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    rhondda valleys ,south wales...gods country
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    my interests are shooting,walking,i like bird watching too

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  1. the poacher


    Have a look what you got mate...let me know. ...
  2. the poacher


    Wanted Cheapish set of scopes for air rifle Message me on what you've got Don't want to spend alot...
  3. the poacher


    Where you from mate ..if you can hold them till weekend I'll take them...what make are they plz..
  4. the poacher


    Anyone selling any surplus 17 hmr/.223 ammo ..south wales will collect asap ... Message me
  5. the poacher


    ILL keep looking mate..your abit too far away..thanks
  6. the poacher


    Where you from mate and what price you looking at..does it come with the whip...
  7. the poacher

    17 hmr & .223

    Anyone getting rid of any surplus 17 hmr & .223 ammo..message me ...south wales
  8. the poacher


    Still looking ..anyone selling one in south wales Message me
  9. the poacher


    Wanted 3 litre divers bottle for pcp. Must be in test Message me South wales ..
  10. Cheers edd my adaptor for the bsa ultra is a threaded one not a push in one..give me some prices too Markphelpspoacher@gmail.com
  11. the poacher

    Stirrup pump

    I've just purchased a bsa ultra se .22 I've got a screw in quick fill adaptor so I'm looking for a stirrup pump urgently ..south wales ..will pick up if Close enough otherwise I would need it posted..thanks mark Please message me
  12. the poacher

    PPU 223

    Where you from mate
  13. the poacher


    I'm from rhondda valleys mid glam
  14. the poacher


    Still looking ..
  15. the poacher


    Without mag..don't really want that mate
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