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  1. After years of Vindaloos and cold fizzy lager, it caught up with me. Lansoprazole put me right but it's prescription only I think. I was pointed towards Zantac/Ranitidine. Which also worked. I toned down my curries and changed over to real ale. What a difference. I still occasionally have a blip by eating drinking the wrong things so without Zantac/Ranitidine Would be struggling for an alternative.
  2. That would be a joy to own and shoot. Who serviced it for you. By the looks of it, not much work required.
  3. I apologise if it's been done before. Thanks.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eoSeVEp-1OA&feature=youtu.be#dialog
  5. redial

    Xmas photo comp

    Hopefully another sportsman for our future.
  6. Had one of these and regret selling it to this day.
  7. Twenty five inch barrels isn't for everyone. Having said that I regret selling my AYA 25'.
  8. redial

    Bob Willis

    R.G.D. Willis, Great bowler and didn't hold back saying what he thought on Sky. Huge Bob Dylan fan apparently. RIP
  9. redial

    Clive James

    Used to look forward to his TV shows. Always remember his description of Murray Walker as sounding like a man with his trousers on fire.
  10. Not many I suspect. I always regret not buying a Theoben, as you say finding a good one would be difficult and probably over priced.
  11. My brother-in-law had a make and model of caravan favoured by the travelling community. He was refused storage after being told the travellers often removed "spare parts."
  12. Thanks for that, sounds easy enough. If I get cracking, may have some for new year.
  13. While out in the field today, I was given a drink of ginger brandy. Very nice, does anyone have an easy recipe please. Cheers, 🥃🥃
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