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  1. Hi guys I am having a mare with a mec reloader it’s a 8567 grabber the resizing collet was taken out and cleaned and stupidly I didn’t take note of how high the adjustment nut was and now it’s rounding off the flat part of the brass part of the cartridges and I can’t seem to get it right has anyone had this problem ??
  2. I got the exact same thing in January from clay and game they did me a blinding deal and they were very helpful
  3. I have a few different cartridges some 65mm and 70mm both sizes in lighter and heavier loads neither of the two guns would do a 65mm case bizarrely for some reason but it will only cycle a 28gram in the 70mm not a 28g in the 65mm case .. how random, I don’t think it kicks particularly hard for a smaller gun if you are local you are more than welcome to come have a try What cartridges are you using? Are they the same as your father in law?
  4. Hi all I have just brought my 10 year old a 28bore semiautomatic for when we go out pigeon shooting, it’s brand new and it will not even attempt to cycle light loads like a 14 or 17 gram cartridge it will do a 28gram load ok dose this seem right ? this is the 2nd gun I have got him and the 1st was exactly the same and was returned as faulty any body have any ideas on how to make a lighter load work thanks in advance
  5. Hi where are you please I can come and collect if this is still available my number is 07852329133
  6. Hi dose anyone know of a clay shoot that is open Boxing Day in or around the Wisbech area ?
  7. I’m in Norfolk, it don’t really matter where it is as I’m am willing to travel Who is Richard Utting ?
  8. Hi all , bit of a random question but here goes ! my mrs wants to book me a target shooting day out for Xmas has anyone been on any and could recommend any , I’m looking for something 500m upwards any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. I’m in Norfolk bud Still trying to learn all the birds on the shoot and no shoot lists , one of the guys I go with is clued up so a bit more practice and I will be there Yes you can really see the marsh wake up it’s amazing really. Really looking forward to next time
  10. First time out Wildfowling this weekend, sadly missed the only shot of the day on a mallard and was bloody cold ! But had a brilliant 1st time out with a couple of friends and sure to be back up there soon enough, typically only saw 4 pink feet when all the kit was packed away and back at the car better luck next time I hope
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