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  1. Looking for a recommendation, thinking BSA. I like the older 'stuff ' which is a joy to own and occasionally plink. Hopefully retaining it's value. Thank you.
  2. redial


    David Tennant certainly looks like him but as said on the slow side. Perhaps to make it three part.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't of thought of that.
  4. I have found these to be the best so far. Any others I should be trying, British made would be nice. Many thanks.
  5. I have to keep reminding myself not to rush the shot when they land.
  6. Thanks for your input Lloyd and putting me right. I like old live pigeon guns, which tend to be full & full 2 1/2 inch chambers. Cheers.
  7. Special diatary requirements I'll bet.
  8. Very true. I recently had a £1,000 left to me by an uncle that introduced me to shoooting many years ago. I thought of buying a gun as a memento to him but when lead goes it would become a wall hanger.
  9. Agreed, the hates snooker and going to retire puts me off him. He doesn't hate the prize money.
  10. Ladies handbag or designated cartridge bag. Looks a quality bit of leather for either use.
  11. Looks nice with iron sights. What are do you base your power assessment on please. Thanks.
  12. Toilet rolls QUICKLY
  13. redial

    Cheap sxs

    Thanks, but happily married man with two children.
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