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  1. redial

    12g cartridges

    The box brings back some happy memories. I would follow my uncle around the fields and hedgerows handing him a Grand Prix when required. Then take the empties home with me.
  2. A local landowner had a similar problem. He noticed the same vehicle parking in the area, when the illegal activity was taking place. Locals report a metal spike found its way through the front grill about a third of the way up from the bottom of the radiator. Then reappeared, unlike the vehicle. How true I don't know but made me smile.
  3. Who's he in training with Ben.
  4. I just hope Boris and his team have something up their sleeves to get us out.
  5. World Cup, beach cricket. Test cricket, now that's a proper game.
  6. redial

    FWB 127,

    Thanks all for your informative replies. Cheers.
  7. redial

    FWB 127,

    I was thinking of buying a new air rifle and came across a FWB 127 It's in very good original condition but £300. It would be mainly for fun target / plinking use. Any thoughts please. Thanks.
  8. Not with his pension.
  9. Would there be any interest at £20 posted ?
  10. Something like that.
  11. Medium, made in England. I can't say new as I own it but never been used. £25, Posted.
  12. redial

    Tommy Robinson,

    In the news again. I don't understand why the media when reporting always remind us of his previous name. This never happens when reporting on people in the film world/ singers etc. I am thinking of people like Elton John, Cliff Richard, Michael Caine and many others. Unless of course he hasn't changed his name officially.
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