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  1. Salmo

    Crow decoys

    You can get them from fleebay .... get the full bodied flock .... not dear
  2. There’s a few on gun trader I’ve got one and I love it
  3. Last chance 3 days salmon seatrout and luxury accom . Fish every day last week 1st 2nd 3rd July . Beat is top of the tide 9 pools hut ghillie etc . Fantastic averages ......... PM for more details or call 07866470032
  4. Salmo

    Crow Decoys

    There’s loads on eBay , you’ll need maybe 24 and get the full body flocked
  5. And virtually unregulated
  6. The market makers play a large part in it ..... if it’s AIM then god only knows
  7. Can you send me a few pics please
  8. Got pm send number please
  9. Top quality salmon and seatrout fishing in Scotland 1st 2nd 3rd July on exclusive beat in exclusive luxury accommodation. This is a low water beat with great averages ...... single days available 4 rod beat . DM for details
  10. Still looking for 2 rods ...... this has to be the cheapest top quality fishing in the UK ......... we don’t want water , 9 pools then tide .
  11. Yep contact George at Proper Carts he will sell you 50,000 or so .
  12. Are they the chokes for or will fit a 692 if so can you DM me
  13. Very reasonable .......
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