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  1. God how can they get any time to themselves working all those days. No wonder he is running away
  2. Who wanted her anyway so lets start drawing some of there perks back free house cars servants and tell daddy Ginger;s got to keep them now.
  3. They get a lot of lottery funding for trips for coach hire and food plus tickets.Could be after a summer camp .
  4. Merry Xmas to all and a banging new year and hope you got what u wanted.
  5. Hi crazycooker is the guy to speak to he will help such a nice guy hope this helps you
  6. Brought one of e bay first shot nearly went through with 22lr round been in shed since.
  7. Could P/W members not form one surely we have some people to set this up and run it.
  8. BASC do others offer help and advice when i phoned them for advice for my FAC licence was told by a member of staff if met police want mentoring then you have to do it. Went and joined G P but you do not get any help so rejoined BASC and phoned again them about the issues I was having from the Met. Told them the same story as the first call they took my details and said we will be in touch with the met . Also a P W member came forward and offered me some mentoring in Deal with him and his mate P thanks guys but the met still put up barriers but I got my ticket. Will stay with BASC now as they are there when needed.
  9. Called BASC about my FAC got a load of rubbish on the phone one day. Called a few days later got a lot more help and helped me with the Met in getting my FAC so good and bad so do not give up. Lets all stick together and protect our rights whoever we join we stand together and fight together.
  10. Get a jury to watch all videos of the shooting then decide if it is lawful to a judge and not put a officer in front of others unless proven guilty
  11. Yes but did the officer who fired see some thing and the others did not notice a hand movement. Who are we to judge do not want him to be made guilty twenty years later as were the paras on bloody Sunday.
  12. Lets all show our support to the police as we all knock them at times about how long it takes to get SGC or Firearms. He will be going through hell for Scum
  13. Had the white post card one at eighteen years old from the Met now 62 and more delays in renewals and issuing them.
  14. Stay strong and try to hold it together for all
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