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  1. good effort there think we had seven squeakers on the barley mix stubble lot of birds stopped short below us dropping into wheat but we passed the 100 so happy enough
  2. almost had the ex wife’s trash turn into a corpse having “words” trash jumped back in front of a bus lying scumbag told police I tried to chuck him under it truth is good idea like that didn’t occur to me at the time!
  3. you would struggle to find the old type punter now evis is no fool he knew they would all turn into well of middle class chasing their youth place is a gold mine
  4. this is all part of gov honing the system so each generation works longer to end up with even less than the previous one
  5. nothing wrong with the country it’s brilliant just the low life selfish greedy garbage running it!
  6. don’t worry by time it’s due being unable to buy heat or food will clip you first just about tops this country starve freeze or die on a waiting list!
  7. must be my lucky day just had call from farmer cutting the barley mix to make whole crop should be the first stubble for miles
  8. 40k a year in london makes you a slave just working to buy food you won’t be able to afford shortly greed is more along lines of the tory voting barristers plan to strike
  9. solid support on the jv show today nice to see people now realise nobody suffers loss of earnings stress and possibility of losing the job for a laugh they do so for genuine grievance
  10. surprise surprise victims are in Clifton door step of the uni home of statue vandals spoilt brats must be bored again
  11. clangerman


    wolf whistling also now banned prob by some over weight unattractive gender who identifies as a woman phew almost wrote minger then lol
  12. thanks but will pass on the migrant cheering none of them in town speak English anyway unless it’s distraction to pinch your wallet lol
  13. take it none of you are coming to Bristol’s current refugee festival then celebration help advice assistance everything you need IF your a refugee or migrant lol
  14. fingers crossed for you good luck with it
  15. in short if you can’t have what you want break the law to get it how selfish is that!
  16. swear farmers break down on purpose if I’m shooting pulled combine rads fixed mowers balers it’s like the stuff falls apart soon as it pulls in a field near me lol
  17. so because we can spot you making excuses for us to be carrying migrants suit cases up the beach rather than put our own first it makes us conditioned think that comes more under smart!
  18. that’s a tough break just take it one day at a time don’t think hanging with us will do much for anyones brain but its amusing
  19. they didn’t touch beans here last year had one day when cut looks the same again plenty on top drill time and no takers on good fields for birds definitely need some wind got so frustrated on recon yesterday watching them give up trying to land in barley drove of with my tobacco tin on the bonnet proper senile
  20. your right don’t you just love our towns 24hr traffic jam and plans to charge us if driving farther than your front door
  21. we know exactly who they are people thatcher would have cleared from the beach in a week while gump can’t clear them to save his life!
  22. indeed few migrants do come to the uk rest are criminals or is trying to sneak in by dinghy now legal means of entry
  23. unless you cracked time travel you can’t be offended BEFORE the so called victim until Mac complains there is no offence sour grapes should be directed to orgs where is our version of slackman to push shootings interests
  24. champagne taste cider budget damn lol
  25. i asked for clearance and a heavy machine gun twice nothing arrived truth of it is we have a coward in charge lacking the guts to stop criminals walking in our own front door but nobody wants to admit it you must be laughing your heads of at us over there lol
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