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  1. He is talismanic though, too many think he can do more good than bad but his howlers and greed with the ball are awful.
  2. It will be interesting, will 2 weeks without a game be a good thing? Physically, probably, but mentally? Wales to narrowly beat France in a bit of a tough game.
  3. That's a good session! I watched it in the hotel bar on the Costa del Sol, the 2 Scots who were in left shortly after the second half started, so missed the excitement, which left me, a Kiwi and the bar staff (who didn't have a Scooby!).
  4. Still think Japan can win, payback time
  5. henry d


    Can only speak for the RN but we worked together with NATO countries way back when, what's the difference? The only ones I didn't like were the Americans, hid by anchoring in the Minches because they couldn't handle a force 8-9, pretty shoddy, Kanuks, cloggies, French, Germans, Danes no problems. Forgot the Norwegians, great fast torpedo boats.
  6. henry d


    Yet you have already accepted the possibility of a new vote, which is a turn around is it not?
  7. Agreed, as an ex back row I tend to home in on them and he even eclipsed Curry. It was also nice to see how BV's replacement (brain not working yet) was playing and I look forward to seeing Ludlam (brain now working) Curry and Underhill in the future.
  8. Farrell rattled from the hit?
  9. Here we go again! Looking forward to a good game 😁
  10. henry d


    You have to obey Satan though! {Insert sarcasm emoji here}
  11. Oh they got more! How can you think you will ever get away with something that daft? Could/should have been 2 reds...and I thought it was bad that they went to uncontested scrums 😲
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