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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. I am also surprised. Can we have sight of the legal advice? I can understand the preference for political action but i would have thought that it was sensible to use the two together. A legal challenge shows the seriousness that we attach to the issue and must surely encourage a better outcome from a negotiated settlement?
  2. Shoot cancellation insurance.

    Hope you have a cracking good day.
  3. For the English lads

    Think you may be forgetting Diane Abbot that would be three dragons
  4. Exactly right. Happy to chip in if needed.
  5. For the English lads

    Rubbish. If there was no Saint George we would still be hunting Dragons.
  6. cocker how far can it run?

    It was fine. Moderated it based on comments here. Dog did not even break into a run and was easily ready for more. Did not even want to get out the river walk at the end happy to play for hours. Must say he was less than impressed by walk up Cader on the Sunday, lots of cloud so had to keep him close.
  7. .410 Ambush on the corvids

    Great result. Fancy a go with one myself Out after a few today on a new farm, slurry prep, but it will be 12g.
  8. Fox club

    Nice one lads. Good to see you out :-)
  9. cocker how far can it run?

    Friday did torrent walk and old and new precipice walk's with trip to Barmouth headland about 12 miles. We did the (reduced) ride on Saturday, started just outside Dolgellau to Barmouth on rail line. Surface is mostly shale but he was on the verge for most of the way. There and back about 16 miles. Steady pace with a few stops to swim in the river :-) (dog not me) no probs. Back in time to do torrent walk (couple of miles) and then today to up and down Cader in the rain, which was pretty miserable. Home for a rest and out shooting in the morning.
  10. Fox club

    It's ok for some on here splashing the cash 😁
  11. But if there are grounds for a challenge at the very least it will highlight the stupidity of the situation we find ourselves in.
  12. Sad loss

    Always a sad day, never more so than when it's your own. Feeling your pain.
  13. Fox club

    Very nice. Yum I want one. Foxes look out
  14. Good on BASC a step in the right direction. Get the facts first. If we support shooting we should support the bodies that represent us. Good or bad without them we are going nowhere. To live off the goodwill of others and not play a full roll in supporting the community that we rely on, is simply not good enough. For the price of a slab of cartridges, to be a lover and participant in country sports and not support the agencies that seek to protect our freedoms could be compared to benefit scroungers. If you believe in this sport get behind one of the agencies.
  15. I am told that this year farmers must choose between anti rook or wire worm treatment for their maize. I have just been asked to oversee 60 acres to be planted only with wire worm treatment underneath a rookery, looks to be good sport when it starts in 3 weeks or so. Next year no treatment will be allowed.