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    Wildfowling ( inland , decoying and coast ) salmon fishing training labs and motorsports

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  1. Salmo

    Browning gold 10 gauge butt pad

    Try Malmo guns
  2. Salmo

    Browning gold 10 gauge butt pad

    I made one , and just black siliconed it on easy peasey
  3. Salmo

    10 bore cartridges

    Get him to DM me ......... please
  4. Can you DM me your phone number please
  5. Salmo

    Goose calls

  6. Salmo

    Goose calls

    Well that was quick sold to konor subject to the usual
  7. Salmo

    Goose calls

    Pink foot and greylag hammer calls pink brand new greylag just back from DK Wai ....... don’t use them £45 posted for the pair
  8. Salmo

    Wildfoweling calls

    I do have 2 new pink and greylag hammer calls if you fancy them
  9. Salmo

    Wildfoweling calls

    Dave the duck is good as well
  10. Salmo

    Left hand auto

    Might have to
  11. Salmo

    Left hand auto

    It’s for shooting geese from a hide it will get abused that’s why he wants synthetic , that’s a cracking gun all the same
  12. Salmo

    Left hand auto

    Looking for a decent left hand auto for a mate of mine must be synthetic and browning , Benelli beretta or the like ..... thanks in advance
  13. Salmo

    L/H .243 Rifle/Setup

    My son has a browning t bolt and moderator plus S and B scope he may be selling , I’ll call him saturday
  14. Salmo

    Driven partridge

    Next one Boreland and Glenshee 27th Dec . We’re a roving syndicate and go for 100 bird days for 7/8 guns for £300 a gun . Glen shee may be different tho we’re doing all the high bird drives ........ amazing
  15. Salmo


    Both cartridges near the same age and I love them both 12 bore Grand Prix 4s , my dads favourite