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    Wildfowling ( inland , decoying and coast ) salmon fishing training labs and motorsports

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  1. Salmo

    Best fowling locations?

    I like certain parts of the Tay and the northern Firth’s ....... anywhere I can get geese over floating decoys
  2. Salmo

    Crow shooting £65

    I pick up wildfowling through shooting crows ..... worlds gone mad
  3. I sent you a small yesterday Meant DM
  4. Is it north or south of Aberdeen Sorry I should have read it
  5. Salmo


    I’ll have a rake where you based
  6. Salmo

    Storing Cartridges in the loft

    JTB that’s where I keep mine .... never an issue
  7. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    It’s getting done with a well known company and shooting magazine.......
  8. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    I will ........ but still need a electric one it’s going in the middle of a field . I’ll just buy one . Thanks for the tip
  9. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    Poorly thought out ...... is this a court enquiry ?
  10. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    Do I really have to explain !!! I only asked a question
  11. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    I stated ........ not shooting , filming , experiment and I know the law . Anyway the filming starts in 3 weeks you may see it on TV
  12. Salmo

    First Labrador

    Labs are born half trained springers die half trained
  13. Salmo

    Chedite oro trap 28gr 24gr

    I’ll message you this week
  14. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    Bumpy72 you don’t know me ........ is attempting to make a fool of people funny ..... I don’t think so
  15. Salmo

    Electronic crow caller

    I won’t be shooting them , I’m going to a farm tomorrow and I’ll be shocked if I don’t shoot 80/100 . But not filming for about 3 weeks