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  1. henry d

    LG TV

    I can`t say how old my LG TV is but its still going strong as is the blu-ray and sound system. I must have gotten a good one?
  2. henry d

    Domestic technician

    If you can afford a big hoose then you can afford to employ a real domestic technician, one that doesn`t knock over the nativity scene and other christmassy bits and pieces. Apart from a lack of stoor and a nice appley smell you`d never know I did anything today £2-69 and free delivery! I`ll get two and maybes it will also fit the 12g ?
  3. henry d

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    Kinda... Basically that, last time I was there the solicitor gave me 30 minutes FOC and that was sufficient
  4. henry d

    Domestic technician

    Day off and instead of loafing about I have decided to give the front room (we`re not posh enough for a lounge or living room) a good clean before the Christmas visitors arrive in a weeks time. Vacuuming done, walls wiped down, dusting going nicely when I noticed lots of dust and dog hair trapped by the convection fins (?) between the two main parts. How can I get them dusted? First was some fishing line and small sinker which only moved a little of it, then I thought; I`m sure the 12g cleaning rods would fit down there. Ten minutes later and its all done, but I might need to re start the dusting, vacuuming and wiping again 😞 Any other cleaning hacks/tips?
  5. henry d

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    We (the UK) grew from 5.2 to 14.9 M in just 140 years (1701-1841) By 1900 the population of London was 4.5 M alone and we had gone from 15% (mid 18th C) to 85% of the population living in cities (1900). We are the ones who overpopulated this country.
  6. henry d

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    I would advise you see CAB as they usually give a free first session which is usually very detailed and very useful, as well as cheap.
  7. henry d

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    You linked the lack of good housing density to uncontrolled immigration where in truth it is the indigenous population of the UK that has overpopulated it
  8. henry d

    plastic polution rant

    Good old facebook eh? I can`t decide whether this is racist tosh or general stupidity. For years the enlightened west has been dumping micro beads from cleaning detergents and face scrubs/shower gels along with all the other waste that gets thrown into hedges, paths and rivers, so we are no better than any other country on this planet. I came away from a fishing session last week with several dozen yards of nylon fishing line, glass and plastic waste from just 20 linear yards of remote Scottish beach, I didn`t need to search for it I just looked down and there it was.
  9. henry d

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    Testicles, from the 2011 census, of the 63+Million in the uk 55+million of us are white british 87%!
  10. henry d

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    I grew up in a one bedroomed terraced back-to-back flat, the 10x3 garden at the front was concreted over and the back was concrete because it was made like that and they were made like that because of economics back then (probably between the wars or even pre WW1). Now it is both economics for the builder and also the buyer, they need several jobs to pay for the mortgage so cutting grass, tending borders is less of a necessity. For me the bigger the garden the better.
  11. henry d

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    I live on the outskirts of a small city and regularly see roe, otter, osprey, beavers, and fox. I also fish and when I have finished filleting rather than put the frames and heads in the bin I put them out for the foxes and hopefully the otters too. If I am out on my permissions then the only reason I would feed the foxes is to shoot them, the foxes near where I live keep the rodents down as there are hundreds of hectares of grassland for them, that way everyone wins
  12. henry d

    UN Immigration Policy

    Yeah, yeah, lizard overlords NWO, chemtrails, Flat Earth, 9/11, FEMA death squads, big pharma.....
  13. henry d

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    I think this was the reasoning behind them wanting to release them in the (general) Keilder area as the stalking is tough due to the woodland and open areas and wandering people. I`d still probably need my brown trousers if I bumped into one, same as if I bumped into a boar, they are unknowns to me
  14. henry d

    UN Immigration Policy

    Then it isn`t genocide, so don`t use the term! Have a read past the first reply (and Guido is a conspiracy theorist) of your link
  15. henry d

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    ....and BTW mods, this is ok I presume as it is not a domestic cat thread?