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  1. Sorry, can't list links to Ebay I'm afraid, against the rules apparently.
  2. Morning everyone, now available for sale for £500 please. Will post and insure if required.
  3. Hi, I have a kosher 6 week old Shotkam. It comes with a sbs fitting as well. All fixtures and fittings included. Selling it because I underestimated the impact having it on my shotgun and shooting with it. Looking for a straight swap for a pcp, .177 or .22 is fine.
  4. I made a balls of this listing. Following a chat with the gunsmith, this gun is not resleeved, it was restocked. Have tried to re-list the details but it wont push through.
  5. Fantastic price. I'd buy it but I already have one....
  6. It is surprising just how badly out of fashion SbS have become. I would have thought that it was a cracking price for a gun like this, especially with a stock that handsome.
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