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  1. Well, not everyone who is pro-indy voted for pro-indy parties, and vice versa so not as cut and dried. I would however expect more indy voters in none indy groups
  2. That is the problem, both this thread and the indy ref are that the vociferous minority are making the most noise, this forces people to react otherwise few would have an opinion.
  3. Not strictly true, NS moved the goalposts by saying that if enough pro Indy MSP's are voted in then that is a new mandate for an independence vote, so she is jumping into bed with the greens and Salmond's Alba party 🤮 So whenever there is a possibility of pushing for independence, the SNP change tack and the country gets stuffed, hence education, drug problems etc get worse as they are concentrated on independence! University education is nothing to be proud of as the unis prefer foreign students as they can charge more, so less places for local students.
  4. I am with giff gaff and bought my phone. I can raise or lower the package as I need and as the three closest to me are also on GG, we get free calls. Works for us.
  5. He had nothing to cheer, he only got a few hundred votes
  6. Some news outlets are using "reportedly" and "allegedly" and I haven't seen it on the local TV news yet, not sure why there is a difference?
  7. I have found, during a days beating, 4 dead raptors (buzzards) within 100 yds and just a few yards from a road. I trust the keeper and I am sure that they were placed there to discredit his boss. I am also sure that the beaver that were released on the lower Tay were put there illegally, so I am sure that there are other things at play in some instances.
  8. You realise what you wrote there? Driving off has nothing to do with the case it's more whataboutery, Chauvin et al killed him.
  9. Heavily edited, particularly in the car as Floyd went in pavement side head first and feet first road side. I wonder how the training is with instructions to people; "put your hands on the wheel... put your hands on your head... put your foot in the car...put your foot out the car...sit down...stand up..." I would also take issue on the officer in the ambulance saying that he was fighting, if he was resisting arrest like you see on the UK police programs on TV that I could understand, but there was very little resistance until they went to put him in the squad car, and all through it they knew
  10. Beautiful fish, well done.
  11. Not me, I too bleed all my fish, even mackerel, much better taste and look of flesh and they calm down faster than when stunned.
  12. Going on the amount of emails I get each day we are all going to be millionaires and will never need to work again.
  13. Nasty! We got shoved out of the way by a soviet frigate off the Kola Peninsula, but just damaged the ceremonial ladder fairlead and a big dent in the ship side. We got too close during another ships torpedo firing drills and they got uppity.
  14. No, that's why I put just one instance. From the same tour the US navy would not pass through the straights of Hormuz after a tanker was hit by an Exocet in it's fwd hold, fortunately it didn't detonate. I was in for another 4 years and have friends who did their 22, some even retired and were kept on as a civilian in the same post, and the stories are the same, incompetence, and inability.
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