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  1. PW members are some of the best on any forums, as you have experienced Dazv. Good luck with your Fac.
  2. Hopefully😀 Thanks for that.
  3. Maize is to be grown for the first time on one of my perms. I am not familiar with this crop, can I expect any sport to be had with pigeon or Crows for example at any time from sowing to harvesting. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Great video and well put together. Keep them coming Simon, please.
  5. I meant to say 200 bar and not psi.
  6. You can download a manual from Air Arms for discontinued AAS410 EXTRA fac. The manual states rifle cylinder (capacity about 216cc) will blow off if filled to 250 bar, rendering cylinder kaput. Rifle fill pressure should be max 200 bar as show on cylinder gauge not rifle gauge and top up depending on sweet spot etc. Check for yourself on Air Arms site.
  7. The gatewaytoairguns link works for me on PC.
  8. Noted, thanks. So if I were to pay off the small mortgage balance, you say the deeds are sent to the land registry and not to me, by in this case by the building society. Ps I do realise the building society are not necessarily doing me a favour by 'minding' my deeds and it is probably more beneficial for them to do so.
  9. We have a small amount left owing on our mortgage account (£125) and as long as that is owing there we pay no interest on it and the Bank hold our Deeds for security. We bought our house new in 1972.
  10. Ps. I doubt your pressure should be 280 psi! More likely 200psi. 👍
  11. https://www.gatewaytoairguns.org/GTA/pcp_calc.htm
  12. I can click on it and a pop up appears at bottom of screen asking what do i want to do , I say open it and it opens in 'Libre Office'. I will try another way if i can.
  13. does this link work for anyone please?
  14. number-of-fills-v23.xls
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