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  1. Zer Germans? Huawei? Bob Fandangos electrical company? Or do you mean people got wired in their flat, nudge nudge, wink, wink, say no more! I got Bob to do mine, if you want I can give you his contact information?
  2. I've seen your shed, you definitely have not seen mine, but thanks for thinking of me.
  3. Nobody has a tape recorder, they died along with the dinosaurs. We have smartphones and access to the internet. I say again conspiracy theory.
  4. Thanks Chris, I have some spare pad eyes, so I shall have a scratch of the head and see what I can make
  5. Oh great riposte, please excuse me I have to go to hospital my sides have split. Honestly the amount of replies to this and other threads that revolve around conspiracies and other wild eyed theories is getting beyond a joke!
  6. Nice chub and even better radiation burns! What is it you are hanging your spare lures on, something home made or off the shelf, that could be handy at sea too?
  7. Yeah, its all a conspiracy, lets blame the left/middle/press/illuminati/al Qaeda/whatever
  8. And if it was Jeremy's neighbours...
  9. Really, I heard them too. Just remember to wash your hands before you do anything else as smear tactics tends to stick.
  10. However if it ended with someone having a kitchen knife buried in their chest the neighbors would be the heroes, funny how things can have a different viewpoint?
  11. Going on the reports in the press, he shouted and used an airhorn, would it not be more prudent to use the brakes?
  12. Seems like everyone thinks it was Boris that was the baddy, what if she was hammering him? What if she had stuck Boris, the front runner for PM? A long time ago we had neighbours who rowed regularly and after hearing someone go bouncing down their stairs I went round to ask them to keep it down as our daughter was preschool, which they did but he left the next day as she had been the violent one in the relationship.
  13. Didn't seem that way in the interview he did sometime back to the Beeb that they could not show until now.
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