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  1. redial

    Mel b3 and his wife, Lin

    Did you see a Whicker Man.
  2. redial

    Myxi in hares

    Stopped shooting Hares some years ago. Hope this new threat doesn't finish them off.
  3. Well done. I was wondering who would spot that. Mick making sure we are paying attention.
  4. What was the outcome ?
  5. Hi, I'll take the flask please. PayPal? Kind regards, Neil (bungie)

    1. redial

      Hip Flask, (Used)

      You'll have make some friends with this. £17, posted.
    2. redial

      Hoggs of Fife Cap,

      New still has labels attached. It's size small. £12, posted.
    3. redial

      Ryder Cup,

      Can't get excited about this, bunch of multi millionaires having a good time doing what they do. Free flights, 5 star hotels, perhaps even get paid, am I jealous YES.
    4. redial

      Young’s 303

      Only have to smell it and I am 14 again with my first gun, 410 of course.
    5. Good to see you back Mick. Is that 1/4 & 1/4 in both guns. Thanks.
    6. redial

      Shower Problems auto reset.

      A frigen freezing end to my shower. auto reset light on and has stayed on. It's an Aqua 4000. Anyone else had this problem and does it mean a new shower. Cheers.
    7. redial

      Out of Town - Jack Hargreaves.SOLD.

      Agreed, Watching is like having your own time machine. Transporting you back to a very different UK.
    8. HOW, no different show. This consists of - Cod fishing off Kent. Man goes fishing on his 100th birthday. Charcoal burners. Pigeon shooting and Endurance horse riding in the New Forest. Dear Jack. £6.00 Posted.
    9. redial

      Duck-Dri Coat

      23 inches pit to pit. What would that roughly be in terms of M.L.XL Thanks.
    10. redial

      Shotgun shell speed loader-4 round

      I've not seen one like this, have you a photo of how it looks when attached to belt please.