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  1. When I first got involved with shooting back in the 70's. Jut about everyone I knew used Eley Grand Prix 7 shot.
  2. redial

    Ferret Kits (West Yorkshire)

    Well I suppose £15 goes someways to finding a good home.
  3. redial

    Favourite 20g game shell?

    Black Gold are a very good cartridges. I must agree. It's probably my age but I still prefer to call them cartridges rather than shells. (To American.) Good luck with your choice cartridge or shell.
  4. redial

    Cutting Hazel Sticks.

    Thanks, They are on a fairly remote Welsh hill. I think it means a little more when you have the opportunity to cut a stick from a place you have fond memories of. I may make a fuss of one and give it to a dresser, who may offer a few ideas.
  5. I've found some nice Hazel sticks, quite meaty and gun barrel straight. Is there a any particular time they should be cut. If I cut them they will only be for beating use. Thanks.
  6. redial

    Loose on face.

    I've walked and I am in hiding.
  7. redial

    Loose on face.

    Thanks all.
  8. redial

    Loose on face.

    Viewed a Lincoln sxs today. It looked very good and the woodwork has recently been professionally revamped. Unfortunately when I removed the fore end and gave it a shake, not only could I feel movement but also hear it. What sort of money would this be to put right. I think I could buy it for under £150 or should I look elsewhere ? Thanks,
  9. redial


    If I was starting out now I would go Chin Bin £200 - £300 max.
  10. redial


    I've used top end makes getting on for £1,500 as it was then. Also top end of mid price range and there may be around a grand difference between them and yes top end may be slightly better but not a £1,000 better.
  11. redial


    These were £599 new from Clifton Cameras. I have the original paperwork and box. They are as new £300. They were purchased at the time of the post office share issue. Thats how I could afford them.
  12. redial

    Winchester xtr 101 12 gauge

    He's not a PW member. Message him via Gun Watch.
  13. redial

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    Thanks boys, even stumfelter.
  14. I can't reach to get my hand in to clean them. They couldn't cope with a recent downpour. Ive got a extension ladder but still about six feet short. Other than asking the window cleaner any ideas please.
  15. redial

    Fabarms Semi Autos good/ bad

    I also had a 303, for some reason I sold it and yes regretted it. Nice to shoot but as said previously it required a punchy 28g load.