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  1. Collins v Sec. of State (2016), The High Court. It refers to acts which are "Grossly disproporionate" but at the time were deemed reasonable by the person being attacked/burgled as the two sections (76-5a and 76-3 criminal justice and immigration act 2008) had to be read together.
  2. No it also needs to be proportionate too, proportionate to the threat involved therfore you cannot use lethal force on someone unarmed. I believe that proportionality has been adopted as case law (if that is the right term?).
  3. henry d

    Owen Jones

    Merci beaucoup!
  4. henry d

    Owen Jones

    I still don't, and I am awaiting the OP to enlighten me as I don't wish to misunderstand them. (Every day is, or every day's) 😉👨‍🏫
  5. So it is ok to shoot at people scrumping apples and running off as well as burglars? Does your FEO/doctor/countersignatory know your thoughts on this? Your attitude seems to be that these things are the correct thing to do.
  6. The difference is, and what I was getting at is, no matter what the outcome of a polar extreme question in politics there will be some people who want their own way, so with a leave vote there are those who want to stay and the reverse is also true. If Scotland had voted to leave then the same cluster fluff would have happened as we see now with brexit, backstops, no deals and huge problems with what lies under the North sea, and I don't mean fish.
  7. henry d

    Owen Jones

    No I haven't heard of that person, thanks for the story though.
  8. No I am taking the P out of you as you well know. Take for example "As we all know they can!" Is an assumption that tries to devalue actual empirical evidence and indicates a blinkered view, give me your empirical evidence and I will examine it in the same way as you have and then we are still at an impasse. Common sense is not that common; as the saying goes.
  9. Socially awkward loners, that think it is ok to take potshots at people scrumping apples, that keep illegal weapons at home and are unrepentant for taking the lives of someone running away? Nah don't think so.
  10. Except for Yes Scotland, the SNP, and all the other independence groups. Once you divide a country into yes/no, in/out or any other important polarising questions there will be those who will not stop to get what they want.
  11. No I am sure that your lack of trust in statistics and common sense is totally correct and that you are not a conspiracy theorist with blinkers on. Weight a container without anything in it, place gas in and weight again, the difference is the weight of gas
  12. If you had read the page I linked to then you would not have written the above.
  13. Rubbish, most immigrants/migrants will adapt to the country's birth rate within a generation or two. That's not a personal observation.
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