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  1. I will do , been down a few times I think ill get the kofs - they are closed for 2 weeks so should work in perfectly
  2. I am having a look between the ATA and the KOFS at the moment. Both meant to be a good all round entry level gun and for £600 brand new it will get me started.
  3. So I was just advised what to put on my cert based on what my father in law does , so ive put on a .22 and a 243 So I know which Caliber to buy but I dont know which actual firearm I should be looking at if you know what I mean? I have only been to the club and shooting at a 25y target But i would like to be shooting at like 100yards etc. It would most likely be a clay gun as ive been there a few times and enjoyed it.
  4. Thanks, I have been to the clays a couple of times and also target shooting so most likely going to be a mixture of both
  5. Thanks, I have been to a few clay grounds round about Glasgow, im pretty sure i know what im going to get for my budget but there is so much to choose from!
  6. I am currently waiting as well, I put everything through at the peak of lockdown so I think that's why it had taken so long for me.. But everything seems to be through quickly now. I have had my visit and they couldnt have been nicer!
  7. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in Scotland and just went through the process of applying for my first FAC and SGC! Process was very straight forward and as they misplaced my form I have been waiting months for it now 😞 Should be getting them through the post within the next week or so and thought I would ask any advice for beginners? What should I think about buying first and if anyone in Scotland could tell me anywhere for beginners to go shooting would be great Thanks
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