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  1. We have all our dates booked now and have assurances that if due to government not allowing shooting they will carry deposit to next year . I feel if we get the go ahead there will be an almighty demand for shooting
  2. Aye tell you what if your that good I’ll get you up here with me to flight geese on my daughters farm and you publish the results here ...... I’ll even pay for your trip .... I flight them going to a small Loch and use a Benelli with Winchester super xx or power piston 2s ........... and you recon you can drop greylags at 45 / 50 yards with a 20 bore ......... I know I can ....... but then again what do I know I’ve only shot 3000 plus . Now I’ve said all I’m saying on the matter
  3. Far superior ...... range , stopping power , more stone dead kills . Last year when we played about experimenting lead came out on top every time . I’m doing a cull this year in September and I’ll try the same again ( this year the cull will be 4 days ) and I’ll let you know the results but I stand by what I say
  4. Mitty I’ve tried shooting geese over decoys with both lead and steel ( inland Scotland ) we also did a blind testing and with respect it was a wee while ago but the kills with lead are far superior ....... I do not have one single steel cartridge Sorry Motty
  5. Federal 10 bore American BBs lead . They would stop geese , hares, deer , cars ....... anything
  6. Wonder how many thousand they gave him
  7. Right or left hand ? Need a lefty for someone
  8. That’s the way to do it .....
  9. I’m on a high bird shoot ( guest ) and it’s £32 and I think that’s expensive
  10. £48 a bird ...... not for me sadly
  11. There seems to be a large difference in the cost of a driven bird . I would have thought the cost gap should really not be that great ...... we pay on average £26 a bird in vat and have done for 2 years ( 2 high drives and 3 average drives ) this seems very cheap compared to some ........
  12. Cartridges manufacturers not consulted on lead ban by BASC
  13. Are they polarised ....
  14. Had one years ago and I’m tempted...... don’t need it but tempted
  15. They recon 5 years and lead will be finished just heard
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