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  1. My name has just come up after a couple of years on the waiting list. Must be a few PA members on here with experience of fishing the waters (rivers) in and around Shropshire / Powys. I am purely a pleasure angler.
  2. Stickleback fixed blade and two George Wostenholm 'oil the joints'. All three £65, posted.
  3. redial

    AYA Magnum

    Goose for Christmas Lloyd.
  4. I stopped taking Hares a few years ago. Numbers down, not everywhere agreed but I think we should try and reduce their decline overall.
  5. Thinking of buying one. Any recomendation or perhaps an alternate. It's just pocket knives and the odd fixed blade. Nothing industrial. Thanks.
  6. redial


    So it should, you created it. Hope you are enjoying good health during these strange times.
  7. redial


    Mixed bag here. Sheath and knife made in June of this year by a craftsman member on P.W. It's never seen any work. I've decided to stick with folders. £45 posted. Richards novelty knife £5 posted. The tiny knife says cigar knife and is Sheffield. Unfortunately damage to both scales £5 posted.
  8. redial

    oil tanker

    Belmarsh tonight. House and benefits on release
  9. Yes, didn't think of that. Anyone remember the video to - 'Two tribes go to war '
  10. The moderator needed a high pressure hose to gain some control.
  11. Looking for a recommendation, thinking BSA. I like the older 'stuff ' which is a joy to own and occasionally plink. Hopefully retaining it's value. Thank you.
  12. redial


    David Tennant certainly looks like him but as said on the slow side. Perhaps to make it three part.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't of thought of that.
  14. I have found these to be the best so far. Any others I should be trying, British made would be nice. Many thanks.
  15. I have to keep reminding myself not to rush the shot when they land.
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