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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. oowee

    Fox club

    Your always welcome. Not been out on the foxes so much. I went to a house last week and shot 3 youngsters within 20 mins on a roe carcass. I had one from the litter a couple of weeks or so ago so that should be them.
  2. Last year we had a great bustard on one of my farms. Twitchers came from all over to see it.
  3. 🤣 Joking apart it sounds pretty cool a generator running of wood shavings.
  4. She was probably just trying to clarify how many kids he has
  5. I once drove through a gap between a coach, picking up workers from a factory and a row of parked cars. From behind the bus came an old bloke on a bike. I swerved to miss him and hit him and three of the parked cars. I sued him for the repairs to my car and this allowed me to divert the claims against me to him. If i had not sued I would have paid out to the other three. He paid out and I didn't but it was a close thing.
  6. It's even more unfair as she was looking down at her phone at the time. It sounds like he blasted his air horn to make her jump as he was going past and she jumped back in front of him. Both were knocked out.
  7. Cheers Jdog.👍 Vast majority of heads, as you know are middle of the road or less so. It is nice to get a chance at a better one now and again.
  8. I was referring to the the exchange on the Radio with the protesters which was equally robust, as the exchange with Peter Bottomley, showing an even handed BBC rather than the 'love of the lefties' you described.
  9. Cheers everyone. Even this for the shed will be one in one out. Took more than a bit of stick on SD for shooting him to the point where the thread was closed down 🤣 Africa next year will be a problem though as I am booking a weeks safari to go with the wing shooting. God only knows what I will bring back. 😍
  10. ? Are you forgetting the equally robust exchange with the perps?
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