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  1. henry d

    Neighbours dog

    Don`t forget the RSPCA too. I had a similar situation but a GSD and it was constantly shaking its head and had coloured/waxy looking ears, so probably ear mite and I got them to take a look and it certainly helped as they are third party and have to be taken seriously.
  2. henry d


    I got a few, as I was only after a few, off the Scottish east coast near Arbroath they would have been in range of shore casting, as I was on my kayak. Varied in size but the majority were undersized and returned. Stuffed full of small sprats
  3. henry d

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    It was all over the media like a rash, everyone knew what was going on andd he just waded in with his own agenda, he`s now in Hull I believe
  4. henry d

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    Tommy Robinson fan club may have problems with that though.
  5. henry d

    Corner Shed - Mercia or Shire?

    Aren`t you handy with some tools? I made a shed to fit my garden as it has an acute angle at one corner and an off the shelf shed would have wasted the space. Mine cost @ £7-800 iirc and was 5m x 3m, osb for the two walls that face the fence and overlap for the rest, the only thing I bought manufactured was the door. I`m not a joiner and it took me 4 days or so with my wife helping lift n shift a few times
  6. henry d


    We had a second hand Sprite alpine for donkeys years, towed it from Scotland to cornwall many times, lake district, cotswolds, peak district, dales, west coast of Scotland. Eventually it was scrapped for no other reason than we couldn`t get away much and no-one wanted to buy it as it was so old. No damp, and easy to tow. We used to get lots of snobby looks from some people who had all the latest whistles and bells, but we had our £800 back many times over and could park it on a sixpence. We had a couple of days in the dales and watched as ever bigger vans and campers arrived, the winner was a tie between a family of 4 who took about 6 cuts to park their camper and then pressed buttons so the rooms expanded outwards and the satellite dish went up and a couple who had a big yank pick up truck fifth wheel and caravan, but not content with all that also had a benelli motor bike in a concealed hatch in the van. Why on earth would you want to leave home eh?
  7. henry d

    Regionalised Terminology

    General Scots - Wheesht, am in ma punders and baffies - Please be quiet I have just risen from my repose and I am not dressed yet (Punders, underpants - baffies, slippers) Yer lums a had - You`re too late to get a chimney sweep, you had better phone the fire service (Lum, chimney - a had, on fire) Clorty midden - Unkempt and dirty child or lady of the night Dundoian - Eh, `el he eh peh - Yes I am mightily hungry I would love some pastry encased comestibles
  8. henry d

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    Yeah man! We have been there and done that, wind back to Victorian Britain, peelers, hulk ships and deportation. " What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." Qoheleth
  9. henry d

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    So is it our fault that we didn`t teach our children, and in turn their children respect? Is it using electronic babysitters rather than talking to each other? How do you get the genie back in the bottle?
  10. henry d

    Tommy Robinson

    Because it was dealt with by the courts, it was reported in the press and the knee jerk reaction is that poor old Tommy has been wrongly punished as he was telling it like it is. Testicles, he was pushing it because it would get him the oxygen of press coverage so the gammons of this world would be up in arms and believe all the falsehoods being touted by the far right as I`m sure everyone here can see that pinfire has been told or believes that there was little reporting, that is rubbish as proved above with the links. I would also like to know where he got the news about suspended sentences. Finally and quite importantly of all the respondents above how many have pointed to the great job Northumbria police are doing to clear up the streets of the west end of Newcastle? No one mentioning the 550 facing deportation the 200 warnings, 60 taxi drivers suspended, the 90 convictions to date, eight gangs being actively disrupted in their activities, 60 premises raided, hundreds of vulnerable young people identified and therefore at less risk, well done them for not being controlled by political correctness or a soft approach. I can only imagine the chaos they have caused to a lot of the ethnic communities across the west road area since they started in 2014 and after getting good solid funding a year later. Works both ways though, would you want freedom of speech for those advocating sharia? Final link for you all
  11. henry d

    Tommy Robinson

    Unfortunately yours is not. The head of Northumbria police said "... they came from diverse backgrounds including Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albania and Eastern European. " It was also widely reported HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE,ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE? Did you even try to google Newcastle grooming and gang? The uncomfortable truth for some is that Robinson was just pushing his own racist agenda.
  12. henry d

    Old Book Help

    The Payne Gallwey`s should get a good price
  13. henry d

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    I`m on the fence. Removing the money/power from criminals will probably make them increase other crimes to keep the moolah coming in, they won`t just say "Fair cop guvnor, its the straight and narrow for me now!". They may even do what lots of crime gangs do and bring in "under the counter" or fake drugs as they do with fags n booze to under cut the governments taxation. On the positive side there will be better control of purity of substances and the health benifits associated with that. All drugs...? Probably not, there are more and more coming onto the market thanks to Doctor Zee and others like him and the potential benefits and problems are not known, so there has to be some limit, but that wouldn`t be enough for some as it defeats the purpose of legalisation.
  14. henry d

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    A few years ago when a few states were decriminalising the use of hash the suppliers were going nuts over how to supply it and the big thing was to not have it smokeable. they were removing the phsycoactive substance THC and adding them to sweets/chocolate, not just a wee toke hit per portion but a mess you up for the day portion in a single sweet/chocolate. Not something you want the kiddies getting their hands on I would think, CHECK THESE PUPPIES OUT for their THC content!
  15. henry d

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Not strictly true, also NZ has confirmed around 30 deaths per year iirc