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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. oowee

    electrician help

    Ah I see my comment mislead your response. I don't doubt some of the British Standards were the best. 👍 My comment was in relation to the re introduction of the BS kite mark in some form.
  2. oowee

    Pulsar XQ38F

    I always use whit but for a while tried red hoping that it would save night vision when i looked away. That did not work and I do not think it is so sensitive. I think the red needs a larger source to show it. We were on a golf course and in the roof was a fox laying on its side, ear upwards. The red could not see it but the white did. Also whilst a quick scan is all that you need I still do a double r triple take just in case something is moving through cover. Also if the 38 is focused on say 200 yds if there is a small heat source at say 600 it might not show up without a refocus.
  3. oowee

    electrician help

  4. oowee

    Savage WSM??

    Thats a very good point I do not mind saying at all that 90% are bellow 100m and the vast majority will be 40m to 60m. No need for extended range when you can bring them in. I have a bait tree at 145 m and that is generally the max I will shoot them at. If we can't bring them in it's usually that they are a long way off or not interested. I can count on one hand the number shot over 180m in a year.
  5. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    How can you say that? It will help us align with our old colonial friends the US.
  6. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Or we could get rid of the Monarchy and become a republic.
  7. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Don't get me started on that. Where is the breakdown of the calculation? I can see the principles. It's also paid in Euro's so expect the bill to go up if we have a hard Brexit no deal scenario or down a bit depending on the finance requirements and commitments at the end 2020 Yep those ports will be handy for..........Well they will be handy any way as spares and should we need them for our enlarged fishing fleet. Opening northern ports may help to off set some of the job moves out of the Uk. Thredneedle, Standard Life, lloyds, RBS, Legal and General, DLA Piper, Shadow Robot, Easy Jet, Ferrovial, Arch Capital, Tokio Marrine, Aviva, Nomura, Scisys................. etc. Still looking on the bright side it will cut down on the need for extra staff at the Inland Revenue. I hear the decision on Article 50 will be announced by the EU on Monday. Could cause the rebellion to be a rout.
  8. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Brexit good news on the jobs front. £104m has been spent by the Government to date on staffing costs, for the 650 new staff recruited to deal with Brexit, since referendum . Not sure what they have been doing as I see the new settled status app only works on Android. Why did they not check it before? They are taking on a few more staff now so that will help. A further £700k spent on furniture for a new office in leeds for Brexit prep creating a further 1000 new jobs has been announced. Job creation where it's most needed. Who said Brexit is all bad news? Looks like they will have plenty of work to do as the Government is saying only 10% of the required vehicle permits are available for the 40000 trucks. Then again maybe they wont all be needed, with the launch of two new ships including the 'Brexit Buster' Celine launched to take freight directly from Ireland to Spain and Belguim. That should ease the congestion a bit and help keep freight off UK roads Speaking of new jobs there should be plenty of opportunity in the NHS as they are setting aside £490m for managing the new visa entry scheme for staff. Lucky for us it's all project fear.
  9. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Oh dear.
  10. oowee

    The Admirable Gordon R

    PW at it's best 👍
  11. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    You think so?
  12. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Members do what is agreed or face sanction. Nothing wrong with that. The members set the policy.
  13. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Its not unreasonable to imagine a that a coalition of leaders from Eastern Europe with the support of the larger voting power of the UK could have been significant in turning policy on immigration and modernisation within the European Council. The power of the socialist and democratic groups within the Union would be a problem but new groups can be formed where there is a policy driver from the Council itself. Given time I am sure we will get over it although the costs are rising which will increase the lag time.
  14. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    ^^^^^^This. We as a nation have been disengaged from the whole model. An engaged politician could have whipped up support in the East. Cameron alone secured the option to avoid ever closer union for the UK. The deals are there to be done. Now it's water through the channel and we are leaving to the greener side of the hill.
  15. oowee

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Think he has sacked most of them 🙂