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  1. Thanks Chris Will see what they say next but you have giving me hope for the future. Will let you know. Kind regards Bill
  2. Hi Chris Had a bone scan a month ago to see how bad the replacement knee is. The right knee needs to be done but it hurts a lot less than the left replacement . So will be cautious before any operation the stick is still going strong better than a replacement knee. Many thanks Bill
  3. Hi Chris Happy Birthday time flies as we all get older. The brain still feels young but the body groans in pain.
  4. My local hospital sends doctors letters via India We should now be called run by other nationalities as English is not allowed and my Grand father died for this and may thousands of others also gave there lives and still do. Only to be left living on our streets and we welcome the boat squads on Kent coast every day. Now we give fifty million to France when they encourage these boat parties.
  5. So sorry Shows you cared and he was loved that's why it is hard.
  6. Walked up as stated fit. Sold my Browning off and two other shotguns and kept a single barrel BSAx11 fits like a glove and hits every time and was given it by a PW member from Sheppy. Every one as there own choice and the gun needs to fit the body.
  7. Sorry but do not tar us all with a bad shooter let the tenant tell the shooter involved. No more shooting on this land due to the issues you have raised and for safety reasons.
  8. My first shotgun was a single barrel Baikal 12g cost £26.00 from Gentry Bexleyheath in 1974. Now called John Forsey welling.
  9. Come on folks this copper was a nasty ******* and why did Kent Police fail when he was showing himself from 2015. It is a wonder why they did not make him head officer of sexual abuse unit as he knew what to look out for.
  10. Be careful if you want your next ticket. Who is watching US
  11. Wow that is love and caring throughout the dogs life. Lasted more years than many marriages do, A very deep loss for you.
  12. I thought the elephant's were just poached for the ivory did not know until a few months ago they are killed for the meat. So are they going to killed and eat by local's nice to help. But for over fifty five years and blue peter they have been asking for water wells' By now every home should have one or two
  13. Yes the web site is still running just type in National Sea Training
  14. Old Boggy think it was called National Sea Training in Northfleet Kent .
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