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  1. Will these fit into trigger sticks.
  2. Hi guys,recently got an oryx chassis and met mag for my Howa 1500 short action on. 223. I fitted stock as per instructions, went out this weekend to try it out and found that rounds would not cycle, it seems my bolt will not travel rearward enough for bolt face to clear pick up for next round to engage. I did some searching and it seems that the bolt stop will need to be shortened to allow more rearward movement,also heard a .308 bolt stop may cure problem. Anyone else come across this, how did you rectify fault. Many thanks
  3. Hi mate, I am 46 to 48" chest. Do you think this would fit.


    1. Ccbambi


      Hi mate. Yeah it would be a good fit as I’m the same.


  4. Yukon now sold thanks.
  5. Hi mate if you still have them I will take the geko. Please supply payment details. Cheers

    For sale

    Yukon sightline N470S, latest model comes with all as it should plus 3 battery packs and 2 chargers. Excellent condition Lee reloading press, 4 hole turret initially fitted with indexing screw but I removed it and now can't find it, I used it by manually indexing with no problem. Well used but good condition. Yukon £ 425 posted. Press £ 40 +post Please message me for any other info or pics. Cheers
  7. Hi mate, have you still got stock for sale.
  8. Hi mate, do you still have the GRS stock for sale..

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      Hi mate def interested,out of curiosity what calibre did you have the stock on? Mine is howa 1500 short action in .223. Any chance I could come down to view and hopefully pick up.

    3. Rim Fire

      Rim Fire

      i dont know if it will fit a short action i wont be home until Monday i had it on a 308 Howa 1500 standard action is the one you got called a mini action 



      Sorry mate, did some searching on grs stocks and they seem to be handed left or right especially on the grip, also just noticed you had it on .308 which is long action and would not be suitable for mine.

      Thanks for your time.

  9. Thanks Simon, I have a Howa heavy barrel in .223 with 8 twist, I'm not sure what length my chamber is will have to check.bullets are hard to get down with us at the mo but I have managed to get some 60 grain v max to give a try. Will let you know how they go. Cheers
  10. Hi mate, what powder do you use for the tmk. Is oal 2.260 for them. Great shooting. Cheers
  11. Hi guys,how many of you still use a 204? Are bullets still ready available or do you think it has lost its appeal
  12. Sorry,but what type( model name) is the jacket
  13. What chest size would this be please.
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