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  1. E BAY sell the balls about £7.00
  2. And take the tax man as a breeding dogs
  3. Bet grandad is calling him a T--t as he moves to the country life in the sky RIP
  4. Sad loss was not a jumped up idiot my mate did some carriage driving against him. Loved his country life and mixed with all RIP
  5. Biggest F/U I ever made gave up halfway through for a relationship. It never lasted as I resented her for not letting me complete the course with my mate he got is wing's and berry .I lost my balls in that net that is my excuse for quitting
  6. So never completed the seven jumps to earn his wings or berry
  7. So did you push him out of the basket
  8. As BASC asked Mr Packham or other's for there support in dealing with hares as farmers want them gone due to illegal activities. We have to protect shooting as we will get the blame and not the illegal people who just do not care .Would be a good cause for BASC to fight and let other's know we care.
  9. So sad sorry, We now need to get harder on punishment given out no excesses .
  10. Having to see a child or any one go through all the interviews and having to have a medical and photos taken does really make every person sick .Had to take another child to the police station for taped interview a few weeks ago. Does not get any better after attending three different cases all sexual assault on very young children .Hope I never have to go through that again for the sake of any child
  11. Worked as a youth worker for the local council they spent a huge amount of money on security on all the clubs computers to protect the kid's and keep them safe. Waste of time the kid's cracked the system over a few weeks'. You may think you have all the protection but have your kids got around it on i phone and i pad please keep checking all the time.
  12. Been through all of this with foster children with mum & dad touching the children and letting many other's be involved. Lots of police station visit's seen by doctor's and examined police video of children for court. Police can check for men's sperm for many years on a wall or carpets with test; Just because the two of the children said different stories C P S said no further action but this was a daily event for them over many years. One was under four year's old and sister six year's old and ask my wife if she done oral . They were scarred of father Christmas yes they had men d
  13. Was told the R rule over forty years ago when I started to shoot with a 12bore to give them time to raise the young
  14. Be careful of what you say the wife made a comment about our things are changing for England and now we are blocked by you tube. Freedom of speech is now a thing of the past. We are not racist we have cared for many children in the care system every race and culture. .
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