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  1. Are lead shot cartridges not to be phased out in the next few years?
  2. Anyone had any success using steel on foxes?
  3. Cool. It will be used next to cattle sheds primarily and hopefully it tames the crack nicely
  4. Has anyone any experience of the 12 bore detachable hushpower that attaches via the extended choke?
  5. After much reading and viewing of YouTube reviews I have decided on the Mossberg. 500 or 590 is now the question?
  6. New gun day is approaching again and this time I want a pump action. What one would you go for out of the 2?
  7. Affinity Elite. Normally use any 28-32 g
  8. 👍👍 That's what I was thinking. Think I will go 3" Ive had plenty 2nd hand guns over the years but now I want a new gun and this one comes with a 7 year warranty
  9. Finally after having both cars failing mots and needing lots of money spent I will be able to order my new gun in November. The gun is available as a 3 or 3.5 ar no extra cost. Almost all of shooting is crows over decoys but I do shoot inland geese for a few weeks of the year. With the lead bad in the future, what size would be best for me?
  10. I will certainly give them a go next time I'm buying cartridges
  11. Anyone tried out the new Empire 29g 5 steel? Running at 1650fps according to their website
  12. Anyone got a long term review of these? Handled one at the weekend and it felt very nice
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