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  1. I’m near kingslynn bud but I work all over the Uk
  2. Hi guys I hope someone can help me out I’m looking for some scrap lead to buy for shot making if anyone has any knocking around that they want rid off I would be happy to pay a fair price thanks in advance lads
  3. If these don’t sell please let me know as I’m quite close and can collect the same day
  4. Elvisammo on you tuuuuube or fortune cookie what is it you wana know ?
  5. Hi guys dose anybody have a manual for one of these ?
  6. Hi Wow what a great offer I’m working in Grantham tomorrow are you close to there ?
  7. Hello matey I’m all good thanks yeah amateurs aye lol
  8. Looks good maybe for wildfowl/waterfowl but I don’t think he had enough shot in it as the crimp looked low lol 😂
  9. Yeah only shot , I guess you could salvage the primers , shame your too far away I would of had those off you great offer though!!👍
  10. Hi guys , bit of a long shot but ... don’t suppose anyone has any scrap lead they want to get shot of (excuse the pun) I am in the Norfolk area and obviously willing to pay , any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Is that Wisbech? What happens there then ?
  12. Hi guys just a quick question, has anyone had any dealings with px farms in Cambridgeshire? Any info would be helpful thanks in advance
  13. Hi can you send me some details please I am in the Wisbech area and very interested many thanks
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