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  1. Salmo

    Electronic crow call

    All I asked is has anybody got an electronic crow call to sell ...... there are plenty company’s out there who sell them
  2. Salmo

    Electronic crow call

    Yet again ..... yet again . Who said breaking the law ..... there has been 2 sold on here in recent months and not once did anybody comment ...... is there an issue ? Is this personal ? You don’t even know what he wants it for ( it’s not for me ) Jesus wept
  3. Salmo

    Electronic crow call

    Yawn ........ gets a bit boring after a while ....
  4. Anybody got one they are not using and want to sell
  5. Iron mongers up the village 12 Grand Prix please and 6 alphamax bbs ...... oh going for the geese son ............ my dad shot everything with Grand Prix 4s
  6. I’m out with mine Tuesday on pinks ...... about 2500 feeding on a grass field and I’m going to take a few on the flightline with the Reilly
  7. That’s the elites I use and love them ...... I like the 32g as well
  8. I walked off a shoot this year ......... drive one 20 birds shot and nothing over 20 yards .......... most people think a 30 yard bird is high ...... but as you said each to their own
  9. Shooting 20/25 yarders isn’t either and my god I’ve WATCHED more than my fair share of that ..... it’s each to their own
  10. I’m down Dumfries on Saturday but I’m getting along great with them ........... you got any of George’s new stuff . He doesn’t talk to me
  11. Salmo

    Kicks high flyer

    I believe it’s the same as the Benelli ........
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