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  1. Meatballs

    Sounds good. I find adding white bread with no crusts and soaked in milk helps to lighten up meatballs. Also, if making a tomato based sauce, I normally add anchovies and plenty of bay leaves as well. That's about the limit to my meatball based trivia though, but I'm deffinatly going to have to try incorporating mozzarella now you have mentioned it.
  2. Canal & Rivers trust Angling

  3. Rod / reel for farm ponds

    Thank you - lots of good advice for me to go away and consider.
  4. Rod / reel for farm ponds

    All, I'm just getting back into coarse fishing - especially/mainly in small to medium farm ponds - I've had a couple of 3lb mirror carp put of one of them - and a lot of roach - with my 13ft Youngs Trotting rod and centerpin, via float fishing in the warmer months. This said, I've just got myself some polaris floats to try out float ledgering with and have had my first attempt today. Its something I want to do more of, but I'm not great with centerpins to start with (I go fly fIshing normaly), and I came back from today with the distinct impression that they didnt get on all that well with polaris type floats. So, as my trotting rod seems like its something of an overkill for the majority of the fish I'm catching, and I think a fixed spool reel is going to simplify things significantly - does anyone have any sugestions for a rod that can can cope with the sort of fish I'm likely to encounter in farm pools, using polaris type floats and 10-20g (or there abouts) weights. I've had a look around - but coarse fishing jargon is more or less impenetrable - as far as I can tell at least.... so any advice would be greatly appriciated. Oh, extra points for rod sugestions with cork handles
  5. Capital Punishment

    The burden of proof in a criminal case is already 'beyond all reasonable doubt' As others have mentiond, it dosent seem to have stoped previous miscarages of justice
  6. Old carving knife

    I submerged it in a sink of warm water for five minutes before using it. The blade was practicaly flat - no exaggerating - so it took me a while to build up an edge on it, which probably accounts for most of it. My lack of skill will have accounted for the rest Ah, ok - thats last bits put my mind at ease a little haha
  7. Old carving knife

    Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum for this - but i thought I would get more replies here than in the food and drink section. Anyway, I found myself a fairly decent Victorian carving set today - minus the steel and case - but the knife had no edge - like absolutly no edge. My paper knife had more edge in fact. So I set about trying to do something about it with my whet stone - and finaly (I'll admit I'm not the best at these things) - I go an edge on it, but I'm worried now I may have taken too much metal off it. Which is why I'm posting these here to see what other pepole think. The other old carving knife I have has a much deeper blade, but a quick search online shows quite a variety of diffrent styles of blades out there... Stupidly - I took no before photos
  8. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    Haha A cartridge magazine is a big box - normaly in a matching style to the gun case - complete with trade lable etc, that you store your cartridges in. It so when you were invited to shoot, all your kit could travel in style - and also be kept dry / safe Yeah, I think if you take the same approach with your trade lable that pepole who fish with silk fly lines do - and work the wax (???) or in your case oil in everytime your packing away.
  9. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    You've got me googling images of old glass gun oil bottles now - anyway, from the images I've seen, unless Holland and Holland did a line in perfume I'm ok haha The case is more or less the same age as the gun - if I'm being totaly honest, I really wanted a case with the trade lable address matching the one on the rib of the gun - but everytime I found one (which wasent regularly) I was outbid. So when I found this one which was one adress change away, and only a matter of doors down from the adress on the gun, I decided to go for it - esspecialy as the lable is otherwise identical. I'm on the lookout (eventualy) for a complimentary cartridge magazine to go with it - but by way of accessories in the case, I'd quite like an old norfolk liar. Thats what I thought - but theres always a doubt in the back of my mind that its a fake. I think its because I got stung when buying a set supposidly antique prints once. On a helpful note, I noticed some fairly simmiler tones of discoloration when a mustard pot filled with oily rags and some residual oil mannaged to open slightly while in another gun case. So perhaps buying a bottle of Rangoon oil and occasionaly applying it lightly in patches would help? Also, perhaps using the occasiobsly black powder cartridge and spreading round some of the filth on a cloth from the barrels?
  10. Any Falconers on here ?

    I use to occasionaly when I was at school and university, but never had my own bird. Its a a wonderful thing to watch.
  11. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    Oh yes - totaly. When I purchased it, it was an extreamly tatty case, lined in red and to fit a hammer gun. I had it reffited and relined by a chap near Litchfield - who's buisness card I can no longer find - but he made an excellent job of it. It gives me a great deal of joy to know that I've had both the case and gun restored to a usable condition - I saw an identical cased gun for sale a few years ago, and the price that was being asked for it was more or less the same amount that I'd spent on this one - but without the time, effort and satisfaction of making it happen myself. It shoots wonderfully as well
  12. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    As far as I know its original - it certianly matches the level of grime inside the gun case pre restoration / refit. I have had nagging doubts - but I have nagging doubts about everything. Any way, it was sold as original and i cant put my finger on any reason it is not. I would guess the snap caps are 1960's/1970's - the 'cap' the firing pins strike is made of black plastic. As far as I can tell its identical to the photo of the gun on page 50 of the Cogswell and Harrison book (which I'm guessing you have because of the picture of the gun in the red case you posted earlier) - apart from the fact that mine has a normal safty instead of reversed (and with a slightly diffrent design swich) and also that mines been sleeved and had the barrels blued at some point. So its based on a Gibbs and Pitt leaver cocked mechanism. Cogswell and Harrison also dated it to 1888 for me - but I didnt go the whole hog and pay for the other info (yet, at least) Hahaha - thats the first thing my mum said when she saw the oil bottle as well. If you unscrew the lid it has a 'oil dripper' (???) inside. Anyway - it was brought as a victorian glass oil bottle from a gun shop I trust, that my familys always used - so thats what I'm sticking to haha If you want to see the uncompressed images (still not great because of being shot on a phone) pm me and I can email them to you
  13. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    Ok, so as prommised, these are the photos - sorry for image sizes, I've had to do this all on my phone
  14. Cogswell and Harrison accesories

    A few years ago, I made a similar effort to case an old Cogswell and complete the set with all the accessories. After having the gun restored, I i tracked down a case with a lable with the correct date and adress on, and had it relined and made to fit the gun - although the chap who did it (quite reasonably priced and made a wonderful job of it) relined it in dark green instead of the orifinal shade of red. Accsessory wise, I have a pair of chrome C&H snap caps which were not particulerly difficult to acquire - and then as for the rest (an oil bottle and cleaning rods) I found unnamed contempory victorian ones. While Iike you I started out after a perfect reproduction of what was in the case when the gun was new, I ended up with something not 100% original, but nevertheless something that makes me smile whenever I use it. I'll get the gun out of the safe in a bit and post a few photos of them togeather to give you an idea of what I'm banging on about.
  15. Ah, ok - as amended by s.130 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 Thank you - curiosity satisfied now :-)