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  1. India got it right

    Some/many/all, fallacies the lot of them, if you choose to use some as in someone else, then you have no idea that they do, you surmise and we cannot then have a discussion as we end up chasing the wind, which leads to the second para above. Again an informal fallacy, the fallacy of too many questions (or presuppositions). The amount of and fallaciousness of the questions limits any form of answer or drags the person answering into the questioners agenda. Basically your arguments are bad, have presuppositions (a lot including myself are guilty of this, so it isnt personal), loaded questions, complex/multi faceted so that the person answering is unable to even try to give a coherent answer. I believe GRR pointed similar problems of reasoning in the born evil topic, but I can`t remember who it was too, but it is worth a read as is visiting any sites on fallacious arguments. Wrong, wrong wrong. A much touted argument is the 100% positivity and Lee Rigby`s killers, undoubtedly they did it 100%! Why then would you want to kill them too? To do that you allow them to claim in their heart that they served Allah and will be rewarded (also fallacious but we`ll not have a tangent here), no you go to jail, no matter the cost same as all the others who did kill. Perhaps in the years that pass you will see the error of your ways and repent, perhaps not but the possibility is there, to send him into the next life with hope only serves him. Reminds me of the film Seven with Kevin Bacon as the baddy. No more time, I`m late for gym
  2. Another example of NO justice

    I`m not apologising, just trying to level the playing field, the OP said he was given a lenient sentence due to his upbringing and that wasn`t strictly true, and I wouldn`t want anyone to think him a racist for cherry picking parts of the story to fit his own agenda
  3. Another example of NO justice

    This is what you said; " ...because he had a rough upbringing." What was in the link didn`t matter as few bothered to read it as is evident from the replies and assumptions like the one below Don`t hold your prejudice in, say what you mean, you`ll feel better
  4. Another example of NO justice

    At least read the article
  5. India got it right

    You are totally missing the point and trying to duck the issue, £400 M was spent by the NHS for mental and physical ill health in 2016/17, 37% (31,328) of the prison population present as having mental ill health, and 120 suicides in 2016, it`s not temporary insanity, it is people who need treatment and are not getting it. If you want people not to offend/reoffend then sort out the problems of mental ill health first not string em up after
  6. Another example of NO justice

    I agree its a disgrace that you used just part of the reasons he didn`t go to jail, part of which was the lack of ability to rehabilitate him never mind the cost Someone else who can`t or won`t read, Filmon Kbrom convicted of sexual assault
  7. India got it right

    I disagree, they are factors that run alongside the main one which is mental ill health, and the govt does not want to know how many prisoners are suffering from mental ill health because it would cost even more to treat them. Past posts on prisons point out the error that prisons are easy and the prisoners have an easy time of it, yet in 2016 there were 40,161 incidents of self-harm in prisons, the equivalent of one incident for every two prisoners. While in 2016 there were 120 self-inflicted deaths in prison, almost twice the number in 2012, and the highest year on record. (Link here for the doubters)
  8. India got it right

    Prevention of crime is better than the cure of any form of punishment. How else do we prevent things or perhaps it would be better to say reduce the incidence of (murder/rape/violent assault....) happening? Most of the time simple education works, in India it is a bigger problem due to poverty and social and class systems, but a good starting point.
  9. India got it right

    I think India got it wrong, prevention is better than cure
  10. Books for sale

    Pigeon shooting Eels Clays
  11. Books for sale

    1st edition (1963) Pigeon shooting by Archie coats, hard back, dust jacket slightly marked and price clipped, signed on first page (Unreadable - "Middlefield" - 1965) other than that very good condition. Included in sale is an article ripped out of the Observer from the 70`s by Colin Willock on woodpigeon shooting and recipes. £35 posted 1st edition (1990) Eels by John Sidley, hard back, Beekay`s successful angling series, fair condition as it is an withdrawn library book, rare and sought after, £20 posted. 1st edition (1964) Clay Pigeon Marksmanship by Percy Stanbury & G. L. Carlisle, hard back, dustjacket with slight wear and price clipped, other than that very good condition. £12 posted. Bank transfers only and photos will go up later today hopefully.
  12. Decking structure help

    I used joist hangers, very easy to use. I also concreted in my posts @ 14yr ago, and last year a few decking lengths were starting to rot so I lifted them to see how things were below and the posts are fine and I had to replace 3-4 lengths of framing and just removed all the planking so it looks neat, happy days, hope yours lasts as long
  13. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    There is a subtle difference between thinking and knowing
  14. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    OK, my reason was I don`t know you and you could be some lowlife who gets off on something like that, so I wondered what q`s you had, as I have seen similar articles and have spoken with rape crisis and health care professionals on this and similar subjects. What would make you think something like that should be readily available? I answered as I thought I could help, sorry!
  15. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    No, in my case they were academic papers and I am no longer able to access them as I am no longer a student. Might be able to access them soon, what is your question? **EDIT** On second thoughts, there may be a book that you can access from google books or similar too, depending on the Q