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  1. As mentioned a blast out now and again will keep it clean. It won't re gen unless above a certain temp. Biggest problem with that engine is oil dilution. Extra diesel is injected to raise the temperature of the exhaust gas and keep dpf clean.Check dipstick, it will have a cross on it way above the hi oil mark. Isuzu say take it to the dealer when oil gets that high. Personally I would change oil as soon as it gets over H on dipstick. Mine did short runs and oil went up every 2 months so I changed it for the sake of £20 quid in oil and 5 mins underneath.
  2. Just read this post and the replies....I laughed so I guess I must be a something "ist"or a something "phobe" now ! I think I have just offended myself...quick fetch me a lawyer!
  3. All the pickups have their issues to one degree or another. Just done 3 hilux that all had blocked catalytic convertors due to the 5th diesel injector in the exhaust not working . Toyota v expensive to buy and repair. Navara chassis are still an issue along with chocolate timing chains. Ford ranger 2.2 eats turbos .3.2 engines self destruct at about 60k. Full body removal to change engine. And the list goes on. Isuzu d max are OK but not the newer 1.9 diesel. L200 series 5 2.4 aren't too bad. Like I say they all have issues but the price premium of the dearer pickups are no longer justifiable. You pays your money and make your choice....Good luck 👍
  4. I will take my fee from your compensation. Let me sort your retirement fund out....said the cheap suited lawyer. What exactly can Yorkshire cricket club do to sort this ...everyone has been fired/replaced. Don't really see where this can go now ?
  5. Ha ha spot on , **** translation but quite entertaining to read.
  6. Excellent choice. I bought the same gun about a month ago and I have put 600 carts through it on clays and couldn't be happier. Only slight issue I had was I read the manual before stripping it for a clean.....the manual says bolt must be back to remove barrel....after much ar##ing about and youtubing I realised this is wrong but hey ho lesson learnt. Good luck 👍
  7. Had my sgc interview a few weeks ago and the firearms man looked round my pickup when he got here. I asked why and he said checking you have no visible shooting related stickers. Apparently some sc##bags are seeing the stickers, taking your reg no and finding your address off the net and paying you a visit in the wee small hours looking for guns. Just saying beware guys.
  8. Fancied an Ata sporter in a moment of madness, but I grew up learning to shoot with a beretta semi auto. Spent last few months deliberating between Beretta outlander and winchester sx4 stealth. Then a 6 month old franchi affinity popped up for half new price...so I pick my black plastic gun up next week. Going to buy carts tomorrow. Can't bloody wait.
  9. Hi guys Sgc just dropped through the letter box this morning....wooo hooo. I applied on the 5th of August so 78 days ish. Well done West Yorkshire police.
  10. Brilliant, I just found a 3 month old demo Ata supersporter for £575 so I am going to check that out . And hopefully buy it ! Thanks
  11. Sorry guys another advice question, is anyone using an Ata sp sporter ? They seem a decent thing for £600 new. Just gauging opinion before parting with cash on one. Thanks
  12. Really appreciate your feedback guys. Gonna get the Beretta. Black plastic gun here I come !
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have seen both but not shot them . I thought the Beretta felt "more gun" when its in your hands. Although I still like the sx4.....decisions decisions!
  14. Hi guys Need a bit of advice/experience..I can get a new Sx4 stealth for £669 or a nearly new A300 outlander for the same. Is there anything between these two guns or is it which fits best and personal preference. I will be using it for 50/50 clays and pest control. Many thanks
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