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    1. Talking about Tony Robinson, I was pleased to hear that Gove says he has several Detailed (if not cunning) Plans for all eventualities.
    2. I cannot remember the last shot I took without using the quad sticks.
    3. I have a iPhone 4s 16gb going spare.No charger but with charge lead and original box. Looking for £20 posted if any use to you.
    4. Only had a quick peruse for now. I hope any objections from WJ are robustly countered next time it occurs.
    5. Good shot?


      Rapid Mk 1 ?? Joking obviously.
    6. Good shot?


      I had Starlings going in the guttering and up under the slates and felt into the roof space over the bedroom making a nest and waking us early mornings. I hung a Magpie decoy on the gutter were they were getting in, it worked for a few days as they would not go anywhere near the decoy.Then they found a way in 10 foot from the decoy so I put another Magpie decoy there which, during the next night was attacked twice by an Owl.First hit woke us up and the second hit I had my head out of the bedroom window looking for the cause of the noise. The Starlings then became accustomed to the Magpies and would sit adjacent to them and continued building the nest. l left them to it as by now they had young. When they fledged I rolled chicken wire and lay it in the gutter. They have been back this year looking for entry but failed to get in.
    7. Two today off the feeder with .22LR. Total 1008.
    8. One today with .22LR off the feeder. Total 998.
    9. One shot to frighten and one to hit. I wish.
    10. The short answer is, yes. But you need to try them out to see how steady they can be. You can add a swinging leg and use it to stop pivoting back and forth but with a bit of use your hold and body will minimise pivotting.
    11. "They are joined at the bottom, but one slightly higher than the other, so only 2 out of the 4 actually are grounded". as your post.
    12. One this morning off the feeder with .22lr. Total now 913.
    13. 4 more today from the feeder with .22lr. Total 892.
    14. 5 more today from the feeder with .22lr and HMR. Total 840.
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