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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. These bags are just so well thought out. Excellent quality.
  2. A night with Elton John and sharing body fluids with Nicole Kidman. Dinner with Tony Benn, John Prescott. Retiring at 51. 😇
  3. You invest is the one I use. Ten or more share trades a month £4.95, single trade £9.95, annual custody charge for an ISA or Sipp around 0.25%. There is a wide range of excellent information about investing options together with model portfolio's that you can use on the site. The option of buying Exchange traded funds (a collection of shares owned by a company where the company price is traded and listed on the market) may be a good way to start for smaller investors as it spreads the risk. There are generaly two ways go. Pick winners and bang in the cash, the same as gambling or spread y
  4. Why would you want to adjust it?
  5. I follow the argument but where do you draw the line? Look at firearms legislation as a case in point where many think there should be no guns in private ownership. We just have to hope that the idiots are in the minority. Reckless endangerment?
  6. If someone out walking needs insurance in the mountains then why not the foot hills or more than 50m from your car? Where do you draw the line. This place is enough of a nanny state as it is, lets not make it more so. If walkers need it then why not casual chain saw users or anyone that does anything. What about swimmers in the sea that may cause a life boat call out. Lets not have a police state. Life is for living let people get on and do it. As long as it is within the law.
  7. Insurance for walking or is it dependent on where someone walks? Would you require insurance for using a chain saw or maybe an axe? One persons danger is anothers mundane.
  8. ^^^^ This. The avoidable action resulted in a tragic accident.
  9. A friend of mine had the toe rag 3.0 tdi and was lucky to get 22 out of it. She has swapped to a q7 and gets over 30.
  10. What are you going to do with your boat?
  11. The UK economy and the living standards of UK citizens are all a part of the collateral damage, but it's the price of Freedom. Whatever that means.
  12. This ^^^ in a nutshell sums up the whole process. Put it in the too hard to think about so lets do nothing category.
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