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  1. The original paperwork provided by AYA,with this gun ,stated the model as no 4 deluxe. Yes, I agree it becomes confusing with different marketing/advertising terms. I hope Gibby enjoys using it, whatever the name.Regards.
  2. Hello again John, I did state my post was for clarity and was a minor detail. I havent seen or handled an Aya bqbl and I haven't read the respective specifications for both guns, therefore I cannot comment on any other differences. I do know the above gun is very nice. Regards In respect of British best quality boxlocks, they usually incorporated intercepting safety sears, absent in these Aya models.
  3. Hello John, for clarity and a minor detail, this gun is an Aya deluxe no 4, the predecessor of the bqbl. Regards
  4. Gibbybox, I hope you have as much pleasure as I did from the gun, really pleased its found a good home. I didnt leave Westlands empty handed on Sunday either, I had good fortune to win the raffle. Unfortunately it wasnt a new gun, but a lovely shooting themed cake! Regards
  5. Hello, As mentioned briefly in another topic, Westlands have just held an open weekend including trade stands, competitions etc . The main attraction for most was an appearance by George Digweed, who held a q&a session as well as an impressive shooting display. I was only present on Sunday but was pleased to see that it was very so well attended. I hope after such a good turnout for the event,that Westlands can continue to grow in popularity and further success. It is a very welcome venture inc the clayshoot, gunroom, cafe etc and the wonderful staff and the owners deserve recognition. A very pleasant place to visit. Regards
  6. Gibbybox, when this gun was made, it was marketed as the no4 deluxe self opener. Not the more recent best quality boxlock model. Regards
  7. Hello gibbybox, I am the previous owner of this gun, very pleased it's gone to an appreciative home. It is a genuine , well maintained and faultless gun, recently serviced via Dale at ASI the importers. I also had some stock work done by PW member demonwolf444. I had a lot of pleasure with the gun and it was sold with a little regret, but life goes on. I had the barrels properly measured a few years ago and I thought I left the report in the case, maybe not. From memory both walls were 25 th plus... right barrel was 8th (imp/1/4) and left barrel was 15th (1/4..1/2). Hope you enjoy the gun. Regards Ps. It hits the tower birds at Westlands with 24g 7's, no excuses 😀
  8. Indeed, if there is any price paid whatsoever for shot game it will be preferably for steel shot
  9. Hello, is this item still available? Thanks
  10. I've used the services of many gunsmiths over the years, from the downright awful, the satisfactory, and an occasional good. From the moment I first spoke with Wiseman's, the high standard of work ,through to completion and delivery , has been excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to use again if required. Regards
  11. Hello, this may be of interest to someone.I recently had some work done on a shotgun stock at Wiseman's, Cannock. Very impressive work and all round professional transaction, highly recommended. Delighted with outcome and I'm not easily pleased. Regards
  12. There is not a definitive answer. The same question can be applied to most commodities. Is a top of range Mecedes car worth the extra over a Dacia basic model? They both have the same basic components to enable all driving requirements albeit with different comfort and refinement levels. I know the one I can afford, but unfortunately it isn't the one I would prefer! Same for guns, they all go bang but not many people would swap a Boss, Purdey, Dickson etc for a Baikal. Why is that I wonder? A House of Hardy fly rod or a Aldi special, they both cast a fly. You pays your money............ Regards
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