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  1. Douburr

    Browning Chokes

  2. Hi I’m looking for a full reloading package for .243 . Cheers
  3. Douburr

    Browning Chokes

    Hi I've just got home and checked it says invector on the barrels , what ones do you have ?? .
  4. Douburr

    Browning Chokes

    Hi As above I have a 425 Browning and I'm looking for at least a 3/4 1/2 chokes extended or flush . Thanks
  5. Douburr

    Black lab stud

    Hi Mickey thanks for getting back to me and yes he looks great and definitely won't be ruling him out but My preference would be a medium size dog but if I don't get that we can talk .
  6. Douburr

    Black lab stud

    Thanks bumpy very kind words .🤙
  7. Douburr

    Black lab stud

    Yes I've looked into her lines and having took her pedigree to a very well known Labrador trialling man he looked at it and said she has a really cracking background . And your right most people do just pay for the lastet champ and I could do the same but I would like the pups to go to good working homes if possible , but if they end up also going to pet homes it's no good selling someone a hard to handle live wire that ends up coming back !!! Hence why I'm looking on here .. Is he used for Trialling only or is he / they used for picking up ? And is his background trialling only . Where abouts are ya
  8. Douburr

    Black lab stud

    Yes she has been tested hips and eyes hips were very low without looking I believe a total of 6 . Sorry yes he's a great looking dog .
  9. Douburr

    Black lab stud

    I'm Looking for a honest working black lab stud for my bitch due in season around December she's a drakeshead and a cracking working dog with great desire to please and with her back ground she's a bit full on ( but manageable ) so I need a calm / steady dog to just equal that out a bit she's a small bitch so I'm looking for a small / medium dog with a good picking up / keepers dog background with a good pedigree .Im Not looking for another live wire .I live in the southwest area so not really looking to travel hundreds of miles but obviously willing to travel a bit . I've added a picture of her to try and show size . Please contact me if you have what I'm looking for . Thanks
  10. Hi no longer have my Hilux so selling the rubber liner it has a lip all the way round so great for puting in game Ect sorry but this is collection only I had this in a 64 plate Hilux but will probs fit many other years And other trucks easy to cut if needed ? I live NR Weston super mare North Somerset junc 21 M5 south £25 bargain . Cheers
  11. Is it me or is there no picture !!! 🤔
  12. If I needed another that's a Cracking scope and at great price , best of luck with it bumpy
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