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    rhondda valleys ,south wales...gods country
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    my interests are shooting,walking,i like bird watching too

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  1. Anyone got anything..urgent..
  2. I'm looking for a nite site viper or something similar Budget is £150 Message me.
  3. poacher - Foreign  Office

    1. Mate your not being insulted .people at least like to know Wat they buying all I asked for was a photo pic ect .it's 2020 mate I'm sure you can sort a pic out...anyone can put up I know Steve b ect ...if you can't handle people suggesting things like that we'll I don't know Wat to say....grow up....!!!
    2. Sounds a bit dodgy. .not interested..no camera no phone..it's 2020 mate lol..count me out..good luck with the sale...
    3. the poacher


      Preferably want nite site
    4. the poacher

      Rifle brass

      I have over 200 .223 cases here
    5. the poacher


      I'm looking for a ns200 nv or something similar just for ratting as I've just been asked to sort some rats out on a farm where it's over run..would consider nitesite ..must be cheap but also in working order Message me...
    6. Wanted thermal spotter Message me...
    7. I'm not on there mate..can you let me know Wat it is plz..
    8. Still looking for a thermal spotter. Message me..
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