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  1. Good to see the fascists putting their hands up at last, I'm sure that those who gave their lives to stop them entering this country are getting agitated in the graves they should be resting in.
  2. But try and pin trump down to explain what he meant by cesspit...
  3. It's a timing thing, Andrew went in 2001 and trump was quoted in 2015 and in the late 90's and into the new millennium Trump and Epstein were travelling about to each others houses and putting on outrageous parties etc for each other.
  4. henry d


    Really? "The UK government has now confirmed that boilers will be banned from new builds by 2025, and new boilers will no longer be for sale by 2035." Not the same thing really?
  5. Nor should Andrew; "Trump replied: ‘That island was really a cesspool, there’s no question about it, just ask Prince Andrew – he’ll tell you about it,’ adding, ‘The island was an absolute cesspool.’ " (2015) He's saying that Andrew also thought it a cesspit, next question is what does he mean by "cesspit"?
  6. No foul no harm 👍
  7. Did you not see the winking emoji?
  8. Hello, here we go first one out of the bunker with a fetching double skinned bacofoil tricorn is... 😅😉
  9. Very possibly/probably. Perhaps they need to dismantle it piece by piece and Epstein and his wife, girlfriend whatever (?) were the easiest to get to hence my uneasiness with the photos and videos and the why behind them, Giuffre etc playing a long game, FBI or whoever etc doing the same. No matter, the rabid tinfoilers will be drooling over it all and adding arms and legs to it, I'm sure Jack the ripper will come into it too
  10. Nope, I'm sure it is real, that is why I said I couldn't understand why, if you are into having sex with young women and run around in those circumstances, would you have your photo taken with her. Video footage is another thing, he's waving goodbye to Epstein's ex secretary I believe, woman in the gray jumper looks over the age of consent. Again you are either really dumb to be hanging around with Epstein and having sex with underage girls and not expecting to have the paparazzi waiting for an opportunity. Middle of nowhere with security cameras, fences and gates etc perhaps but the middle of Manhattan (or wherever) I really don't buy it.
  11. The thing that doesn't stack up for me is the photo. Why would you pose for a photo with big cheesy grins if you have had an underage girl procured for you? Giuffre claims that she asked them to take a photo so she could show her mother, for this reason I can see why you would agree, but if it had have been, as claimed, that she was groomed to have sex with him, I'm not sure that even Andrew is that stupid.
  12. Agreed, not a red for me very similar Toulouse tackle. Some great youngsters in the wasps side, I miss watching the prem on terrestrial TV as you could see the young talent and how they were progressing. MOTM was pretty difficult to nail one of them down.
  13. Nah, lots of nutty and goffers too, had tot time on several occasions too, gunpowder proof!
  14. BJ said that it was; "people at work, talking about work." After a shift/watch yes, but it was not in a pandemic, weekly as it seems to be and next question that comes to mind is who paid for it? We had beer, not pink gin 😉
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