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  1. I’ve been using them on essential corvid and pigeon and they do the job . If you like a “ hotter than average “ shell these are the boys . I’m shooting crows out to 50 yards with half choke and M2 with no issue
  2. The jack pyke Galbraith is ok new they are 50 quid or rivers west from swillington £80
  3. Try Kevin from kicks chokes he should have one
  4. Quick update , boy went out for a quick walk and there are a few birds about . The weather was less than ideal . He’s going out again and I’ll update as soon as he’s confident and we can agree dates as I said there’s a few about but unless it’s going to be decent then he won’t do it . As it stands there are no B and B opening anytime soon but we do have about 8 weeks yet anyway ..... I’ll keep you informed
  5. As I’ve said just hang in a week or so until he does a bit recce . The dates are flexible anyway as it’s only him
  6. JDog that why he’s having a recce to make sure ..... he’s the only one that shoots it but he’s selling 2 days to pay the rent . He’s very thorough and if he goes out and doesn’t think the guns could get at least 4/5 goes then he won’t do it
  7. It’s 1100 acres and there are plenty grouse ( or were last season ) the boy is going out to check numbers in a few weeks to check if it’s worth while . Every weekend is almost available but he’s only shooting it twice . But fitness is paramount it’s hard going . If you have dogs do much the better you would be welcome infact encouraged to bring them . I went out for a few hours last year and we shot 3 brace but had plenty chances but I was too knackered to be interested........ I’ll keep you informed if it’s a goer
  8. Any interest in walked up grouse , Inverness area . £150 per gun max 3 guns ...... plenty of grouse around ....... bag won’t be massive but should get a decent day out ( weather permitting ) and a few grouse . DM for more details . Keeper going to have a walk in 2/3 weeks to confirm numbers
  9. Davy I bought one as well I bought a Magnus well a belter of a bit walnut on it ..... it was too light and I went back to a sporter ...... I’ve had a few EELLs and the guerini Wood was miles in front
  10. Minnox sportsman gun ..... great glass £60 me thinks
  11. You can’t really go wrong with a Benelli
  12. They are amazing I use them all the time on geese I thought the only came in BB or 3s
  13. That is an utter bargain
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