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  1. 1 dog last night with 17hmr Total = 442
  2. Two vixens and a dog tonight with the 17hmr Total - 439
  3. Is this left or right handed, as I have a mate looking for one left handed
  4. Selling a complete set of 4 wheels and tyres all in good condition with plenty of life left in the tyres. these wheels will fit the transporter range. More pictures available on request £500 collected
  5. Mark360

    Fox club

    Amazing how close they get without being seen, had one the other night that just appeared from no where at 40 yards
  6. Mark360

    squirrel control

    Where do people buy there peanuts from in bulk gets a bit expensive getting them from the local pet shop
  7. One dog tonight with the 17hmr Total: 112
  8. Only the one this afternoon with the Daystate in 22, saw plenty more but never got a shoot at them they ran and climbed like Spiderman. Total 238
  9. Mark360

    Fox club

    One Vixen last night, Tonker used his magical hand call and within seconds she came hammering in from out the hedge at the far side of the field, she stopped at around 75/80yrds and was dropped with the 17hmr
  10. 1 last night with the 17hmr Total 67
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