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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. Unfortunately true. Control is a matter of perspective an attribute that declines with distance. Far more important is power and influence which declines with deception.
  2. I bet that was entertaining. Good effort and report on a rewarding day. It would be nice to see some blue sky for a change.
  3. I can certainly agree with that and to some extent it's one reason I don't illustrate the results of some of the shooting i do. From an anti perspective I am not sure there is much difference between something like this and many of the other video's we see, be it long range crows with rifles, rat or rabbit clearance, or fox control with shotgun.
  4. Explain the difference. Pigeons or geese or any other bird? I was not aware they were being paid? Even so does it make a difference?
  5. If it is for crop protection. Tell me what is the difference with this or shooting pigeons?
  6. And when he goes that Putin has his successor lined up.
  7. But that's what most of them voted for. Poverty corruption and hypocrisy are what most people want, particularly pensioners. Anything to protect that triple lock, get out of the EU and hold back immigration.
  8. Good post. Having watched the first part I can't see why you only shot a 100?
  9. This is just like shooting in Africa except there is no snow. The geese numbers are huge and a real pest for farmers. With so little shooting over the last two years the numbers will be off the scale this year. Role on May 🙂
  10. I feed here but read recently that its not good for many species as they get crowded out by the gold finch and blue tits. I try to break up the feeding with different locations and food types to try and broaden the birds that benefit. The further I feed from the house the sooner the hawks come to feed which limits the options further. I was putting out peanuts to bring in the squirrels but they were soon replaced by the jays that won't let me even open a window before they are off. Plenty of wood peckers feeding on the sun flower hearts.
  11. I would report it. Why wait until there is an incident. Be firm and be persistent. A community protection notice (CPN) orders the person responsible for the dog (usually the dog owner) to stop or control its behaviour. A CPN is usually issued to deal with minor incidents, including when a dog: strays causes alarm damages property shows it’s capable of aggression A CPN orders the responsible person to: stop doing something, eg letting the dog into children’s play areas do specified things, eg muzzling the dog take reasonable steps to get specific results, eg attending dog-training classes A CPN can last for as long as the authority issuing it believes is necessary (eg, 2 weeks to fix a fence, or several months to allow someone to attend a training course).
  12. When David Davis says he should go I start to think he should stay.
  13. I rate these very highly. Never had a problem with the buttons only operator error leaving it switched on and flattening the battery. Especially vixen and red pup calls.
  14. oowee

    ATV Accident

    A very tragic incident, thoughts for all concerned. A Polaris moving 11 people sounds unsafe regardless of the bridge.
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