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    1. One each off the feeder for me and a Buddy at the weekend., Total 1138.
    2. Two today from the feeder with .22LR. Total 847.
    3. I would suggest going into ICLOUD and "find devices".
    4. One Magpie from the Squirrel feeder yesterday. Total 454.
    5. One Rat from the Squirrel feeder yesterday. Total 161. (including Ditchmans.)
    6. One yesterday from the feeder. Total 683.
    7. Installing free adblock cured it for me.(On Chrome)
    8. Vixen with .222 this morning. Total 105.
    9. That's a belter...😄
    10. Two today with .22lr off the feeder. Total 603.
    11. Good shot?

      Bird I’d

      Red Kite, only seen two myself and they where obvious with that swallow tail.
    12. Three more from the feeder for me and my mate. Total 580.
    13. Good shot?

      Spinning rod

      Not what you are looking for?
    14. Google search, does this help, one option. How do I make YouTube videos full screen automatically? Click on your username at the top right and choose YouTube Settings. Make sure its YouTube settings and not just the regular settings for your Google account. In the settings, click on Playback from the left sidebar. Here, check the box in front of Always play HD on full-screen (when available).
    15. Good luck, should spot him/her from a long way off, if it appears.👍
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