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  1. Hi dose anyone know of a clay shoot that is open Boxing Day in or around the Wisbech area ?
  2. I’m in Norfolk, it don’t really matter where it is as I’m am willing to travel Who is Richard Utting ?
  3. Hi all , bit of a random question but here goes ! my mrs wants to book me a target shooting day out for Xmas has anyone been on any and could recommend any , I’m looking for something 500m upwards any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. I’m in Norfolk bud Still trying to learn all the birds on the shoot and no shoot lists , one of the guys I go with is clued up so a bit more practice and I will be there Yes you can really see the marsh wake up it’s amazing really. Really looking forward to next time
  5. First time out Wildfowling this weekend, sadly missed the only shot of the day on a mallard and was bloody cold ! But had a brilliant 1st time out with a couple of friends and sure to be back up there soon enough, typically only saw 4 pink feet when all the kit was packed away and back at the car better luck next time I hope
  6. Hi all I am 42 yrs old from Norfolk and a keen clay shooter mainly but would like some help and advise in how to get out in the fields possibly shooting pigeons crows etc maybe A few days pheasant shooting now and then I would also like to do some beating , I have sg, fac .22 and fully insured if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be very helpful thanks in advance steve
  7. Hi all, im new to PW so apologies if this post is in the wrong place I’m looking for a little more shooting mainly vermin like crows and pigeons but more than happy to help out with other pests I’m fully insured have a .22 rim fire and a 12g , very reliable, experienced, responsible and respectful of any rules . i am a 41 year old director of a company so have plenty of time free and available at short notice. i live in the Wisbech area and keen to get outside if anyone know of any thing please comment or pm me thanks in advance steve
  8. I brought my son a brand new one for Xmas for £450
  9. Will do my man ! Going to pick up a slab or 2 of fibre cartridges so not to fire out all the wadding all over the place
  10. Well today was a total result!! I went clay shooting near where I live and hit 63ot of 75 clays, On the way home I saw a huge swarm of crows and pigeons circling a field, I went and knocked on a a nearby house and asked if he knew who owned the field and he gave me directions, I went and knocked on the farmers door and asked if he knew who owned the field and told him what I had seen and he said that I could shoot when ever I liked , obviously I was very happy and just as I was leaving he asked me for a few business cards that had my contact details on to pass around to he other farmer friends, on the way home I had a call from a farmer saying I could also shoot his land and after I got home I had another call from another farmer asking me to go and see him tomorrow after work to discuss me shooting on his land , so when I woke up today I had zero land and now I’m off to bed with 2 possibly 3 new shoots with over 1000 acres pretty bloody good day I would say
  11. Hi guys I’m new to this site if anyone knows of any shooting opportunities in and around the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire areas I mainly enjoy pest control/ protection please feel free to contact me on 07852320133 many thanks steve brownell
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