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  1. I will take 'The Complete Shooter' please. I have sent you a PM.
  2. Yes please. Can you send me payment details. Thanks.
  3. Price Reduction....now £500 for quick sale. mint condition P
  4. Approx 6 months old. Bought new by me from AT 4x4. Mint condition. I I have also foam lined the drawers. £1200 new. I am selling for £800. Buyer must collect as the item is heavy. I have added a library picture of the item but can send pictures of it in my truck to anyone interested. Grab a bargain, only selling as I am selling my pick up. P
  5. Interesting that he has only challenged possible further action and not the disqualification itself. If he has been caught doing something he shouldn't then he deserves what he gets for bringing the great sport of shooting into disrepute. Those at the top of their game should lead by example and give us lesser shooters something to aspire to. Damn shame and so unnecessary. P
  6. Doh....went out and bought a new one last week or I would have snapped your hand off. GLWTS. P
  7. Anyone heard an update on this. I quite like Mr H. Innocent until proven guilty should be the order of things, regrettably with social media it seems to be more often than not guilty until proven innocent. P
  8. By the look of it.......I think that ship has long since sailed 😀😀😀
  9. now sold. Thanks. P 🙂
  10. I echo the 'rust underneath' comments. even low mileage mint looking ones can be rust buckets when you look underneath. P
  11. I have an L200 with appleplay and I like it.....a lot. P
  12. Sold to Bunny Blaster pending payment. 😀
  13. Sold to tweedledee pending payment. 😁
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