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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. I trained as a planner and worked in and with planning, all my working life, across seven Local Authorities and at a Central Govt Ievel. I did not once come across a case of corruption in planning, so I hardly think that what may occur at the margins can be seen in any way as endemic. What is more likely to happen is a change in guidance or a trade off in policy terms.
  2. Short answer is yes they can. Building is an imprecise science at the best of times. give or take .5m from an undefined ground level (probably never part of the APP). Hard therefore to say that its .5m too tall. I worked on the development of the bridge between the Hyatt Hotel and the International Convention Centre Birmingham. The bridge was made to plan but the ICC was built 2m further away from the drawing result the bridge was made too short.
  3. 53g vmax hornady Stocks usually good. Just bought 500 in 50g.
  4. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    You would need to ask @yod dropper Surely they are.
  5. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    It's simply a smoke screen to convince the great unwashed that it's everyone else's fault. What is the level of national debt now? We all thought that the Corbyn manifesto proposals would bankrupt this country and yet they were small change compared to where we are now. We can simply print a bit more cash, let inflation eat into the debt burden whilst devaluing everything else. How do we get out of this mess?
  6. Ever tried getting in one?
  7. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    We are getting exactly the offer we voted for. We voted to be the smaller trading partner. We voted to be outside of the project. Not sure why we are moaning and chuntering about it we just have to suck it up. Bringing in some half baked donkey will not change that but will deflect attention away from incompetence.
  8. Yep they are easily portable Whatever you have it needs to be substantial and fairly large so unlikely to be easily portable. If it's just for zeroing is there no where else? Can you get some elevation?
  9. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    Apparently she was first choice for the job but turned it down.
  10. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    Not sure we even took a paddle. He may be helpful though giving advice to Priti on dealing with rubber boats.
  11. Crikey. I have to say it looks like A&S here are doing a decent job certainly on renewals. Let you know in a few weeks if I get mine back on time.
  12. oowee

    Tony Abbot

    Errrr we don't know how to do a deal so lets get someone else in equally carp and we can blame them. 🤢
  13. Well done the job market looks pretty carp. Easier to get a job when you are in one.
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