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  1. Used 3 gun cabinet for sale. Two keys. Works fine - have upgraded to a larger cabinet. Some marks and scuffs, and two additional fixing holes drilled in back. £40 collected from Wiveliscombe. Thanks
  2. Hi, What's the length of pull please & do the barrel's show any pitting? Also would you rfd at buyers cost? Cheers
  3. Hi All, Has anyone used UK Gun repairs for this or any other recommendations in the area? Its for a c.1980 Spanish (gunmark) sxs. Cheers Clays&Game
  4. As described, looking for an Invector + flush fit, modified/half choke. No extended ones please Thanks
  5. Try using a Payne Galway brush on the end of your rods with the Phillips bore cleaner sprayed and left on for 30 mins. Should clear it and worth having for your cleaning kit! The brass brushes wear down over time and don't make contact as well as when new.....sounds like yours have cleaned their fair share of barrels!
  6. Not sure on the new 4-in-1 taps, but we installed a Caple 3-in-1 tap into my mums house when it was renovated 10 years ago it's been great. Still working well with minimal maintenance to date (touch wood). No one has hurt themselves so far, but I agree if you have little ones (and their friends) using it unsupervised then I might be cautious about it as the water comes out boiling after a second or two max.
  7. We’ve got a lab and use those bowls and they’re helpful! They still try to go full tilt but the bowl has definitely slowed him down.
  8. They are standard steel See below image from the Lyvale Catalogue of their non-toxic offerings (though note they are plastic wad)
  9. Thanks! I'm sure you could find room... Nice place to visit in the autumn..
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