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  1. Nice gesture, not everybody would. I had a mate who found a high quality cartridge bag in the ladies handbag section of a charity shop. They didn't realise what it was and he got it for next to nothing. His wife shamed him in to a donation.
  2. Nice find, elegant looking. Did you leave a little donation.
  3. Thanks very much for all of your replies, very informative.
  4. They aren't getting the same reception as the countryside alliance were met with, when in London to march.
  5. I quite like the idea of a charcoal powered example, don't tell extinction rebellion. However, the reviews are poor and many rate the Zippo type. Anybody use either.
  6. Hi Mel, Looks ideal. Some years ago I fished a lake in that area. No longer a fisherman but have been thinking about buying a HW for some target use. Not too far away (Shropshire) Cheers.
  7. redial


    All sorts of skullduggery going on. Just hope Bo Jo can come up with something.
  8. He's an old one but still available.
  9. Doppelgänger (Joke)
  10. Used to love feeding the birds. That was until the rats moved in. I am thinking about giving it another try.
  11. Nice ad for the book, and timely for the Christmas market.
  12. Never been lucky enough to have the need for one. I am sure plenty have, good luck with sale.
  13. redial

    RSPB by Botham

    Yes, it's a good article but preaching to the converted in the Torygraph, which I buy and enjoy when feeling flush. It would be of more use in the Sun, Mirror etc.
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