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    rhondda valleys ,south wales...gods country
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    my interests are shooting,walking,i like bird watching too

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  1. Anyone help me out I'm looking to get my pcp air tank tested I'm from Rhondda valleys south Wales. Anyone know where the closest place is to my destination Thanks Mark...
  2. the poacher


    Send me some pics mate I'll pm you my email now..
  3. the poacher


    Looking for a scope for pcp Something like a 6x24 x50 Nothing lower.. Also looking for a chair popup hide I'm situated in Rhondda south Wales. .
  4. the poacher

    Gun sling

    Wanted gun sling Leather For pcp Message me..
  5. I have a bsa ultra .22 se 10 shot magazine for swaps with anything hunt related ..try me.. All this mag needs is a new center o ring.... Pm only..
  6. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Wat did you have there edd..anything to interest me..
  7. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Send me some details on the Webley range edd..I'm looking for a gun and scope setup..was also fancying a weihraich hw 100..my budget only up to 700
  8. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Still looking ..anyone got anything..I wish the gun shops were open...
  9. the poacher


    Wanted gun stock to fit a howa 1500 .223 short action ..preferably a thumb hole stock.. Message me South Wales. ..
  10. I have a little bsa ultra se in a .22 for sale ..black synthetic stock perfect for rats..350... Rhondda... Collection only..
  11. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    As you sent that mate I edited it to a multishot. .
  12. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Thanks for the offer mate your way too far..I did stale more local to where I live.. Thanks anyway..
  13. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Wanted pcp in .22 or .177 Preferably a multishot. . . Message me in what you have Must be in Rhondda or very close to as travelling is a no no .. Thanks ...
  14. the poacher

    Pcp .22

    Wanted pcp South Wales would rather collect Could part x a bsa ultra se .22 multishot and money your way or just pay cash ..budget up to 500 quid ...message me.. Rhondda...
  15. Price plz and postage to south wales
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