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  1. henry d


    Taking photos?
  2. "Seemed like a good idea at the time..."
  3. Long but in the story, a hinge passage; You know Charlie Walser's, got that place out east of Sanderson? Well, you know how they used to slaughter beeves, hit 'em right there with a maul, truss 'em up and slit their throats? Here, ol' Charlie's got one all trussed up, all set to drain him and the beef comes to, starts thrashing around. Six hundred pounds of very ******-off livestock. If you'll excuse the... Well... Charlie grabs the gun there, shoot the damn thing in the head, but with all the swingin' and the thrashin', it's a glance-shot, ricochets around, comes back and hits Charlie in the shoulder. You go see Charlie, he still can't pick up his right hand for his hat... The point bein', that even in the contest between man and steer, the issue is not certain.
  4. henry d


    Aldi, got mine donkies ago, still works but hasn`t been used for 4-5yrs and I used it to get the most from all the deer I shot. If you are just doing a few get a hand mincer as they don`t take up much room, clean easily, moe robust with less to go wrong and don`t cost too much. I got a seperate sausage stuffer as they work much better.
  5. What a lovely ******* day. Ah, good shot!
  6. Two manky hookers and a racist dwarf...
  7. That was Amulree, I missed it fortunately but I did get an odd heather burn that got out of control and we spent time hiking across hills and moor with beaters until they invested in an Argo cat to take us up. Unfortunately we eventually killed it by sinking it in the river Almond just north of Perth.
  8. The monster has gone digital, beware what you instagoogletweetface
  9. No they do regularly get out of control, sometimes spectacularly. I've been to a few and occasionally the keeper or farmer has been unaware that it had gotten out of control.
  10. "They've got enough armed muscle to occupy Paris...ok bad example."
  11. Like I said, most of the film. Monty you terrible ****!
  12. Just about all of Withnail and I. My thumbs have gone weird, I'm in the middle of an overdose! As a youth I used to weep in butchers shops. Get in the back of the van!
  13. henry d

    Random Finds.

    Top set of someone's dentures near the river when walking the dog... just kept walking!
  14. Wallet style phone case and place the card closest to the body
  15. Many thanks, if I get enough time this weekend I will check both out 👍
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