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    1. Would look good on my cz452 16” heavy barrel HMR. Pity it is beyond my stash. Good luck with the sale.
    2. Good shot?


      don't know why it has just started, but downloaded ad block for google chrome and it has stopped the ads appearing.
    3. Good shot?


      loads of ads on my pc on Pigeon watch.too. In between all the posts. A pain.
    4. Good shot?


      This initial withdrawal agreement is the first and most important part that we should forego IMO because this sets the tone of future negotiations far too much in the EU favour as it has been written 99.9% by them to give them the outcome they want and with no room for any worthwhile result for the UK.
    5. Good shot?


      Is that not what I said?
    6. Good shot?


      Twist of words again. I know exactly what I voted for and 'No Deal' would fulfill that wish, in the absence of Parliamentary agreement on any deal whatsoever. Any deal that may pass through Parliament would simply tie us to the EU agenda in any subsequent negotiations.(which will be fun).
    7. Good shot?


      I was not clear (again) in my earlier post and this link is exactly what I was referring to. Another bad deal. I hope all these points are discussed in the fullness of time but they will only be pointed out by remainers to justify remaining.
    8. Good shot?


      Thanks for that oowee but I have seen that and more regarding his criticisms, my point was his comments are not put about widely in the British media for all to see. His statements are very seldom debated by other Politicians and I believe his criticisms to be just. Even Remainers do not seem to use his criticisms to their advantage to block this deal for fear they will be seen for what they are, devious and duplicitous. I am aware though that they do not want to 'better' this deal they want to stop Brexit altogether obviously. There is no 'deal' that gives us the Brexit that we voted for that will be passed by this Parliament and we will be still discussing it for many years to come at this rate.. Only an action by the EU will give us the freedoms that we voted for ie. we will achieve a proper Brexit by default.
    9. Good shot?


      I heard Campbell saying Nigel Farage had some interesting things to say about the new proposed deal the other day but failed to say what it was. I always will think hard about his reasons to promote or push anything.He obviously does not want this deal to go through. All the reasons I am seeing/ hearing are from remainers wanting and even softer brexit or none at all. However I have not heard anyone else pointing to any Brexiteer reasons to not vote for it other than the understandable Irish problem with the border in the sea. I would like to see an opportunity for the Brexit party to face off the opposition prior to an election on prime time tv.
    10. Good shot?


      They would accept the result but would argue about being done rare,medium or well done. All well done in my opinion but I don't know if I can get a majority.
    11. One this morning with .222. Total 514.
    12. Four crows today between two of us. total 547.
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