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  1. ... and even more this morning, a bit foggy so they are more vocal, good to see the numbers building
  2. Unless you are fixed up I have loads of .222 or 6.5x55?
  3. I used to go to the Tay on the 1st but had two close shaves with guys in boats motoring along the reedbeds and shooting duck as they rise and missing me by a few feet! I then switched to the Eden which was better and I usually shot it once then waited until later or wild weather. One thing I noticed this year is the amount of duck and geese that came upriver on the 1st, they weren't upriver the day before, but after the first morning they were up. Fascinating creatures.
  4. Just had 50 pinks go over the house today, not been on the Tay recently so not sure if they are on there and the Eden only had Canadas this week. Good to see them back!
  5. Norwegian blue, beautiful plumage squire!
  6. Feather, Astra or Derby, in that order of sharpness
  7. Ram do the Ball style rod holders and have one that fits existing rod holders like yours, THIS is the adaptor, but is specifically for kayaks unless your holder is a similar size. IIRC they do several other sizes the last time I looked
  8. Matters not, they are in Europe, there choice where to stay, and as said and linked, the major influences are kindred, and ability to speak English. True, but we probably all are when we disobey, for instance, speed signs or other laws?
  9. Excellent, retort, you took less than 5 minutes to read, digest, reflect, check out the sources and come back with a resounding refutation. Have a read of the other link, or just cling to your semmelweis reflex as usual.
  10. Some more fact checking sure some will think or be told that the UK is a soft touch but that as I said is against the facts quoted, so if you can provide facts elsewhere that refute them, I'm all ears/eyes. @Gordon R, posted mine, awaiting yours.
  11. Proof please? Here's another perspective
  12. Many thanks for the reply. I will be moving back to England, my mother was in a care home for a couple of years before succumbing to a nasty type of dementia, however she had few assets so it was all taken care of by the social. We are both fit and healthy just into our 3 score and would, as most would, pass our assets onto our daughter but it looks like we will have to seek professional advice to get the most from our graft.
  13. As said above, plus France's payments to asylum seekers is/was, the last time I checked, greater than ours @ 1.5 times, from the Amnesty website iirc, they also don't have to stop at the first safe European country.
  14. That flies in the face of evidence collected that suggest the opposite, they come to the UK because of persecution in their own country, family and friends living here and ability to speak English. I'm on my phone or I would give you the link, but I'm sure you could search it yourself.
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