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  1. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Ah, thanks for that. It you look at the photo of the bottom section, you can see the first eye is whipped on in the same colour silk at the tip. It has a keeper ring up by the top of the handle, whipped on with red silk either side, I think you can see it in a couple of the photos. Is this the position you were talking about, or do you mean the other end of thr handle?
  2. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    The only thing I'm not totly keen on with mine is where the previous owner has tried to rub down the black finish to the base metal. It fishes great though, especially since it came back from a service with Gary Mills
  3. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Thanks for sharing that I've been reading about Aerial reels. I've currently looking at buying one of the Fred Crouch copies / versions, but I'm quite happy with the Allcocks badged Youngs Trudex I have for the moment
  4. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Fascinating From what I've read it sounds like a great sort of shop I dont suppose as a one time customer you can shead any light on the models available? This one says Firecrest on it, but I've also seen Greencrests and Goldcrests on the internet - some sort of hierarchy of ranges perhaps? Or for diffrent names for game / coarse / sea / etc?
  5. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Great - thats more or less what i was planning on using it for
  6. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    The thought did cross my mind, but the rod itself dosent seem substantial enough to play a decent sized carp, let alone a salmon - which is one reason I have it down as a course rod. Another being that it has a sliding / adjustable reel seat and all the fly rods I've seen have had fixed ones - especially from the 60's / 70's which is when I presume this rod was built. It also has eyes / guides on it that would suit a fly line - not the tall ones you usualy have for a centerpin rod, nor ones wide enough for a fixed spool. But that said, I'm really far from being an expert on these things, so I'm more than happy to be corrected. I can put your mind at ease - its currently hanging up in a wardrobe from a shower curtian hook in its rod bag, as far away as it can be from direct sunlight, water or heat sources
  7. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Here are a few shots of the rest of it if anyones intrested
  8. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Thanks for the replys, I'll have to practice re-whiping on an old junk rod first I think
  9. PeterHenry

    Repairing line guides

    Today I mannaged to get my hands on what I think is an incredibly beautiful split cane coarse rod, by Forshaws of Liverpool, which, over all, is in pretty fair shape. Except for a little corrosion on a couple of fittings, and one or two stray paint splatters, the only issue with it is that the line guide / eye at the tip of the rod is missing the center, so, my question is - is it realistic to just glue a new / spare center section into the remaining part (dont fancy soldering it due to the heat involved), or is it possible to use it as it is, and not damage it further? Or, is it a case of sending it ti simeine who knows what they are doing, and getting it professionally done?
  10. PeterHenry


    Sounds good. I find adding white bread with no crusts and soaked in milk helps to lighten up meatballs. Also, if making a tomato based sauce, I normally add anchovies and plenty of bay leaves as well. That's about the limit to my meatball based trivia though, but I'm deffinatly going to have to try incorporating mozzarella now you have mentioned it.
  11. PeterHenry

    Canal & Rivers trust Angling

  12. PeterHenry

    Rod / reel for farm ponds

    Thank you - lots of good advice for me to go away and consider.
  13. PeterHenry

    Rod / reel for farm ponds

    All, I'm just getting back into coarse fishing - especially/mainly in small to medium farm ponds - I've had a couple of 3lb mirror carp put of one of them - and a lot of roach - with my 13ft Youngs Trotting rod and centerpin, via float fishing in the warmer months. This said, I've just got myself some polaris floats to try out float ledgering with and have had my first attempt today. Its something I want to do more of, but I'm not great with centerpins to start with (I go fly fIshing normaly), and I came back from today with the distinct impression that they didnt get on all that well with polaris type floats. So, as my trotting rod seems like its something of an overkill for the majority of the fish I'm catching, and I think a fixed spool reel is going to simplify things significantly - does anyone have any sugestions for a rod that can can cope with the sort of fish I'm likely to encounter in farm pools, using polaris type floats and 10-20g (or there abouts) weights. I've had a look around - but coarse fishing jargon is more or less impenetrable - as far as I can tell at least.... so any advice would be greatly appriciated. Oh, extra points for rod sugestions with cork handles
  14. PeterHenry

    Capital Punishment

    The burden of proof in a criminal case is already 'beyond all reasonable doubt' As others have mentiond, it dosent seem to have stoped previous miscarages of justice
  15. PeterHenry

    Old carving knife

    I submerged it in a sink of warm water for five minutes before using it. The blade was practicaly flat - no exaggerating - so it took me a while to build up an edge on it, which probably accounts for most of it. My lack of skill will have accounted for the rest Ah, ok - thats last bits put my mind at ease a little haha