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  1. Not having much of an opportunity to use the above during the game season. I tried some Hull High Pheasant 26g No6 on decoyed pigeons. Quite impressed, I keep reading how popular 16, bore is becoming but cartridge choice is limited. Any recommendations, as I would like to try a few different makers. Thanks.
  2. redial

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Has it been reported if she or family is getting a fee from the interviews. When she returns imagine what a fortune there is to be made. TV newspaper, magazines, books, film rights. Won't be in need of a council house.
  3. redial

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Turn this around a little bit. 1944/45, British girl wants to return home to Blighty, after fleeing to Germany as a A.H. sympathiser. What would the thinking be.
  4. Hi, Thinking of buying a 20 bore semi for some informal clay shooting. I wouldn't feel under gunned these days, with lighter loads being commonplace. I would like to do a little of most disciplines, so m/c, but not essential as just for pleasure. Not competition. What should I be looking at ? Thank you.
  5. redial

    Winchester SXP 12 gauge

    Not a PW member.
  6. redial


    I stopped shooting them a few years ago.
  7. redial

    Regular Stock ?

    That makes sense, thank you. Thank you.
  8. redial

    Regular Stock ?

    That's good of you, thanks.
  9. redial

    Regular Stock ?

    Average in length or grade.
  10. redial

    Regular Stock ?

    Good point, if so that would suggest they were available in different lengths. It was 87 by the look of it.
  11. redial

    Regular Stock ?

    I came across a shotgun box from 1989 (Winchester) it gives various details. Describing the stock as 'regular.' Not sure what that means. I would have expected to see left / right or perhaps straight, or am I missing something. Thanks.
  12. redial

    Antler coronet

    Take a look on eBay. I had some nice pieces.
  13. redial

    Tropical fish

    Nice looking fish. Always fancied a tropical tank but only ever had cold water. Whats a basic tropical setup cost these days.
  14. redial

    Anyone a pipe smoker?

    Calabash pipe with Clan Aromatic.
  15. redial

    Windsor Davies

    Well remembered Mel. Fittingly I think there was a "how sad" in there, also. I remember watching the show Friday evening. He was my favourite character. I worked with a ex WO 2, who also loved the show. Saying how typical he was of that rank.