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  1. Hello again, my duster is a 1.5 (1461)diesel 4x4 ( wasn't aware there is a 1.3 4x4 diesel) and the tax is definitely £ 125 per year. C02 Emissions 125. Newer models must be different. Regards
  2. Hello, yes I may have one for sale. I am not a dealer or involved in the trade in any way. Message for any info. Regards
  3. Just taxed mine March 1st , £125 per year
  4. Hello, I have a duster 4x4 diesel, owned appx 4 years. It does what it says on the tin. Plenty of room for dog box, guns , boots rods etc . 45ish mpg. No faults this far. Cheap enough to run in comparison to Freelander etc. Pulls small trailer ok and good general performance off road, around fields, farm tracks etc . Low enough price that I don't start crying if it gets scratched or whatever. Not the comfiest for long distance motorway etc, and not the best equipment interior, but that is not why I have it. Happy with car and will buy another if I ever need to. Regards Ps. It is not a ra
  5. Chrisjpainter, I didn't find any noticeable heat problem with summer use nor any fault with cold winter wear. I accidentally punctured the intrepids on a sharp metal rod, otherwise I would still be wearing them. I couldn't find replacements at a favourable price, bought Grisport Gamekeepers and happy thus far.They are half the price of the more favoured branded boots and I will eventually find out quality comparison. You pays your money.......... Regards
  6. Chrisjpainter, to answer your question about Harkila sizing. I always take size 9 boots, but found I needed a 91/2 in Harkila intrepids. Found them satisfactory in all respects, however I damaged them and now wear Grisport Gamekeepers, size 9. Satisfactory so far, but no long term use or water test. Regards
  7. Harkom, when I shot the foreshore in the early 70's, curlew were commonplace. Often I would stay back after morning flight and shoot a couple, they made a delicious stew. It was no different to shooting any other legal quarry, for the pot. Regards
  8. Steve s x s, sadly there has been a drastic decline in curlew numbers in South west Scotland. Regards
  9. I'm not sure what the sensible in the title references, but you are looking at complete opposite ends of grouse shooting spectrum. Driven grouse is the full monty and will be very, very expensive! Shooting over pointers is a totally different experience, for the physically fit and will not be particularly cheap. Both very enjoyable if course. Regards.
  10. Wymberley, The opening post requested any experiencies of the Aya best boxlock. I have given mine and am available to offer further info on the topic if required. The Webley 700 series ( of which I admire) is worthy of its own discussion in its own post/topic. To further answer the opening post I can only offer a positive experience of my Aya no4 best boxlock. Regards
  11. In addition to the above mentioned chopper lump barrels, the Aya best boxlock also in includes replaceable hinge pin and disc set strikers. I am very familiar with the Webley 700 series but must fall into the Aya best boxlock camp for quality and reliability. Regards
  12. Scully, I've given my experience. You pays your money take your choice! Regards
  13. Hello, I've tried ex layers on a few occasions, never a success. May be cheaper to buy but they arrive earlier in year, hence need more feed, time, medication etc. I do not have any neighbours that release birds and my ex layers soon disappear after release. Returns were always very poor,poults are always more successful on my small DIY shoot. Regards
  14. Hello again , the action style on my gun is scroll back ( a copy of Westley Richards ) as opposed to a wide scallop. Regards
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