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  1. Just drove past the local fuel station four times today, pretty quiet I'm just a few miles away, and similar.
  2. What shortage? Filled up yesterday on an empty forecourt
  3. Yeah of course it was 🙄
  4. I'm sorry but do you realise what you have said? You infer that global warming is a natural thing and then say Attenborough is more responsible than the average person for climate damage.
  5. Did I miss something, what does David have to do with this?
  6. Talk about tangent! Ever thought of googling the question? Here's the answer (conspiracy theorists will of course have their own answers)
  7. No, just take in what I see, hear and read then compare and contrast the info rather than throw in an offhand comment with nothing to support it. If people want to check out some recent science "big yellow" on WSF has recently posted about tagging of ABT which is interesting if you don't go into the rest of the posts which are corrections to minor points.
  8. What rubbish? Global warming, if it is not true then why are we getting more exotica coming here to stay, trigger fish, sea bream species (now being caught in Scotland), bass becoming more common in the north? Swordfish in the firth of forth, sunfish off Roker pier, bonito...
  9. To add to the stramash, I wonder why so many guillemots are dying off? I have until recently seen good shoals of bait fish on my fish finder yet yesterday I saw several dead guillemots on the beach and on the water, they're also coming very close in, in the surf line, to fish. I am confused as there were plenty of codling coalfish, mackerel and Pollock about and none were emaciated?
  10. Pay the bill, go home and bury it.
  11. Then check with amnesty international as I quoted above
  12. That's what I said basically, not religious, just culturally/secularly Jewish.
  13. No they can't. And regarding Dublin agreement; "The Dublin III Regulation identifies the Member State responsible for determining an asylum application using a hierarchy of criteria. These include: family unity, possession of residence documents or visas, irregular entry or stay, and visa-waived entry. UK Government guidance on the Dublin III Regulation highlights that family unity is a primary consideration" So not just where they first arrived, they have around 5 months to pass through a country on the way to a country that has consideration of family.
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