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  1. One yesterday with the Rapid. This one had been evading me for the last 3 visits. Total 2402.
  2. I use two on my wdv700, either an Angel eye ks-750A mini dvr or an older Maplin one. I am sure there are many others.
  3. Just seen your location and obviously no where near you. (Was on my phone earlier and could not see your location) I plink a lot also and that is the reason I fitted a Dr Bobs quick fill and gauge to my Rapid 7. Lose count of how many mags I have used to guess when rifle needs filling.
  4. Is Frogsborn diving services at Howerden (spelling?) near you?
  5. Two today from feeder, with the Rapid. Total 2237.
  6. All the haulage companies will be very reluctant to be first to offer substantially higher wages and conditions as they will put themselves at a severe disadvantage regarding new contract negotiations.
  7. My thoughts entirely, having never met him and after only seeing him on TV I said to my wife just see what is said or happens after his passing as it was so clear he was capable and had all the hallmarks. It baffles me why people around him did not out him. They are almost a guilty as him in my view.
  8. I try my best to position myself with any wind over 5mph to be from behind or directly in front. Not always possible but at any decent range a varying wind is very difficult to judge and is an often used reason for my missing.😉
  9. I saw him interviewed yesterday on GBNews. Absolute plonker and he was similarly trashed good style.
  10. Three stopped running through the trees long enough for a shot with the rapid today. Total 2268.
  11. I can count on one hand the number of shots I have taken when not using my home made B&Q quad sticks over the last 12 months. That is either air rifle, rimfire or centre fire. I would not be without them, I agree , bit of a faff in a hide (depending) but mostly manageable. Enjoyed your video by the way, please continue posting them.
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