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  1. PeterHenry

    Cleaning bolt - Webly .410

    It seems to be ok. There's certainly nothing thats obviously loose. Actualy, having had another look - what seems to be going on is that the collar end of the extractor is sometimes getting stuck at the chamber end of the two spring loaded fins that the cartridge travels over before it ends up in the chamber. When it jams, if i firk about with extractor collar, it snaps back into place and works correctly.
  2. PeterHenry

    Cleaning bolt - Webly .410

    On closer inspection, it does seem to be something to do with the extractor. When the bolt jams, it always when its being pulled back, and it will do it without a cartridge in. I'm presuming the rear of the extractor is sometimes getting caught under the lip of the grove that it sits in.
  3. PeterHenry

    Cleaning bolt - Webly .410

    Thanks for the replys on this. I went lamping this weekend with it and its a great little gun. However, I notice that the bolt sometime seems to stick - is this to be expected?or something thats easily fixed? Many thanks
  4. PeterHenry

    Cleaning bolt - Webly .410

    Ah, thats great. Thanks a lot
  5. PeterHenry

    Cleaning bolt - Webly .410

    Hi all, Title says it all really - what should I use to oil the bolt on a Webly .410? I've read that a 'light oil' is preferable, which would exclude the Rangoon oil I normaly use - so would express gunlube or singer 3 in 1 work? Many thanks,
  6. PeterHenry

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    If she is convicted, it would be a matter for the SRA, who dont take matters of dishonesty lightly. The idiotic thing about this is that is she had not lied about it, it would not have endangered her political or legal career, however, by lying, she has most likely ruined both
  7. PeterHenry

    Defender folding seats

    Thanks, but in the end I got a packet of bungee cords in a rarther fetching selection of colours - which I'm sure look wonderful as I drive around I think heated seats would ruin the Landrover mystique for me, personaly. Although, thinking about it - thats probably why the noisy wiper motors have been left in...
  8. PeterHenry

    Bruised pigeon breast

    To be honest, I'd just cut the shot channels out with a bit to spare. If your planning on eating a fair amount of game - which i'm guessing you are by the sound of it - then its going to be best if you do all you can to minimise your contact with lead. Wood Pigion is delicious - and I dont like to see food go to waste - but theres no point in placing yourself in the way of harm.
  9. PeterHenry

    Leather Boots

    These look quite good - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/science/2018/dec/04/tough-as-old-boots-a-thames-skeletons-durable-footwear-tideway-tunnel
  10. PeterHenry

    Defender folding seats

    I think this will end up being the solution
  11. PeterHenry

    Defender folding seats

    Hi All, I understand that this is probably an idiotic question that has an exceptionally simple answer - but - how do I get the folding seats in the back of my 1996 defender to stay so that they are folded up? Many thanks,
  12. PeterHenry

    Zeiss Jenna binoculars

    Just for a bit of background - Carl Zeiss Jenna was the arm of Zeiss that the Soviet Union took as part of their reperations following the end of WW2, so, while mostly built on solid designs, they tend to be somewhat conservitive and the build quality not always fantastic. That said, I cant see how you could go wrong for £30 - just watch out for fungus, especially if they have been stored in a leather case
  13. PeterHenry

    Chas Bowerman Birmingham

    It does seem quite an odd configuration - intresting though. How easy is it to shoot?
  14. PeterHenry

    Chas Bowerman Birmingham

    Sounds facinating and (without knowing too much) in line with the trends / eccentricities of late Victorian / early Edwardian gun making Do you have any photos you could share?
  15. PeterHenry

    Sets in carbon rod - possible?

    Good advice, many thanks