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  1. Partridge is what I used them for and they killed them cleanly without damaging the carcass excessively. I think I prefer them slightly to the Eley Gran Prix Eco Wad for most of the shooting I do but perhaps later in the season for Pheasants the Eley would be better.
  2. Yes through a non-HP proof gun (no Fleur de lys mark). I defer to one of the others but it may be 32g is the maximum load size, that would be different to the shot size I suspect? Edit - The Lyvale were 5's not 4's. Eley only make their grand Prix Eco wad in 30g 4 as far as I'm aware.
  3. I've shot both - Eley Eco wad last year and Lyvale this year (both 2 1/2 inch versions). The Lyvale in 30g 5 shot very smoothly (I didn't notice much if a difference with the 28g 6's I was using) and I'd say will kill any average birds put over you. The Eley Eco Wads were 30g 4's and I shot a nice duck with them. Both will do the job.
  4. @Stonepark has just covered this much more thoroughly than I Certainly though some UK cartridge manufacturers were explaining recently to me that although you can put standard steel through any choke they were suggesting 1/2 choke was more than enough and max 5/8 if you wanted super full, whilst 3/8 gave very good kills. I also think it comes down to what you personally are comfortable with. I have a 1960's Webley with 1/4 & 3/4 chokes sxs and I've put steel through the 1/4 choke on that one but not the 3/4. My other one with 1/4 & 1/2 I've put through both happily! Both to good effect
  5. I've got a couple of friends that have been a few times - they reckon it has a good selection (although I haven't been myself). For reference targets wise we usually shoot at Ashley or West Tapps. From what they said it's pay & play Monday (or Tuesday) to Saturday. I know they said you can't practice there Sundays. Have a feeling they use claymate as one of them went on his own to start. Its on my list to try when I can make a Saturday work.
  6. You could also look at Tamar Valley Association Shooting Club
  7. @Taileron I use more or less this process but with Phillips Gun Barrel Cleaner on my Browning and it comes up clean with minute or so of scrubbing each barrel). I only put fibre wads through it and doesn't seem an issue. One thing I've found helps generally is a quick pass with a bore snake in the car park when I've finished with some legia spray and that makes it all a bit easier at home. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea and personally I wouldn't solely rely on them, but I've found getting at least some the fouling off while the barrels are still warm(ish) helps and it only takes a minute to do both barrels. I also use my old standard phosphor bronze brush as the 'jag' for the patch which seems to do good job for the proper cleaning. @bev6345 - nice video 👍 keep them up
  8. Could it be a replacement stock? Might explain the lack of teardrops. Engraving looks to be the same though so I can’t see it being anything else....he says
  9. That’s a very nice gun - lucky you! Looks like a prestige, but without the teardrops - see link below: https://www.sportarm.com/guns/browning-b525-prestige-over-and-under-20-gauge/
  10. PM Sent for Invector Plus 1/4 & 1/2 if available please Thanks
  11. I've had the same one as this today - only giving you 12h to book or something according to the scam email. Looks semi legit until you click on the senders name to see what the actual email address they've sent it from is - usually very obviously wrong then (see yellow highlight)
  12. I don’t remember noticing any difference between them and then Hull Imperial 30g 5’s I’ve been shooting. For what it’s worth I got them from Ladds in Devon if you’re from down that way.
  13. I shot some duck with these earlier this season in 30g 4 (not sure if they come in other forms) They killed cleanly at 30 yards...when I put them on target. I dropped a nice duck stone dead so no concerns about effectiveness at that sort of range. I will buy them again and try to get some more experience with them as it’s nice to have a load to put through the sxs and the OU without thinking about it. Just my .02
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