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  1. Just put up pigeon shooting in exchange for cartridges and you’ll get him ( you will get the carts cheap not free )
  2. Salmo

    Sept 1st

    On stubbles for me
  3. I have some 1 5/8 Remington and other bits and bobs . I’ve sent you a DM see if we can get you over for a rattle at the geese
  4. Just picked it up son it’s ok … no problem
  5. Salmo

    Goose numbers

    Meaning the resident greys ( orkney ) were hammered putt of season and would be very very jumpy
  6. Salmo

    Goose numbers

    We have 2 stubbles covered in geese down by the loch I was up there shooting last September the greys were the spookiest I’ve seen
  7. Don’t know what is happening I said I’d take them but not heard much it was only yesterday though
  8. I have some 1 5/8 Remington and other bits and bobs . I’ve sent you a DM
  9. I’ll take them if TC doesn’t want them
  10. Salmo

    Goose numbers

    Up and down the country it seems the same story .
  11. Anybody noticed the increase in goose numbers there seems to be literally thousands in our area and Canada numbers are through the roof . The resident greys have had a hell of a year by the looks of it but not as well as Canada’s .
  12. Anybody preferably Scotland got any to sell
  13. Probably the best auto in the world my last one had 20000 rounds through it and I only got rid cause I wanted a new one ....... great all rounder vermin , geese etc
  14. Gents looking for magnetic vehicle rod holders anybody got a set they are not using ?
  15. Do the fit in the beretta 400 auto
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