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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. He shoots and has a good feel for stuff. The shot hit diaphragm line going forward to heart and lungs behind shoulder. about 75cm behind aim point but into the forward 1/3 as intended. I agreed no impact sound although I was buzzing so could have easily missed and thought I may have pulled the shot it was all very quick, I was content at the time to accept the miss, although I had some doubts 😗
  2. Out foxing last week and was working my way through the targets with plenty of older cubs about. Then looking through the thermal spotted several different shapes at the edge of a wood. Anyone who has watched the NV hunting videos from the State's would immediately recognise the silhouettes. Seeing it for for real I could not believe what I thought I had seen. My spotter had missed it but there again not a minute later another line of white silhouettes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 it went on. It can't be but it is. Wild bore. I pick one of the biggest and let fly at 150m. Adrenaline is pu
  3. As a dedicated fox rifle probably not, but as an occasional fox rifle it would be fine. If you go for any of the rimmies the reason to acquire on your FAC would be for pest control.
  4. You can't shoot the pigeons just because they are there. Take a look at the general licences. A rifle would be a more effective solution for the rabbits. A HMR would give effective rabbit control and deal with the occasional fox. A .22 rf would do both and would not alarm your guests.
  5. Its a 450x and mowing about an acre. Lots of trees and beds and three connected lawn areas. I just had a new sewage treatment plant put in which cut the guide wire in a dozen places and the home wires (there are three of these) and had the wiring re-laid rather than repaired. It can be frustrating to see it leave a bit uncut and go on somewhere else but it will get it all in the end. He has his own house at the side of our bedroom 🤣 so he better not go up in flames
  6. I have a Honda ride on and a self powered honda wrx for the lawns here. Fed up of spending 6 hours a week cutting and can't afford the time taken out of my leisure so bought a Husqvarna robot, it's life changing. No more concerns about what to do with a mountain of grass when I get back from a break. The thing will work day and night if asked. Saves a small fortune in fuel and never complains. Named him Hector.
  7. When choosing between a+ carp and a-carp does not make a+ carp any better than carp. Calling out carp for what it is, at least gives us all a chance. What we need to find a leader that has values and policy. Unfortunately we have neither but it's still a+ carp compared to some. 🤪
  8. Agreed, but when they then shown to be incompetent or have low moral standards we have to shout from the roof tops. Get them out and try again. Only then will our standards be reflected in our Govt. If we simply do not care then we are part of the problem of promoting drivel.
  9. And it's this couldn't care less attitude to our leaders behaviour and actions, our tolerance of poor standards in public life that cascades down to the rest of society. If we don't care about what starts at the top we encourage the same moral's to cascade throughout our society. The next time some low life keys your car or breaks into your shed reflect on the fact that our tolerance of poor standards at the top is part and parcel of the same problem. Have a higher moral standard for yourself, expect a higher moral standard in public life and we will all be better for it.
  10. It's testimony to the sad state of affairs, that is the British political system, when a leader so clearly inept is the candidate of choice for the electorate.
  11. All of the above but it's still true. Only denied by the PW Tory love budies. Lions led by donkeys. A disease that only kills those over 80's. Who would vote for a .... like that?
  12. You have to admire those bamboo structures.
  13. No worries first one i had I could not work out how to set the thing open
  14. But with the perch cut in half the pressure of the doors holds the two halfs together. When the bird lands on it the perch breaks the bird falls. It's also easy to set.
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