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  1. redial


    I think the only things to save Boris is to solve the migrant channel crossing problems. Just thinking getting Brexit done, probably accounted for winning a lot of red wall seats. The other being a few more give aways from Rishi Sunknacker.
  2. Modern Greyhound Racing. What would that cost.
  3. The vast majority will become Labour voters. To quote Private Frazer "We're doomed".
  4. I don't think compo claims are much to worry about. Compared to providing housing, numerous benefits, demands on NHS, schools etc.
  5. Still up in the air (pun intended) if the flight takes place. What a shambles, if it doesn't happen, not just today's but on a regular basis. I doubt there is a plan B.
  6. The latest news says it could be down to single figures. If at all. Put a Cessna on standby and save some fuel. Keeping the Greens happy if nothing else.
  7. redial

    Big spider

    So you didn't burst into the bathroom and save the day. Not to mention get an eye full.
  8. redial


    Who did she play for.
  9. redial


    They realise Boris is a vote winner and want him gone. Otherwise you would happily enjoy seeing him go from one lash up to the next. Making life easy for the opposition.
  10. redial


    As a Tory voter. I can't see anyone else in the party leading the party to a GE victory. At the same time I can't see Bojo remaining gaff free for the next two years. The alternative doesn't bare thinking about.
  11. With the help of the establishment. Did anyone watch the interview with the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.
  12. redial

    Hip Flask

    Still in original packaging. £12, posted.
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