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  1. A boy a couple of years below me at school was shot in the leg by his grandfather, as the grandfather was crossing a stile. The boy was alright in the end, but still - plenty to think about.... That was only about 15 years ago or so. As a very young child, I can remember going to an elderly relatives farm and there being a shotgun propped up against the wall in the kitchen - about 25 / 30 years ago. When my grandfather died about 50 years ago, my grandmother found a loaded pistol in a tin box by the side of their bed, which came as something of a surprise to her. He also had a k
  2. I think this might look at throwing some bales into it 👍 That all makes sense. I'm going to try and dig out some old photos and work out what some of the trees are. I'm fairly sure it not over feeding - I've been throwing four small bags of barley in per week, and it's a fairly sizeable, is shallow pond. I'm keep an eye on it to make sure though.
  3. I did think that, but I have not seen any red ducks A lot of trees around the pond, but I dont know what type - nothing with red leaves from memory though Leaves have deffinatly fallen into the pond, but no idea why type. Not many rocks about either - it's all clay soil. The temperatures have been fairly mild. The smell isnt metallic. It's almost exactly like the smell that I've encountered when near an old, silted / mudded up harbour on an estuary - pretty potent. That good to know - fingers crossed they will be back. I've gone and fed it up a
  4. I can remember reading in Alasdair Mitchell's column at the back of the Shooting times that that 'Moonbat' was Monbiot's nickname at school. Some of what he writes makes me see red, however, theres a good debate / conversation between him and AA Gill on YouTube, where he admits to going fly fishing, and occasionally eating the odd trout - I've had a little more time for him since learning that.
  5. Apoligies if this is the wrong section - it was 50 / 50 between here and wildfowling. I've been feeding a pond up, and when I came to shoot it about two weeks ago, found that it had turned red and smelled off. It was the same the next day, and it was the same yesterday. The first time I shot it, about 20 birds it so got off the pond (when it was not red), the time after (when it was) about five birds got off. Yestetday (still red) there were no birds, and the duck weed was undisturbed. We spoke to the farmer, and he says he hasen't put anything it in, or on the feilds yet - so
  6. All good points thanks - I think it may have something to do with mud now that I think about it - I'll see what the next ones taste like and keep you informed
  7. Without wishing to appear a smart alec, I think you will find that we already require a licence for the ones we use.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these largely obsolete pistol calibers? Edit - just looked at the URL.... I cant see how this is going to practically impede anyones shooting? Collecting maybe - but not shooting...
  9. PeterHenry


    That's sad news - for some reason I had assumed she died a number of years ago. I've just finished a portion of her wonderful wild duck, madeira and mushroom soup (page 2 of Prues New Country Kitchen). I make a point of buying her cookery books whenever I come across one (I dont already have) - because with the exception of one recipie (a salmon mousse), they have all been exceptional and fairly straight forward to follow. Along with the duck soup mentiond above, the pigeon and kidney suet pudding that features in Pigeon Shooting by Archie Coates is my other personal favourite (
  10. They were delt with the following day - and stored overnight on the tile floor in the pantry to keep them cool. After that they were put into the freezer. There wasent any off smell when I was plucking and gutting them though, and none when I put them in to cook. I bought back about six ducks in total, and made confit with the legs, which tastes fine - but then that's quite a flavoursom way of cooking something, so it may have masked any odd flavours - or alternatively I havent gotten around to the legs from these two ducks yet???
  11. No, but that was my first thought too - everything else tastes fine - it's just the ducks
  12. Has anyone noticed a diffrence in taste between ducks fed with potatoes vs barley or similar? I roasted a brace for dinner today and they tasted odd - not terrible, but certinly not like I was expecting or hopeing. Not fishy, but distinctly un-duck like. They were shot a significant distance away from the coast - like the better part of a county away - I also got the impression they were released ducks. So the only thing that springs to mind is that one of the pepole who runs the shoot where they came from mentiond that they were fed with potatoes - not up to the day we shot them, be
  13. I normally shoot and fish in a Barbour, and while it's true that it does go a tad stiff when cold, it's hardly the end of the world like a lot here seem to be makeing out. I also have a couple of tweed jackets - one of those Rydale ones and a traditional action back type. I normally save the Rydale for winter in a pigeon hide as its generally a bit too warm, but its otherwise fine to shoot in. Raising a gun while wearing the action back is effortless - but the only thing that puts me off wearing it is the knowledge that when you stand out, people tend to take more notice of your shooting,
  14. Thank you for the replies - a lot of thoughts that echo my own. As has been suggested here, I think thats it's something ultimately only time, and a lot of cartridges will tell.
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