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  1. Nice idea to clap this evening but I would of thought the funeral day would of been even better.
  2. He was just what the country needed an inspiration to us all.
  3. I was half way to phoning you mucker, then read the last line. All the best.
  4. If fox hunting goes, the emphasis will very quickly move on to game / pigeon shooting. Eventually fishing, I hope that I am very wrong.
  5. May I ask why you decided to go with the Maxus. I only ask as always considered buying a Franchi. Thanks.
  6. I find he is only so nice to people when he wins. If he doesn't one word answers to the press can't get away quick enough like a petulant child.
  7. Good point and if ripped on wire it wouldn't spoil your day.
  8. redial

    Honours list

    The only good news I heard was the BEM will not be renamed. The word empire to remain. Let's hope it stays that way.
  9. My name has just come up after a couple of years on the waiting list. Must be a few PA members on here with experience of fishing the waters (rivers) in and around Shropshire / Powys. I am purely a pleasure angler.
  10. Stickleback fixed blade and two George Wostenholm 'oil the joints'. All three £65, posted.
  11. redial

    AYA Magnum

    Goose for Christmas Lloyd.
  12. I stopped taking Hares a few years ago. Numbers down, not everywhere agreed but I think we should try and reduce their decline overall.
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