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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. I moved every 5 years with Jobs (but only in the UK). Every time I was single and got stuck into work 100% and loved every minute. Now I have a great life with everything and anything I could want or need. Along the way I have lost much of the close family connections and friends are dispersed to the winds. Life is great but the roots are missing.
  2. This is good advice I think. My Hilux will do far more than I would dare to do. Last year I went out on a farm with the farmer showing me a few new places to survey. He asked me to drive up hills that I would never have thought possible. The fwd is an extra in my mind and not something I plan on using if I dont have to. Last thing I want to do is create rutts or tracks over a field I dont have to. Biggest advantage is driving on rutted tracks or farm gateways. The Jimny, i would imagine having a narrower track than the deep ruts left by tractors. Just for me they are a bit small. Mate swapped from a freelander that he reckons would go anywhere to a Landcruiser which he reckons from its sheer weight is limited to tracks due to the damage it woud create.
  3. Doing that already 🙂 Stick to the guidance to stay in. If I have shooting work to do I do it but make sure it is essential and I can demonstrate it if requested. I have been wearing gloves where I have to touch any external surface be that items from the shop or a farm gate. Seems an easy precaution together with an achol spray to do my gloves and stearing wheel and any other surface I may have touched with them.
  4. Yep me too. Told to use the technique shooting off the back of a pick up. No safety on the rifle.
  5. Very good economy but too small and a limp image. 5 series is ok. I would look at the volvo xc range.
  6. oowee


    Exercise works for me. Followed by winding down either reading or listening to music for the last hour of the day. I woud definitely not have a drink. If a drink works you will want one every day.
  7. That looks spot on How do you get the scale effect?
  8. Try Avon and Somerset. Thank you for your email. If you are unsure what you can or cannot do following the recent measures announced by the Prime Minister, for further guidance and advice please visit: www.gov.uk/coronavirus Unfortunately, we are not able to issue individual permission at this time. Sorry we are unable to assist you any further with your query at this time, we are currently only dealing with reports and advice about crime. Kind Regards Avon and Somerset Constabulary
  9. I am trying to get cash back from SA airline as my African trip is cancelled. They refuse and are close to going bust so back to credit card and they are snowed under with claims 🙂
  10. Sod thepigeons. I have had farmers at my gate today asking (imploring) me to get on the foxes and blacks around the lambing sheds and chicken house.
  11. Yes they do, however as you say the police interpret this pretty much any way they feel so all that we can do is apply the rules as we are given them. DEFRA have said we can shoot within these rules. BASC provide you insurance when shooting legally so you can go out shooting safely within the law. If some police officer then takes it upon themselves to interpret the law differently then you can challenge that interpretation. I guess this is always the case except now we have this hightened situation f the lock down with higher levels of evidence likely to be required.
  12. It's not DEFRA that can give you advice on how the local police might be interpreting the rules. I think what would be helpful, within the gift of BASC, is for them to confirm that; if you have a specific request to attend, confirming that serious harm is being done to a crop and that you can attend to deal with the issue whilst maintaining social distance that you will be covered by BASC insurance and legal services. Such that if local police zealot comes in heavy handed that BASC services will be available to fight your corner. @David BASC may have a view on this as it would certainly give me more confidence feeling I am not on my own out to dry.
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