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  1. Don’t need one we have dogs
  2. I was down last week they didn’t have them
  3. Flock coated DK Wai ...... that’s what I use .... amazing
  4. What colour is it ? Just saw it ....... sorry
  5. What a cracking looking gun
  6. Salmo

    Cheddite elite

    Any place sell Cheddite elite in Scotland ?
  7. Salmo


    Yep tons on GT as the previous gent said the world is your lobster
  8. Salmo


    Look on fleebay ..... loads
  9. There was a cartridge Topmark such and goose 36 g 1 1/4oz 1s and 4s ....... decent shells back in the early 80s
  10. I like certain parts of the Tay and the northern Firth’s ....... anywhere I can get geese over floating decoys
  11. I pick up wildfowling through shooting crows ..... worlds gone mad
  12. Is it north or south of Aberdeen Sorry I should have read it
  13. Salmo


    I’ll have a rake where you based
  14. JTB that’s where I keep mine .... never an issue
  15. It’s getting done with a well known company and shooting magazine.......
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