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  1. Lewis you take the knee for BLM but have you helped with young girls forced to marry or with water aid and drinking dirty water . No but gang culture
  2. You must have knowt the overulls from Orpington dad was a bus driver and relations to the motorbike shop in Lowfeild street Dartford
  3. Merry Christmas humbugs Lets hope next year shooting goes ahead and be happy and safe
  4. My first shotgun licence was the white post card one no police check or land check and you could walk down village high street at 3am in morning and police would not bother with you. But put a tax in post note on car window you would get pulled .
  5. Cut some of the cheif's and put more worker's back on the front
  6. And it is only going to get more worse through drugs and booze as they to get some kind of a fix.
  7. When the child as gone through hours of police interviews and being videoed only for the crown to say the two girls had different stories . Yes all races commit this crime and they get the help not the one's who have been violated by scum
  8. how many are asylum seekers and if they have any assets seize it and throw there kids out
  9. RIP. Thank you for the joy you gave to millions
  10. BLM But are they saying this about gang culture or what Yes it was wrong what they did to kill him but why are we not shouting about White lives also matter as well so should we all kneel on both knees to show we are all equal . Do we all moan when MOBO awards take place they separate us . Do we have any member's from any other ethnic group who would to voice there thought's.
  11. BLM But are they saying this about gang culture or what
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