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  1. Hi every one , I currently reload 12g and 28g shot and I’m now waiting for my new variation to be approved……. And thinking of reloading some brass has anyone got any equipment they want to sell or can they recommend one make over another and tell me why ?!?! any help greatly appreciated
  2. For the money they look a great deal
  3. Hi guys thinking of getting a cheap pcp and saw a good deal on line of a game phox in 22, pump scope and bag for good money I was hoping some could tell me if they are any good ….. thoughts please
  4. I have the same thing with my sons 28g armsan they are cheap Turkish rubbish but with a 28g load they work well and kill well my boy loves it I have offered to buy him a 20g bretta or browning semi to replace it and he wants to keep it so I looks like 28grams is the way forward I guess
  5. I have a lokaway and it great it has anti grind paint that clogged up any grinding disk it also has a cambered door with anti pry/ Jimmy bar hinge system and I think it was only a few hundred quid winner winner in my books I had a bratton before and it was no where near as good
  6. I’m near kingslynn bud but I work all over the Uk
  7. Hi guys I hope someone can help me out I’m looking for some scrap lead to buy for shot making if anyone has any knocking around that they want rid off I would be happy to pay a fair price thanks in advance lads
  8. If these don’t sell please let me know as I’m quite close and can collect the same day
  9. Elvisammo on you tuuuuube or fortune cookie what is it you wana know ?
  10. Hi guys dose anybody have a manual for one of these ?
  11. Hi Wow what a great offer I’m working in Grantham tomorrow are you close to there ?
  12. Hello matey I’m all good thanks yeah amateurs aye lol
  13. Looks good maybe for wildfowl/waterfowl but I don’t think he had enough shot in it as the crimp looked low lol 😂
  14. Yeah only shot , I guess you could salvage the primers , shame your too far away I would of had those off you great offer though!!👍
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