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  1. Temporary/crowd control barriers

    You need a fence to shift them.
  2. Temporary/crowd control barriers

    Couldn't the dogs get under or did you turn them over ?

    Couldn't agree more. I have had a few from him and they are priced to sell. He has been quiet recently but I keep looking.
  4. I don't think BASC or any other organisation have any clout. Most shooting friends I know left BASC because of their high membership fees. Only wanting insurance they looked elsewhere. I wouldn't like to see BASC fold because of its WAGBI origins but this could potentially be a body blow to their future.
  5. Barbour Jacket

    They are good for standing about in but if you are on the move like beating. They soon become too hot, not being breathable. I still have a Solway Zipper with belt had it re waxed about three years ago.
  6. I contacted Hull re paper cases last year and was told, they couldn't source a supplier of paper cases so they couldn't produce any.
  7. Squires Bingham 12 gauge

    Have you built a shrine to Boshers back yard.
  8. Who are you insured with

    S.S.A Shoot Captain is happy with that.
  9. Same agreed, and if BASC ever look like achieving that, I would consider returning. For now I happy with my S.S.A. Third party liability.
  10. I used to be a BASC member but looked elsewhere when it came to renewal time. So much choice now and most people just want insurance, rather than magazines and raffle prize draws.
  11. 16 bore cartridges

    Not before time, thanks Hull.
  12. He isn't a Pigeon Watch member Lloyd so won't see your question. You can contact him through Gun Watch.