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    1. Cracking photo, must be hard to balance with his centre of gravity so far out.
    2. I am in that category and it's hard. Glad I am 1/2 an hour drive from my shoots as I couldn't cope with seeing pigeon in numbers and not able to get out.Cannot be bothered doing jobs outside as it doesn't encouraged me in this miserable weather currently.
    3. When some young lad called me Mister, a long,long time ago now.
    4. On a different tack, from the video I thought you may have been sitting underneath the lofters without a hard hat! 😀
    5. Been there, done that. Enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Not an excuse I had on my list, but I have now.😀
    6. 2 Magpies today with the Rapid. Total 52.
    7. Can someone clarify for someone who is hard of thinking. What is the difference in the (at least) two signals. 1/ The signal from the key card when pressing 'lock' or 'unlock' the car. and 2/ The continuous signal from the key card . Are they the same frequency but different strength? My point is, the act of cloning the signal in '1' cannot be done if the key card is in the house and not being used but the signal in '2' can be cloned at any time if in the vicinity. If I walk away from the car with my key card the doors lock, like wise if i approach the car with my key card I can enter the car by pressing the button on the door lock. If I lock the car with 'lock' button on key card I cannot subsequently approach the car with key card to hand and enter the car. I must press 'unlock button on key card to enter car. Sorry to go on but i seem to be missing something.
    8. I have a Renault keyless, I can walk up to the car and press button on door handle and door lock opens Or I can press the 'lock' on the key and and I need to press unlock to then open the door. Is that a safer option to prevent access to the signal by criminals?
    9. I would be happy to see twenty pigeon never mind bag them.
    10. Cheese and onion crisps on thick toast. Takes 5 minutes to do.
    11. Not seen one on the feeder for the last 5 visits, must have shot them all!
    12. Now sold, thanks for looking.
    13. As above sat on top of cabinet. About £2 with a spare refill from home bargain type shops.
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