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  1. See page ten of BASC Magazine BASC Council has decided to remove. We voted for these people and to represent our views is this what they think we wanted. All we want is Mr C P to be chairman.
  2. Should BASC be giving us all a refund as i have eight months left and that was a part of the package when renewed this year .
  3. No wonder no one else is shooting any it is a one man game
  4. Let us all be honest our many of us really do pester our shooting organisation to do more for us . Should not be one or two but thousands should. Perhaps they make take notice if we are behind them pushing. BASC as helped me in the past .
  5. It will be the bees knees to him how many of us remember how first gun and car enjoy
  6. Some of the raptors containing lead could have eat some thing that had been shot and died later and then eat by the bird. As any studies been carried out to see if this as happened instead of blaming shooters or game keepers just because it as lead.This will not change when it is all steel.
  7. Had 2006 crv would run for a twenty miles then cough and splutter then would restartt straight away run normal. Put on new sensors and bit still done the same. Last resort gave it oil filter and oil change as run great since done the same symptoms as yours is doing.
  8. Fare to much P C and electronic gadgets when I was young a long time ago it was woolworths for toy rifle and hat and a spud gun. Got older got a johnny seven then a gat gun and air rifles at eighteen my first shotgun licence and a £26.00 new baikal. I am blessed out of 18 grand children two are active in our sport one of the girls is showing a interest will see. Why should we all have a licence for the idiots give them compulsory voluntary work to do at weekends min of 3 months and more
  9. Guns are not acceptable to those who misunderstand why we have or use them they just think of those who want to kill each other on our streets. Perhaps if BASC and other shooting groups got to together on this matter and put a explanation why we shoot and what we do to help wild animals. Does Mr Chris Packham and his mates go out to injured deer all hours. No because he is not on TV and not getting paid for it .
  10. Take his gun out in his honour as he will be watching you and telling you the way to do it .Sorry for your loss
  11. Some parts can be rough but do not start Chris Packham of EE is a protected species as who as seen one
  12. Had a cocker as a pet scarred stiff of the hover took her out when she was nine years old with the wife and kids to the farm. Never been near any guns before I fired my shotgun and she was well up for it every time the gun came out she was excited but had not been trained for shooting so she missed out
  13. Used to to put those and the round ones all over the soles great for sliding up the school concrete floors teachers' used to go mad.
  14. Hither green cemetery south east London is a roosting ground and you see them flying there at night . Get them in next doors trees and at our birds feeders Noisy things dying to pop one off as you can do but neighbors love them.
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