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  1. Evening all, does anyone collect riding spurs?? I knew a chap when I was younger that traded in a lot of tack items but he is long passed. I found a pair in the garage over the weekend and didn't know if anyone would be interested. I think they are from Australia circa 1920-1940
  2. Very pretty and again.. I'm pleased to say it's out of my travel zone otherwise my wife would be angry haha. All the best with the sale 👍👍
  3. Pm sent For now this is now withdrawn from sale. Many thanks all for all of the help and advice 👍
  4. How did it turn out with the FX? What are the prices like? If I get it done I don't really want to spend a fortune as I don't have a deed for the gun at the moment
  5. I did have a look at doing it myself but don't have the time now, I went self employed in February so finding time to do anything at the moment is pretty hard haha At the moment it doesn't hold air. It's in .22
  6. I bought this a while back as a project as it doesn't hold air and needs a good service. When it arrived it was put in the cabinet and has been sat for the last 12 or 18 months. I've just come across it and thought I would offer it up ,if there's no takers then I'll just send it off to be done when I get round to it. Haha some time in the next decade. £250 collected from Fareham hants. Maybe open to a swap for another airgun depending on what it is
  7. Can somebody buy this quick please. I had one for a few years, rarely shot it but always regret selling it
  8. Amazing, thanks guys. My wife's been on at me about it for a year or two now. I think she has set her sights on a short haired, full size dachshund in tan or black/tan. I've been looking around on line but didn't want to rush the decision
  9. Evening all. Just wondered if there's any dachshund breeders on the forum. I'm looking for some advice, etc. My wife has been nagging me for a while and want to get all in order before making any silly mistakes. PM's welcome. 👍👍
  10. Hi there, I'll get weight and dimensions for you when I get home later this afternoon 👍
  11. Old style clam shell gun clamp. Good working order with one key, I bought to fit in a vehicle but never needed it in the end. £40 collected from fareham hants
  12. Shame your not round the corner, would have made use of that on the rats. Good luck with the sale👍
  13. Always open to offers as I need the space
  14. Ruger 1022 with stainless Steel screw cut barrel and abs stock. One std mag and two after market ones that I've not tried yet. Collection from fareham hants £180
  15. Morning all. Here we have an Osprey mk4 body armour, comes complete with the soft armour insert and front and rear ceramic plates. Collection is from fareham hants. Please pm with any questions. £250
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