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  1. Another recommendation for the beta lux. I get on well with mine
  2. Peltor 3m electronic ear defenders in great working order and good condition. Collection from fareham hants. £175
  3. Hi there, if this is still available can you send me a few photos please
  4. Really stupid itch to scratch again I know..... Dont suppose anyone has a "cheap" 10g sat festering in the cabinet, I have a box of shells left over I would rather use than sell. Anything cheap, single h&r, marlin super goose, etc. Pm please Sorry, forgot to add. Must be 3" or preferably 3.5"
  5. foxbasher

    Hatsan bits

    Evening all. Thought I would ask here first before ordering new. Don't suppose anyone has a mag extension and an extended cocking Lever for the hatsan escort. Cheers all
  6. Awesomeness, ill give them a shout in the morning and see what they've got. Many thanks mate
  7. Evening all. its a long shot I know but has anyone on the pw massive got or know the whereabouts of a headlight for a peugeot 308 full led. I've got one in the garage that I'm doing a front end repair on for the wife and I'm in need of the drivers side headlight. I've had a look on the bay and I can get the pass side for £150 but the cheapest drivers side is £350 at the mo😭😭 It's not got to be on the road until January so there's no huge rush, ya never know until you ask. Thanks all
  8. I've got to offcuts of new industrial non slip lino up for grabs, it's the sort of stuff used in commercial kitchens. ideal for dog kennels or chiller rooms, etc. One piece is approximately 120cm by 400cm and the other is approximately 200cm by 200cm. I can send pics via WhatsApp. £60 for both pieces. Collection from fareham hants
  9. Afternoon all, I have up for grabs a brand new pair of haix combat boots with tags. Whilst in the shed a mouse decided to take a small nibble to the fabric next to the tongue on one but apart from that they are mint. I'm asking £50 collected from fareham hants sorry but no postage option at the moment
  10. Cool, ill see if I can get hold of him. Not sure what use this paintball gun would have been in a game or competition. It must weigh 4 or 5 times what a modern one does
  11. Morning all, I found this paintball gun at the bootsale this morning and it's turning out to be a bit of a mystery. There's no brand name, number or any other markings on it but build quality appears to be very good. I've not been able to find anything similar so I'm wondering if it was a bit of a custom build or project??
  12. Haha, a real long shot I know but I don't suppose any of our lads or lasses are heading from Coventry down to hants area over the next few days. I've been after a front bumper for my new car and found one in Coventry but can't manage the miles so may have to let it pass. Don't mind covering fuel and a few drinks if anyone's on rout that way
  13. Hadn't thought of that, do they keep records of the pieces they frame? I know their not worth mega money but I would hate to sell them at the bootsale for a few quid an then find out their worth a hundred or two. Their not old, i think one is dated 2008
  14. Thanks all, cracking advice. Its a weird mix of stuff to be honest. There's a couple of larger items from komlós kerámia of Budapest, a George 3rd stick barometer that's nice but needs a little work and some art that I have no idea who the artist is by the signature but it's been professionally frames by a place in London so I wouldn't imagine it's all that cheap
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