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  1. Unfortunately I've been poorly in bed since the original post. Today is first day I've not had to take extra meds on waking just to go back to bed again. Not even got round to thinking about it yet, it's just sat outside waiting.
  2. When my Range Rover was for sale I had a guy tell me it was too blue for him. He seemed surprised when I said no to a second test drive. I think I agree with LB above, I'm dreading selling the temporary pug I bought to put me on 3 months
  3. I have absolutely no idea. I just know I don't need to plug it in. Toyota know more than I do.
  4. I think you're right in 95% of car journeys. What about commercial vehicles? I think it'll be an awfully long time before we see self charging lorries that can haul 44 tons. As for cars, forget these that need charging, things evolve. Next generation are self charging. Buy a car, don't exceed 40mph, never use any fuel. That's 95% of my journeys. I'll be interested to see how my 3-5 year lease goes and just how much petrol fuel I actually need. My new kerbside weight is quoted at 1775 kgs. GVW at 2215 kgs. Max tow 1650 kgs.
  5. According to Toyota mine is 215BHP. I took one for a test drive but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to exceed 40mph. I was stunned at its driveability on electric as I've never considered this before. I'm planning on towing the caravan for a week away as soon as I get it. I've opted for the toyota fixed towbar to maintain warranty with the electrics. This is something anyone wanting to tow with them will have to factor in.
  6. I ordered a Toyota RAV4 4x4 hybrid. Delivery in October. It's self charging and only uses the 2.5 petrol engine if you're above 40mph or towing. Maybe.........this is the way forward?
  7. Just had an email, currently Β£150 off in anyone interested.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I'll take the ball off and have a proper look. It's always soft when it doesn't start, becomes hard in two or three pumps then fires up immediately.
  9. I recently bought a 2008 Peugeot 407 SW SE Hdi 2.O diesel to put me on just 3 months. I allowed the fuel to get into the red before refueling, something I don't normally do with diesels. I had to prime the pump despite it not being out of fuel. If I use the car every day its fine. If I use it occasionally which is more the normal for me, once or twice a week max, it requires a couple of pumps on a small rubber ball attached to the fuel pump before it will start. The pump and rubber primer ball is easily accessible at the front of the transverse engine, takes just a couple of squeezes and it fires and runs. Runs fine then if turned off or used next day. As I generally only use it to visit my perm apart from a mucky hand its no problem. I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on this car as its going at the end of October. Any ideas? Anybody come across this problem? Easy fix? Tank is currently full and that's how I keep it. Selling soon, so want it right.
  10. Centrepin


    I thought he died 112 years ago?
  11. I think he may well mean a lease proper. I have permission to shoot on land but do not hold either a paid lease nor paid for shooting rights. Huge difference and I believe Tony means lease, bought and paid for.
  12. Absolutely the heaviest seat in existence and the most cumbersome. Mine has been for sale for ever, in the for sale section. I keep renewing the ad but no one wants a seat that needs a fork lift to carry it and a crane to unload and set up.
  13. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/store/category/2-bergara-folding-shooting-seat/
  14. Sangar Spent too many hours in one, in too many locations.........
  15. Good news indeed, I always liked the place. Maybe another visit is on the cards
  16. Depends on ground clearance and tyres you're using.
  17. My Range Rover had 3, one was a mesh dog guard from seat back to roof and two different types of cover, 1 roll out and one hard that folded and was outrageously difficult to use one handed. I saw them on ebay upward of Β£200. That was after I refitted them to sell itπŸ™„
  18. Thanks, I thought they should. If yours is a 2021 the serial number should end in the letters: YZ. If its a 2020 then: YM.
  19. Taken out to utilise the space and they're surprisingly heavy. I have dogs and shooting gear in the back of my vehicles. Lot more room with these gone. I was also surprised how much these fetch in new condition on ebay. If I had known that earlier mine would have been sold rather than gather dust in the garage.
  20. Centrepin


    He(she) is gonna be in serious trouble, its not even in the for sale section, that's just rude!
  21. I hope that doesn't happen here. Lots of cars and vans around last night and people wandering around aimlessly. A few trade stands set up a few campers and a massive coloured marquee. Portaloos are right on the edge of the field so no need to use anything else. Massive industrial genny too. I don't hold the shooting rights, just specific permissions at set times and a gentleman's agreement not to shoot game or deer. The way it's set up I think it'll not impact game shooting but may attract Corvids, Pigeon and Gull for what they can get in the short term.
  22. May I ask what age please as mine is 2013 and has the fleur de lys marks. I wrongly thought all MK38s did? Beautiful gun by the way πŸ‘
  23. I've been again tonight with my son. Too many festival goers in the adjacent field, unfortunately the pigeons were far too close to the campers. Safe for us to shoot but frankly not worth the bother of the upset or any possible conflict. We tried a couple of other fields under a known flight line but although I managed to scare a few nothing claimed. My son shot them instead πŸ™„ Moved to another field and sat watching a young buck playing. Although the land is cleared by the Police for .243 use, we're not. Whilst watching a few deer, we blatantly missed several pigeons on the line so called it a day and came home for a nice cold beer. No shooting now till after the festival...
  24. Up early, out early saw the farmers coming out the house, spent 5 minutes chatting. Drove up to the silos and 100s of birds lifted off the rape and silo area heading towards the sitty trees near the bee hives. That suited me as my current car can't make the far fields where they normally go. Shot a couple from the side of the car that were lazy and sat on the wood pile. Good start with the .410. Drove down to the bee hives and unloaded my gear. Two wirlies out in the Barley and a bouncer right in the margins, set up my hide under a favourite sitty tree and as I was finishing putting some weeds on the straight edges four pigeons came in. Grabbed the MK38 and scared three but the first came down in the margins. The trees erupted with lots of birds going high then to the bottom of the field. Sat in my hide quiet, as I was then expecting a lull. I could hear what sounded like heavy breathing behind me in the trees and bushes. Six pigeon came in from behind me and I don't think I even came close to hitting them. Back to the heavy breathing from behind. So loud I thought it may have been from a horse. Few more pigeons came in I managed one in two shots from the MK38 and two misses with the .410 I grabbed instead of reloading. Back to the heavy breathing. Then the farmer came in to spray off the crop so it went dead for 15 - 20 minutes apart from the annoying heavy breathing. I wondered if it was a squirrel with a sore throat as I've heard them scream alarm before but nothing like this or anything I could see. Stopped when I made a noise. Pigeons started coming in again but circling from high, managed a couple more. Mr Loo hire arrived to set up his porta loos about 50 metres away, festival this weekend in the adjacent field. Pigeons gone. Decided to pack up and call if a day, too many interruptions plus I knew the tractor would be back round within the hour. Heavy breathing again while packing up but no movements and quiet if I spoke. Still no idea what it was so if anyone has any ideas? Sure it must be a squirrel as I've shot loads out of that tree. Packing the car up, I always leave a loaded gun on the tailgate, just in case. Two crows landed in the tree above me and I dropped one with the. 410. Missed the second as I think too many branches. Home for 1000. Shot eight picked five so a productive morning on what is always a hard land. Just damm hard work with the interruptions and whatever was behind me. Nap time in the afternoon then maybe back to catch the evenings flight with my son.
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