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    Wildfowling ( inland , decoying and coast ) salmon fishing training labs and motorsports

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  1. Salmo


    I’m in fife
  2. Salmo

    Beretta EELL

    It’s sold they emailed me this morning
  3. Salmo

    Beretta EELL

    Looking for above in sporter form . Must have excellent wood and be 30” and relatively new ( steel proofed ) ..... what is out there
  4. Aaacchhhhh ..... never mind thanks for taking time to reply anyway .
  5. I’ve 4500 ordered and will head down as soon as wee krankie allows
  6. Salmo

    Loake shoes

    Canny I’m only 5,4” and would look like I’d stole them but I repeat an absolute steal at that money
  7. Salmo

    Loake shoes

    Absolutele bargain I’m a 7 ..... gutted
  8. Salmo

    Dog box

    Looking for dog box K9 , CAB , Lintran etc must take 2 labs and have centre divider if possible . Ideally in central Scotland ..... many thanks
  9. Beretta 692 black ?
  10. Lol my point being I’ve bought them with 3” mags and don’t know what the are I.e 1 oz 6s or what
  11. Are they game carts , I’ve not picked them up yet
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