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  1. Ah, ok - as amended by s.130 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 Thank you - curiosity satisfied now :-)
  2. Dont suppose you know the name and section of the Act in question? Just for personal intrest really Thanks
  3. Rust in choke?

    All good advice, thanks again
  4. Rust in choke?

    Haha, nope, no interchangeable chokes Thanks for the advice
  5. Rust in choke?

    Hello all, I've just cleaned my gun, and found what looks like rust in the end of one of the barrels. I've run a finger nail over it, and can't detect any roughness or diffrence in the surface of the metal as I would expect with rust - but its enough to (unduly???) concern and irritate me. Anyone confirm it on way or the other to put my mind at ease? Many thanks,
  6. Ay up from Stoke

    Welcome, I would sugest H G Hopkins and Sons in Sandbatch - fantastic gun shop. Should have plenty of old sxs in there as well for very reasonable money if you dont mind shooting a non elector. Their also the sort of shop that won't mind you coming in and having a look around if you choose to do so. Anyway, I've always been pretty happy with sxs's - and cant for the life of me get on with ou's - but perhaps thats just me..... Happy shooting, etc
  7. BBC article says it all

    Good artical
  8. What's the ultimate all round gun .

    I'm jealous of your friend. One day I will own one.....
  9. What's the ultimate all round gun .

    Holland and Holland paradox gun
  10. Pacific Salmon

    Yes, I've heard that, also that they resemble chunks of dead salmon after spawning. Not sure I totaly agree with fish egg theory though - why would a sterile/UV treated rainbow that has never seen a fish egg in its life go after a blob with such aggression? Also, I've read that trout flies work better as caricatures rarther than straight up replicas of things - but arnt most blob flies significantly larger than trout eggs?
  11. Pacific Salmon

    I'm not a salmon fisherman, but I always imagined it was down to aggression - a bit like when a trout go's for something that doesnt resemble food - say an orange blob. Nobody seems to know for certain why they do it though
  12. Anglesey

    Aberffraw sand dunes and then down to the beach and back.
  13. BASC magazine article on Knives

    I understand where you are comming from, and I certianly have sympathy with your perspective - but all you have to do is google 'reverse burden of proof british law' and you will see that it is true.
  14. BASC magazine article on Knives

    Yes, thats correct in the main, but ultimatly Parliament is soverign and if it chooses to, it can create laws with a reverse burden of proof.
  15. BASC magazine article on Knives

    If I remember correctly, it wasent the actual legislation that specified you cant carry a locking pen knife, it was the judges interpretation in the following case law that decided the similarities between a locking knife over a certian length and a normal fixed bladed knife effectivly anmounted to the same thing - hence why the law now applies to locking knives.