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  1. Eley fourlong/fourten

    Nice to see, takes me back to my first gun. My uncle used to buy me a box of Eley Fourten or Fourlong for Christmas. Single barrel Breda mid 70,s those were the days.
  2. KOFs Shotguns

    Where are they made ?
  3. tarmac drive

    I was caught out as a young man with his first drive. They used a garden roller to go over the paper thin Tarmac, even knocking the door to ask for tea. Yes like a fool I made the tea and handed over the cash.
  4. Hip Flask,

  5. Hip Flask,

    Pending the usual.
  6. Cartridge Bag ?

    It's a Manfrotto camara bag new with labels, which I purchased as a 410 cartridge bag. The 410 was part exchanged. £12 posted.
  7. Hip Flask,

    Brand new unwanted gift. 6oz gun metal. £12 Posted.
  8. Is this the same bag you were selling in 2015.
  9. Eley Paper `fowlers

    Nice to see. It made me think about the cartridge boxes, the stiff card that was used. Some of today's hardly hold in the contents.
  10. Clever cartridges

    At least your honest. I have promised myself a gun slip from yourselves but when I have a bit of spare cash something comes a long. This month car insurance but I'll get there. Thinking about the cartridges, round trip to B'north thick end of a tenner in fuel but thanks for the offer. Kind regards, Phil. (Shrewsbury)
  11. Clever cartridges

    That's very kind, thank you. You are the skilled leather worker as I remember.
  12. Clever cartridges

    Do you travel Bridgnorth - Shrewsbury way ? Thanks.
  13. Yes, wow indeed. Whats the story on 2 3/4 chambers on such an old gun.
  14. Paul Nicholls, lucky break.

    One for the jump fans. Hardback good condition. £10 posted.