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  1. True - I dont suppose they really go off.
  2. Ah, ok - that is unfortunate. Edit - One thing that occured to me - with something like a spring powered / non magazine rifle, what would be the issue with using a much heavier (and I suppose longer) non toxic slug type pellet? The wind is going to affect it more - but do break barel air rifles have chambers? Are there such things available at the moment?
  3. Hi All, I've (very) recently got into using a hw99s for popping off rabbits in some fields where using a shotgun / rimfire isnt suitable. Over the course of the bank holiday I've been putting in some practice to familiarise myself with the gun, and am getting the best accuracy at 40 meters with .22 H&N Field Target Trophy 0.95g pellets. All good so far - but, the cloud that is the incoming lead shot ban being ever in the back of my mind - I have been wondering what the best non toxic alternitives are? I imagine I would be right in thinking that nothing is going to be t
  4. In a strange coincidence, I ended up in a similar position a few years ago. I rented the land / barn / stables out for livery for a few years, and then, being furloughed over the first lockdown used the opportunity to clear the place up. We got two 40ft skips full off rubbish out (all compacted by a freinds jcb loadall)- not to mention previously getting rid of a scrap lorry, cars, etc. We inherited some machinery - nearly all broken, but the majority of the tidying up was done with a David Brown 880 with a big muck rake attached to the back. Like you, going back to my grandfathers
  5. Ah, ok If you dont mind me asking, what is your Instagram profile called? A lot of pepole seem to have diffrent names o PW accounts to their instagram accounts (I'm obviously guilty of this as well) - which makes it difficult to follow back.
  6. Thanks Cant say that I have come across any of them yet - I'm sure they will crop up in time though
  7. 👍 It looks amazing - but I can imagine the weather in winter being quite savage.
  8. 👍 👍 couldent help but like the green AYA Thanks for the heads up - I've turned those permissions off. 👍 👍 Very envious of some of the sport you have right on your doorstep - the geese and the sheer number of snipe in particular.
  9. Cheers, thank you Thanks - are you one and the same as aisterj with all the cracking shots of geese and snipe?
  10. Admins - please delete if not allowed So, for a long time, I have thought that we should - as a sport - be more proactive in letting other know what we do. Shamefully, I have also done precious little about it. Last night I created an Instagram account - not much, I know - but it's a start in trying to draw a link between shooting, fishing and food. And hopefully, in doing so change the mind of some and generally enthuse others. If anyone is interested - you can find me here - https://www.instagram.com/jack_snipe_uk/?hl=en Best, Peter
  11. I've never had a problem with my Baikal / Hushpower single shot either - but likewise, my experiance isnt advice. 👍
  12. I seem to remember reading that Hushpower changed their guidance to suggest that you could safely use plastic wads, but you should check the barell is clear after each shot - at least in .410
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