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  1. Could it be a bike spoke tightener
  2. Look on utube on how to replace the belt on your mountfield and model no.
  3. I was not sticking up for BASC but we need to remember not to just pick on one person. I have spoken to one person in the past and got a load of rubbish back. A few month's later same call and a complete different answer and lot more helpful toward's my problem.
  4. Come on guy's we all have moaned about BASC but lets also say thank you to them. So David and BASC thank you and be safe
  5. Great shooting and footage and a great help to others in shooting
  6. SENT in three licences never heard anything back from them. C P must be issuing them
  7. Get ten in my garden in south east border with Kent noisy and nasty to other birds
  8. So how many guns are going to be lost as not steel approved.
  9. Have you put a note up in Biggin hill gun shop
  10. Were was the ones watching prince Andrew
  11. Yes but who did not want to fiddle with a SLR wood and plastic models
  12. And we get S..t from THEM about gun care and mentoring well who the hell mentored him and passed him (they are meant to be the elite )
  13. Does not hurt to ask them and explain you want them for a pack event
  14. Ask the scout group if you can catch some rabbits and pigeon in Frylands camp NEW Addington lots of ground. Good luck
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