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  1. henry d

    Layout blind

    On hold at the moment, I have a list in order of time of people posting here or by PM
  2. Still for sale along with Kent 12 ITM 70mm 36gm 4`s £6
  3. henry d

    Duck decoys

    My apologies for not replying. As you can plainly see there are three others before you and yesterday was quite a big thing in the area in which I work, I then had a gym session booked after work and this is the first time I have been able to respond. It looks like there will be a sale, but if not you will be informed.
  4. Sorry Tam the goose calls have gone now.
  5. henry d

    Duck decoys

    Not received anything?
  6. hi, are the duck decoys still for sale ?   if so  and you could meet me on near Edinburgh bypass,  ( I stay near peebles ) then ill have them for £50






    1. henry d

      Duck decoys

      If you are willing to pay, but it is a fair weight!
    2. Looks like it is the 9-13 as that seems to fit better, sorry for the mistake!
    3. I fancy swapping both hands for new ones sometimes!
    4. Do you measure from the cradle where the stock sits to the end of the legs or just the legs?
    5. Sure I have one somewhere, give me 5 mins!
    6. henry d

      Duck decoys

      Wildfowling deeks for sale due to arthritic hands, I live in Perth and travel to Tyneside via the A1 fairly regularly. As per the picture; 11 standard Mallards, 5 standard Teal, 3 standard Wigeon, 2 feeding mallard (great movers in a wind or tidal flow), 4 confidence mallard and a mallard butt. **EDIT** Also comes with waterproof, plastic coated mesh deek bag that hold s them all. 26 decoys some are standard keel but the sleepers are hollow/suction so they can be used on land too; £50
    7. henry d

      Goose decoys

      More wildfowling stuff for sale due to my athritis, Live in Perth and travel to Tyneside regularly via the A1. LHS - 13x Sillosocks feeders (metal rod stakes) In plastic bag and infront of it - 10x brand new pinkfoot shells, mix of mainly feeder but also relaxed head up/sentry. (no stakes but can sit or be pegged to ground) Far RHS - Sportplast shells used; 22 feeders and 4 relaxed head up (fullset of cross style stakes) Foreground - Italian shells 4x feeder 2x relaxed head up (fibreglass tent pole stakes) One full body and two random feeder shells and a bag that will hold some, but not all. Total of 45 shell type deeks and 13 sillosocks; £250 no offers and prefer not to split.
    8. henry d

      Layout blind

      Avery layout blind, waterproof backing, shoulder straps, framed back rest/face blind. Can be mudded and has loops for straw/vegitation and holds me and a spaniel with ease (two spaniels was a nightmare so don`t try that folks!). Too large/expensive to post, £65. I live in Perth but travel to Tyneside via the A1fairly regularly.
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