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  1. How is your swede this morning ?
  2. You may find it useful post retirement.
  3. redial

    Semi Auto,

    Wow. A wealth of experience there. Can't remember seeing a Winchester auto.
  4. As said - Carries like a 20, hits like a 12.
  5. Havn't owned one for some years. What should I be looking at £700 max, secondhand . For some informal clays. Occasional pigeons. Thanks.
  6. redial

    Labrador pups

    Are they post whelping ?
  7. Can I put this in the mix. I have glasses for watching television but never use them for shooting. Thinking the clay / bird would be too far away ? for television glasses to be of help.
  8. Talking Pictures Sky channel 328. Sussex Fortnight on now.
  9. redial


    Do you refer to the galloping Major ? Hard to believe he is now in his sixties.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I have thought for sometime posting photos, particularly the gory type are a own goal.
  11. redial

    National Service

    It just wouldn't work in this day and age. No respect for authority.
  12. redial


    I have seen an unusual amount of rats about these last few weeks.
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