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    1. One yesterday with Sx3 first one for a while. Total 1462.
    2. Good shot?


      Totally agree, Brexit, Tory and Dale not given a chance. But I did enjoy seeing Thornbury squirm at least once.
    3. Good shot?


      I would be more concerned that Corben may find a way to install himself as PM without an election as he has already attempted.
    4. Good shot?


      Apart from that comment today he has already recently said that under no circumstances would he ask for a delay and who could blame him.It is not the bluster he has been accused of. on a recent post of mine I asked what will happen if he does not request an extension and Corben still will not go for an election. Can anyone enlighten me on that.😀
    5. Good shot?


      Boris will not ask/beg for an extension IMO.
    6. Good shot?


      What happens when this law is passed forcing the PM to ask for and accept a further delay If he refuses to do so which he has stated more than once ( and he goes straight to jail) what happens if Corben still backs down from an election.
    7. Good shot?


      Whilst watching the debate last night in Parliament and during a particular speech by a Brexiteer I am sure he made a comment regarding the immediate passage of the gist of discussions and debate to someone in the EU. In fact he said at the time (pointing to someone present) “there is one now”. I don’t think l misread the situation. If that is so why is it allowed/condoned?
    8. You may also need to order a memory card for it.
    9. Good shot?


      That is his intention and has been all along in my opinion.He has no wish to leave with no deal but needs to be seen to be prepared to. All the remainers are focusing on that one point because it is the best line to follow in order to stop Brexit. My worry is that all he appears to want to renegotiate is with regards to the backstop within the WA. The backstop removal/amendment is not the only problem within the treaty. It concerns me that he will try to put the treaty through once again with only that one amendment and it may pass this time. My personal opinion has not changed throughout this whole debacle and is that the EU will not give us a deal that will meet the referendum requirements and we should therefore leave cleanly and negotiate from outside without the chains of any prior withdrawal agreement. That alone will be difficult in itself.
    10. But you will still enjoy Benidorm I am sure, something for everyone there. Hope the digs are ok... Have a good holiday 😀
    11. Total win for WJ that discussion. Nothing was said from our perspective to further our case imo. At key points the audience were told to ‘Google it’. From my end it was used simply to state Wild Justice facts as they wanted to put them with very little argument against them. They were given many opportunities by Charlie to give their side of the debate, it seemed to me that Charlie was just getting them to state their case in order for him to understand their position. Total waste of a debate to a biased audience and more fodder for the masses to digest and agree with I think.
    12. Mate had one Sunday morning with HMR. Total 404.
    13. It's more relevant what you think.😜
    14. Would you happen to be a snowflake? Or was that comment tongue in cheek which I hope it was.
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