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  1. Thank you. Pure as in ready made up.
  2. It took a minute, long enough for me to check.
  3. Made in your part of the world. I thought you would be able to spell it. Thank you. Plenty to think about there.
  4. Looking for some advice. Just had my first try. I wiped the blade with white spirit and mixed mustard powder and water. Used a cotton bud to apply. Left it on for 2 and 1/2 hours. I was hoping it would of been a little darker but not black. Ideally a Damascus steel look. Thanks for any advice.
  5. redial

    End of Watch

    She may have two rabbits in the dress by the look on it Mel. Waiting for you.
  6. I had a BSA in.25 only used it for plinking, great fun. I enjoyed the ease of handling and loading the larger pellets. It would of been okay in and around outbuildings but sub 12lbs couldn't think of any other use, for my capabilities.
  7. You are quite correct but I don't think he will see your post as he isn't a P.W. member.
  8. I gave up on BASC after the lead fiasco. I wouldn't want free membership after that.
  9. I still intend having the odd round of clays. Just not as many. Air pistol or even rifle to fill in between. Figgy is spot on with his maths.
  10. Thanks gents, still thinking about the city park hitting clays. Not a make I am familiar with.
  11. Hi, A round of clays will become a luxury. Thinking about an air pistol to fill in the gaps. Fancy a springer. Is there anything that comes close to a HW these days. Thanks for any advice.
  12. I got all the gear, paid for one to one lessons. Even joined a club. Hooked my cap, shirt, grass behind me, far bank, air knots. Just couldn't get it and sold the lot.
  13. The dust / powder is bloom which is responsible for pigeon lung. Which some pigeon fanciers contract.
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