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  1. Anybody used these hide spikes?
  2. I will certainly give them a go next time I'm buying cartridges
  3. Anyone tried out the new Empire 29g 5 steel? Running at 1650fps according to their website
  4. Anyone got a long term review of these? Handled one at the weekend and it felt very nice
  5. They are a 2.4mm so UK 7 and will be through a full choke on the pump
  6. I have a chance of a slab at a decent price so will give them a go on the crows
  7. Is there any difference between a Trap cartridge and Sporting cartridges? What makes a shell a Trap cartridge?
  8. I have an MPK custom, Primos, Acme, Haydels and a Johhny Stewart all on a lanyard. Nowadays I just use whatever my hand reaches first. If you have the basics right then I don't think the brand of call really matters
  9. How does it fare with fibre wads? Is it about the same as a full choke pattern wise?
  10. And what did you think?
  11. Anyone used a Pattern master choke on crows and Pigeons?
  12. The 30" barrel is very appealing
  13. This has just added itself to my list of possible new guns. Anybody got any feedback of them?
  14. Empire cartridges are about to release a 30g 3 steel shot
  15. What are the benefits of this and has anyone any experience with it?
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