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  1. Brilliant, I just found a 3 month old demo Ata supersporter for £575 so I am going to check that out . And hopefully buy it ! Thanks
  2. Sorry guys another advice question, is anyone using an Ata sp sporter ? They seem a decent thing for £600 new. Just gauging opinion before parting with cash on one. Thanks
  3. Really appreciate your feedback guys. Gonna get the Beretta. Black plastic gun here I come !
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have seen both but not shot them . I thought the Beretta felt "more gun" when its in your hands. Although I still like the sx4.....decisions decisions!
  5. Hi guys Need a bit of advice/experience..I can get a new Sx4 stealth for £669 or a nearly new A300 outlander for the same. Is there anything between these two guns or is it which fits best and personal preference. I will be using it for 50/50 clays and pest control. Many thanks
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