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    1. Usually have a couple of Nuthatch and a Tree Creeper along with two Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and a bunch of Blue Tits to watch while waiting for the Squirrels, they provides welcome amusement. Last year a Hawk (too fast to identify) hit a Blue Tit near to the feeder so hard I didn't see the impact but heard it from among the cloud of feathers it created.Sometimes get the odd Jay visiting.. Love being out among the wildlife, it's more than a bonus. My feeders are basically 4 or 5" diameter drainpipe with a domed base of 1/4" mesh which the birds can feed freely from but cannot take whole peanuts. They and the Squirrels (when they hopefully soon decide to feed in numbers) are kept occupied for a while when feeding at the station.
    2. 3 today with the .22lr. none on the feeder, I was just wandering around looking for them to give me a safe shot. Total 175.
    3. The raw meat eaters worried me more for different reasons. It looked like Aspergers or some such condition was a contributory factor on both sides, especially from the main activists.
    4. Hopefully you did pay by credit card. I may ring them in the morning and enquire if the have them in stock currently.
    5. It's just another one to repeat all that has gone before. Not a good candidate among them all.
    6. It seems that Lady Nugee has now secured enough nominations.(Shortly after Clive Lewis dropped out)
    7. Good shot?


      Have only used my bi-pod once for zeroing but use home made quad sticks for virtually all of my shots, one reason being I don't like lying down in cowpats or whatever else and find the quad sticks a better all round alternative.
    8. Just one today with 22lr on the feeder. Total 82.
    9. 5 today on and around the feeder. Total 9.
    10. I thought you had been quiet on here for a bit. Good shooting there Daz. All the best for the new year.
    11. Two between two of us today one at 190 yards and one at 125 yards with hmr. None at all showing on the feeder. Total 1832.
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