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  1. on the money lie after lie after bare faced lie topped of with two fingers in voters faces obviously some people enjoy being taken for mugs
  2. s510 is best rifle for the money out there I never use the Qtec mod on mine not heard any complaints from those taken with a second shot yet mate had hw on approval same mag jams hence now using s410
  3. good luck with it seems to be less fuss about selling crack than owning firearms now
  4. worst attempt at heat deflection ever a spy not under arrest idiots lol
  5. he done you like a kipper £18 is fryway robbery
  6. top job as always pc never seen them this keen on buck seed well past it’s best and they are still picking it up with the rape
  7. how right you are option one vote for a liar option two don’t vote at all
  8. now I know why the fat liar is giving everyone two fingers and laughing at us nothing but a bit of cheese and wine? talk about propaganda!
  9. answered your own question ditchy covid has given the greedy even more of the needy to live of you only have to watch daily food price rises to see it boom time for the greedy since day one of covid
  10. and I’m the disrespectful one practice what you preach my friend
  11. my respect is reserved for those who fought and fell for this country not those who give knighthoods to a liar who caused their deaths so don’t be telling me who to respect I know who deserves it and who does not
  12. there’s over a million people “advising” her to take it back let’s have it honest this is utter contempt and arrogance by the old bag
  13. I’m in the southwest numbers have been dropping last four years now back up with all the rape
  14. have the opposite here first year for long time had birds on almost all the rape shooting a new perm tomorrow thanks to couple of large flocks not a good sign but you have to show willing maybe your area has another food source at present
  15. not aimed at anyone just a observation rather not look like a weirdo supporting that sort of behaviour
  16. need to stop trying to blacken this girls name on here to justify sick boys actions or people will think we are also weirdos
  17. looks suspiciously like stalling for time to find in his favour a fatal mistake unless the judge is out to end his own career
  18. clangerman


    unless using fac never shoot squirrels anywhere except the head with an air rifle
  19. on the day most of the cretins were spoilt brats from our leftie unis who churn out endless leftie sheep who now control the town so jury was to scared to find them guilty our latest insanity is the council giving those on benefits £100 shopping vouchers to avoid having any money left in the budget a deliberate waste of tax payers money
  20. this is what happens when the police stand about filming instead of making arrests vast expense to tax payers again for nothing
  21. if dorky boy thinks he’s being extorted the fbi would be delighted to take a statement especially as they want to question him about sex with young girls
  22. now you know why the council has been turning all the short cuts into cul de sacs had to congest the town so they could start charging i mean scamming us
  23. what a country liar who caused the death of those who serve knighted excuse me need to vomit
  24. she’s far to calm any criminal will tell you faced with a long stretch you will do whatever it takes to avoid so if she’s not already made a deal on the quite she will make one
  25. well another year done and I didn’t snuff so happy new year all
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