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  1. Hello, price information is missing! Regards
  2. Unfortunately I think his offer would be closer to £25 . If anything . Regards
  3. Hello, KC reg? Docked? Thanks
  4. Hello, it's sold (and known as)in my locale as cut maize. The uncut option is whole maize.
  5. Very interesting photos, thanks for sharing.
  6. 100 % UK.The photo of the gun with lead only sticker is for sale at my local gunshop, in the UK. I have personally seen another miroku with the yellow warning sticker, for sale at a different UK gunshop. Regards
  7. May only be sticker but definitely states lead shot only. I'm sure I've seen it stamped or told the same.
  8. Hello, superior steel shot should only be used in guns with the Fleur de Lys ⚜️ stamp on barrel. Not all new guns are steel proofed and indeed some new fixed choke Mirokus are stamped lead only. Regards
  9. Hello, and if that increased the same rate as Westlands, appx 18%, it would cost you 45p!
  10. Hello, Called into Westlands today, pleasant visit once again. However, I was informed the price of clays has increased by 5p per clay, now 32p. I don't shoot many per visit so small impact, but still a big increase from 27p. Only posting to pass on notification. Regards
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