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    Shooting and fly fishing and everything in between.
    Do most of my shooting in Cheshire.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your sad loss, I feel for you at this time,.
  2. As Walkedup says, most if not all moderators when using subsonic ammo will be quiet.
  3. As advised on here. The Vikings (on Prime)even my wife enjoyed it despite all the bloodthirsty battles and some bonking. Enjoyed it for the characters and storyline.
  4. Always enjoy warts and all videos. Keep them coming jacko. i’m sure we all learn something from them too. in my case reminds me what pigeon decoying is like.
  5. Probably the same reason why our last ‘ripen at home’ bananas are still only just going a dirty yellow colour and still hard over a month after we bought them at the supermarket.
  6. It’s happening with all our chocolate bars.😦
  7. They had to go now, sooner rather than later because it has been known for years that Mars had been shrinking at an alarming rate for at least 50 years and continues to do so.
  8. Rang Virgin several times and got fed up of waiting after over 20 minutes.
  9. Tomorrow for me, can't wait.😀
  10. I got some strange looks when I first started fly fishing a long time ago. I practiced on the grass in the local park with no hook on the leader. My advice would be to start on still waters and get your casting practice in first, you cannot beat getting your first fish on, you will then be hooked for sure.
  11. Fished for them in the canals and river Ribble as a lad, remember watching a steady stream of Elvers pass by me for well over an hour whilst Chubbing on the Ribble. Don’t know if that could be seen now though.
  12. Good on you, well worth going out in those conditions.
  13. I had a Viva in the seventies, 4 of us went fishing at Esthwaite in the lakes and chassis snapped on drivers side when we got in to come home, all passengers had to sit on the opposite side in order to drive home. it was my first car and the only car I can remember the registration number of CWM 34c.😀
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