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  1. Just one today, with the .17HMR. At 230 yards it was not expecting it. But I know the holdover at this spot and with minimum windage I could not resist. Total 1687.
  2. A bit of a bruiser this big male, got today with hmr.
  3. All ok in my area bar a slight hiccup with internet briefly tonight.
  4. Don't blame you πŸ‘ Welcome to the forum.
  5. Just joking. Shooting a few regularly doesn't discourage feral pigeon, unlike woodpigeon, removing or reducing their food source and shelter is the best way. But maybe not practical in this instance. Enjoy the sport.
  6. Go twice a week and shoot 20 to 30 each time.πŸ‘Œ Should discourage some extra hangers on.
  7. I have a length of electric fence wire tied to the Arial of the remote, draped over the hide if I want to extend the range.πŸ™‚
  8. Story of my days currently. Good to hear about one less β€˜corvid’ though 😁
  9. About 8 years ago my wife and I were visiting our son in Oz. We went to a winery one day and while we were stood chatting and having a drink a chap came up to me and said "are you from .............. (My home town). It turns out he had overheard our chatter and recognised my accent although he had not been home (about a mile from where I was born) for at least 44 years and had live a couple of doors down from an infant school friend. He was visiting Oz having lived in New Zealand for all that time. My accent (cannot change it for the life of me) is very broad and typical
  10. I was disappointed last time I got Eley subs and found they were 38gr, especially when quite a few of the fist batch went off with a right crack. Seems to have settled on the last box though but it's in my head now and I find myself listening for the 'crack' as I fire a shot.
  11. That picture says a lot.πŸ‘Œ
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