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    1. Two crows and two Jackdaws today. Total 223. (including J90GUN,s tally)
    2. One dog fox today just before noon with .222. total 194
    3. Is that like a 'semi' extension that does no one any good?
    4. Have another referendum in xxx years time but only if we leave now under a no deal' because that is the best deal we will get from the current Politicians and the EU. I have thought that from day one.
    5. Thanks Tom, very pleased with the angel eye DVR.
    6. I have often noticed when viewing shooting videos ( I think including yours 😉) that I mostly think "that was a rangey bird" but then see it drop into the decoy pattern. Seems to me that videos and pictures always seem to extend the range of objects.
    7. I have put more shots in the air than at pigeon in recent months, they are so sparse.
    8. One today off a feeder with HMR. Total 617.
    9. Saw my first Swallows today (Cheshire) , are they early? Seems very early to me.
    10. Sorry Plague, bought it.
    11. I will have this please at asking price pm me payment details.
    12. One today with the HMR on the feeder. Total 572.
    13. Anything in HO guidance is just that 'guidance' is what I have been told by Firearms office in the past. Read from that what you wish!
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