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  1. A lack of assumptions about what I said?
  2. I'm bothered by your insistence that I name the racists even though they were posted on the page and were widely available by both my link and generally the internet. If you said at the outset you aren't bothered by racism in the party you voted for then you could have saved us both time. UKIP just jumped names to brexit party and seems to have just attracted the same old violent, drug dealing, racists even though they insist that they have stringent vetting processes in place. It's much like voiding your bowels in a field to avoid the smell, it's just moved from one place to another. The question still remains why you were insistent I name the racists?
  3. henry d


    It's the actual room where the voting takes place that they are not allowed in, we have several other things happening in the same building whilst voting is happening, they prefer to have the whole building if possible.
  4. Watch the video and make your own mind up. Merely a slip of the hand across the keyboard... and ammended it
  5. Jolly good, you seemed bothered earlier The biggest problem was they were vetted by the racist brexit party and were highly regarded officials, perhaps the vetting process had a low bar for prospective candidates to get under. Snakes belly comes to mind ... whilst wearing a top hat!
  6. henry d


    A possibility here, Swinney was just about running round the doors today!
  7. Watch the video and you`ll find out what the assistant manager for the NE region of the Brexit party and ex assistant to UKIP MEP Jonathon Arnott did to get himself punted from the Brexit party... Spoiler alert, he said racist things...again!
  8. I forgot Gordon Parkin, thanks for reminding me, can`t seem to add the tag though
  9. I`ve never been attacked, what figures or evidence do you have to support this, and do black and asian christians not get attacked? Also what do you class as an average white Christian Ok, here`s one from the video; "They`re outbreeding us" fact or fiction? They are at the top of the page, I put them there, surely you are tech savvy enough to scroll up?
  10. Just a thought; after the polls close does the thread get closed or does it roll on for the next one?
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