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  1. Retired, so it's all perks... sorry, not sorry!
  2. The problem with magpies is there is no void, no lack of other covids, they are exploiting humans artificially feeding them. Goosanders and greys, the problem there is the RSPB as they are all for expansion of their territory at the expense of fish. I don't know what the cull numbers are for the whole Tay system but it was just double figures, I could see that many take flight from a 200m backwater at first light, each of them eating 10-20oz of fish a day, that's not sustainable, why should we shoot greys and not goosies? You said; "Obviously, you want species that will have a positive an
  3. Not sure, magpies were never (or a rare visitors) seen in Perth, in the mid 90's we started to see pairs, just one or two. Place is mobbed with them now, soon they will be out in the countryside. The other question is how long before something is considered indigenous? Goosanders have been with us for 150 years and they are responsible for the decline in salmon, there is no way that they could not be. Seals? Sanctuaries keeping the numbers artificially high?
  4. Nightmare, hope they are all ok
  5. I used to live in an area with a large amount of beaver and they are not the type that dam rivers. They do however fell large trees, and dig into the banking and they seem to live alongside otters very well as both are thriving. However the salmon are not, but the reasons for this are unsure and probably very complex. What does the report say?
  6. The drainage runs down both walls and the garden has several new drains put in it that exit the wall adjoining the pavement. They are going to get them back to have a look and explain what they are going to do to sort it out. Many thanks for the input
  7. November apparently, no idea? Certainly will be, but although she is my sister, I ain't doing it, for that and a lot of other work they paid five figures so they are getting them to come back. That was my first thought along with what @JKD said. Many thanks everyone!
  8. My sister has had some major garden work done including a retaining wall along her path but the pointing is breaking off and is very crumbly. The slabs have also been the same, I can't resize but will post a few more pictures to show it fully. Some of it is falling as I was sweeping and more will be falling out I am sure. Any ideas, a mix problem possibly? . .
  9. Obviously a biological weapon, direct from Wuhan!
  10. My wife enjoys sunbathing, by the time we go on summer holidays she has a pretty good tan, I'm usually not far behind and it is not the fabled Scottish tan of going from pale blue to white. We usually get good weather April/May and as long as it is not windy, it's fine to sunbathe or pottering in the garden in shorts. We used to live in Cornwall and apart from winter temperatures there is little difference
  11. henry d


    For 4 years I traveled from Perth to Glasgow twice a week, took 80 minutes and there were lots of commuters from Perth and Dundee, many more from sterling. Perhaps the idea is to get more people into the city, but living further out, rather than more people in London? I'm sure most commuters would give their right one for an extra 20 minutes in bed
  12. 😞 plonkers! Usually it takes just a pint or two unless it is 3,4,5 floors, and there should be someone looking up the ingathering for signs of water so they can turn it off. Doesn't always work though, I went up with another firefighter and were told " WATER OFF!!!" We hadn't even got to the stack, we then saw our gaffer run out with the tenants covered in soot and a cloud of soot follow them. Apparently it had happened the last time too! It transpires that they had a shoulder on a bend in the flue and the soot must build up on it. Moral of the story, get it swept
  13. Always a difficult situation but always call the fire service. It costs nothing and they have put out lots safely. Both situations could have been a lot worse, most of the time the FS will extinguish it from the top, they may even give it a quick rodding for you too particularly if there are several changes of directions. Just because a chimney fire seems to be out in the flue doesn't mean it hasn't burned through the liner or through the chimney and off somewhere else, the FS can use their thermal imaging camera to make sure there are no hot spots before they leave.
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