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  1. Yeah, just phoned and she apologised after I pinged them an email. Said she did put the locking bolts in place when they went up into the loft but was too busy talking to eplace them before restowing them. Don`t think they will be forgotten next time
  2. We are seeing more come further up the river Tay, we watched a small number 20-30 grazing on the grass on an island above Perth, not been down to the estuary yet but I would imagine there are plenty there too
  3. Its not unsafe, however you have to remember to engage all the bolts or it could buckle. The estate agent must have said it was ok to use but we have not said they could or shown them the correct way to use it. Yes I`m probably worrying unnecessarily as it would only make 2020 a real year to remember 😱
  4. I am selling my house and wondered; if someone uses my loft ladder while viewing my house and has an accident am I liable? It`s in good nick but you need to know how to lock it off properly for it to be safe and I have not said that they could or could not use it, no one has been hurt but it is the first time we have found the loft hatch pole out of the room it is usually in.
  5. Nice, that's the biggest lazy Susan I have ever seen!
  6. Just about, we get to a stage where we "complete missives" and after that both sides are fully committed and stepping away is costly for whoever does it. I am unfortunate in that I am selling in Scotland and buying in England, too many nefarious people playing games for my liking with the English system.
  7. That may be a location thing, we have had 2 neighbours sell and about 50% of viewers are buy to let. We are selling and the BTL viewers seem to want a doer upper or give low offers, very low.
  8. Yup, we've been told lies from start to finish too! Put in an offer, accepted, can you take it off the market, yes. Few days later and asked if we can go higher as she's accepted a higher offer...nah, get lost. "Yes we're ready to move, we've bought a lovely place in the SE..." Week later and we get told that that they haven't bought and can't complete. Apart from one cancellation and one tyre kicker selling is a breeze up here, two buyers so far, it's down to timing now.
  9. Thanks for the pm, pictures hopefully... . .
  10. I've got one, never been through roof mounted, tried to attach it to my roof bars but didn't work. £30 posted?
  11. I'll raise you a house buyer, yes...wow... lovely... just what we want! Have you got your mortgage in place? No, but we could have byMarch or April? 🙄
  12. Bomb making material and kiddy porn and strangely he's white?
  13. A few experienced people seem to having a problem IDing hares and rabbits
  14. Perhaps we are hated due to being whingeing (poms), intolerant and always making broad generalisations? 🙄
  15. Just watching the news and they are all wearing poppies
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