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  1. As a schoolboy in the early 70's I used to try and find some at summer fetes. Loved all the adverts and would cut out the slips to send for gun and equipment brochures. Always remember the ads for Grey squirrel tails and Jay wings. Happy days.
  2. redial

    face masks

    What a couple you are. Only recently helping me out with a unrelated issue.
  3. "Of all the Gin Joints" etc etc.
  4. Not a member. Contact seller through Gun Watch.
  5. Very Thunderbirds. And very nice.
  6. Will do and thanks to all.
  7. Thank's all that's given me some encouragement.
  8. My uncle who passed away and was largely responsible for introducing me to shotguns/ shooting. Inherited a grand from his estate. I thought I would buy an old English S/S in his memory. He used to use a local farmers worn out hammer gun. With lead only having five years, I don't want to be left with something I can't use.
  9. Yet another example of BBC bias.
  10. Hi, Does anyone use these. I am told they can help prevent card being scanned. Thanks.
  11. Having had both, there's nothing to think about. Three inch every time. If you are on live quarry, less runners which is very important.
  12. Thanks for that, just never know at au auction.
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