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Found 13 results

  1. Hello folks, First post here, looking forward to contributing on the threads. I'm from Nottinghamshire, recently got into shotguns after a few goes at the clays. Now i tend to shoot clays every weekend, and also been on a few shoots this season. Also a member at local indoor rifle range. Looking for a shooting buddy/group, and will be keeping my eyes open on the forum for opportunities. Thanks UD
  2. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could help me out I've been doing some research on the UK gun laws for a short YouTube video I'm putting together I can't seem to find any up to date information on how many rounds would be allowed to be stored per calibre maximum I know that under a sgc license it's pretty much unlimited for certain ammo but I read there was a limit on rimfire, also another question I have is is it compulsory to keep your rimfire bullets locked away from where the guns are stored or can they be stored in the same place? TIA Lee
  3. Hello Everybody. I joined this forum end of last year I believe it was but have only just had a proper look through this fantastic forum. I think it's time I introduce myself! My name is James, I am 27 and from Derby. I have been shooting for a few years but only got my own license and gun (a Browning B525 sporter but I have recently changed it for a B525 Game One, the sporter was fantastic but I liked the less weight the game had) at the start of this year. Previously I had been shooting while under supervision. Before September last year I had only been shooting clays and didn't get into the game shooting side until I got my Fox Red working lab pup who I have been gundog training for about a year now. Gundog training has introduced me to the fantastic world of game shooting and working my now 1 year old lab (hopefully be introducing him to his first shoot soon but I don't want to rush him even though he is doing fantastic) I recently bought my first air gun, a BSA Ultra SE .22 and have gained my first permission at a small farm/horse yard. I bought this especially for this permission as a shotgun wasn't an option as the farm is small, close to residential houses and the noise could potentially spook the horses and cause an injury. I was offered the permission from the land owner as we keep our horse there and over a conversation about hobbies he said I could help myself to the rabbits as they are causing issues. He doesn't know much about guns and I didn't want to say 'oh sorry I've only got a shotgun so I can't' but then I also didn't want to rock up with my shotgun and start blasting away only for him to realise this is bad news lol so I thought it through and got my first air rifle. Before I let myself loose on the bunnies I spent a few weeks gaining confidence and knowledge by shooting in my back garden. I've been at the yard on the bunnies a few times now but have only managed to shoot one :-(. Because the yard also has other people who keep their horses there I have to wait until all the horses are in. There is also a lady there who is a vegetarian and is anti shooting so I wait until she has gone until I start. Unlucky that she is also the last to leave at around 8pm which lately has meant I have to lamp. I believe my misfortune is down to my own inexperience regarding stalking/ambushing the rabbits and I need to stop moving from field to field as there are only two fields. I've decided to stick to one field at a time and wait in ambush no matter how long it takes. But I'm taking all of this as a lesson and everyday is a school day. I'd love to get out with the shotgun and hopefully one day I will but as we all know that is easier said than done and I'd like to gain some experience before I start knocking on farmers doors asking if they want pest control and expecting me to deliver. I'm looking forward to spending time in this forum and gaining some knowledge and help from you all. Cheers James
  4. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in Scotland and just went through the process of applying for my first FAC and SGC! Process was very straight forward and as they misplaced my form I have been waiting months for it now 😞 Should be getting them through the post within the next week or so and thought I would ask any advice for beginners? What should I think about buying first and if anyone in Scotland could tell me anywhere for beginners to go shooting would be great Thanks
  5. Hello and Hi, Roj here from Preston, North Lancs. Been shooting a long time but relatively new to shotguns. Hoping to find a bit of useful info, thoughts and opinions on all things hunting n clays, cartridges and the like, and tap into anyone from the local area. Cheers Roj 👍
  6. Hi all, Looking forward to getting involved and getting out and about
  7. I'm Richard.I live in Leeds.Just wanted to say hello to all.
  8. Hi guys, I am looking to join a wildfowling club either before the season starts or sometime next year. Now, I clay shoot, but unfortunately I have never had any experience on live game other than popping bunnies with an air rifle. So, I went to Highclere fair on Monday, and two of the local clubs to me tried to persuade me to join their club. Being fronted with this new found information has enthused to start looking for a suitable club, but i need a little advice on the gear needed. So, I have (I am kind of a shamed to say) a Revo Premium Game O/U 12g 3" chamber, I think steel proofed and i am thinking of getting a new gun! What gun is the best for Wildfowling? O/U, S/S or Semi Auto? And, do I go for a synthetic stock or risk it with a usual walnut stock? Also, best cartridges for a starter for Geese, ducks, and hopefully if I get some contacts pigeons? Good waders/warm weather gear? Also, not trying to make a fight, which is the better club? Langstone and District or Chichester? Thank you, Verminator343
  9. Hello PW just joined. Do a bit of shooting in Norfolk . Do a bit of reloading mostly with bismuth for duck. Also reload fibre wad with lead for game loads and reload for light clay loads. Do a bit of rabbit control. Interested in reloading for 22 250 shortly.
  10. Hi my name is Lewis. I am 27. I live in Crewkerne in Somerset. Have have been pigeon shooting for 8 years with my father on a syndicate shoot once a year. I have my own 12 bore which was passed down from my grandad and license. I have also been roost shooting once. I would like to get room involed in shooting so thought I would join this group and make friends. Thanks
  11. Hello, I am new to this site and need to introduce myself. My interest are reloading, shooting, Rimfire, centerfire, Air rifle. I also shoot skeet with my wife ( I use a twenty bore, not my wife but she comes with me and shoots as well). In fact she shoots as well as me ( not hard) she owns a benelli twenty bore semi auto, a Browning buckmark .22 rimfire and a weihrach HW100KT. Its certainly makes life easier. I have a lot of questions regarding various aspects of shooting sports and I am looking forward to learning and relearning. Courser.
  12. A big hello from North Norfolk. I have been taking an interest in the site for some time now , about 2 years. Not been shooting much in that time just some roost shooting. I have not been able to get out as much as I used to but now that my eldest son is taking an interest we will give it some more time. The picture is of Merlin our new shooting buddy. Thanks to all those who make this site a very interesting and helpful one. Kind regards Les Jack and Merlin
  13. Hi Everyone, I have been remiss in not introducing myself to this helpful and friendly forum. I have been on for a few weeks and already you have been a great help. My wife (Victoria) and I (Dave) are new to clay shooting, we were lucky enough to receive our SGCs in near record times compared to some of the posts I have ready, start to finish it only took 5 weeks. we are now the proud owners of a pair new Browning B725s; mine is a 12g 30" Sporter and Victoria's is a 12g 28" Hunter, hers also has a Danuser recoil system added. Any way we are really keen and trying to shoot as much as possible. we started with a couple of Have A Go sessions at College Farm with Kevin Gray and must say we came away hooked! since then we have had lessons at Honesberie Shooting School, Oxford Gun Company, Doveridge and College Farm. We are still very much beginners but up for trying most targets and locations. We are just starting to try some of our local area Sunday Shoots. we are going to do the bulk of our formal training between Oxford Gun Company and College Farm but expect to frequent as many local shoots as time (and funds) allow. These are definitely going to include: Hornet, Crazy Bear, Valley View, Prestwood (Flackwell Heath & Aylesbury), Stag & Hounds to mention only a few. We have also had guidance and help from numerous other shooters that we have bumped into as we have gone around. On the whole we have found the sport, which is new to us, very friendly and have been amazed just how helpful people have been. Dave
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