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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. oowee


    Its strange how some of these politicians have a habit of coming back. I am thinking, Blair, major and IDS there is a big list. When Corbyn goes, I can't see him making a come back this side of the iron curtain.
  2. oowee


  3. oowee


    Nothing more than fools gold. 🤡
  4. oowee


    Anyone would be better than this lot (ok except for maybe Corbyn). What's the kippers team doing today? What a waste of time.
  5. oowee


    Removing freedom of choice for women. Free and open market trading based on cost. A list of appropriate words to use. Remove regulatory standards
  6. oowee


    Yep. All three, English British European. Travel is travel why would it feel different in or out? What has it given us . The list is extensive. The Canadians do not get anything like the trade arrangements we have. The UK does not want a Canadian deal its carp. Its based on EU rules not Canada's (get used to it we will when we are out), some agri is left out, the services passporting requires Canadian firms to have an EU presence (get used to that as well ). Indeed it already looks like we will negotiate a worse deal with Canada out of the EU than we have with Canada already.
  7. oowee


    Yep being in the EU has paid huge dividends. Shame to waste it.
  8. oowee


    As soon as we are out we will be working our way back in. Take my word for it. No but it must be huge. But hey, the quiters knew what they were voting for🤣. Well that's what they said.
  9. oowee


    One way or another I am sure we are. Why not cut out the ten years or so of carp, recognise the reality of what we want from a deal, the implications of the ref and sign up for a BRINO deal now?
  10. oowee


    It can't happen. He will be dead in a ditch somewhere.
  11. The United States has not denied a single extradition request from the UK. For extradition requests from the UK to the U.S. the subjects are in most cases extradited within several months.
  12. In anticipation of a great picture. 🙂
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