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  1. i was getting quite a few escapees with a full length ladder so i blocked both ends with plywood leaving only four spaces in the middle very few escapes after that so ended up with 170 jackdaws and 32 magpies last year
  2. Here is a picture of the moss strapped to the trees that i took. There are others on google with methods for how to do it.
  3. they look badly made but they shoot fine out of my cz 452 american
  4. filled with dynamite and rocks definitely caused my tinnitus
  5. sorry ive been off line for a few days will try to get a photo this week for you
  6. thanks for the reply mystery solved it was a couple of wild cherry trees
  7. took the grand daughters for a walk in the local wood yesterday and spotted loads of balls of moss about cricket ball size strapped to tree branches with black plastic any ideas what they are for was thinking might be for insects to burrow into or encourage side shoots on the trees
  8. we thought it was from wales when i asked about its ears i dint think it was done to be cruel was thinking it may have been a traditional way to mark a beagle pack or even a dog that has been used in laboratory cockermax is probably not far off
  9. i visited a friend today who was looking after a friends rescue beagle its in good shape physically but its nervous as can be and barks none stop if left alone i am sure it will come good .my question is its got a notch about one inch deep and half an inch wide cut into the tip of each ear any ideas why it would have been done its a dog about four years old
  10. has any one fished the Sanna bay area of Scotland fresh water or sea i am hopefully having a week there in June many thanks
  11. once again had one of my larsen traps kicked in and the call bird released it was well of public land if the miss guided fools had watched the lapwings that are nesting because of me controlling corvid numbers they may have had second thoughts how ever on a brighter note the ladder trap is set up for crows and catching well baited with eggs which just shows what thet are up to this time of year
  12. ive got a pair of shelducks turned up on the farm itts 3miles from the river wear near chester le street so its a fair way to the sea does any one know if they would nest in such a place if anyone had said such a thing 50 years ago i would not believe it as it was all pit heaps but now its arable land surounded by woods
  13. i shot branchers as a lad first with catapults then air rifles slug guns we called them then would still do it now if needed to how ever rooks in my area have had a massive decline in the 50 years ive been shooting so i for one will leave them alone
  14. forgive me if i am wrong but i thought i could use my 22 rf on land that was approved for that calibre and an open certificate was were you could decide if it was suitable obviously wre you have permission also there are loads of threads on here saying you cant do this or that cause your fac dont state it all mine says is any legal quarry provided the calibre is suitable
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