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  1. Sorry, I should added - the pad is thin enough so that I haven't noticed any need to have my guns refitted. Also, the Lylvale 30g '5' earthwads are very light on recoil as it is - no need for a recoil pad with them, and certainly no concern of a broken stock.
  2. I've got to say, I am a big fan - I do think that there is a bit of a macho thing about recoil, but if something improves my shooting, I'm all for it
  3. I don't know off the top of my head - but I would say closer to 6 pounds than 7. They are probably the lightest guns I own. A pair with 26" barrels.
  4. Thats true - I found it was pretty vile with my AYA no2 and steel 32g 4's. However, Musto make a fantastic thing that you put over your shoulder and the fabric locks up when the gun recoils. Using that, steel is no worse than lead recoil wise. I think you can even buy gilet's with built in pockets for them, so you don't have to mess around with the harness thingy. Edit - this is the thing https://www.amazon.co.uk/Musto-d3o-recoil-reducer-shield/dp/B005YCZTFU I'll also add that the layvale 30g '5' 2 2/1" earthwads have negligible recoil - the AYA digests the quite happily. Intfact, for the first couple of shots I struggled to get use to how light they were on the shoulder.
  5. Obviously your question wasent aimed at me, but having briefly lived there, I have a feeling all lead shot is banned in the Netherlands - even for clays.
  6. Not really, if by jumping off in your own time you get to spot where the greater dangers lie below - I would say that is the better of the two options, than falling awkwardly and increasing the chance of injury. But perhaps we would be better returning to nautical analogies? If you are on a sinking ship, are you not better jumping off and trying to swim than standing on deck and having the ship pull you down with it? Anyway, at this point, after the amount you have banged on about the ineffectiveness of steel shot, I shouldn't think you would be too bothered if you were shot in the back, as steel is going to be what accounts for the majority of our cartridges in the future.....
  7. All I will say on the matter is that its preferable to be afloat, than sitting underwater telling the tide to go back.....
  8. This is ultimately the result of things that have been moving around in the EU for a long time. BASC and the other organisations noticed this and quite sensibly tried to put forward their own time line for events. We shall see if that happens, but regardless, the organisations (for all the faults both real and imagined that some pin to them) have my gratitude for trying to do something, as opposed to the Canute like approch advocated by others. Regardless, we shall see what happens. As has been touched on - I think there are two issues - 1 - does 'non-toxic' work in old guns? This, in my mind is a technical matter. And although we may have to accept some trade-off's is certainly not the end to shooting. There is a far better choice of steel cartridges now than a few years ago - the same goes for other alternitives like Bio Ammo Blue. 2 - how are cartridge manufacturers overheads going to ripple out to retailers (as @Vince Green pointed out). I think that may be potentially a far greater problem than is being credited. Finally, I did take up BASC's offer, that can be found at the bottom of some of their articles on lead - and as a member, emailed @Conor O'Gorman who I have found to be an entirely decent sort of chap in what limited exchanges I have previously had with him. My suggestion being that a derogation is argued for homeloading lead shot - this would not lead to any great amount of lead entering the environment, due to the genreal faff involved, and in principle wouldent be any diffrent to a derogation for muzzle loaders - which I think is sensible enough. At the end of the day, this is happening in some form or another whether we like it or not. I'm going to live with it, because I'd rarther continue shooting, and if its managed sensibly, its not the end of the world that a lot of you seem to be makeing out.
  9. The only problem with air layering / grafting is that you will get a full sized tree - unlike with conventional grafting / bud grafting where you get to decide on the rootstock.
  10. My Browning O/U is comfortably north of 8lb, and horrific to lug about all day (or even half a day....) - on the other hand - and as much as I hate to admit it - I shoot driven pheasant far better with it than with any of my SxS's. Its probably marginally better to decoy pigeon with as well - and i'm happy to attribute all of the above to the extra weight. I've never shot driven partridges with it - but I imagine it wouldent have any benifit over a traditional SxS's if I did. And the SxS's win hands down for walked up shooting. At the end of the day though - if i could only have one gun, it would be a SxS - because I enjoy them more and while the O/U is better for driven pheasant, etc - its far far worse for walked up.* Surely the are a few old SxS's with pistol or Prince of Wales grips for sale out there? * I will also admit to being incredibly biased towards SxS's - but thats another discussion entirely....
  11. Thanks both - much appreciated 👍
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