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  1. @Taileron I use more or less this process but with Phillips Gun Barrel Cleaner on my Browning and it comes up clean with minute or so of scrubbing each barrel). I only put fibre wads through it and doesn't seem an issue. One thing I've found helps generally is a quick pass with a bore snake in the car park when I've finished with some legia spray and that makes it all a bit easier at home. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea and personally I wouldn't solely rely on them, but I've found getting at least some the fouling off while the barrels are still warm(ish) helps and it only takes
  2. Could it be a replacement stock? Might explain the lack of teardrops. Engraving looks to be the same though so I can’t see it being anything else....he says
  3. That’s a very nice gun - lucky you! Looks like a prestige, but without the teardrops - see link below: https://www.sportarm.com/guns/browning-b525-prestige-over-and-under-20-gauge/
  4. PM Sent for Invector Plus 1/4 & 1/2 if available please Thanks
  5. I've had the same one as this today - only giving you 12h to book or something according to the scam email. Looks semi legit until you click on the senders name to see what the actual email address they've sent it from is - usually very obviously wrong then (see yellow highlight)
  6. I don’t remember noticing any difference between them and then Hull Imperial 30g 5’s I’ve been shooting. For what it’s worth I got them from Ladds in Devon if you’re from down that way.
  7. I shot some duck with these earlier this season in 30g 4 (not sure if they come in other forms) They killed cleanly at 30 yards...when I put them on target. I dropped a nice duck stone dead so no concerns about effectiveness at that sort of range. I will buy them again and try to get some more experience with them as it’s nice to have a load to put through the sxs and the OU without thinking about it. Just my .02
  8. Hi Louis I have a old red canvas one I bought off ebay earlier this year for £5 - would suit an open sight air gun. Happy to let you have it that + postage. Cheers
  9. I think the AP sporting website has both eject & non ejector. Worth calling if you haven't already to see if they have the ejector in stock.
  10. Hi bigmcg - I've been looking at the Quality Gunslip game bags. Which one did you go for & how many birds can you fit in it? Cheers Claysandgame
  11. I've been twice but I tend to cherry pick the stands a bit and do a mix of things I know I can hit for a confidence boost and mix it in with stands I'm not so good at. It's always a school day on the range. @wymberley I'm also shooting an old sxs at the minute and it's definitely more challenging (but part of the fun)! If you can face the drive, I'd really recommend North Devon for a nice round of targets and they regularly take beginners round there (it's all caddied by the owners currently). Alternatively if you find yourself down this way on a weekend, West Tapps (has a website)
  12. Ashcombe is open from Wednesdays, but I dont know about loan guns unless you are having a lesson? Might be worth a call. Nice ground and lots of stands. Otherwise I think you are probably heading up towards Ilfracombe to North Devon Shooting Ground (same deal on loan guns as above) or Southwest Shooting School.
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