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  1. Thats good news and well done West Yorkshire, im still wait for mine to land on the matt its been 399 days since application was sent and 7 or 8 weeks since my interview
  2. Gwent Police Application History Application sent - 18/09/20 Payment taken - 20/9/20 Interview arranged - 23/09/21Interview held - 30/09/21 Still waiting for the certificate to be delivered Total days so far 397...
  3. I sent mine into gwent police September 2020 and have my home visit this week. its been a long wait. However i have seen other areas working though them really quickly, hopefully you wont have a long wait if its already with the FEO
  4. They sent him on a anger management course then gave them back
  5. I have just saw in the news that the guns were taken from him in September 2020 due to a assault allegation and was returned last month.
  6. That Makes Sense, i did the same and sent in the application with the completed Med Cert but i dont think gwent closed for new applications so they were just building up. and im down the list as i didnt send it in until September. Just hoping i can get it some time this year and get out shooting regularly.
  7. wow thats a good turn around, i have been waiting since September 2020 to get my interview with gwent police They told me they are still working though the backlog
  8. I think they work part time in the firearms department in some areas that don't help. Just need to keep my fingers crossed that i get a call soon
  9. Yer that’s problem it’s not a priority for them when they have renewals and variations to deal with. I just hope that I’m not too far down the list and get a call soon to arrange my interview.
  10. Hey Guys, I put my completed SGC application into Gwent police HQ in September and payment was taken 3 days later. I new the wait time would be longer than normal due to covid but didn’t think i would still be waiting. I have sent them a email but just get told they working though a backlog and I just need wait. Is anyone else waiting for gwent police or have recently had the cert so I can workout how far down the line I am? Thanks in advance
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