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  1. redial

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Couldn't agree more.
  2. redial

    BREXIT - merged threads

    He is a good speaker. Why do Sky hold these interviews outside. Could it be to give the Remoaners a chance to shout and display their posters.
  3. redial

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    No, but straight back to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
  4. redial


    Oh, those sorts of mags.
  5. redial

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Remember the Millennium. Everything with a inbuilt clock was going to stop working. Bringing chaos to the NHS, all forms of travel, armed services etc etc. Mark Carney is overdue with more doom and gloom.
  6. redial

    Nigel Farage

    I think Nigel has done a good job but as said he was a one man band. He was fantastic on programmes like Question Time. As for a pension, good luck to him and enjoy.
  7. While showing some interest in a gun. I ask something like how strict are you on the asking price or is there room for negotiation.
  8. redial

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I hope that I am wrong boys but the MP's appear to be going for another referendum. I don't think any type of deal offered, would get voted through the commons. Even some of those MP's who's constituents voted leave are wavering. Its a shame that they have the power to overturn the decision. As Esther said "That's Life."
  9. redial

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    Couldn't agree more.
  10. redial

    Richard Scudamore.

    Indeed. Forty second year in the NHS, still got a mortgage.
  11. redial

    Richard Scudamore.

    Chief Executive of the Premier League standing down. He was only thought to be on 2.5 million a year. Premier clubs asked to contribute £250.000 each as a thank you.
  12. redial

    John Wilson

    Agreed. Always appeared a genuine bloke.
  13. You will have to use gun watch for a reply.
  14. redial

    Winchester winchoke

    How is the 3/4 identified.
  15. redial


    The s/a users as I remember were not popular on a trap line. That was sometime ago, attitudes may have changed.