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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. Crow Shooting

    Crows easier to shoot harder to decoy than pigeons mostly some times Cage is good around the buildings if you have some one to keep an eye on it but shootings much better sport.
  2. UN past its sell by date.

    Again Russia use a threat of veto to block a ceasefire for Ghouta Syria. Too often the UN is just not working. We have an international set of principles that any country can just ignore for its own political end making a nonsense of the whole structure of the organisation.
  3. Fox club

    Thats a fair collection I fancy doing something with them but I dont know how to do them, or how hard they are to do? I guess a quick search on youtube would show it. Probably start with a deer skin first. A mate was telling me yesterday of a trick with a split stick to strip the fox tail from the bone. Even after he told me I am not sure i understood what he meant.
  4. Hide seat to short

    Not in the fields around here!!!!
  5. Hide seat to short

    Try the better quality 'Walk Stools'. The higher end ones are made in Europe not cheap but top quality. I bought two cheap tripod stools and the riveted the legs from one onto the other to give extra height. Then get a proper bag for nets deeks and the rest
  6. Transferring ammo

    Maybe more shooting and less reloading I think I should start making them too I am paying £27 a box for .243 not cheap.
  7. FEO calibre judgement on land

    I obviously don't know the land but when I was getting mine cleared I tried to get them to clear it for the maximum calibre ? What you don't want is to come back in a year and ask them to do it all again for a c/f that you might want for fox. Even though they said they would do this for me when the land fell out of their area it often had not been done and had to be done again.
  8. Thieving Scum

    Thieving low life have no respect. It beggars belief that some one would do this sort of thing. I hope they print it too but i suspect that they have no conscience to do such a thing. It's easy to go around thinking that most people have the same values and principles as the rest of us and then when you hear this it makes you question who is out there.
  9. All terrain tyres

    Let down by being front wheel drive? Why's that? I would have thought this was the best choice for getting grip. Rather than thinking so much of the tread I would be looking to max the diameter and increase the ground clearance. Even a verge or gateway can quickly disable a non off-roader with little ground clearance. I have managed to get smaller 15 inch wheels (instead of 16inch ) on my Hilux that allow me to use 31x10.5 15 giving me a further 1 inch + clearance.
  10. Lots of talk on here of head shots on fox. It's a very risky and I think mostly unnecessary choice of shot. The best of us can miss and a misplaced head shot could easily lead to a fox without a jaw. A boiler room shot is a bigger target and the HMR will easily take down a fox with such a shot at up to 100yds side on.
  11. FEO calibre judgement on land

    More stuff made up on the hoof. Last land visit i had was to a small field flat as a pancake. No problem. What a waste of time all this site inspection stuff is.
  12. Smart Meters ???

    At some point soon we will all have them and want them. The Network Operators are all working on smart grid technology where by managing peak consumption they can reduce the need for new power stations. The ability to manage use to avoid demand at peak is a fundamental part of this plan and smart meters will be required to operate it. Under the arrangement power is likely to be priced by the minute and at peak minutes very expensive. The meters will allow control of individual non essential appliances to reduce load.
  13. Fox club

    Good find Hammo we tried ours on close focus for the one we lost but no joy. Bumpy was in his element scrambling through the bushes you have to put the effort in. Some good work Babs as always but as Bumpy said lets have at least a grimace if not a smile Daieye good restraint on the 300 yarder RS equipment issues especially in the dark are the worst. I have had a couple of light strikes with the girly gun (HMR), and a couple of split cases jammed in the breech in the last couple of weeks.
  14. Fox club

    Bumpy and I were out last night for business as usual. Parked in a a lane and walked up the track and spotted one on the hill at about 200 and down it went. Good start to the evening shot within 15 mins. Over to the other side of the farm and parked in the yard. Clanging through the entrance gates, walked just a few metres and spotted one in the field just at the back of the farm house at about 80 yds. Two moments later and we were taking its picture. Another 20 yards and we start to call at the back of the yard and in a few minutes we have one less than 20m away. Close ones are always a little tricky and this proved the rule. The shot bowled it over and for a moment it was down but it quickly became camera shy and legged it to the next field. A hot pursuit followed as we did our best to get another shot on it. To be honest I think we were both convinced it could not last more than a few minutes but it managed to make it into thick cover. We spent a good 30 mins searching with the thermal and torch but to no avail Then off to the far end of the farm as we had made so much racket there was unlikely to be any more at that end. We pulled into the gate way to be faced with ruts at least 2 feet deep so we were out and walking. The field had been churned to soup and then a foot of slurry dumped o the top. We called and again within a few minutes we had one close in and this time it was quickly dispatched in the ditch at less than 20m. It was getting late by this time and we still had two more farms to look over. Arrived at the next where we were on the look out for a lame if not three legged fox last seen by the farmer jumping out of the upstairs window of the calf barn. Right on cue there it was on the dung heap behind the farm . No shot and our hushed discussion saw it leg it to the other side. Up the dung heap we went . A very dodgy stick placement as we could see it maybe 150m plus and it was coming into the call. We were standing a fair way apart and one higher than the other so when the fox eventually stopped the shooter could not see it under the dung. The rifle was passed over and the three legged lame fox lives another day A good night which started great
  15. Earth tremor in Weston super Mare

    How do I apply? Traumatised here, sleeping outside incase of aftershocks.