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    Retired early and spend most of my time shooting vermin over a number of farms. Crows are a favourite around here. Also shooting deer and fox a few days a week keeps me off the streets.

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  1. Ratchet up fuel tax would be another good move. Together with ratcheting up new car purchase tax and Vat on new goods and meat. Increase tax on flights. The answers are not so hard to say but very hard to swallow. Put the money into decent public transport no tax / vat on vegetables. If we cut our consumption in the West together with our EU friends then the impact on CO2 globally will be significant.
  2. Nice weather for a day out and pigeons to shoot. Good effort
  3. Ultimately the environment or technology will be the limiting factor. Who is to say now what is the right population density for a country. We are currently 53rd in a list of 240 countries (wiki). Population could also be restrained by longevity limits but that would no doubt prove as popular as limits on children. I am sure they will both come at some point. If we stopped population growth now the UK requires the equivalent of four planets worth of resources to maintain our level of consumption. I think for the States is something like 12 times. Some would take the view that ever advancing technology will be the answer. For me its enforced global co-operation, technology and environmental constraint's. Like all things its easy to blame everyone else but it's us as much as anyone that is the problem. I have done all of the easy things, recycling, and a very energy efficient house, that I can do without effecting my life. The rest I enjoy too much and I will have to be forced to change.
  4. We can easily support the current population if we all lived within our environmental needs but we won't do that because we are naturally selfish. Evolution has taught us more is better. It's consumption that is the issue. I want my two cars, house in the country, to eat meat, have my pets and take a dozen flights a year.. We all need our excesses to be curbed by legislation and incentive. It's more likely that we keep going until the environment checks our progress.
  5. Still trying to get a better understanding of the new ground that I picked up this year. Always a challenge when you can see where you need to get to but don't know the land well enough to know what routes are possible. Some of the land consists of a steep edge bank falling maybe 40m over a length of 800m or so. The bank has plenty of cover but its not easy to move along it except at the top and the bottom edge. I had been watching a couple of bucks over the last few days as I was out and about doing this years survey. My hopes that the landowner would not put cattle out on the hill before i had a chance at the deer were dashed when the next day the cattle were our feeding. Fortunately they were only there for a day or so and the two deer were in place as I set out at about 1930, giving me about 90 mins to find them and get on them. I started from a vantage point where I could see much of the bank and identify what looked like the two bucks. The first was half way along the bank and half way up making an easy stalk. Coming in at the top of the bank I was able to climb down it and use the field margin at the bottom to move along it. I waited maybe a couple of minutes from about 40m for it to put its head around the trees and it was down. A quick gralloch and hung it over a fence and made my way back to the truck. I went to the top of the bank and made my way to the other which had conveniently waited for me sitting at the bottom of the bank. A simple neck shot and it was down. Two bucks one getting on a bit without a great head and the other around middle age i guess, both 40lb van weight and were harder to retrieve than to stalk but a very enjoyable evening stalk.
  6. Unless you are volunteering I suggest that we start with the things that we can do. We all know that the message is correct but we do not want to hear it. For the last three years our progress has been glacial. We have even ditched the fuel tax escalator. Basic stuff should be top of the agenda.
  7. Because we export our pollution, through consumption, to China. We should be looking to reduce consumption in the UK to tackle pollution in China. It's these global issues that are best tackled by global blocks like the EU. We can ask them what our plan will be for when we leave.
  8. Sky news..... What a presenter. Is it always like that?
  9. oowee

    foreign aid

    This is interesting from Wiki there are a whole list of charities suspected of funding terrorism including these two for the UK show there is some regulation and control but as some of these organisations get bigger the problem of compliance increases exponentially. As the service gets further away from control it's abuse is likely to follow. Human Appeal International[11] United Kingdom U.S. State Department Employed Guantanamo detainee Boudella el Hajj - now cleared of all wrongdoing, American authorities have admitted that he was wrongly detained for over 6 years, and has been released. Interpal[12] United Kingdom United States Treasury Department Accusation by US Treasury Department (2003) British government's Charity Commission for England and Wales(2003) found no evidence to support allegations of connection to terrorism.[13] (Note: in 1997 Sunday Telegraph retracted accusations Interpal was run by Hamas activists[citation needed]; in 2003 the Board of Deputies of British Jews repeated such allegations, retracting them after it was sued by Interpal;[14] in 2010 Sunday Expressissued an apology and made an out-of-court settlement for libel for making similar allegations.[15])
  10. oowee

    american tax

    Thanks for that Eyefor I will give them a call.
  11. Surely your happy farmer is the best lead you have got?
  12. What a relief to get it sorted. If its any consolation I had my house here completely rebuilt including 4k for a new boiler. For the first year it broke down every month loosing water. Only when the builder got the manufacturer in to look at it did they discover that it needed an extra expansion vessel given the water volume. I was ready to sell the house it was that much of a pain. 😞
  13. oowee

    american tax

    Has anyone got experience of filing tax forms for the states and tax advisers for the streamlined process when employed in the UK?
  14. I have just seen some more Brexit good news. Looks like an increase in enquiries for stay-cations.
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