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  1. Medical Proforma.pdf This came with my renewal.
  2. This is why people stop posting! Why move my post to pest control when it's about shooting on my permission.
  3. Nice write up, made me feel like I was there. Good on you for letting him shoot. I agree with the Sipe having bought a couple of slabs cheaply, I'll miss them when they're used up all too soon on corvids. Can't stand baileys though😁
  4. Nah, they think everyone can understand everything wots written in google and have a degree in maths. Mathematics and numbers always confuse me too. I have to break things down to basics slowly or have it explained. Most of the answers above confuse me. I often write it out on paper to help myself.
  5. I believe this comes up reasonably often:
  6. Local straw baler today, 10 minute drive turned into 40 as its the annual Percy Pud fun run. Too many roads closed. On the non closed stupidty reigns. Parking on a steep hill on the point of a hair pin bend, cars shunting to get round, decided on yet another route. Finally arrived to find just me and my son shooting. Three more turned up before we finished but I don't think it's going to be a busy day. I don't shoot well bulked up so despite the wind and cold had just 3 layers on. Outside and top layer of wax cotton. Fingerless gloves so my digits where exceptionally painful. The clays, well you could have shot the same stand all day and never have the same clay twice. Each clay danced in the wind and became similar to a pigeon in change of speed and direction. Interesting to say the least. When the wind was in your face you either smoked the clay or got hit by it. If you chipped one, you shot the bits or got hit. Had to duck or grouse a few times and was hit several times in the arms and shoulders by bits. Very soon 50 cartridges plus a couple of spares where gone. It some ways not soon enough in another way embarrassingly quick. Any exposed skin had started to turn white and even holding the barrels you could feel no heat. Been back in the house 2 hours now, showered, fed and exetered but my right thumb is still partially numb! Can't remember the last time I enjoyed a clay shoot as much😀 As we were leaving a couple turned up "groupon vouchers" the woman, high heels, jeans, and thin fleece. Chapel hat pegs. The guy in jeans, T shirt and jumper🤣 I would have loved to see them 10 mins later.
  7. It's rarely the English guns going cheap as I see it they're mostly foreign, Spanish SBSs you can't give away. If anyone does happen to be giving away or selling an English Hammer gun then I'm all ears😃
  8. I love pictures, as good as a write up. Picture 1, is that coppice laid out in a particular way do you know. I'm aware of a few laid out to spell things from the air. Near me there's an ER planted for the obvious in 52. Picture 4, about as good as you'll get outside of Yorkshire😉
  9. I have no computer only a tefelone so my view is whatever comes up when I press the search in Google. If I have any problems I delete the search and search again. Usually clears it.
  10. "Alec the actor said." Erm, he's an actor, trained to say lines as given to him. Anything he says is like any other actor speaking, rubbish. Might be why actors make good politicaliticians. Let the investigators and those that specialise in laying the blame decide
  11. I just asked the long haired indoor general, she says don't forget to p-rick (can't write that as one word) the skin first in multiple places to let out the fat. Don't use butter or bacon there's already too much fat in it. Definitely apple or onion up its jacksee. Stand it on a rack in a roasting tin to drain and catch the fat, jar it up for later. Cook in oven gas mark 6/7 for about half hour, then turn down to about gas 5 for 3 hours till it runs clear. Test it like you'd do a turkey. Actual time depends on weight. Rest for at least half hour before serving. She also says Ditchies recipie sounds about right for anything less than the above. The fat once cooled and jared can be used like lard or used to run on your chest and soles of your feet when you have a cold.
  12. Normally the long haired indoor general does the cooking, but as she's poorly I can't ask. As I recall, and I maybe wrong of course cos I'm a man. Pluck it, clean it, put an onion inside, maybe an apple too. Rub outside with butter, cover with strips of streaky unsmoked bacon. Now this is where I might be wrong, in oven gas mark 5? I'll check with my daughter later, she cooked the last Canadian we had. Cook for at least 2 hours or untill juices start to run clear. Outside should be a nice golden brown too. I will ask the boss later just to make sure, she knows everything 😀 she normally tells me I cook everything too fast on too high a gas.
  13. I have no idea what 200fan is, I cook on/with gas. I'm guessing some kind of super-duper instant microwave type cooking machine, possibly a thermo nuclear explosion type? 10mins? I cook bacon for more than 10mins. Or you sure its not a very small duck. 🤣🤣🤣 Written tongue in cheek for those who bite I would have thought at least 2 hours in a gas oven (once lit) maybe more.
  14. In comparison to the pension I earn, compared to the wage I earned in 75, most definitely yes. To be fair though all my ammunition was supplied by Her Majesty The Queen in 75 as I was a serving soldier. Shooting then was classed as training therefore ammo free and done in military time. How things change! Now shooting is a hobby and ammo paid for by the individual and in own time or on leave.
  15. I think the drawers make a huge difference. My son had drawers and a dog bed above with trays to the sides on his Nissan, when he bought the Toyota he didn't bother and I think he'll regret it. Looks good 👍
  16. I do envy you colonials your choices of decent vehicles. Those are available here at a price, imported and wrong hand drive only. Always fancied one myself but the insurance on left hand drive pick ups in the UK is silly.
  17. Nice to be out. Glad you got on them in the end
  18. I buy less french 💩 than I do chinese and I never knowingly buy chinese 😅
  19. Nice to see someone using lighter shot and finding it quite adequate. Well done
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