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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to join a syndicate for the coming season, as close as possible to the Lothians. I'm not bothered at all by bag size, rather after a place to work my cocker and enjoy the countryside. If you have or know about anything available, please get in touch. I know it's a long shot but might be lucky! Thanks
  2. Hi there, does anyone know of any wildfowl clubs around ayrshire/ glasgow/ stirling area? Grew up shooting pigeon, rabbit and pheasant in aberdeenshire but recently taken a job in Ayrshire and live in central Glasgow so looking to get stuck into some shooting around here, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers Niall
  3. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in Scotland and just went through the process of applying for my first FAC and SGC! Process was very straight forward and as they misplaced my form I have been waiting months for it now 😞 Should be getting them through the post within the next week or so and thought I would ask any advice for beginners? What should I think about buying first and if anyone in Scotland could tell me anywhere for beginners to go shooting would be great Thanks
  4. Due to a cancellation, there will be space for 2 guns on a small walked up day here in central Scotland. Grouse shoot over dogs with a fair bit of walking involved. small team, friendly bunch. £230 per gun. 7th September 2019 email/pm for further info.
  5. Background. The Shoot is located on the fantastic Estate on the outskirts of Lockerbie in the Scottish Lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway. This shoot has prime access, being only 10 minutes from the A74 and is set in excellent surroundings. This shoot is of prime location within the lowlands near to the Scottish/English Border which is across 1000 acres, giving plenty of scope and variety of terrain all of which is easily accessible. The shoot has undergone reformation along with an improvement programme. Safety. Safety is our number one priority. We have
  6. Looking for any rough shooting/ boundary days going. Ideally to join syndicate but happy to take one off days here and there if offered in the mean time. Happy to travel, have my own pointer looking to shoot over and 4x4. Trustworthy, experienced gun up for a laugh and social. If you have any leads I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks Nicky.
  7. on politics program today a ban by the Scottish gov. on e collars for dogs one gent proclaimed that this would also ban the type of device that is used to keep dogs in your garden you burry the wire around your boundary and the dog gets a warning beep as it gets close to it then a shock/vibration if it crosses it in the hope it will learn to keep away from the boundary and not escape to then get run over on a road. the minister on this program did not say if he was right to believe this to be the case.Now not after thoughts on the right or wrongs of E collars BUT will this affect the use o
  8. Hi, I'm new on here so hello everyone. I'm based in Scotland, I've been shooting airguns for many years but now the licensing has come in here i'm debating whether I should look at getting an FAC or shotgun certificate. This is new territory for me. My airgun license is for target shooting and pest control. The pest control part of the license is for 12.5 acres of land I own to control pests (rabbits, wood pigeon etc). The Land is pretty isolated and surrounded with a deer fence so access is very well controlled. Its not flat so there are plenty of backstops. The airgun lacks range a
  9. Are you from Scotland and enjoy spending time in the countryside? Then you could help me with my dissertation by filling out this survey! The survey is completely anonymous and should only take a few minutes of your time. The aim of the study is to find out Scottish people’s attitudes towards wolves and any groups of people that may conflict with wolves if they were released into the Scottish countryside. The study is purely hypothetical and is not related to any real wolf reintroduction project but aims to investigate this relatively new area of discussion. I am myself not for or against
  10. Dear All, Some friends of mine and I are researching a fowling trip to Lewis and Harris next season and were wondering if anyone has any contacts up there for accom or guiding? Four or five of us looking for about four days of shooting. Cheers, OT
  11. Looking for permission for air rifle shooting & ferreting, rabbits, rats, corvids. Ex military, responsible, mature, insurance covered, 0ver 25 years experience shooting. Nairn, Forres, Elgin, Lossiemouth (Moray) area North East Scotland.
  12. bobo

    Dog run

    Got a wooden 8 foot square dog run for sale,can be a double or single run. Pitched felt roof. £150 Fife,Scotland.
  13. Was reading through the BASC magazines which come though the post and was interested about the Air gun Licences's that were being considered for all air rifles in Scotland just wondered if anyone had herd any more about it. Many thanks Nick
  14. Hi there! New to the watch and serious pigeon shooting. Love to hear from anyone in the Angus (Scotland) area and does anyone know any good game dealers for if I get a good sized bag? Thanks!
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