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  1. Two dead black women, no police search, and police taking selfies with the dead bodies. Obviously this needs investigating but really why would you? LINK
  2. I'll wait until NS opens up the retail sector here and get a few photos of the resulting scrum here...
  3. Read the OP and nothing else, sorry for the rant if it is has been covered. You are missing the point here. How do you know what those parents can and cannot afford? Have they just been told that they are no longer furloughed and are now unemployed and have to join the queue for benefits? Loads other questions anyone could ask, perhaps we could start at what are you doing to alleviate human suffering today?
  4. So the other option is?
  5. A lot of presumption going on, lots of people saying, how can they do this or that, when I am pretty sure people have been leaned over or had people brush past when shopping or out walking? A scrum outside a shop is one thing, a BLM march is another AND the two may not match up no matter what your viewpoint is.
  6. I didn't bring it up, mice did, please try to keep up! "I'm saying about colour because there are large areas now where there is predominantly one colour" However he is white blind and changes the goalposts...or is trolling, make your own mind up.
  7. There is, stop being a complete numpty and moving the goalposts! You stated predominantly, then you say only!
  8. That`s what I said! Therefore we have white ghettos!
  9. Did it at school, messed up both my russian and french, it is hard tovarisch!
  10. I didn't at year one and I was the minority and probably seen as the minority still. You are still focused on colour, get over it, there are differences that transcend skin colour, as it was in the west end of Newcastle, Gateshead, Djibouti, Charleston...
  11. Nice early years, when we first moved up here we were spoiled, my SIL husband was the college officer at At Leonard's in st Andrews and then at a wonderful place called redholme at the college off Craigie drive, stunning place for a couple of years, a lot of cash rolled into Dundee a long time ago, and lot of people got very rich.
  12. Not 100% where that was as i was only at the Kingsway east for 2-3 years and relied on the lads in the back for topography, as they relied on me when we were sent to Perth. I remember that Douglas and Whitfield used to call themselves West (Broughty) Ferry 🤣
  13. Lets also go offshore; Djibouti, Southern Districts of Columbo, Karachi, The docks of Manhattan, dodgy areas of Charleston, weat palm beach, fort Lauderdale, Mobile, everyone of which had **** poor neighbourhoods of different ethnicity but every one was open to welcoming the stranger, strange that!
  14. No, read it again. Yes I have done. Then bad is subjective, I've walked around Arthur's Hill in Newcastle and the bensham areas of Gateshead, Jarrow, Hebburn, Parkhead and the Gorbals in Glasgow, Clydebank, Wester Hailes and Saughton in auld reekie, pottery quay, Swilly and At Bureaux in Plymouth.
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