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  1. I know buts it's psychological for me. If I look out of place I feel out of place
  2. No just a general winter darker coloured net although I have just ordered the net you highlighted for when it does snow
  3. I've used Harvest Stealth for about 5 years now and it's been great but at this time of year it seems to stick out against the dark hedgerows
  4. The time has come to get myself a new net. Any recommendations for a good winter net? Are the Nitehawk nets with the clear view at the top any good?
  5. I'm looking at Decathlon. Never had the wellies before but I've never had a bad product from them before
  6. Well I bought 6 from Tidepool and they arrived very quickly. Used them once and have ordered another 6 as they are fantastic
  7. The lack of wind will not be an issue where I live!!
  8. Are there any clubs that cover the Forth Valley area? There used to be ewacs but the website doesn't seem to exist anymore
  9. Anyone used sillosock crows? I'm thinking of retiring my old trusty decoys and replacing them with something less bulky to carry
  10. RC cartridges are fantastic. Rc 2 28g 6 are my favourite Crow cartridges. I have a few RC 50 no 2 shot to try on the Greylags this year
  11. I'm in Scotland so lead is good to go. Never used Gamebore Steel on geese yet
  12. What's everyone's favourite cartridge for inland geese over decoys?
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