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  1. We may not be shooting at all!
  2. hello, Duster diesel 4x4. Does what it says on the tin.Reasonable costs, decent mpg, plenty room for dog box etc, no complaints. A few pound more than Sandero but worth it for me. regards
  3. Hello Dave, Thanks for the info but I no longer wear breeks and am looking for boots to wear with trousers or under leggings. Regards, WM
  4. Bungle The Bear, Thanks for the reply, I need a new pair of boots and had considered going for the higher leg. Regards, WM
  5. Hello All, Are these boots (and other high legs) designed to be worn over/or under trousers or are they really only for breeches? Regards, WM
  6. Hello Cheesefiend, I have a Brady case complete with key and in good condition. It has a paper AYA label which you can cover or remove if not required. Wasn't planning to sell but I will offer to you for £60 delivered, if it is any use. Regards, Billy
  7. tightchoke, the alterations to the stock are done there and then," while you wait." Usually they are done at a later date and another visit is required or the stock posted. regards mrwmartin
  8. Hello, Economy.......Dacia Duster 4x4. Does what it says and fits bill for your requirements.Does me just fine. Regards, mrwmartin
  9. The guns in photo above are central vision. If you ever come across one, you will know. They are cast in various directions and extreme amounts and are unmistakable. Cheers, mrwmartin
  10. ratty 1, The gun should be described as no cast. It is not central vision. Regards mrwmartin
  11. Hello again, A gun with no cast is described as such ie NO CAST..... not central vision Regards mrwmartin
  12. Hello ratty1, Any gun I have seen that is described as central vision has a vast amount of bend/cast on stock. Almost looking ridiculous, known also as crossover stock. Entirely unsuitable for normal/usual eyesight. The stock is definitely not straight! Regards, mrwmartin
  13. Hello All, I have recently had some work done on a shotgun stock by forum member demonwolf444. The quality of the work is first class and the standard of service is excellent. Price very fair. Refreshing to have some young,skilled and honest tradesmen in the business. Regards mr w martin
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