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  1. henry d

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    So he isn`t still living there and he isn`t getting benefits then is he? He has to be restricted of some of his liberty as he is on license, so we fund it as we did when he was in jail.
  2. henry d

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Nice link, its 5 years out of date. AC is living in a bail hostel, he is being watched and has had his funds seized.
  3. henry d

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    The reason is; it used to only have proven or not proven until they added innocent. Not proven is not the same as innocent. as above the reverse is also true, but in the civil case the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, and has to be on a balance of probability, as the jury previously tied to prove beyond reasonable doubt and could not prove the defendant guilty they would have said innocent if they had reasonable doubt he had done it, but they couldn`t either way so that was the reason it was not proven. In the civil case a respected judge (sherrif) was able to weigh the evidence and on the balance of probabilities found for the young lady. If she could not prove on the balance of probabilities that he did rape her then he was off with a not guilty verdict. Yes we don`t have the full transcript or a run down of the salient points, we have to trust someone who has a better grasp of the law rather than the jurors who come from all walks of life and education levels.
  4. henry d

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    You still don`t seem to have a handle on the Scottish system the allegation was not proven and it was also not "disproven", there simply was not enough evidence ACCORDING TO THE JURY of people drawn from all walks of life and the not proven verdict is an indicator that the person probably is guilty just that the evidence to convict was at that time insufficient to be beyond a reasonable doubt.
  5. henry d

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    problem is peoples perception of guilt and innocence, he was found neither guilty nor innocent, the accusation was unproven. This is due, in my opinion, to the system in Scotland and it being left to people who are not experienced in law and more likely to be influenced by emotions and not being able to understand fully ideas concerning evidence. In the second trial the sheriff was the right person to give a better verdict than members of the public, as well intended as they were. I've been to a few different courts in Scotland and my wife has been part of a jury and both of our experiences have been reflected on along with other people who were part of the system adding to our thoughts and I would be happy to see the end of the not proven verdict.
  6. henry d

    Muntjac died after getting caught in fence.

    I can't say how many I have found but it has to be dozens, roe, fallow but not red (no munties here). I shot a fallow buck with a load of bailer twine woven into his antlers, another found dead tangled in a fence by the antlers, lots of dead roe buck the same and quite a few bucks and does caught by the legs as above. Smaller and palmated antlers are easier to rub on fence wire, but stags need good thick scrub due to their antler shape, so willow, gorse and over grown heather is the choice for stags where I stalk
  7. henry d

    Car scrappage scheme

    I just bought a 2nd hand fabia estate and got a "good" trade in on a 10 YO octavia scout and a reasonable price on the new car, I was happy and so was the salesman. The new car was 3 year old (surprise) and was approx 1/2 the price of the PCP brand new one, so it was a Billy Bargain for me. I could have faffed about waiting for tyre kickers to come round and all that but this was a lot easier. I had not been aware though of the new things they are pushing, GAP insurance @ 4 times the online price, £60 worth of auto glym polishes etc for £399 !!!!! and also a dashcam for £250 all of which got punted.
  8. henry d

    New DPC and membrane, and dehumidifier question

    Thanks, my concern was not for the plaster etc but for her health, it seems dry enough its just the bulged plaster in a few places that rise up 2-3 inch up the wall that indicate it is a bit damp and I didn`t want her to be affected by it. Thanks again guys I`ll check with the DPC guys/plasterer as well.
  9. henry d

    New DPC and membrane, and dehumidifier question

    Yeah, cavity walls. Many thanks, this is something I have never had to deal with before thankfully!
  10. My daughter has bought a house that needs a new DPC (tri-cream) and they are also removing 1.2m of plaster and adding a Triton platon PB2 membrane to the inside of the external wall before replastering. Would a dehumidifier help when this has been restored to set the plaster and to dry out the old "wet" bricks and plaster? Any other observations? Many thanks in advance!
  11. henry d

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Allow me.... https://tenor.com/view/pirates-hang-johnny-depp-gif-5602160
  12. henry d

    Mrs. webber R I P

    So sorry for your loss.
  13. henry d

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    You got that right! My wife was part of a jury (in Scotland) and said she would never want to be tried by a jury as half made up there mind within the first hour and the rest couldn`t be bothered to take notes and relied on memory, and the case went on for a week! I believe that "not proven" used to be known as the **illegitimate** verdict (swear filter)
  14. henry d

    pink numbers

    **New conspiracy theory**
  15. henry d

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Nice walks near the river and the cathedral is good, but possibly not for the young un. How about going to Beamish?