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  1. I beg to differ - they are the food of the gods. There are even 'Oatcake suppers' - although I have never been to one. There is however, also the Scottish Oatcake - which is essentially a cracker. My Scottish great Grandmother was incensed to find them in the foreign foods section of a Staffordshire / Cheshire supermarket in the 1960s, and considered it something of a personal insult.
  2. Thanks for all the replies - I think as some have said, it is a Bay Boletus - it's currently languishing in a jar after being dehydrated. That is an incredible - looks like heaven
  3. Hi All, I'm aware that you shouldent eat a mushroom unless you are 100% certain as to what it is - but that said, could anyone confirm whether is Xerocomus Subtomentosus or not? Peter
  4. Thanks for the replies - I was mainly concerned about the noise due to the proximity of houses to a feild that I was going to shoot (one local resident feeds the foxes....) but in the end I notified the police I was going to shoot it and decided to get on with it. I havent received any complaints and in retrospect, I dont think the houses were close enough for the occasional crack to be noticable to them. Thanks again, Peter
  5. Thanks, I'll look into both options 👍
  6. Evening, Does anyone know if the above is - A - possible B - economical I have a Marlin .22 WMR with the aforementiond tube magazine, and wonderful as it is, the guy who sold it do me said it wasent possible to moderate it. I just cant help thinking it would be ten times more useful if it was. Thanks, Peter
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately I missed out on the engine in Bishop Auckland - 20 mins after I first saw it, it was taken down. I think I might look into getting the original going again - all of the kind offers of advice are much appreciated. Best, Peter
  8. Morning, So, I have an International 454 that's been taken apart and then left in the open for a number of years by the previous owner - the front axel is at one end of the yard, the back end and engine at another - I was planning on trying to put it all back together, but the engine having been disassembled and exposed to the elements is beyond repair..... So, having noted that the engine doubles as part of the chassis, and that I am also not willing to pay the approximate £2000 for the only engine I can find - I'm resigned to trying to find and put a diffrent engine in and use the
  9. Thats great thanks - I have some old Mitchell sea fushing reeks of my Grandfathers, which I use on occasion. I think I'll go with a pair of Shimano 8000's or the Daiwa equivalents
  10. Just wonderings if anyone has any experience of these? I'm looking for a couple of reasonably priced fixed spool reels for occasional carp fishing on my Youngs Avon rods. I've never been a fan of Shakespeare, etc, and I was wondering if Mitchell's new reels were any good, or if they were trading on past glories instead? Thanks
  11. Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how the bonnet fits on a David Brown 880 Selectamatic. I originally though that it had something to do with the two holes on the panels at the front of the bonnet - but on closer inspection, these seem to be for headlights and other attachments. Also, and despite the fact I'm missing the chin peice (part 915507) I cant find anything for it to bolt onto - so I'm wondering, does it just sit on, and the front of it rests on the chin piece? Finally, does anyone know what size the top coupling for the three point linkage needs to be? I've tried
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