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  1. Flattering as that potential prospect may be, I think they need a Solicitor with some considerable experiance, as opposed to a paralegal with relatively little. 👍
  2. I think you have perhaps misinterpreted what I said. I'm not suggesting a legal challenge, or indeed anything of the kind. What I am suggesting however, is that BASC should be takeing legal advice on their possition, which they in turn are advising their members to follow. It would seem to me to be prudent for them to do so - but perhaps this is because I work in a law firm and have first hand experience of a large number of Companies - both small and large - seeking advice on the current situation. Personally, I feel that this would be wise. I asked the question originally while fully under the belief that they would have referred it to some form of legal counsel. Its shocking to me that they have not. That said, I personally think the advice BASC have handed out is sound. However - and I'll refer you to a previous thread on this subject - I (perhaps reasonably or perhaps not) feel I am able make that call for myself. I'll say though, that I have no plans to end my membership of BASC, and in general, I'm fully supportive of what they do. However, I think they have misjudged this one. It would do a world of good - and probably save them some money in the medium / long term if they employed an in house Solicitor. My reduced hours end tomorow, so I wont be able to participate in this topic, or any future ones to the same degree. However, I'll still be following them with intrest.
  3. My reply assumed you were acting in an official capacity and therefore relaying BASC's official possition. For the avoidance of doubt, it is this I am referring to as naive. In this instance it is plainly clear that more than lobbying can be done - and it can be done in the form of seeking legal advice on the behalf of BASC's membership to afford them some degree of certainty in what is for many a very uncertain position.
  4. Sorry, but that is incredibly naive. I'm also takeing from how your reply was phrased that BASC dont have access to in house or pro bono legal counsel, which is again, naive enough to be bordering on irresponsible. BASC are the largest pro shooting body in the United Kingdom - that they are providing advice to membership regarding new police powers, goverment guidelines, and potential criminal sanctions without having sought legal advice themselves is somewhat shocking.
  5. David, The point would be to provide reassurance to the membership. Not necessarily a 'separate legal view', whatever is meant by that - but i'm presuming you have access to in house legal counsel of some kind, or failing that some sort of pro bono service from members / executives who are lawyers? Peter
  6. Hi David, Just a thought that may put some peoples minds at rest. Can you confirm one way or another if BASC have run their possition past legal counsel of some kind? Best, Peter
  7. Thanks - it dosent quite boarder the house - but one of the major parcels of land begins a stones throw away. The others are all fairly close - within a couple of minutes drive. The two largest parcels are separated by a thin slice of intervening land. The land I was shooting on last Friday adjoins our land and the farmer, further to being a freind and owning his own land, rents some of ours off us. The fact of the matter is that I do drive - but not on some great scouting expedition looking for pigeons. I crack the landrover out in order so I dont have to lug a load of equipment and pigeons around on my back. 👍
  8. In that case - I think we are largely in agreement. I entirely agree with you that the Government guidelines should be obeyed in spirit as well as to the letter. However, I would say that when performing pest control, in good faith, and at the request of a farmer - you meet the definition of a key worker. The above, by deffinition is going to depend upon the intent of the individual involved - which - again by definition - can only be a matter for them and their conscience. But the key thing is that we all obey the Goverment guidelines both in spirit and to the letter.
  9. Farmers are classed as Key / essential workers on account of being involved in the production of food. By the same virtue - if you are acting at the request of a farmer in relation to an activity that involves the process around the production of food, then you are acting in the capacity of a Key / essential worker. Its is plainly obvious that this is the case. I am not talking about walking up hedgerows - having a stroll with a gun and seeing if you can get a pigeon or rabbit for the pot. I'm talking about active crop protection which is directly concerned with keeping birds off a feild. It is incredible to me that some members of this forum - after the last year and the problems we have had and still do have on account of various legal challenges, are now effectively arguing that crop protection is none essential.
  10. I take what you are saying on board. My understanding - as per the common definition of work - which is a term that has not to my knowledge been otherwise legislatively defined in relation to the current situation, or otherwise to the one understood in common parlance - is that it is an undertaking mental or physical. There is no need for it to be recompenced in any way. That's my genuine understanding - no twisting of words.
  11. No, not quite. My understanding is that as per the current guidance from BASC, which takes into account the current Government position - shooting pigeons for the protection of crops is allowed should it fall under the guise of essential work.
  12. So, takeing into consideration everything I have already said - that I was asked to shoot by the farmer for pest control, that I was shooting from the safest position, that crops had already been lost, that I was acting in accordance with the general licence for woodpigeons, that the police found no problem with my actions, that I was acting in accordance with the BASC guidelines and that i was also acting in accordance with the Government guidance on essential work that cannot be done from home - you are, regardless - still not satisfied with my actions. Alas. You may have your own interpretations of what the current guidelines are from the Government and our respective sporting bodies. Fine - your thoughts are your own, and I will leave you to them. But, nevertheless, I have not read a word here that in all seriousness makes me reconsider the opinion I have already stated.
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