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  1. Great shells used them for a wee while now only recently changed to pegararo main reason you can get them in Scotland
  2. I say hit hard because I played about with chokes today and I was consistently getting clean kills at 45 yard ish pheasants . Last year I used a different shell and didn’t get the same results . Another gun commented on the height of ducks I was killing as well . Maybe the cartridge / gun combo just works ( beretta 692 black ) but I was delighted today with the results . They are not the cheapest out there but not the dearest either
  3. Well day two using Pegeraro and they are as good a shell as any . Shooting high pheasant today and cracking clean kills (36g 5s ) shooting ducks between 2 big ponds again high but I was killing them cleanly ........ I’m out tomorrow shooting crows / pigeons , but the cartridges hit as hard as anything else out there if not harder and I’ll be using them from now on
  4. Figgy they are as good as it gets . I’m on a high bird shoot for the next 2 weekends I’ll tell you more then . I usually use cheddite elite but it’s a run and a half to Malmo guns from fife . The pegeraro are in ayreshire and a mate brings them up ....... but aye a decent shell
  5. Well the Pegoraro are an extremely good cartridge ..... I used the minimags on geese with success and the 36g on high pheasants . Both were clean and recoil was ok ...... value 8/10 performance 9/10 and cleanliness 9/10 ...... out on the crows with 32g 5s next ......I’ll let you know
  6. I will , I’ll give him a call . Got a driven day on Saturday and flighting geese at night ....
  7. I was using cheddite but Malmo guns are a long way . I’m shooting geese on Saturday I’ll let you know
  8. I got them in 34g 5s ..... for high pheasants and 50g 3s for geese
  9. Just got a few hundred of various Pegoraro shells . Anybody tried them ........
  10. I use one identical ..... great gun cycles faultless
  11. I advertised a fully driven 100 bird day 8 guns £260 a gun and one chap phoned and told me it was too expensive . The shooting on this thread is too cheap
  12. How’s you , I’m getting rid of all British 10 gauge ammo .
  13. I’ve plenty ammo if the buyer needs some
  14. Duck flight for 4 guns possible Friday 4th October . Teal Mallard . £45 PG ....... plenty ducks using pond
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