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  1. Sorry for the loss but every dog is unique in there own ways. Wished I could get a dog but the boss says to much heart ache and done it to many times(7)
  2. We accept boat loads every day lets hope the halfwits now take action. Think of our children and grandchildren but we must not tar them all the same.
  3. Not many oars in dover at least the wooden ones
  4. We need a roll figure to start a campaign no more asylum no more funding any other countries with aid. Look after our own first sorry to all the armed forces we have not helped you or your families. But rush to give to every asylum seeker new phones and a house driving lessons. Squaddies left on our streets one told me British legion did not help him ? why not.
  5. Looks like the Vikings coming to rape and pillage yet again. All the lives given to make this country great and now being given away. Stop all the aid money and we will not need any tax rises and no more asylum Money given out.
  6. Lets ask for some of the boats they have used to start our own patrols and stop the money to French funding. Walked past my local McDonalds lots of them on motorbikes parked on the pavement when a traffic warden came across lots of them come out and gave her abuse. We are being taken over by them what are we leaving our kids to.
  7. Tried to send PM but came back you was unable to receive
  8. Can you post one and how do i pay for a Pro Max
  9. You did not give someone a bottle opener ?. Bill
  10. Are they going to make tougher controls to be a policemen and he was a firearm officer can we send them a questioner to fill out. Also known by other officers as the rapist well they kept that quiet. So can they be trusted?
  11. Had my left knee done total replacement a few years ago more agony now and they want to do my right knee as well. Plus replace the left one again for a second time but I am worried in case it goes the same way. Please do not get me wrong have seen lots of knee replacements much better after six weeks giving a much better quality of life.
  12. They should do a show on him 100 greatest F..k up's
  13. Please do not book onto a humane dispatch course if you live in Kent or S E London as Kent police are not accepting any one and a few of us have completed the course and despite trying various organisations not one of us have had any replies . Do not get me wrong the course was great training and we did learn from the course. But if you are only going to do call out dispatch work you are wasting your time and money. Kent and S E London areas only do not know about other parts of the country.
  14. Sorry but saying we are pleased when he had gone. That is why these kids hide away every Family as some one who as special needs or do you lock them away. Mel I do not know you but thank you for helping this boy. I have my own children all grown up and lots of grand children and great grand children . Plus we have fostered many children one or two out off forty five had special needs and were given the same love as you are showing Mel.
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