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  1. I paid £25 5 years ago locally and it is due again now. I would be interested where your mate got his tested recently.
  2. I saw five young birds on Wednesday in Cheshire but out of range unfortunately.🤨
  3. Bit of an anti climax compared to some but two Crows Wednesday. Total 2324.
  4. Another one Wednesday with 12g. second one in a while with the shotgun, at about 25yards centre pattern .😀. Total 1408.
  5. I must break the law often then, but that is just your opinion though. it is not my opinion.
  6. One yesterday with 12g. first one in a while with the shotgun. Total 1402.
  7. One young one on the bird feeder in the garden at lunchtime today with my Rapid mk1. Total 194.
  8. I have not shot 'at' in the last 2 years as many as has been downed in one session by many shooters on here and I am not exaggerating. Still going out tomorrow though, with my binoculars. Not for one minute suggesting any one else on here is exaggerating, just jealous as heck of them.
  9. One today from hazel tree next to the feeder. Total 1360.
  10. Just one today with Hmr, think I may have had them all, only had two in weeks. total 1353.
  11. AS above with any rifle, every time.
  12. Been off cigs now for 18 months nearly. Was smoking (20 a day +) for 50 odd years and could not go much more than a day without. Cost of cigs and obviously health reasons made me start vaping and never looked back since son got me a vape pen, started on low nicotine and reduced the nicotine gradually, now on nicotine free. Seems to me the hand to mouth action is now the habit i need to control/reduce. Will try to reduce the vaping now.
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