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  1. Sad to hear that dealers/breeders are now exploiting and profiteering from the current crisis. Increases way in excess of additional costs . However, many people and some on here, did the same with pup prices a short time ago. Charging disgustingly high amounts for dogs, without having incurred any significant extra costs. Supply and demand seems to override common decency. Pay up and smile......or don't. Regards
  2. Proof marks will give indication. Name and address on rib may help.
  3. No problem, just given heads up to members looking for a different size, or if yours were sold.πŸ˜‰
  4. Yes I fully agree the Nationalists have some crazy plans, but I will state once again, the majority of Scots voted to remain in UK. People in Scotland don't hold it against the whole of England, because of some idiotic political views from London etc. You can't tar everyone with the same brush just because you disagree with the vociferous minority. Come to Scotland and you won't hear anyone banging on about independence etc. Most people in the street have little political appetite and most of the hype is stirred up by the media. And the few who hate Scots for whatever reason.
  5. Ok ,75% of people of working age are employed, paying tax. How many people are under 16 or over 64? They are all being supported by those in employment, as well as the 25% working age not in employment. I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to work that one out.
  6. The latest government figures April 2022 give Scotland population: 5.3 million Scots in full time employment : 1.93 million. Not as drastic as you stated, but a heavy burden on the unfortunate tax payers ( me included) as you pointed out. Don't know how those stats compare with other Western nations.
  7. I'm pleased to hear most of your experiences in Scotland have been pleasant. Pity about the others. I served in the British forces in a Scottish regiment and served worldwide, the majority of bitterness against Scots was from the English surprisingly. ( Apart from service in Ulster, where Scots and English were hated equally by some communities). Any bad feeling towards England is often reciprocal. Sturgeon is in power ,yes, and is a very shrewd woman. The bigger the mess she makes she carries on regardless and stronger, thanks to promises of milk and honey . If the unthinkable did occur and Scotland gained independence, we are off to Gibraltar. We had plans in place before the last referendum, and my family won't be relinquishing our British passports for anyone . regards
  8. Scully, purely out of curiosity do you find anti English sentiments or feel an anti English atmosphere when you visit Westlands ? I would like to think guests from all over the world ( I have taken American visitors there and made most welcome) let alone England would be welcomed. Westlands is in a Scottish constituency, albeit with a conservative MP and voted overwhelmingly to remain in UK Sorry, crossed postsπŸ‘ Once again, the majority of Scots voted against the SNP
  9. Hello Scully, You seem to think it is a forgone conclusion that the SNP / Greens will be successful in their quest for independence. I understand there cannot be another legal referendum without the consent of UK parliament, which I doubt is forthcoming! I also feel there is as many spiteful etc English/Irish/Welsh MPs in parliament. Some consider themselves friends of convicted terrorists, anti royal,are filled with hatred and jealousy to all things British/ white/ American or whatever the in hate is. Ms Sturgeon is devious and dangerous, but have you listened to some prominent Labour female ( don't call them that) MPs recently. Pure hatred and contempt for this country and the hard working, long suffering voters. Most politicians of all parties are not trustworthy and none can really claim moral high ground. Watching porn, cheating and lying to partners and family,false or inflated expense claims ,sexual impropriety etc, etc
  10. Something did happen, several years ago. A once in a lifetime referendum was held re independence. The majority vote was in favour to remain in UK. Don't listen to all the noise about about everyone want "freedom" and hates the English. As I said a vocal but powerful minority. On the subject of political leaders messrs Johnson, Starmer etc aren't glowing examples of responsibility or respectability either. People in Scotland are also aware of the English Defence League, National Front, etc etc and all the other English National parties. I have seen first hand ,from my time in the armed forces, the horrors and hatred that follows Nationalism.
  11. The elected MPs in most constuencies in the UK have under 50% of cast votes. Simply put, more people voted against them. That is part of the explanation in Scotland as to why the country is under SNP/ Green control. The SNP is a mixture of genuine believers that Scotland would fare better, Bravehearts, Republicans, left wing agitators, English haters, and some who are simply led to believe the SNP propaganda. I feel the majority of the country wish to remain in a strong UK.
  12. The British electoral system. Simplistic example: 3 constituencies each 10000 voters. Election results: constituency 1 Labour 5000, Conservative 3000, SNP 2000. Therefore 1 Labour MP.......... constituency 2 Labour 2500, Conservative 3500, SNP 4000 Therefore 1 SNP MP....... Constuency 3 Labour 3000. Conservative 3000. SNP 4000. Therefore 1 SNP MP. Total votes per party: Labour --10500 Conservative-- 9500 SNP ----10000 Total MPs " SNP 2" Labour 1 Conservative 0 SNP with half votes, has double MPs. Also the SNP has a very vocal minority, as with all things in life those who want change , or don't like something: shout loudest.
  13. Absolutely ridiculous statement. I am Scottish , served in the British Army and am a proud to be a citizen of the UK. I despise ms Sturgeon and her politics, but to compare her in anyway to Putin and his murderous atrocities is ludicrous . As stated in a post above, the majority of Scots voted against separatist parties.(SNP, greens etc). Regards
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