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  1. Where and when are you going I have thousands and could help you out
  2. Chap I spoke to tonight has a load of Remington 2 and 7/8ths cartridges loaded with 15/8ths no 4s ........ he has hundreds
  3. There’s a chap on here ninja ferret whose brother has Remington cartridges the are what your looking for I think
  4. Not like it but don’t think many are , got a good friend ( I shoot with him ) that works with HMRC might speak to him
  5. Nothing is ever done via emails ........ not the way the operate
  6. Motty that’s a bit harsh !!! We did but on the last day the guides moved the goal posts . But we won’t be back , we’ve shot plenty geese since we got home . We went for a jolly and got out breeks pulled down , you can try and refuse to pay but I’ve also heard about police involvement...... but again I think your comment is a tad harsh
  7. I was up their 2 years ago with Stevie Rogers and it was brutal . We shot 12 Greylags in 3 days for 5 guns . The duck shooting was useless and all for the sum off £145 PD PG ...... even the guy who owns the gun shop was struggling ...... no wind ..... forget it
  8. It was just a shambles from the start , I think aberdeen is going the same way as orkney
  9. Salmo

    Barley cost

    I get a lot for nothing but just bought 2 ton for £250
  10. Aye steer clear pal , I’ve had a few people with bad experiences text me
  11. Vince I stay in the heart of goose shooting but like 2/3 days away ...... that me finished with it now . We have plenty shooting of our own
  12. Never heard a peep about him
  13. Won’t be a next time we have plenty geese / ducks at home but like to get awAy ....... finished now tho
  14. He changed the venue because of wind direction alledgedly ( we were supposed to shoot near the Loch ) and said we would sort the money after the flight . Then he sprung £750 on us . We never knew it was changed until that morning ...... I’m not stupid if your trying to insinuate that . The guide lied about venue
  15. Ian Robertson at Loch of strathbeg ...... duck flight
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