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  1. Pm replied to sir, much appreciated 👍
  2. We have some in flower up on the track behind our pond. More concerning is that I've also got a hen mallard with six offspring scooting around up there 😳
  3. The man cave is more of a project workshop at the mo
  4. Nice!! I can feel another project coming on haha. Like I need another 😵🤔😅
  5. Cool, wish I could get the rest of it
  6. The smaller holes in the top are drilled and tapped, i was kinda hoping to mock it up in to a sort of missile/mortar to hang from the ceiling of my cave 😂 I think I picked it up a while back from a carboot sale in a job lot of ex military tools
  7. Afternoon all, out in my man cave having a bit of a sort out and came across this. It a rear "tail fin" section off somthing but I've no idea what. It appears to be cast aluminium and the only markings are "pa2", it's hollow all the way through. I've no itea if it's part of some sort of ordnance or some sort of apparatus that may get towed behind a boat for some reason?? Has anyone seen one of these before??
  8. ASE S5 mod .25cal in very good condition. Only selling due to lack of use. Thread is 1/2"unf. Collection only at the moment from fareham hants due to rfd closures. Fac holders only and you must have an open slot on your fac. £150
  9. hi i have a escort extreme as new with all chokes shims etc for 200 notes

  10. foxbasher

    Hatsan escort

    Morning all, a mate is after a hatsan escort in black abs or wood preferably gen2 in good condition in Hampshire. Pms please. Not sure of his budget yet, cheap as possible I guess lol
  11. Unfortunately the mod is on my ticket with make, model and serial number 😩
  12. Evening all. I'm going to be putting in the paperwork for a one to one variation for the mod on my .243 and one of my .22lr rifles so that I can upgrade. Question is, do I have to sell the two items first to make space as it were for the two new slots before I put in for them. Thanks in advance, fb
  13. Morning all, I'm wanting to change the mod on my .243 and change one of my 22s but would have to put in for a one to one variation for both. Has anyone in hants done this recently and know how long it takes. I know hants were meant to be trialing some online services but not sure if it covers variations yet.
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