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  1. Thanks Boo I’m sure someone will make use of them sooner or later???
  2. LOT 1 : Really sorry but haven’t got time to Split and send these Individually to different address’s so ALL cut thumb sticks and dogs Chews ?? £60 delivered, there is 14 lots that works out at less than a fiver each .. dog chews range from 5” - 8” long . LOT 2 : the four complete antlers boxed up £65 delivered. There is at least 10 thumb sticks when cut plus some dog chews or just loads of dog chews but if you wanted them complete Let me know because I’ll have to cut some off the points only on the long thinner antlers cuz they won’t fit in the box And with a bigger box the postage will go up , Or I can cut them up like lot 1 if required ? LOT 3 : The whole lot £115 boxed up
  3. Hi Topgun 113 . It was myself in defence of someone else who started rabbit gate !! I agree it can get frustrating sometimes when people have no intention of buyIng your items but still feel the need to vent their negative opinions but as a few have already said stick with it it mate cuz thankfully it’s only a very very small minority who feel the need to stick their hooter in but nearly All the rest of the people on this forum are only willing to help And all ya have to do is ask .. 🤙
  4. Douburr


    Hi ant .mass thanks for the information but I’ve just gone on the web page for these IR ‘s and I want mine for a dedicated scope and the information says it’s for rear add on’s like 007 ? I’m looking to put it on a 008 lrf . Cheers
  5. Douburr


    Thanks that’s interesting . Yes owee said the same I’ll check them out 🤙🤙
  6. Douburr


    Yes I think that would be very helpful as there are now so many, a mate of mine who has replied to this thread has recently purchased a new IR and is now not sure if it is the right one he needs for the pard so may have to get another one ?
  7. Douburr


    To be honest I’m still torn between A few of them ? one the Dragonfly IR as two of my mates have them and they are either too tight to buy something new / better or they are as good as they say They are ? And also Two others the wraith and the Solaris SRX But what isn’t helping is that there out of stock So I’m told ? So though I’ve had some great advice it seems I can’t one at the moment because of stock issues...
  8. Douburr


    Looks like it’s back to lamping it for a whiles 😂😂 thanks for all the valuable information guys and I will write a update when i get one but it maybe a while because of stock issues. Thanks again 🤙🤙🤙
  9. Douburr


    I’m getting the impression it’s between the SRX or the black ruby Dark engine?? What about the wraith Ir Ok thanks for the information it sounds the favourite I’m obviously open to views / experience you guys have I only want to buy the one 🤙
  10. Douburr


    Sorry guys so where are we with reference what is the best IR for a pard 008 because I Suppose I need a laser Model for this scope ?? I’m told the more light you throw at these scopes the better.
  11. Douburr


    I was thinking of getting the tracer adjustable torch mount ( bit like a ball joint method ??) because it’s sometimes hard to have the IR in line with the line of view ??
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