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  1. That's my concern, she's half way back already.
  2. I don't condone these racist chants but he is happy to take the wages and continue to keep playing. I've witnessed NHS staff receive racist abuse, they can't down tools and walk off. Which is going to happen on a football field soon.
  3. Beating, shooting, following hounds (on laid trails.) Only had leather boots before, what are modern fabrics / suede like to clean after a hard day in mud etc. Thanks.
  4. redial

    bottom plate

    I thought this was going to be about dentures.
  5. Thanks for trying.
  6. Called at my local 'Go Outdoors' to look at the above but didn't realise how many variations. Any recomendations please. Thanks.
  7. Sent a pm

    1. That's a kind offer but I am looking for something that's on the door step. Thanks.
    2. Looking for a cheap knockabout. £150 tops. Not a Baikal, nothing against them, they just don't seem to fit. Thanks.
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