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    1. Good shot?

      Shot with #5s

      Apologies Islandgun was me. I am currently in a different time zone and on my phone, But as I stated earlier ignorance is no excuse.
    2. Good shot?

      Shot with #5s

      No argument intended, but there is no end to setting criteria for granting licences, and each regulation is wide open to different interpretation by the authorities. I suspect each violation has penalties which can be invoked already.
    3. Good shot?

      Shot with #5s

      Passing a test or exam will not stop “idiots” from doing these sorts of things. Passing a driving test does not keep all morons off the road and ignorance is no excuse. Don’t add more obstacles and cost to the system.
    4. Good shot?

      Smart meter?

      I am probably an average consumer and I see no benefits to me, only a cost as we are all paying for it.
    5. Good shot?

      BREXIT - merged threads

      Me simplifying the issue does not alter the end game it all ends up us tied in the EU with further cost and nothing we want agreed to.
    6. Good shot?

      BREXIT - merged threads

      Surely we must agree that with Mays deal we are not leaving the EU but are simply locking ourselves in with absolutely no way of them allowing us to get any future deal that fulfills any of the criteria we want. The above is under no doubt to all but die hard Remainiacs.
    7. Good shot?

      Spotting Scope Wanted

      I have an Aldi spotting scope virtually unused I could sell at a fair price + postage.
    8. Good shot?

      Rules..for the many, or the few ?

      Can’t see her sentence being what she rightly deserves but here’s hoping.
    9. Good shot?


      Pm sent
    10. Prawn barbie for me in 30 degree heat. Currently in Oz for the festive season with two of our four grandchildren, great but missing the two still in the UK.Can’t have it all l suppose. merry Christmas to you all and have a good time whatever you are doing.
    11. Good shot?

      BREXIT - merged threads

      It was stated in a previous post that TM,s deal It “ends free movement of people, it brings control of our laws back to the UK and sorts our fishing” Another falsehood as it does none of this. It is merely a statement of intent and in no way delivers any of the above. Remoaner lies and deceit again IMO..
    12. Good shot?

      BREXIT - merged threads

      That's more or less what I voted for but unfortunately none of the above have been fully agreed if at all.
    13. Good shot?

      What a spineless cabinet we have

      That's Politicians for you, it's what she does not say that is important.
    14. Good shot?

      Strange Seed

      Living dangerously Gouse? 😀
    15. 2-300 pigeon (on rape i think) two fields away from one of my permissions on Sunday last.Managed to get one on my way back to the car. It was mid afternoon and a good bird but nothing at all in its crop. First decent flock of pigeons I have seen in 12 months.