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  1. Hi guys, about 18 months ago I purchased a Howa heavy barrel varmint in.223 ,the barrel is 24" long and l believe it is number 6 profile. Due to recent health issues I am now finding this combo difficult to lug around the fields. Thinking of 2 options either trade in for lightweight rifle or get barrel shortened to 20" to reduce weight.i know i would lose some velocity but would shortening effect accuracy..what do you guys think would be best.. Thanks. Foxcaller
  2. Thanks Steve, only asking because I sold my 204 a year or so ago and took out a how's .223 heavy barrel farming with 8" twist, after recent health problems I find it heavy to lug around and get frustrated with all the bullets to choose from. I regret getting rid of the .204 and am seriously considering a new one. Are all the bits easy to get now, ie bullets, cases, basically is it still credible to own on. Cheers mate. Keith.
  3. What do you guys rate the best? Sightmark wraith of Yukon sightlines n470s. Cheers
  4. Hi .Steve, have you sold your .204 ?
  5. Hi mate, am I to assume this has never been worn, if so will you take £100 posted. Cheers
  6. Hi mate, what distance can you identify fox size image with this kit Cheers
  7. May I ask why you are selling after a day ? Cheers
  8. For sale Optisan EVX 3-12x44 scope, comes with Sun shade and packed in original box. Illuminated reticle, side parallel , excellent condition. Great scope for HFT or hunting £150 posted. If interested please pm me for pics. Thanks for looking
  9. Yes please mate, how do you want paying.? Cheers. Pm sent
  10. Yes please mate, how do you want paying.? Cheers.
  11. Sorry mate provisionally sold, any change I will get back to you. Cheers
  12. Sorry guys been in hospital for 2 day stay, will reply to posts tomorrow. Sorry.
  13. Falcon optics 5.5_25x56 ffp .B20 skeleton ret ( mrad.). Side parallax. Sun shade. Comes in original box. Slight scratch marks on tube body where I slid scope along mounts😶 hence price £110 posted. Hawke endurance 30. 3_12x50 L4 Dot it ret. Model #HK3344. Comes in original box. Slight wear marks on turret caps but generally good condition. £85 posted. The glass on both scopes is in excellent condition. Can't lose pics on here but can supply via a mail if required. Cheers.
  14. Hi mate, would you sell powder funnel and stand separately ? How much?


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