a bad idea to put your feeder nearby. If they are hungry and used to a feeder, they will quite happily travel overhead if you are sitting quietly. Get stuck into HH as soon as you can, come July/August they will prefer eating the hazel, then the Beech and acorns. Cheers G
  4. Sciurus

    squirrel control

    Mice, great stuff! At least you have been proved right about the benefit of larger feeders. However, whatever you do, I think Greys will always do whatever they can to frustrate you. They are tough critters and often ‘disappear’ into the undergrowth after been head shot, I think it is the adrenaline. The ranger that taught me, sticks his mobile phone camera right down the rabbit hole if he loses one to see which way it’s facing then pulls it out . I think I would rather have a terrier! Have you started shooting/feeding at your new permission? If so, you will notice Stone dead ones still roll down hills and disappear! 😂
  5. 2 more trapped today (one was in the Larsen trap) 609
  6. Lucky you shot him first!! 😂 A good day for me, 4 greys from 6 traps, that had only been put out yesterday. Total 607
  7. Shot my first rabbit for 50 years with .177. Did it as a favour to a local who lets me park up when shooting greys in a nearby wood. 283
  8. A youngster today in the Larsen trap, I guess there will be more. the owner also has a squirrel trap out but for some reason they are ignoring the nuts and going for the white bread. Total 590
  9. One large female caught in a local persons Larsen trap using bread as bait. Total 589
  10. A very impressive return Walker! Two of us had a walk round today 2 sites with 410s and thermals, ended up with 6 (him more than me!). The bracken and leaves had shot up over the last 3 drizzly days and it was difficult to spot or shoot them. So will start shooting them at feeders and trapping. Total 571
  11. Sciurus

    Time to read

    Dad, thanks for the reminder, I first discovered the joy of Reading Corbett books aged 12 in the school library. Just ordered Maneaters of Kumaon. Looking forward to rereading his exploits.
  12. I had shut 10 traps down in various houses and hotels in the village, leaving just one trap in my own garden. Today I was rewarded with a stroppy male. Total 501
  13. 2 shot with the air rifle and 2 trapped in loan traps. We are getting fewer reports of greys in gardens compared to last year, but they are still plentiful in the woods but very skittish and still avoiding feeders. Grrr Total 491
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