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  1. Gun shop I deal with in England had over 1m carts . Now got 70,000 and some suppliers next to nothing ........
  2. Been told to expect a shortage in shotgun ammo
  3. Anybody remember Topmark duck and goose . They were around late 70s early 80s I think
  4. Salmo

    Forth Valley

    Jim those geese are all back and more !
  5. 100 % correct , wait until a celebs £12,000 gnashers explode with crunching steel shot and see what happens . Steel is not as good as lead end off .........
  6. I think they are about half price
  7. Selling 24 really good condition and they work collection only £300 email for pictures garygmcs@aol.com I’m based in fife but may deliver within reason
  8. I heard there will probably be a shortage ( cheddite seem to be running low )
  9. Have you tried the old super xx or Remington power pistons ...... slacken yer teeth and put your shoulder out with one squeeze of the trigger
  10. Mini mags are good in 3s but if you want to fire last when there’s a get of you RC or cheddite 3” 2s are the boys . 1/4 or 1/2 choke is enough remember if you draw them right into the decoys the will be 30 yards when you open up but they move quick .
  11. Salmo

    Cheap youths 20b

    I’m using very light loads but I like the confidence of seeing it broken / open . He’s getting a SA next year but he will be in a hide with me at geese / pigeons . I will be in complete control then . I hoping to give him a go at driven this year thus the 20
  12. I knew they were special ........
  13. Salmo

    Cheap youths 20b

    We it’s more obvious when it’s broken and simpler for a youngster to use . Safety is paramount and easier learned with an O/U than an auto
  14. Chris aye loads of times , group of mates had 400 geese above decoys 20 metres away a 16 shots later not a feather
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