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  1. redial

    Meyer Cords,

    36 inch waist, 34 inch leg. Quality make. Just done a quick search. Cheapest I could see £67.Most expensive £120. £40, posted.
  2. You may need to work off a ladder. Risk assessment would be lengthy.
  3. Charity shop would take the brush and rods if you have one close by.
  4. It was around the same time as a local PC had been shot. Perhaps this was the reason it was put in place.
  5. My local town had a Army Unit on standby if firearms were required and based in a local barracks. For some reason the local plods had been stood down. Used to have a mate who was MOD security at the barracks..
  6. Now it's down to poor living conditions and iffy wifi. As said before how many safe countries have these asylum seekers crossed to get here and now this tragedy. We have been are own worst enemy, milk and honey come and get it.
  7. Starmer is no fool and if he can unite the party, he is to be feared. He has got the job at the right or wrong time. Depending on your political point of view.
  8. I don't know if English Sporting is still going. The standard of shooting these days is unbelievably high (not mine) Perhaps it's not challenging enough. Very enjoyable video thanks for posting.
  9. Well respected cartridges, when I used to be shooting clays or should I say at clays. I would think almost certainly plastic. I remember the last that I found were at a shooting ground near Chester. I've never stuck with a cartridge since they became unavailable.
  10. redial

    Tobacco tin,

    Thanks, I'll have a gander.
  11. redial

    Tobacco tin,

    Mine "disappeared " you know the sort pre plastic pouches. Must have a good tight seal. Thanks.
  12. I appreciate and agree with your point. Just putting it out there, film cameras that were once out of the reach of many, including myself.Can now be purchased. I think film will If it hasn't already become an art form. Cheers & Sunny 16. Edit to add. I am thinking of having a play with double 8mm cine, having picked up a camera.
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