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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. More than true and its looking like the pillow talk has spilled over into other areas of shooting activity. Some of the Cull legal challenges have apparently originated from this love story but so far NE has held them off as not being evidence based. Trophy hunting is "cruel, sick and cowardly", Carrie Symonds declared last night Johnson’s move will damage wildlife conservation efforts, and rides roughshod over pleas by other countries to allow them to manage their own wildlife. However, it pleases anti-hunting activists including his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds. Boris’s small-minded hunting ban will harm conservation efforts for species including rhinos, the bontebok and markhor, all of which are currently being saved from extinction by money from hunting She said: ‘Sorry to share such a distressing video on #WorldLionDay. There can be zero excuse or justification for such cruelty. There are thought to be just 20,000 lions now left in the wild. We must do better.
  2. Has anyone had experience of using the Meopta Warranty? I have an R1 about 5 years old and knocked of the illuminated reticle turret at the weekend filling the scope with water at the same time. It looks like the retaining screws have simply pulled out of the 1mm or so where they are embedded in the scope tube.
  3. oowee

    Volvo XC90

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-carpet-protection-roll-25m-x-500mm/72304 @figgy is this the stuff you use? Need something for my lux.
  4. oowee


    Navara was a euro 5 2016. Very comfortable and more car like than truck . I swapped to the lux as i need more truck.
  5. oowee


    My 2.4 hilux does. Around 34 onaverage. Just driven to suffok from Somerset and it has averaged 41. Courtesy of rd work speed imits. My navara woulld average low 40's.
  6. 10.47 Every effort must be made to limit the number of additional conditions imposed on a firearm certificate and ensure that they are not contradictory. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that all ‘good reasons’ for which a firearm is possessed are allowed for, for instance stalking and target shooting. 10.48 There is no requirement to establish ‘good reason’ for additional conditions or the addition of quarry species to an existing condition where ‘good reason’ already exists for the possession of a firearm in the first instance (See chapter 13). Firearms should be conditioned to provide flexibility with quarry shooting by allowing all lawful quarry (see Appendix 3). 13.9 A certificate holder may shoot any quarry that is lawful (where they are authorised to shoot). Whilst guidance is provided, it is the responsibility of the shooter and the shooting community to know what calibre is suitable for which quarry, and when certain quarry is lawful (including the need to obtain or rely upon a licence from the relevant licensing authority to permit the shooting of protected species). Once initial “good reason” has been established for the possession of a firearm, there is no requirement for “good reason” to be demonstrated for additional quarry species or amendments providing the firearms are not underpowered for the species (see also paragraph 13.17). A cartridge should be capable 107 Guide on Firearms Licensing Law of achieving a humane kill, and it is the responsibility of the shooter to ensure that any excess energy will be absorbed by the backstop. The “any other lawful quarry” condition (which also covers protected species that the certificate holder is licensed to shoot) should be applied. If an applicant is suitable to hold a firearm certificate and is deemed safe to do so, there is no requirement to restrict the quarry they shoot by the use of conditions imposed on the individual’s firearm certificate.
  7. I doubt they would know what a muntjac is let alone where they might be 🙂 I agree its a bit strange not to put AOLQ as that I thought was standard advice.
  8. Boris is hiding from the public. What chance as PM with no spine.
  9. oowee


    That is good news but I would be looking for compensation for not providing the service you have paid for.
  10. Is Boris still thinking about the interview with Andrew Neil? He either thinks very slowly, he has **** himself or his minders are not letting him out. 😂
  11. RAC covers you not the car so whichever vehicle you are in is covered. Tesco vouchers will cut the cost 🙂 I am with the AA as its discounted to Toyota.
  12. oowee


    ^^^^^ This. Lots of good people on both.
  13. The lighter the trigger setting the less of a knock required to set it off.
  14. oowee


    I hope they have more than a word. That is outrageous and as you say racist and an incitement to violence. Totally unacceptable. I hope he did get booed off stage.
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