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  1. Well we should tell all the antis we pay for police training courses to protect our wildlife. Not just run wild protesting and causing damage as they do costing many thousands of pounds . BASC SHOULD PUT THIS IN THE PAPERS
  2. Used to be a supervisor in parts at vauxhall dealers in south east London Manager said to keep some boxes of items and give to trade in a bag. Brought cheaper items and put in boxes to sell to public. So do not trust any one
  3. Could be Ginger and wife dropping for a quick visit as he flew them paid for by us again
  4. Live under Gatwick and Heathrow flight paths also directly under Biggin hill GOD it is so quiet Not one plane ?
  5. MET was the same time last week for my variation.
  6. The Mrs said if i paid as much attention to the road as i do the fields and sky i would not have so many near misses .
  7. Just got a call from MET FAC to say they have passed my variation from 22lr to 22-250 and a 243 all done in one week both with mods. so great service from Met
  8. Give the met FAC team credit sent of my variation one week ago today called to say they have granted me 22-250 and my 243 both with mods. So when they do good why not let them know so.
  9. nobbyathome you must have heard all the noise the same as me through the night as they all had a night call. Yes but when do you see a copper in cray only at Ruxley roundabout BP station they hide in there or Mon A20 byepass for there coffee. You must only hear the sirens as they drive down my road will kill someone one as they drive like nutters and on a hill with mini roundabout ahead.
  10. Woke up every one all through the night with the noise of the helicopters and I only live a mile away but they always have the chopper over the area. Let hope the seventeen dogs go back home if are stolen.
  11. Look at police auctions in your area
  12. Look at the price of crossbreeds if people stopped buying then it will stop as every dog should be registered to a home before they can sell any dog or pup in uk.
  13. bottletopbill


    Brought a HW35E a few months back 1970 MODEL IN .22 in good condition paid £200. After lock down a P/W member as offered to look at it for me as i do not want to ruin it. Cant wait to use it then pass it down to a grand child when they are ready. Two are showing a great interest in shooting so have to decide who will care for a old but great gun.
  14. Lets all remember what these people have all been through in the services. And the police officer must have is own thoughts as a person. So stop the asylum seekers and help our own first who have done some thing for our country. Sorry if this offends but seen to many claim to be under sixteen to get into the care system and have been offenders and are much older than stated.
  15. He only wants to be in the limelight as he wants to keep his appearance fees at the higher rate. Does he always need the media to attend where he goes
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