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  1. Hi anyone thinking of breeding their bitch ? I purchased this just in case it’s a must to have as a plan B , I purchased this on eBay as a precaution for £26.99 it’s unopened as it arrived. £20 delivered livered
  2. ?? Normal size men’s socks ?? . If it helps I’m a size 9 and they fit comfortably...
  3. Selling as a bundle really thick good quality pairs of shooting socks with matching ties also two pairs of elastic gators ( one pair brand new ) with 4 various Coloured ties, the socks are normally 18/20 per pair all delivered clean . only used a few times some if that .. £28 delivered
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    *******NOW SOLD******** THANKS
  5. Douburr


    Hi for sale deer antlers for sticks or dog chews ? £35 plus cover postage cost.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. The pups are brown and white as for the size the bitch I’ve seen and would say she is a average size springer , I’m a lab man myself I so to be honest if your interested or want to find out all the relevant information let me know and I’ll give you his phone number. . Cheers
  7. Springer spaniels for sale 2x Dogs available really lovely pups From a working bitch her sire is now a Field trials champion, the Sire to the The pups is Field trials champion Holly Drive Burt. (look him up great dog ) I’ve put this advertisement on here for a friend. So if interested please PM me and I will past Your details to him or his Details to you ? He lives in the southwest of England. The pups are £900 . Sorry but it won’t allow the pictures to be uploaded. Will send via WhatsApp if required or email.cheers
  8. Aigle parcours 2 ISO Wellington boots Size 7 Neoprene RRP around £160 with original box . These were my sons he wore them for two seasons picking up . And has now out grown them . They do show some signs of wear inside ( some Neoprene worn ) but as the photos Show they are in great condition and they have many many years left in them yet . No scaggs rips or tears £60 + £8 postage
  9. Hi I know ya want a job kit sale but if ya don’t get it I’d be interested in the large items sonic cleaner and auto charge and maybe the case prep ? I’ll text ya a price ? If not best of luck with the sale..
  10. Yes you can still buy the rolls of the 2mm polystyrene. A bit of a pain but why not build a wooden box / cabinet around the gun safe with a door on it enclosing the gun cabinet but keep a gap between the metal safe and the wooden surround use spray glue on the inner wooden surface and line with insulation , including the back of the Wooden door I would imagine you’d keep a more constant temperature And obviously still use the gel bags. I assume it’s up against a wall so just screw batten to the wall or rafters and make yourself a wooden surround .
  11. Hi I am looking for some help. I have a Armasite Drone pro x10 And I have had a kevgun mount fitted and he has permently Fixed a longer rail on top , but I am thinking of attaching a Le-032 range finder on it, my question is does anyone know would it work with this scope ( size get in the way of anything ?) would it fit and if so would it be better on the top or on the side. ? I do realise if fitted on the side it would be better to change to horizontal view.( seen it on YouTube with Russ Douglas) Would really appreciate some Advice..
  12. WANTED : Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Scale and Dispenser .... Thinking of buying one in from the states ? But thought I’d ask here first .
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