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  1. Yes, I realise that in these troubled times some companies have struggled and some have gone. However, surely lessons should be learned about survival and growth from successful companies such as RR. If they have indeed made the profits suggested in the current world situation, then I find it a remarkable achievement, to be admired and emulated . We all have different opinions of course. Regards
  2. I'm afraid I'm out of sync with most on this topic. I have no problem whatsoever with some people having more money/assets than others. It is the basis of the free world. What's the alternatives? Should we all send our monthly pay/pension cheques and savings to feed the starving? Should we all earn the same wage unskilled or highly qualified? Shouldn't companies make profits to safeguard jobs and keep the wheels of industry turning? Etc etc etc. Regards PS I live comfortably on the state pension and small private pension, so no fat cat!
  3. Stunning! as always Dan. Hope you are well and happy new year.Kind regards
  4. Or the worst! bevsy, I regularly see both types working and there is very little,if any, difference in their abilities and performance. The same can be said for the faults. I think the trainer's ability is the most important aspect. From my own experience with both types, I find the individual dogs characteristics are the most relevant factor. I would select either, based on my own preferences. Regards
  5. Yes, I now realise the location can be found by searching profiles etc.However, it is not displayed as part of the advertisement ( on my phone) as was suggested elsewhere! Apologies to hofk for intruding in post. Regards
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone, but there is absolutely not any mention of Solihull or anywhere else, anywhere in the ad.( As viewed on my phone). Hence I asked the question. I have now checked on my laptop and it does indeed display "from Solihull" on laptop screen! You learn something everyday, thanks for help and I hope cartridges sell soon. Regards
  7. Thanks for the replies. Could you please direct me to whereabouts in the ad that says location. I am unable to see anywhere mentioned and will be helpful for me in future. Too far for me unfortunately. Thanks
  8. Hello, sorry if it's obvious but could you disclose location please. Thanks
  9. Gmm243, please do not consider for one second the option of blacking over a pair of Damascus barrels. Dave Kelton, yes GMc is good but I hesitate to give a recommendation based upon very slow turnaround and price, in my experience. Regards
  10. Dan has done some fantastic blacking work for me, at fair price. If he browns, he'd be my first choice. Regards
  11. Hello, is there any working lines in breeding?Is there a black dog available? Also, why is the litter remaining unregistered?Thanks
  12. Thanks for update , the only cancellations I have heard of in this area is American guns , owing to travel restrictions, isolation on arrival etc . Hopefully the shoots will be insured against such losses. 👍
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