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  1. redial

    Big Ben

    Should have sold it to the yanks and put the cash towards Social Care.
  2. You raise some good points.
  3. Thanks, l'll let the wife know.
  4. I use Wilkinson Sword 99p for five. I believe they are made in Russia. Most other makes I find inconsistent other than Feather. Which are very good but expensive. As said good soap and water hot as you can stand it. Makes for a good shave.
  5. redial


    By the time we put 20,000 in housing and get most of them on the benefit system. It may have been cheaper to keep the military over there.
  6. Worth knowing. Some summers we get flys coming in from the chimney.
  7. Think of the poor old Royals having to dash from Wimbledon to Wembley and then we blow it. They deserve a refund.
  8. Well that's saved a few gongs.
  9. redial

    Insect Bite,

    Thanks to all, still vertical.
  10. redial

    DBS check

    Remember many police officers shoot as a hobby and are licence holders.
  11. We're Webley's any better, when it came to finishing. Genuine question.
  12. redial

    Insect Bite,

    About 24hrs.
  13. redial

    Insect Bite,

    Working in the garden ended up with this. Any ideas what may have caused it, didn't feel a thing at the time. Thanks.
  14. redial

    ENG v SCO.

    Can't fault Scotland, they gave it their all and had the chances to win. Gareth never starts with his best eleven. It could be tactical as to finish second appears the easier route.
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